GaelCholáiste Chomáin, Ballina, Co. Mayo



You spent your whole life pointing pitchforks,
But have no idea how it feels,
To stand in front of your jagged judgement,
And die beneath your steel.

You use free speech as an excuse to hate,
Your privilege is your power,
Come with that pitchfork and strike us down,
While we just wait, and cower.

Come see the long and shameful list
Of the victims you have killed,
All the lives that you have torn apart,
And the blood that you have spilled.

Yet you can sleep soundly every night,
While we go out and die,
Why don’t our deaths plague your mind?
Or the echoes of our cries?

Just lay your head down darling,
The moon will hide your lies,
The stars will softly shine as you dream,
While your sinful shame hides.


Seoirsín Bashford


She Loves Me Alone


That thou hast her it is not all my grief,
And yet it may be said I loved her dearly.
That she hath thee is of my wailing chief.
A loss in love that touches me more nearly.
Loving offenders thus I will excuse ye,
And losing her, my friend hath that loss.
Both find each other and I lose both twain.
But here’s the joy, my friend and I are one.
Sweet flattery, than she loves but me alone.


Michaela McCormack


You Push me Away


You push me away like a magnet,
But your heart is broken.
Do you want to risk anything?
You’re so outspoken.
You’re looking for somebody
With a gift.
You’re missing all of my love,
Sense you sent me a drift.


Mairead Rowland


Knight in Shining Armour


I was the knight in shining armour
In your fairy princess story’
I could see the line that divided us
I could smell the scent of glory
I played a tune upon my harp
A slow and dark lament
And when they key was lowly
Oh I knew that love was spent


Brendan Doherty


An Independent Woman


When I’m thinking in spirals
And my drinking goes viral
The ground beneath me
Caves right in
And I am falling
And the bruises hurt
But memory’s scars
Are so much worse
What I want
And who I am
An independent woman
It seems
I don’t need nobody
From my dreams
Just someone who looks at me
And sees the b**** I’m trying to be
A kindly breed of sorceress
Lady b******
No princess


Donna Doherty


Priceless Love


Boy I want your broken heart.
Our love was a priceless work of art.
Hun we just need each other tonight,
So hold on to me and hold on tight.
I’m dressed up to the nines,
In your love already.
I’ve been waiting all night,
For you, bad Freddie,
Can you not see
Heaven’s above,
I am lost without you,
And our priceless love.


Laura and Aisling

You Wanted


You wanted to go at an English lad,
A bit of posh, but you liked em bad,
I was jealous reading ancient books,
Started doing bench presses,
Trying to improve my looks,
The last thing i recall is the charming bartender,
I was raging you were crying,
Though I really can’t remember.


Ryan Connolly


Makes my Heart Cold


I’ve got to die before I kill someone else, this feeling inside really welts,
As I’m on my plane, seated, I think about how you stay heated,
You are my moonlight on the darkest night, got me feelin’ so bright inside,
Well you only need food when it’s runnin’ low, only miss your phone when the wifi’s slow,
We like each other more when we’re not together,
But the thought of us being apart makes my heart cold, like the weather.


Ailbhe Garvin and Emer Garvin


Not a One-Man Show


Add me, grab a drink and away we go
I’m just a toy not a one-man show
Love you, leave you that’s how I role
I’m more than a photograph
We won’t lose control.
We tailored our history
To suit someone else
And we waited in the sun
For the ice caps to melt
I made you our little bubble
And I brought it in on the double
Let your heart light me up
till the dark has had enough
And we were lying on the couch,
When all you needed was to cuddle
And I could feel your perfect skin
Against my brittle stubble.
It’s time for this to be over, we’ve lost the fun
Ciao, Adios. I’m done.


Joseph Corduff


Make me Feel Alive


The chemicals are powering my body and make me feel alive
My life is what I want it to be when I thrive
Tell me to talk positively to you when things are just right
Lose your grip on your fears and just succeed while things are bright
No need to fight to keep things alive when you’re on the spotlight


Jack Murray


Start all over Again


We were on the burning rubber track
And we’re not going back together
You’ve got to know when to let them go
And head for the rail road tack
And start all over again
In another world


Conor Doherty


I Want to Stay with You


She played a fiddle in an Irish band
She fell in love with an English man
What will I do when we are old
I don’t want to be bold
I came to party with you
And I want to stay with you




Someone to Lean On


I’m not that independent
So I need somebody’s help,
I’m 15 years of age
But have the mental age yelp
I need a pair of new shoes
These Nike are far too small
I need someone to lean on
But for now I’ll use the wall
The future doing ninety
Down these winding country lanes
I’m on my way to Ballina
To set the town in flames


Ciara Deane


One More Day


She played a fiddle in an Irish band
And she fell in love with an English man
What will we do when we are old
I don’t want to be as bold
I came to party with you
I want to live with you in a dream
One more day




Cans and Work


Just gonna stand there and watch me work
But that’s alright because you’re a lazy bastard
Even though you’re driving me berserk
I still miss the way we used to get plastered

As we drank a skip of cans at the beach, along the stones
We made it through without sniffing any glue
Voices might start frightening your bones
But someone will be there with another brew.


Dylan McGrath




I am mental in the head but I’m not bothered
Swinging in the swings
Drinking p*** that’s also known as porter
So I drank it no bother

Global warming changing the weather
People protesting altogether
People licking their teachers a****
Who act like angels but are just big a****
There face is brown with a lot of down

We should meet after all this time
Down in the sewers where we found our town






She played the guitar in an Irish band
Then she fell and broke her little hand
She started smoking twenty major
And on the horses, she wagers
Till she won twenty grand
Got drunk and crashed out in the sand


Jason Murray


Pay a Visit


Pay your vet a trip today
To get a sure prescription
Tell him you’re an octopus
And give him a description
The kind of drug your looking for
He may not have in stock
So come back after badminton
And bring your shuttlecock


Ella Bingham


Only Young


I was only young when I stepped
On my way with no money to my name
The night was coming up as day was dying out
As I recall my parents saying please return please return
I think of the day I told my people on a depressing March
To recall all the times I would go to the fair
Will sadden me deeply


Michael Herbert




Whoa, we’re almost there
Whoa, reading out a prayer
While talking to my girl Claire
Take my soul away
Take my soul away
Watching in dismay
Not having a very good day.
And we can build this nightmare together
Standing strong forever
Not dying whatsoever
No one’s going stop us now
And if this world runs out of fighters

We’ll still have one another
Nothing’s gonna help you, nothing’s gonna stop us now.
I want to know who I am, I want you to show me
I want to feel what your misery is, I know you can show me.


Kevin Ruddy


No one can stop Me


I’m going to be a tank no one can stop me
I’m going to be big and strong just like a tree,
I’m not looking for somebody that’s no good on the bog.
But that’s ok if you have a dog
Now take me to the garage and buy me a car
Make it good cause I’m going far,
I don’t worry if I’m past the point of rescue,
But don’t worry too hard because I don’t want to stress you.


Seán Irwin


I Came into this World


I came into this world on a Dublin street,
All those loving English feet walked over me with spite.
I was only fifteen,
Eating of the street,
A teen who was not clean.
My life was shite
I moved to Mayo,
Twas near Sligo
By joe, here we go


Callum Boon




I can’t wait to go home to Mayo
So I will never give up
I can hear the crowds cheering as Mayo lifts the cup
Before I heard silence, but now I hear noise
My mama doesn’t like the Dubs but she likes Mayo.


Ciara Rafter