St. Joseph’s CBS, Summerhill, Nenagh North, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

We Can Help


No shoes, no clothes, no bed or a phone, trying to live out of a mobile home
Frowned upon, spat on, kicked and punched
Not enough money to even buy lunch

Sat in a hostel, a family of four
Just wishing that they had much more
A home, a bed, a couch, a fire, it’s something that they all desire.

We all take it for granted, the designer brands while there are others with empty hands.
A house to go home to, a nice bed to sleep just be grateful you’re not on the street
Living in fear not knowing what to do, we can all help, including you.


Daragh Tinkler



Why are we judged?
Why do people care what I do?
Why do we feel we have to be the best?
Why do we have to do pointless s***?

Why can’t we experience?
And not be stuck in a classroom
Why are schools led by the “popular” and sporty people?
Why don’t we listen to ourselves instead of someone else?
Why do the government waste money on pointless exams we do in school?
Why do teachers contradict and control our every move?
Why don’t we stand up for ourselves because some people dig others graves?
From the s***, they put them through
Why do people care if I can’t do something and they can?

There is a reason behind all of this
But people don’t care because no one will do
Anything about it
Screw you,
Judgemental teenagers




Hotel Homework


Heavy bags of books carried up 20 flights of stairs
Thrown in rooms no bigger than bathrooms
Both pen and paper thrown on the double bed shared between four
No peace, no space for thought
Homeless now for 3 years straight
Different accommodation and different schools, same old story
Because there’s no homework harder than homework in hotels


James Ferris


They Say


They’re saying he’s so clever,
He’s the best student ever.
He’ll get his dream job
He’ll get the points no prob.

They’re saying he’s so confident
The reasons why are evident.
He knows what he’s doing.
He knows where he’s going.

He’s got a great life ahead
That in the future they’ll wish they lead.
But they don’t see his fight
He’s struggling with all his might
But he doesn’t say he’s got problems.
He thinks he has to solve them.

He doesn’t believe anyone
When they say he’s number one.
They’re all wrong,
He’s nothing at all.

So I’m telling you
I don’t believe you.
I’m not very clever,
I never was ever.
You all think I’m smart,
But deceiving is just an art.






There is so much emphasis put on grades
When really all they are is a letter or a number
Wrote on a piece of paper
Which we are told will influence you forever
But the very next day they are made history
Stored away with the last century

Score doesn’t matter
As long as you feel you have achieved
Your self-ambition and get what you want for them
At the end of the day you are still you
Grades won’t change you,
You do.






No matter if you’re black, white or blue,
We’re all the same people so let’s not be cruel,
We gotta respect each other,
And care about our lives,
And if you’re being racist
You deserve to die!
I’m sorry for being mean and nasty,
But I can’t stand racism if it’s long lasting,
Racism has to stop,
Because this can lead to people jumping off rooftops,
Let’s just get some peace and hope,
Gather together and climb the slope.
Let’s stop this bullcrap discrimination,
And get together as a nation


Corneliu Bacean



I hate people who change their personality
In the hope of impressing girls
The shamy walk
And hardy talk
Makes you want to get sick
Smoking to impress
Drinking naggins for attention
Lads should just act themselves
Instead of being wasters





I can still remember that day
When I approached my dad to say
“Can we please leave right now?”
“Yes” said he,” we must calf a cow”

“Which one is it?” I asked with delight.
He said, “the one we put in last night”

We were walking down through the fields so green
I felt that my dad and I were a team,
We calved the cow, a hefty bull calf
It only took an hour and a half.

We were exhausted, fit to die
When we got the call for the fry.
And within all that while
We both still managed to keep a smile.


Louis Kennedy



I was walking down Nenagh street one night after I went out on da lash.
I was walking for ages and felt like I was walking in circles, as ya do,
Until I met this man lying down outside O’Connor’s
I said to him, “do you want me to get you a taxi home?”
He said “I am home!” and I was like “Dude! This isn’t your house!”
He said he would take the money for the taxi
So I gave it to him and found my way home myself.
Little did I know that the man was homeless and wasn’t drunk like myself.
I came back the next day to see the man again in the same spot
Only this time he was drinking
He must have spent the money on drink
I decided to say enough of this and brought him to rehab and paying for his costs
I felt great after it, knowing I had changed someone’s life.




What’s Expected


I’m at the age when I’m expected to act like
An adult,
But here I am wondering why I’m not
Being created like one

Teachers, shop owners even people on the street
Look down their self-established noses at me
They think they can judge you and know you
Because of what clothes you wear
Or how you style your hair
Or who you are friends with.

What gives them the right?
How can they complain about “disrespectful teenagers” these days?
When they show us less respect than a tramp on the road.

What they don’t know is that teenagers,
Will grow up and run the country,
We will make decisions.
And if you ask me we will do a better job than the last generation.


