Coláiste Chroí Mhuire, An Spidéal, Gaillimh, Co. Galway

You are not a Sheep


I am 15
I go to school every day which I hate
And I end up becoming a sheep
I do not want to follow the flock
But I think if I don’t I’ll be the only that won’t
I am a 15-year-old girl who is becoming depressed
But all I can do is to try my best

Leave the flock
And write
Write your own future
And start it now
Because you are not a sheep
And never will be

Life is hard
And I know it is tough
But it is got to be tough to test your stuff
Cause you are not put on this world for nothing

So start it now
And split from the bit
This world is not covered in clones
But different individuals and not by remote controlled drones
Not all people are the same
So there is no shame
In not being the same

You are you
And nobody else

So do not pretend to be something you’re not


Rosanna Ní Chuláin


Moira and Eoin


She doesn’t recognize me
Her blank stare gazes into nothingness
Her mind and soul are distant friends
Her conscience functions like an infant.

Why did he have to leave?
Causing his sister heartbreak
Causing his sister despair
Destroying her mental state
Causing pain and anguish
For her and her mates
A family of support
But she’s still alone

I only have one wish
For my family to be how it was.




What If


Tanned skin
Fake nails
Tight dresses
Straight hair
Short skirts
Shaved legs

What if she doesn’t care?
What if she has

Pale skin
Real nails
Big jumpers
Frizzy hair
Loose pants
Hairy legs

They’re all drinking,
She stays sober
Without thinking,
Her eyes glaze over


Kate Scott


Our Lives


Our lives are run by 1’s and 0’s, black and whites,
Positives, negatives, days and nights.
From the black mirrors in our hands
I see the vision they feed us.
Like we have the mind of a foetus.
Tellin’ us what we are instead of what we can.

Getting rid of diversity, we’re being made to accept it,
Turning us against each-other because some puzzle pieces don’t fit.
Dare to be bold, just don’t be white or black.
When they tell you to conform stand and shout “Enough!”,
When they try to divide us remember: the strength of the pack is the wolf,
And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

And we are all wolves.
Not grey blobs with same hair, same clothes,
Same shoes, Same goals.
Singing the same tune like all our individual voices are one,
While our feet march to the beat of the drums.
We are believers, dreamers, can-doers and thinkers.
Inspirations, tacticians. Builders and magicians.
Kindness is our religion.

We are the same in our love for one another,
But different in what we each strive for.
We are each imperfect and unique,
And for that we’re all spectacular.






I hate the pressure
The stress, the heartbreak and the gloom.

I hate the days we spend here
Six hours in the same room.

I hate the way we are expected
Always to do good,

I hate the way people are treated
Both in and out of school,

Just for doing things differently
From people like me and you

I hate the way our path is set out
Go to college.
Get a job.
Get married have kids

This shouldn’t be the way we go
We should have freedom
The knowledge to know
To do the things we want to do

So lets make a stand
And be different from the rest
Just go and follow your heart.




Put an End to Judging


Pressure, pressure everywhere
You walk,
Everyone looking at you before they talk,
Judging you over and over,
Until you feel s*** about everything all over.

This is where we walk the streets,
Feeling self-conscious as we lift our legs off the pavement,
In case someone sees you trip on the concrete,
But who cares if someone sees you,
And judge you as if they know you.

Whose fault is it that people are like this?
Judging everyone as if they know them,
As if they know what others are thinking,
That they know how others feel,
In the end, we all end up in the same situation
Six foot under or scattered across a field.

What gives society the right to judge is the real question,
Everyone discussing and having a b***hing session,
Next time you decide to judge,
Try to resist the urge to nudge and point
At others laugh and laugh,
Instead put yourself in their shoes
And think we are all people
And that karmas is a b***h,
So stop being the witch that judges people.

As one day, your day will come,
And you won’t be laughing anymore,
Instead you will be crying
And cringing to yourself
The same as all your victims were before.




The Game of Life


It’s all a game.
The rules chop and change,
Like fashion trends.
Growing, evolving
Or so we should be,
But sometimes it feels
Like you’re stuck.
In the swirling eye of the storm,
With everything flying around you.
Everyone is moving on,
But you’re listening to the same old song.
No quick rearranging,
No chopping or changing,
Just the same ol.


Siobhán Ní Neachtain


Piano and Me


Another day goes by,
More unnecessary notes and tests.
Who created this “educational” system,
Trying to make everyone like the rest?

