Borrisokane Community College, Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary



Untitled. Unseen. Unheard. Unnoticed.
Still your absence of recognition is noted.
Sly. Coy. Fake. Unnoticed.
Others do not see it, but others are not focused.
Together, yet miles apart. Unnoticed.
I stare at my feet, say nothing, and I know you have noticed.
Accomplished. Proud. Satisfied. Unnoticed.
You now know it’s working, ignoring, an ulterior motive.
Memories. Friendships. Shattered. Unnoticed.


Lucy Warmington




Makeup, a mask, an expression, art,
Different reasons to cover different things,
A form of art to express,
A way of showing how you feel without a pen and paper,
Makeup doesn’t define beauty,
The person behind the makeup defines beauty.

Makeup is known as a mask, to cover up not as art,
There’s more behind the makeup than seen,
There’s an art, a passion, creativity and a love.

Makeup doesn’t define you
The person does.


Olivia Grant




Watching your small eyes close
Watching your nose slowly drop
Nothing could have stop time
Silence not even a chime
You tried to put up a fight
But the bright light called you
It was your time to go
Never knew a time to be so low




The Underdog


Popularly expected to lose,
No hope no expectation,
Defying all the odds
Fed up of being the news

Because nobody knows
Cause the heartache you don’t show
After all these are your woes

The will to change,
For pure progress.
The work pays off
A different perspective has been gained

The underdog wins
And so a fresh start to life begins


Louise Torpey




Death is not nice
It is a horrible
All you see is people crying and saying sorry for your loss
It is like someone stabbing you in the heart
All you want to do is scream and cry
Some people can’t stand death
So they have no appetite and get really sick
Maybe after a few days the pain goes away
But then when you are having a good time
The pain comes back and it makes you really sad
This is how I feel about death


Amy Staunton




We are judged and watched relentlessly,
Never allowed to break.
We cannot break
We are fake smiles and nice words with no real meaning
We are waiting
Constantly waiting for quiet from the ache
The ache we get from all the others
Who want to feel better
We are waiting for our rooms and our phones
To talk to our “friends”.

We are problems with no real meaning
And faces with no real expressions




Does Love Have Hate


Well that is the question, because
When you balance the things, you might hate versus the things you love,
Like chewing with your mouth open or snoring at night.
But if you truly love deep enough it’s the hated things that you forget,
You remember the things you love so much,
The memories, the laughs, the tears of joy
So the truth is if love battled hate
Love will always win because,
Because love has hate but hate has no love.






There is history of heartbreak,
Behind her clear blue eyes.
A museum of moments that she let pass by.
Each tear she kept inside,
Is a lost piece of her mind.
Every word left unsaid is the reason that she bled.
The names she hears follows her to bed,
Where she lies all night
Wondering what she didn’t do right.


Niamh Moran




They look, they stare, they sneer,
Finding something wrong, something to talk about
Why do we have to be the same?
What’s wrong with being different?
What’s wrong with standing out?
Why have we to constantly tear people down?
Why can’t we uplift people and boost their confidence?
Teenagers, all the same even though they try so hard to be different






Judgement: being judged by class mates
People staring, talking about you
Even the feeling of it
Worrying, panicking
Being compared to the prettiest girls
Making you feel like a piece of dirt
You go home worrying about how you look
Looking in the mirror thinking about how ugly you are
Watching what you eat some people not even eating
All the boys talking to the pretty girls
While you sit there feeling like chopped liver
It’s stupid sh** but it happens
You just can’t help but feel like there is people
Waiting to judge you




This Boy


I know this boy he isn’t that shy
He like the play with girls like a toy
He complements you and makes you feel great
But he’s just getting the tips from a mate
He’s a different person when with the boys
But to your face he just tells lies
He makes his way into your head
But just to get you in his bed
After he gets what he wanted
He throws you away leaves you feeling haunted
So just watch out for those boys
Because us girls are more than just toys


Teigan Saunders


As a Girl


As a girl, you worry about the world
Fix your hair make sure it is curled
Do you make up every day
Impress the boys as you slay
Have your body looking right
Have your ass and abs real tight
Always have to be looking happy
Never can we be sad and sappy
Tits on show the night a go
Getting whistled at all night
While you’re scared and uptight


Teigan and Orla


The League Contenders


Out on the field mind clear as day,
Nothing in my head, only will it be our winning way.
Out on the wing, making the run,
High through ball, soaring under the sun.
Clear on goal, one on one,
Finesse, top bin, to get the worked win.
Three points clear,
Top of the league,
Lift the cup, this was our year.


