St Munchin’s College, Corbally, Co. Limerick

Who am I


Who and what I want comes from being strong
Classy and fabulous,
This is my song!

I am not less, I am more.
I am a woman — I frown — I cry — I hurt and yell at the universe
Nevertheless, I make a difference.
Like a girl, I smile;
A smile never seen or felt before, both defined and undefined
Your heart will ask and implore for more.




My Rebellion


I stand here exposed
Unable to be swayed
Sick of being afraid,
The bad dog who gets hosed

Being told that my thoughts and opinions
Have no relevance
Fighting against the elements
Just to be who I am

Over the hate and
Being told I’m a mistake
But I’m finished being controlled
Or told that I’m bold

I’ve been through the heartache
And told you can’t seal the break,
But you can.

By breaking the mould
Or removing the blindfold
And seeing the world as it is

This is my little revolution
Writing words like bullets
For a lyrical solution
Because all I can ever be
Is me


Alex Hogan




Lately I’ve been drowning in depression
I don’t know why everything has to be a lesson
Why isn’t my life so perfect cause I’m not like you
Like everything I aint stressin,
And don’t be trying to tell me
What you think is best for me
Because when I needed you most
You weren’t there for me
So many people trying to jeopardise my destiny
Man I can’t let this shit get to me
Got so many answers
So many issues
So many tear drops
Not a lot of tissues
When life gets tough everyone forgets you
But then they come around when the see it’s beneficial.


Conor O’Shaughnessy and Sean Quigley



Difficult to Understand


The world is difficult to understand,
Too many possibilities,
It’s hard to predict.
There’s many paths to follow,
But the decision can’t be easy.
However, I know it’s possible,
Because I’ve seen plenty of others succeed.
Head held high.
It couldn’t be that hard


Colum Mcinerney


Growing Up


I get treated like a child,
It makes me go wild,
Nobody understands what I’m going through,
Were’t they a teenager too?

Under all this pressure,
My sleep at night is my only refresher,
They want to take that too,
They control everything I do.

School should be a welcome break,
In reality, it gives me a headache,
Teachers rule the classroom,
Days that will haunt me to my tomb.

They can’t take the weekend,
Days spent with friends,
Where nothing matters,
Life no longer in tatters.


Cian Neill


Their Way


They want the best and expect the worse
Raised up to be dropped for others
To play there way or the highway
Yet you’re better
Gone farther than they have
But they choose who becomes the best
But they never reached that point,
Only watched those that have


Daniel Broderick




I remember in school at a young age
Young and impressionable only a slave
Self-conscious and scared
To what might be at lunchtime
Words said to me
I wasn’t as fast or as fit as most people
They would jeer and mock my clothes
Bad memories stick with me to this day
Scars in my mind of a time id wish go away
I’m more confident now in my skin
But inside the same boy who’d cry every day
I’d never judge somebody by what they do or say
Everybody is the same straight or gay
Christian or Muslim, white or black
They’re some things I have said
I wish I could take back
I hate society as it is today
Labels and names that are on display
We are all equal but different in our own way
We should love each other if we may


Jack Hickey




Propaganda of war
Soldiers in their thousands sent to die,
Silence broken by their hideous cry,
Comrades ripped off rapport.

Propaganda of violence
Bombs deployed to level the cities,
Location decided by psychotic committees
Cries of civilians break the silence.


Christopher Walsh


A Factory Line


A factory line of teens,
This is what school means,
Making everyone the same,
With just themselves to blame,
With little help for the future,
This needs to change I’m sure.


Cillian Higgins


Fire and Ice


The world was born from fire
Then slowed by ice
Two contradicting forces at war
One light
One dark
The crackle of fire
The shattering of ice
Their war will lead to the inevitable end
Unless they put aside their differences
And harmonize


Douglas Doyle




School is cruel
It’s a place where you try to act cool
People are fake
And will act like a snake
People will make you bloody
And take your money


Darragh Long


Don’t be Greedy


Don’t be greedy
Depression leaves no excuse
Leaves an effect stronger
Than an earthquake
Leaves lives on hold
In balance
Don’t be greedy
Giving others pain
For some kind of gain
Don’t be greedy


Adam Prenderville




The place to be a fool
Or to try and act cool
But some may be gifted
But have drifted
So far away
From what they are meant to do

Some go to college
And gains a load of knowledge
But it’s no use if there not sociable too
So I ask “are you content?”
You may live in a tent
And resent the fact
That you’re not good enough

But a weekend well spent
Or a night without torment
Maybe all you need to be you.




School Life


School life is tough,
The long days in prison
As I look out the window
Waiting for the clock to tick 4
Once it hits 4.10 life changes completely
Already mentally wrecked from school
I have another hour left on a battlefield
Getting battered kicked punched and stamped on
All for the love of the game






When we think of depression
There’s a vary in first impressions
To lose somebody to this mental disease
Is not as easy to get over as the birds and the bees
Being perfect and cool is a mental obsession
We think this grows on trees
To talk about it is not an easy session
It only gets worse and worse
Awful actions are taken and it hurts
It’s too late
No time for a nurse
They’re gone
They’re gone




Junior Cert


The Junior Cert was a waste of time,
Nothing on the line but we are told this decides are future.
If teachers were honest it would save us the stress,
Imagine a junior cert without the mess
No one telling you how much it means,
How you’re stupid, how you will fail
But at least there is results night,
A night for everyone to get mouldy
And celebrate their meaningless results.
A night were mistakes are made
And boundaries are forgotten.




Today’s Obsession


Depression has created an impression,
That is uncool and bad.
Yet it creates an obsession,
About everything sad.
It causes loss and heartbreak,
A pain you can’t shake,
That slowly drives you insane.
Your black and blue,
No one can get through.


Morgan Bateman


Junior Cert


The Junior Cert is the most pointless exam.
The fact that it barely effects anything
Makes the 3 years we spend studying for it
And panicking is beyond stupid.
Half of the years is your teachers
Telling you to prepare
And the other half spending countless hours studying.
The worst part is how it is not a test of intelligence,
It’s a test of your ability to remember
Pointless history facts and math equations.
The only effect of the junior cert
Is what class you are in for Leaving Cert.
What should happen is
We get 6 years to study for the Leaving Cert
Which actually affects our lives in some way


Daniel Reale




I think rugby is taken too serious,
At a non-professional level
The pressure put on kids playing ruby,
At things like Junior Cup and Bowan Shield is too much
I think that there should be a change on the way it is coached
The coaches are too serious
The expectations are too high
And the mental strain is too much


Joachim Clohessy




Sport is good
Sport is great,
I play it every day,
It makes me happy when I am sad ,
just to play it with my friends,
Life is hard,
But sport makes it easy
It’s one of the reason I am who I am


Donnchadh O’Callaghan




Working on a farm
Will do you no harm
If you hit a cow
At least you know how.
If you hit a monkey
You better start to run
Because you’re the donkey
Without a gun


Shane Fitzpatrick




Chelsea are so good
Screw all the people in the hood
Thinking Chelsea are bad
Are they mad?
Hazard is great hes to good for the game
People need to stop putting hate on his name
Conte’s the best no manager can compete
Every other manager should bow at his feet







I like trees.
And drinking teas
And going down slopes
On my skis…

I don’t like tea,
But I like me
And a bottle of score.