Maria Immaculata Community College, Dunmanway, Co. Cork

Darkness, with a Glimpse of Light


Darkness, with a glimpse of light,
He fights,
Unattainable, even with all his might.
Is all that he feels,
That little bit of happiness never feels real.
The voice in his head echoes in the dark,
Like a rabid dog who begins to bark,
Knocking him down,
In his own thoughts,
He begins to drown.
Kicking, fighting, gasping for air,
He calls out for help,
But nobody’s there.


Adam O’Sullivan


In the Darkness


When I hear my skin crawling,
The walls of my sanity come crashing down.
I cannot climb over them,
Nor break them down.
Echoes of a new sound,
A new army, a faceless crowd.
As they stare at my luminous head,
The only thing shining out.
Through the never-ending darkness,
I sink down,
Never to resurface,
And in the darkness,
I drown.


Patrick O’Donnell




This is where gossip spreads in stutters
Where people cause problems for others
Cause the can’t deal with their own
So they hide behind their phone
Where people are so quick to judge
And god will I hold a grudge
So go on run back to your mother
And tell tales one after another


Linda Harrington


This is Where


This is where we all think the worst of ourselves
Where all our insecurities develop and grow
Like in our minds there are millions of small elves
Making us think the worst about ourselves in our own minds
This is where we all wonder what our life is really about
Where we ask if our lives are some sick joke someone is playing on us
Where we have all this doubt
This is our minds
The most powerful and dangerous thing


Lucy O’Donovan


Spreading Gossip


People spreading gossip around like it’s the flu
Judging others for everything they say or do
Turning a blind eye to discrimination
My confidence lowering like a balloons deflation
Trying to fit into this unrealistic standard
Rumours as deadly as cancer
Your words hurt
Make me feel like dirt




This is Where


This is where insecurity and uncertainty lies
Where hope slowly and painfully dies,
Unless someone tries
To rise above the impending doom
And unnecessary gloom
That loom over the head of every young person.
This is where we become what we believe
What we can achieve, but each time we leave
Because people deceive us.
This is where time waits for no man unless
You have a plan that can succeed.
This is where we must become more
Than what people drum into us,
“Listen chum, you know that’s not
What you can become”
You must rise above the slum
That exists in your mind, do not
Become blind to the hope that lies behind
The despair.
Life is not fair and you act like you don’t care
But the truth is this is where insecurity and uncertainty lies
But if you try to live by no one’s morals
But your own the you can sit upon your thrown
And look upon the world you made and say
“This is where if someone tries then
They can rise above and own the skies”


Aidan White

Stand Up


Here is where discrimination happens everyday
But we can’t do nothing about it except for changing ourselves
Where our everyday life is full of too much betray
We are all sitting down, waiting like books on a shelve

Waiting for someone to do something to our society
Well let’s all get up, leave what we are doing and start
Let’s do something, all of us put in some variety
To this injustice place that’s falling apart

Every day is a piece gone
If we don’t wake up
This world will vanish before dawn
We must realize and stand up


Maria Verges

Next Morning’s Fright


This is where John Wren’s is found
Young lads come here to have their sorrows drowned
They come here on the sesh
To see the fit women and how they’re dressed
You see lads puking out their brains
So they get the alcohol out of their veins
They go home and sleep for the night
Unaware of next morning’s fright


Joseph O’Driscoll


Farmer Jeans


I’m in the club the place is hopping
I look around the lads are shocking
I’m with the girls having the craic
This lad comes over and taps my back
He’s in his farmer jeans which I hate
“Here beour do me a favour, will you shift me mate?”
The mate is in the corner says “I’m a fine looking lassey”
He wants to take me a home and take me for a ride on his Massey
He says he has got land and cows galore
When he said that I nearly dropped to the floor
He asked me then was I a good dancer
I said go home to your cows
You’re a dirty chancer


Katie Maher


Driving at Night


Driving at night
Through the street lights
Few mates in the back
Throwing it back
The car smells of booze
I feel like a snooze
The Garda stops us in Lissarda
Out we get tryna hide the lager
The phone rings
I look at the screen
“Mammy” she doesn’t know that I’m here
The lads jeer
I feel like a q****
As the Garda gets me to blow the whistle
All I can smell is the stench of cheap beer


Sarah Coveney and Antoinette O’Donovan




When we go on a sesh
We’re not feeling so fresh
We sit on the bench with a bad stench
We dread going home to our parents
Because were only adolescent.


C and J


Leaving Skid Marks Part 2


Walk into the club
I know it’s not a pub
But all I know is
I want some greasy grub

Head spins and I’m out
For a good party
Walk passed some lads
And do a quick lady farty

I have my own naggin
That’s what I do best
Get drunk off a that
And put my head to the test

Wake up in the morning
I’m on a trolley
See my mom next to me
Saying you’re some wally

My friends all laugh
When I walk into school on Monday
Did I actually get with that dog?
Oh my God no way


Sarah, Lauren, Grace and Aoife