Jack Dorman


In a World


We live in a world where people hate and hate.
Slagging you because you are your mothers disgrace
She sent you away because she can’t deal with your JC results
She tells you to f@** off and stay away
I have nothing to say
Get out of my face and live another day
Wishing that school was not real
They judge you on your academic bling
A piece of paper saying one thing
Are you happy?


Mikey Courtney Bowler


Judging Me


Back at school feeling everyone watching me
Waiting to be judged
Waiting for people to start talking about me
Wanting to leave the school the minute you walk in
Comparing yourself to every other girl that you see
Trying to look like them wondering how they are so confident
Wondering how they are always so happy
Asking yourself how can I be like them
How can I be that confident?


Orla Molloy


Early to Bed


Go to bed early the night before
5 Weetabix and you’re ready to go
Listen to the manager and his passionate roar
Walk behind the band calm and slow
The ball is in, the crowd roars
Your heart begins to thump
The passion of the club goers
It flies in the air to the sliotar you jump
You grab it strike it and pray
You feel the club is on your shoulders
Off the hurl the sliotar does stray
Over the bar the sliotar did stay


Oisin Mcmahon




Soaring through the sky,
Looking up at the sun waiting to make the perfect run,
With a marker on my heels
I catch the ball not knowing where they are at all
I run towards goals looking at my target
I have my back to my marker
All that’s left is Quinlan at fullback,
On the 21 waiting for him to run,
I strike the ball and hit it for goal
While Quinlan is watching a tractor on the road,
The ball goes in and then we win
And Quinlan is still watching fecking tractor


Michael Tierney




Judgement: being judged by class mates
People staring, talking about you
Even the feeling of it
Worrying, panicking
Being compared to the prettiest girls
Making you feel like a piece of dirt
You go home thinking worrying about how you look
Looking in the mirror thinking about how ugly you are
Watching what you eat some people not even eating
All the boys talking to the pretty girls while u sit there feeling like chopped liver
Its stupid shit but it happens you just can’t help but feel like there is people
Waiting to judge you




A Foreigner


Being a foreign lad isn’t easy,
You get slagged all the time
And people might mean it as a joke
But somewhere very deep inside it has some impact.
You’re part of a minority in the school
A very small minority
And when you are the only person that receives those slags
It piles up and all the burden is on you.
I hate it
But I have to take it cause I’m a man
And I can’t show sensitivity.




Wake Up


Wake up this morning,
Pillow stained with tears from night before,
Feeling trapped and lonely once again
As I open up my door.

I put on the black dress
I haven’t worn in ages,
While I listen to them talking
About flowers, food and prayers.

Coming down the stairs
I hear the doorbell ring,
In come more people I have never met
And they greet me with fake tears
And arms covered in bling

How is it possible to feel so lonely?
Standing in a room full of people,
I wish I was could be with you right now,
Instead of attending your funeral.




The Beating of my Heart


Rain battering down on to the roof,
It mimes the strength in the beating of my heart,
I wait and I wait patiently.
Finally, she begins by calling the names of my classmates.
One by one they stand, all nervously glaring at the crisp white envelopes.
As she nears ‘R’ my heart pounds harder and harder.
My arms are heavy and palms are sweating.
A million thoughts run through my head, my brain freezes.
“You can’t do it, you`re a failure”
Then my heart skips a beat, I hear it, Aishling.
I glare at the envelope, frozen.
My sweat soaks into the envelope.
I slowly manoeuvre my trembling fingers to open it.
I see it.
I see the A.
I exclaim in delight, I have done it.
My eyes fill with tears of delight.
My years of hard work have paid off.


Aishling Rafferty




Try again
And if you fail
Just keep trying
Because one day
You will win
And if not
Sucks to be you


Tara O`Brien


What we Are


We are confused, we are fed up
We want things to be better
We are trying but things take time
There’s nothing you could ever do to lose my love






Life is like a rollercoaster
you can enjoy it and not be scared
Or you can be scared to go anywhere near it
But you should not let people influence how you go at life
Do what you want to do
Life may be hard
But you should take the risk and not hold back
This is why life is like a rollercoaster
You may have your ups and downs
But you should enjoy the ride
Because you only get one chance at life
Use it well


Aisling Downes


No Better Feeling


When you jump like a salmon
Soaring through the sky
To successfully catch a ball out of the air
There’s not a better feeling
And to land with ball in hand
To feel like nothing can stop you
And then to play a stormer of a match to win
There is nothing more satisfying


Kevin Harding



Camogie is what we live for
Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
There is no better
No money, no body, nothing could stop you
The sound of the sliotar against the ash
The inhale and exhale of breath
The sound of the whistle as the ball is fought for
It never gets old






Life may be hard sometimes
Getting that phone call about bad news
And not knowing what to do with yourself
Having to tell the rest of your family
What has happened
Seeing their emotions change within seconds
From shocked to heartbroken
That lump in the throat
Automatically turning away from the outside world
Yes, I’ve been through it all
Over and over
But you need to remember life will get better
Believe me
But the heartache will never heel.