I go home and sit down for dinner,
Thinking about all the homework that lays ahead.
Cramming for that end of year exam,
Longing to go to bed.

But when I sit down on that stool,
And lay my hands on the keys.
The melody blocks out the voices,
And I’m in a beautiful summer breeze.

The words bottled up inside,
Are all now being set free.
The pressures of today’s society,
Don’t matter with my piano and me.


Aoibhín Ní Dhomhnaill



There I stand,
Where the sun lies at the end of the day,
The world goes quiet as everyone sleeps,
But the mind goes on as if it can’t lay

Shivering, they are left,
People can’t see,
Why do they think
They can do this to me?

As you said, I have no problems,
Nothing to hide.
But I still feel like keep everything,
Locked inside

I still feel a longing,
To speak out.
One breath in,
As I join in to say goodnight.


Áine Ní Laoi




This is where I wait.
Where I wait for the dreaded results.
Can’t think but hate,
Will I impress the adults?

‘Try harder!” Make me proud!’,
Little do you know I’m under a rain cloud
I’m trying my best but best don’t fill you,
Are exam results my fate and yours too?


Khaliun Flynn


I Don’t Like This.


I don’t like the pressure that’s put on us,
I don’t like the cold dreary rooms we sit in,
I don’t like the constant chatter
About exam results and homework,
I don’t like it.

The expectations we have to live up to,
The pressure we’re put under,
The parents and the teachers telling us to do better,
I don’t like it.

We’re “only kids”
But if we’re “only kids”, we should be allowed to play,
We should be allowed to colour, and draw, and climb trees
”Kids” shouldn’t have to deal with all this.




School is a Lie


They don’t teach us what we need to know.
Day in day out they bore us to sleep
Pilling on the homework
Breaking our backs with books
Full of stuff that doesn’t matter in the real world
Who cares about Pythagoras
Who cares about D-day.
You don’t need algebra to be a baker
You don’t need history to be an engineer
Although we all need an education to get a good degree
Life is not all about exams
And they should not determine anybody’s future
Today’s world is tough for the young and the old
Full of judgement and hate
That’s enough pressure as it is
School does not decide our fate




Waiting in Suspense


I sit and I wait for the school day to end,
To go out tonight and forget about results or at least pretend.
As no matter, what grades end up on the piece of paper,
In the end, it will mean absolutely nothing later.
Expectations from people are bigger than ever
And I’m here wondering who will judge
If I don’t come across as the most clever.
I look forward to putting this school day behind,
As I genuinely don’t think that people should mind.
If you got all honours or fails or anything in between,
As in the end I am only a teen.
I have my entire life ahead to learn and grow up,
So for now I think pressurizing adults should shut the hell up.
I believe education is important for all boys and girls,
But not knowing every maths equation isn’t the end of the world.
We all have our special talents if it’s writing, music or sport
And now is the time to progress the things that we love

I want to grow and discover who it is that I am,
To be happy and content and after that who gives a damn


Aisling Ní Chonghaile



I want to be different
But am scared I’ll be hated for it
I need to escape.

I want to move away
To a far, distant place
I want to escape.

I’m so utterly bored
With nothing to work towards
I long to escape.

Someday I will go
And then I’ll miss my home
But at least I’ll have escaped.


Aislinn Cox


I Had to Move School


First year was over, my life had changed,
People were different, people had changed
Drinking and smoking,
Is that really what’s cool?
They laugh and say names
Because you’re not the same.
So now it’s time for a change.

Starting here in my new school
Who do I talk to?
Will it be the same?
Why are the walls whispering?

Are they whispering my name?




Feelings Inside


Keeping feelings inside and compressed,
Will lead to being stressed and depressed,
When all you can think about is how your life’s a mess,
And you can end it all
With one big fall,
Off of something as high as one can go,
Just because you wouldn’t let anyone know,
How you feel



I’m a Fighter


I may not be a good writer
But I’m a fighter
The fact that I’m a fighter
Makes my day a lot brighter


Conor O’Gamhnáin


Made Up


It’s all made up kid
Every single word
No one gets an education
No matter what you herd
Understand the hype kid
It’s all a tonne of spin
You’re going to lose in life kid
If you don’t rise up and win


Darragh Cox




Pressure, pressure
You might lose your temper
Screw up your life
With one piece of paper.




Under Pressure


Always under pressure
To do well at school
But it’s all so cruel
Such a waste time
Making this rhyme