St Augustine’s College, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

What Makes You


Your head can be a prison
Stuck between four walls
All you want is someone to help you out
But there’s no one there at all

It’s just you and your thoughts
They’re doubling by the minute
You find someone who understands
And suddenly you feel okay with it

The panic begins to stop as the conversation grows
You feel you’re not the only one
Now that someone knows

You begin to realise that there’s nothing wrong upstairs
That this is perfectly normal and that everybody cares
Ever since you found someone who’s just as mad as you
You can embrace your imperfections cause that’s what makes you you!


Kate and Ellen


The Social Conundrum


The likes, comments, friends and followers
That we hold to have so much priority
And spend all our time thinking about
Constant refreshing, daily, for hours
We don’t stop to think why we’ve gotten so sour
Thinking we’re connected
We’re really just cut off and affected
We should take a look around us
And take in the temporary moments passing by first




We are Unique


Why compare one another
We are all our own person
Just because your brother looks like your mother
Doesn’t mean they are the same person
Let us make our own mistakes
We all have our own personal traits


Clodagh Fennell




We live in a civilization where we’re all expected to look a certain way
But at the end of the day you shouldn’t care about what people say
Others will judge you by what you wear
And I honestly think you shouldn’t even care
People will always have something to say
About where you come from and where you lay
The perfect body doesn’t exist
Everyone is different that’s what you’ve missed


Niamh McGovern




Dark sky of stars
Sometimes you’ll see mars
When the sky’s all clouded
The stars are enshrouded
You can see all the planes
And the lights on the cranes
The night sky calling our names


Darragh Curran




Why do you say it
If you don’t mean it?
Why do you do it
If its untrue?
Think before you speak
Act before you do
Why do you do it
Just to be cruel?






Do they seem all that nice or is it just an act?
But people are not and it’s just a fact
You don’t know how people are or how they feel


Niamh and Chloe




Playing rugby is my life
Hopefully impressive to my future wife
Give my all out on the pitch
But rugby ain’t popular with girls
Behind the scenes breaking my body in the gym
To anyone else it seems quite dim
Giving it all to be the best on the field
To achieve my goal, I will not yield




Two Faced


Two faced
Drama queens
Being a teen sucks
S*** shaming
Being a teen sucks
Mood swings
Having naps
Is it really all that bad
Yes! It is!
Being a teen sucks






TY3 with Ciara T
Who is best friends with Chloe
Now lets roll to Davy
Who sparked a friendship with Shrubby

No phones in school but who cares
School is forbidden just for bears
Uniform that is quite rare
We all like to eat green pears

Now back to this crazy class
No one likes to go to school mass


Sebastian Markowski


Rough Houses and Homes


Rough houses and homes
Constant broken bones
All the lads loving their joint
Always on the sprint
Never on the fetch for drugs
We’re not like those thugs
Skulling cans down the strand
Most other places are banned


Ben Veale and David Power


They Are


They are bitching by the bonfire
They are running from the guards
They are buying Bulmers
With fake id cards
Breaking into summer homes
Skinny dipping at the beach
Playing spin the bottle as they drink
And shifting as they clink


Neisha Flavin and Guste Asakaviciute

The Hunt


Through the fields at ninety
The hounds are bloody mighty
They hunt the fox
While I’m wearing crocs
That kate cross found in a box
The hounds killed the fox
And also, they ate my crocs
So now I have to run in my socks


Tara Fraher


What they Lack


I compliment the cows
But they only moo back
F*** de police
Personality is what they lack
They act so mature outside
But they’re actually b***es inside
If you have the money they can be nice
Because you can buy multiple bags of rice


Darragh and Olek




Smoking down the cove with all my boys
We are not making much noise
We just wanna chill, just let us smoke
“We come to tell you to stop”
We are not annoying, we said to the cop
I just find this a joke
We should be allowed smoke


Juan and Sebastian


All it Is


Put up your insta
Put up your pics
All your gonna get is people acting like d***s
You can do your hair, you can always try
But behind the curtain you always cry
Insta, Facebook, Twitter and more
All it is is bullies and more





When I play FIFA the goals are sweaty
But I scored a bicey with Mehmeti
My ultimate team is the stuff of dreams
It provides me with lots of funny memes
Chris Kamara commentates my games
My dad, he calls my team mean names
LO107lukiefifa what’s wrong with that
My friends make fun of it but they’re acting like twats
My bagel empire thoust must come
When Rosemary’s bread is state to some
My friends stayed out until very late
Thanks for the invite…
Oh wait


Luke Sheehan and Aaron Foley