How I Hate Mondays


Every Monday I wake up for school
I think of what I would rather do
Like be with my friends acting the fool
Or fight with my brother about the stupidest things too

Every Monday I wake up for school
I think of where I would rather
Like a match at Liverpool
Or on a beach near the sea

But instead i go to school
And daydream all day in a haze
With my classmates who try to act cool
Oh how I dread Mondays




In the Sun


Out in the sun,
Making the perfect run,
Down the wing,
Whipping it in,
Scoring a goal,
And hoping we will win


Brian Banaghan


It’s not Enough


You come home and you tell them
But it’s not enough,
They say you’re wasting you future
But you’re just doing your best,
Trying to keep your head above water
But you’re just drowning,
So go and you run until you see the sun
And you’re on your own.




Junior Cert


That’s the only word to describe it
Teachers pressuring you until breaking point
Some students getting depressed at the thought of their parents disappoint
‘It’s just the junior cert’
But this THING is so important
But not to me but to everyone else
To me it’s stupid, ridiculous even
This whole cert comes down to one thing
School is cruel and stress is a disease




The Van


On a Tuesday evening around 5 o clock
We finished work early…. How lucky
But a van driven by a neighbour, threw me into a ditch nearly hitting a rock
I lied their all bloody

Surrounded by workmen and panicking women
And an 80-year-old man who was slowly going nutty
An ambulance came only 2 hours driven
Filled me with drugs like I was a druggie

A broken shoulder with ribs to match
A mother was waiting panicked and worried
I was told I’m lucky not to be in a vegetable patch
I could have been 6 foot buried

3 days later I’m out not to bad
Only 6-month recovery family is all glad






When the bulls break out
When the heifers break out
When it starts raining when your halfway through a 63-acre field
When you have 8 acres left but you can get good weather
When you have 10 acres of straw down but can’t get good drying
When the door of the tm 150 smashes
When my father does a shit job and spills loads of corn
When the deutz burns down
When you have the most illegal bale trailer in Ireland






Big, fat Santa bounded through my halls;
He made everything shake, even the walls.

He ate all my cookies,
Drank all my milk.

He had heavy boots,
And a coat made of silk.

Over his back, he carried the toys;
Some of them, a lot of them, even made noise.

He smelled like fresh, tobacco smoke;
He gave my favourite tree an irritated poke.


Kieran Boyle


Getting Mad


Getting mad is easy
Calming down not so much
That sudden rush,
All in your head
Trying to calm down
People saying your acting like a clown
But you don’t care
And how could you
To be fair,
You only see red
And anybody in your way
Is as good as dead




A Skirt


I need a skirt
Any colour will do
I need a skirt
Can I get one of you
You see this is a problem
And I don’t know what to do
Because infernos tomorrow
And I can’t go in the nude


Ellie Hannan




Losing is the worst
It makes me turn to rage,
Hours and hours of practicing,
To lose to one bad play,
Controllers smashed,
Monitors cracked,
All because of a “stupid
Video game”.






In rugby it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly
But these days it’s all about size not fat but muscle
They overlook talent and choose size.
That’s not the same with all teams
They crush your dreams
Tell you what to improve on
But really just giving u false hope
You might be good for your age
So they move you up to play with the bigger faster better team
But then you get tackled and hurt
Injury might not be bad
But you don’t tell, so you play on injured
Then it happens again
This time something’s wrong
You’re seriously hurt
They take you off.
Then you think why did I play on.
You go to the doctors his says to rest
But you don’t listen you play it happens again
This time it worse
You go to hospital and you need surgery
Only thing going through your mind why did I play on
How long will I be out?
You’re lying in bed
The doc comes in and says you will be out for six months.
You start the six months, drained
Thinking I will never get better
But then you see an improvement
Your injury is getting better you’re building muscle
So you are then determined I will get fitter then I ever was
And be better than ever
Then u meet the doc at the end of the six months
He is impressed but he says leave it another six months.
You are depressed sad and distraught
You thought you would be playing in the final next week
But it’s another six months’ times goes on
You do nothing
Waiting and waiting


Jack Moran


Doubt us Now


Started at the bottom of the group
Everybody doubted us
We overcame Borrisileigh on a rainy night
Kilruane wouldn’t play us
Bad day for the parish against Nenagh
Looked like the end


Aidan Ryan




Went to see “It” last night,
Gave myself a massive fright,
Horrible ugly angry clown,
Needs to go away and drown,
People need to stop dressing up as them,
Makes me uneasy having to see them.