Michael Harrold




School teaches you to be s*** at nothing but good nothing
You have to solve stupid equations and quote some dead guy
But you never do anything long enough to be good at it
The world doesn’t want a jack of all trades
It wants people who can do something and do it great
It wants experts, masters and pioneers
Who can create a meaningful difference in the world?
People need to thrive not survive


Paidraig Cody


Our planet


I am living in a world where everyone’s spinning
And always want to be winning
And spend most of the day chilling
But sometimes drunk and spilling

Every day and night people are burning
Fossil fuels and ruining the society
For future generations to come
But hopefully we won’t be able to destroy
Our beautiful planet


Conor Malone




Teachers can kind of treat students like little kids
And not give any trust or independence to do their own thing
They expect them to do well
Even when they don’t treat them with as much respect as they deserve
If teachers gave students the respect and independence they deserve
Then students would work harder as a result


Liam Hayes




I am quite good, but still not good enough
The motivation is there
And I am willing to do what’s necessary to achieve
The goals that have been set for me

But the only problem is that Ireland does not contain the facilities
That we players require to reach a high standard
There are other things I can do
But it’s boring things, like running and burpees and push-ups
This would help
But so would training 4 to 5 nights a week using a suitable facility


Amal Maharaj




Maths is the most pointless thing I have ever come across in my whole life
When are we ever going to need to use these complicated ways of doing sums
When in this day and age you can just look it up on your phone
Instead of using long division or algebra
We will never use algebra
Or anything other than addition, subtraction or multiplication
I believe that unless you want that a job that requires these things
You should be allowed to decide if you want to do these as part of your course


Cameron Spillane


School and the Education System


It focuses on teaching us pointless things that we don’t even need to know
Rather than informing us about useful things
Such as buying a house, raising a family or planning a mortgage

It just drains you
And the education system is developing slower than us
Only a few years ago they started teaching sex-ed


Shaun Corcoran


Three Core Subjects


I never understood why you have to keep on the three core subjects in school
While the rest are optional

You learn the basics in primary

Leave that to the Gaeltacht

Unless you want to be journalist, the basics are all you need

Why have these three subjects that you are being forced to do
Since the start of school without having any say in it?


Bill Maher


My Future


The thing that annoys me the most is when my parents discuss my future
Without my input
After any bad grade
My parents always begin to discuss the consequences I must face
Regardless of how well I do in other subjects
This is the little red flag to the bull
For some reason this really begins to set me off
Because they talk about my future in front of me
And it’s like I have no input at all in my own future


Brendan Long


The Thing I Hate Most


The thing I hate most is when people make fun of people who are smaller than them
Just because people are taller than someone
Doesn’t mean that they can take advantage of smaller people
There are many things smaller people have done to make the world a better place
This is recognised as good things come in small packages
This is the same with people who are disabled or of a different skin colour
There is no reason that you can’t do something that you want to do
If anybody says so then prove them wrong
My main example of this would be Shane Williams
He is a welsh rugby player and is only 5” 7


Peter Rainsford


Transition-year Poetry Slam


Schools are a waste of space
It’s all copy-and-paste
I write s*** in my copy
For 6 years straight

10 years on, living in a s***hole
Collecting the dole once a week
All the stuff school thought me
But none of it was valuable

I hear the parents saying
“Oh I wish I could go back to school
So I could try harder
And listen”
Honestly that’s bull***t
Because the school system isn’t worth s***

Look at all the time and effort I spent in my books
While the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zukerburg
Dropped out to follow their dreams
And are now making billions


Aaron Sharkey


I Live

I live in a ditch and have an awful itch
There’s a hole in my shirt and it needs a stitch
I used to be in prison and I was a snitch
But the lads found out and threw me in the ditch
The one that threw me in here was an awful witch
This man came up to me and gave me a pinch but I didn’t flinch
I hit him a box and he hit his head off some rocks
I think he was dead so I buried him in a shed
I love making poems and maybe one day I’ll go home
I know a lad that ha has sulky and he’s very bulky
He goes around saying ‘yitt’ as if anyone gives a shit


Michael Griffin


That Millisecond


You know that moment
That millisecond of confusion
When just after you wake up, for a brief second
You don’t have to start refusing

Refusing to believe it’s time to get up
To get ready for another day
Another day of refusing

Refusing to believe that your life isn’t boring
As your mum likes to tell you
“you spend most of your time snoring”
“How is that boring?” you think to yourself
It isn’t!
This you try to reassure yourself
In a voice tired from your using


Mark Brennan


The School Week


I reckon that the school week should be Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday
And the weekend should be Friday Saturday and Sunday
Because I don’t think school is as important as people make it out to be
And during the weekend you are straight away thinking of going back to school

There should be more activities during school not just sitting down from 9-4
And the government is trying to tackle obesity
And making every child sit down and not get exercise for half the day
Is not helping the crisis at all


John O’Meara


Growing Up


Growing up isn’t easy
It happens all the time
In school thinking:
How do I make this poem rhyme?

Class tests, lots of stress
How do we all cope?
“Do well in school, and time will tell” they say
While all we can do is hope

So let’s say this, and call it quits
High grades will not get you places
But success is not a number or a grade
Success is what you make it


Colm Murray