Cabinteely Community School, Kilbogget, Cabinteely, Co. Dublin



They say ignorance is bliss
But this ignorance is drowning me
Hard to breathe
This dismissive behaviour towards human beings
Atrocities making me sick to my stomach
My righteous anger being treated as annoyance
Mistaken as a carnivorous monster
A werewolf
Murdering innocents in the night by just by saying
Hey, saying that isn’t alright,
Desultory arguments back to me
“It’s just a joke”
“Don’t take it so seriously”
A chrysalis forms around me
How could they be so violent, so care free
There is no safe place to be
To live




Fitting In


From a broken home before he was born,
What could have been he mourns,
Seeing nuclear families with their nuclear ways
Spending days
Juggling the needs of two parents,
Even though he was basically raised by his grandparents.

He was only seeing his dad once a week and his mum once a day,
They tried to support him in their own ways,
But we’re petty towards one another from the start,
And he can’t find it in his heart,
To cancel plans with dad because he has his own thing.

Impossible to please both,
Like he made some blood oath
To never let them down,
Has to parade like a fucking clown
Making false personalities that are not him
Just so he has a slight chance of better fitting in.



Life is so Complicated


Life is so complicated at this moment.
Nothing is simple and straight forward anymore.
Nothing is as it seems.
Always there is a hidden agenda.
Waiting to grab you when you least expect it to.

Not a single thing can be accomplished without complications.
Nothing is for sure anymore.
Like there is always a day and night.
Not a single thing is easy and predictable.
It’s like trying to guess the weather every day.
Everything is so much harder these days.

Then I would ask questions to myself.
When did life become so complicated?
How did life become so complicated?
Why did life become so complicated?

Nobody really knows.
Nobody has any reasons why.
Nobody has any solutions either.

All I know that life becomes so very complicated




Growing Up


Body starts changing
Words start ranging
Junior cert leaving
Leaving cert leading
Books become bigger
Days become longer
And trying to be stronger


Rebecca Mooney




I can’t knock on a door, my mind is at war.
I can’t order food, people think I’m rude.
I can’t raise my hand without the fear of being wrong, the days are long.
I can’t start a conversation, I don’t understand the complication.
I try to change, but I can’t seem to stop feeling strange.






Eyes ears thighs and tears
All the things that disappear
Take a look beneath the skin
To everything that’s good within






Sick, I am sick of waking up in the morning having to drag myself to school every morning
I am sick of repeating the same thing over and over again
Sick of going to the same classes
Seeing the same people
Learning things
All for a few questions that will determine the rest of my life

Sick of being tired in classes
Because I have to babysit for my mam
Who’s trying to make a life for herself
Because she had a baby at 16
Sick of my mam telling me I have to do better
When my grades drop a bit
Because I didn’t know question 13
But I know she’s trying give me the life she never had
I know she wants me to do better than she did
Better than she is

Sick of being slagged for not having the right shoes or the right bag
I am trying to get by on the little money I have
I am sick of living in a rental house
With scumbags giving me stick every time I walk past
Sick of my little sisters getting beat up
Sick of having to tell them they have to keep their mouths shut
Because there just kids

I am sick and tired of this place and these people
Sick of the same thing repeating
But I know I am strong enough to make it out of here
And make a life for myself




Only Sixteen


I am only sixteen there was some fucked up s***
I’ve seen like a junkie on a bench.
Walking by the stench
He turned to me begged and pleaded for a dollar
I told him beat it cause I couldn’t see his human side
All I saw was a man that was ruled by addiction
But I was only sixteen
So much s*** already seen
My uncle pushing drugs on the block
Not caring about the cops
He was stuck in a dilemma to continue school
Or leave it for a few bucks
Man, this s*** sucks
But what do I know I am only sixteen
With a dream to make and not follow in his footsteps






People get judged for being gay or bi
And though I try
Some opinions just can’t be budged
Never find that reason to
Get trashed and bashed
Where we get out our heads smashed
Young ones think they rule the school
With their misguided notions of “cool”




Todo lo que Siento


Todo lo que siento ahora mismo es odio
Solo pienso en la vida que me jodio
Me consume como mi cigarro,
Como mis heridas me desgarro,
Esas heridas que no se curan
Y por siempre duran,
En mi cuerpo cicatrices,
en mi historia no hay finales felices.
Me siento como una fracasada,
Puedes llamarme p*** acabada.
Pense que esta vez diferente seria,
Que la vida, otra oportunidad me daria
Pero nose si yo queria,
Solo quiero pasta pa’ maria


Laia and Candela


School Smarts


I might not be school smart
But that doesn’t mean I am not smart
That doesn’t mean that I will never make it in life
That doesn’t mean I will never have a purpose in life
I might not be school smart.
Mainly because I choose not to be
The stuff we learn in school means nothing to me
I want to focus on stuff that I like
Not on the stuff the teachers want me to like
I might not be school smart


Patrick Potts


Your Rock


When your ma goes to hospital and people say just get over it
How the f*** am I meant get over it?
Your rock is in hospital
One month later still not out
You started to smoke joints and rolls
Your life just keeps get worse
Getting in fights with your dad for no reason
Coming home drunk every day
Your friends are telling you to stop before it goes too far
But you just keep smoking and drinking
Then your ma comes home you get so happy to see her
But now you can’t stop smoking, doing drugs and drinking
People don’t understand the shit you go through at the age of 16
You are already a man having to defend for yourself
And slowly you start coming back to you
Start going back to the way you lived before all this s***
But every few days you still feel like you are back in that hard place
But at the end of the day your friends are your true friends
They always there for you and you never fight with them
Because they stand up for you
Every day you turn a new corner
But some days you fall back
But your friends will be there to pick you up when you fall
Now this is not sob story
This is just stating what I had to go through this past year
But as I am Irish so I must stay strong as the people coming before
You have like the people in 1916
As they stood strong for the people
They are the ones that give me strength to do what I want
So in the end
There is peace.


Joshua Mulvaney


Poetry Thingy


Walkin slow,
Seein how things go.
On my way,
Back to yesterday.
Back to the times when it was all okay
Going with flow with my load of cargo.
In the month of May,
When we were lead a-stray
Café buffet its all the same.
Eating too much I’m always in the gain.
But one time I stop for a second,
And then I reckoned
That I was doing bad to myself and others
Sometimes even to their brothers and mothers
Today’s the day it will all change.
Back down with all the strange.






Thinking life isn’t worth it
Feel as though you’re small and insignificant
Going through it all thinking things are full of futility
Then seeing it as reality
Looking at the world and think its judging you
As though it has a grudge on you
Going through the motions of life
Only feeling bad emotions
But in the world, there is still goodness
Even when there still such unsureness
Even those who do things insulting
But they have their own hidden problems
Using it mask their own
But life must go on
Even if it gives so much strife to you
And those around you
In the end, all will be gone from the world
With those who said goodbye




Sick Of


I’m sick of this s***.
Every time I get home with bad grades I get into shit.
My mom really believes I’m smart.
But I’m not good at anything, not even art
All this pressure just brings me down
This makes me wanna leave home, maybe even town
I know you won’t get your expectations for me
But please just leave me be
I promise I will do my best
But all this s*** wants me to take rest
All this things you want me to do puts me under pressure
This is basically such a great endeavour
The next time I came home with better grades.
Then you gave me so much praise
I knew you guys were fake because I knew ye wanted more
This made me so angry that it made me go out the door




Bingo Bus


Devo comes and collects us on the bingo bus,
With all the granny’s watching us.
Locked and out of our brains on dust,
But none of them stood up and cursed at us.
And threw her purse,
I’m split open and I need a nurse.


Kelo and KP


The Fish that Wanted to Walk


There once was a fish who could talk.
He wanted to learn how to walk.
He got out from the sea,
Fell right onto me,
And I nearly died from great shock.






I was eating a scone
I was in my zone
If only I had known
That there was something called a student loan
As I got older the fear had grown
Went to the gym I broke my back bone
My mother bought a cat I want to disown
Holiday cancelled it was postponed
Five years later I’m surrounded but felt alone
But I had a scone