St Declan’s College, Nephin Road, Dublin 7, Co. Dublin

Sinister and Quiet among the Mist


Totally cold under the wind
You seduce invisible snares among the rain
Intense! The life will die
I am dull about the mud
We destroy lustful toads on the clouds
Awaken! The inspiration continues
Sinister and quiet among the mist
We rotate huge keys above the slime
Awaken! The day has gone
Opaque altered
Walking out of the world
No way out
From which dreams
The face in your mirror
Wander aimlessly
While the crowd watched.



Speak your Mind


Speak your mind, equality, free speech
All things promised and offered by todays’ generation
No judgement, no prejudice, everyone has a right to an opinion
Yet still there are some in the dark

Maybe I don’t agree with this law
Maybe I think different to the view of the masses
But for thinking such things I have a picket shoved in my face
I am labelled intolerant, a troll, behind the times

Everything that was promised
Speaking your mind, expressing feelings
Yet i am told to think a certain way, feel a certain way
My voice taken away from me

I am to agree with what they say
I am to put my personal inner-feelings aside
I am to follow the rest of them
I am to leave my individuality behind me

Left alone, criticized, labelled.
Forced to adapt or risk being left behind
Hiding my true thoughts
The reason it is signed




Evil and Big beside the Flowers


All humming against the land
We poke transparent balls over the flowers
Can you dig it? The Queen felt good
All cold beside the rain
You pull entrancing sensations below the flock
Be wary! The Knave is going
Evil and big beside the flowers
You lick bright snares under the water
Repent! The birth gets weird
Unsure awake
At a crossroads
A sense of danger
How many times
My father
Make his way
Where he knew no-one.


Matthew Clarke


Alpha Sheep


I walk through theses school halls,
Demonic scumbags shouting names
At people who are “different”,
They believe that they are better than them
Because they are “different”

They don’t play football,
Or listen to the anthems of sheep,
They are “different”

They don’t wear tracksuits,
Or talk about the birds they’ve shifted,
They are “different”

They spend weekends in,
And smoke cannabis,
They are “different”

They watch their ambitions
And mental health go up in smoke
They are “different”

All this judgment,
Because they are “different”


Max Keating




A young kid sits in his room he speaks to few
He wonders why it is people treat him as they do

The kid has his releases: drama, boxing, talking to a friend
Truth is he’s scared the pain has no has no end

He is hidden

A new school year comes around and he needs to meet new people he won’t
Not because he can’t or doesn’t want to
Because he won’t

He is hidden

He bears no ill will for others in fact he puts many high on the shelf
The truth is he’s scared of himself

Scared of what he thinks what he feels it’s rather terrifying,
When he sees the resolve of others and their morals it’s rather clarifying

Clarifying to what he should think and feel
He knows he’s fucked up he doesn’t want his imagination to be real

So he’ll hide himself away
And stay that way

He is hidden


Conlan Keegan


A 20 Minute Walk


Weird how close a 20-minute walk can mean safety or shit,
To be left alone to being someone’s laughing stock,
From just simply loving life to hating it.

I can listen to Slipknot and Korn to being alone and boring,
From feeling as safe as I need and then being offered ecstasy and weed,
From being told what is good is bad and then being told what’s bad is good.

Then I met someone who made me feel less depressed,
For the sake of this poem I’ll call her Princess,
We talked about our problems and it made me feel undressed,
A moment I felt that kilograms felt like grams and iron felt like feathers.

Everything is better and I know that now,
Even though I feel sad when Princess has to get the bus now,
It’s funny how a 20-minute walk can mean safety,
But can be numbed by our special texts.


AJ Storey


Love Hurts


Do you know me? Do you love me at all?
I am the one who is always beside you,
The one that takes the blame for you.
All you do is turn your head back,
Ignore, ignore, is what you do to me,
I try to have some emotions left for you
But I only have a bit of it left
Everything I do is for you alone.
I don’t know how much you care for me,
I don’t know if you see me at all,
But all I know is that I am here for you
And I blame myself for loving you.


Kyle Malonhao




I’m going to tell you how being different can be a bad thing
But whenever you go to your parents it’s the same old thing
“Why be the same as everyone else”
But if that’s true why do we also get slagged for a difference
Like chubby fat boy or whenever you run everyone laughs
Like I can’t look at myself the same like every time I think I’m fat.

If you’re into Batman, Spiderman or Superman
People laugh and make you feel really different
Isolated like we nerds go for these hero’s
As they inspire hope into us so that we can be
Something totally different from everyone else and somehow
We’ll end up becoming something good or better then ourselves.

Then because of these you start to feel isolated and lonely
Feel like you can’t never will find happiness in your life
Then you will end up in spiral down a really never ending dark corridor
Aka depression but people think oh you have depression
Talk to someone get over it but it’s not that simple
You can never get rid of depression
Like a dormant volcano waiting to erupt
All it needs is a big crack and then it’ll explode.

But then that’s the good thing without people
Being different we wouldn’t have E=MC2 or electricity
Or even the telescope so being different isn’t that bad of a thing
As without different people this will be a very boring world.



The Future is Safe


15 and 16 what an age to be,
School years are the best in your life, don’t you agree?
Get out of bed, early for school
For teachers to tell you stop acting the fool.
17 and 18 what an age to be,
Leaving cert exams, go to college get your degree,
Can’t even study, your now so stressed
“Don’t worry, just do your best”.
24 and 25 what an age to be,
Can’t afford to leave your mammy and daddy,
Found a partner, finally settle down,
Small 2 bedroom house at the edge of town.
30 and 40 what an age to be,
Kids are growing up without much money you see.
A job you hate, boss can be cruel,
All for the kids, get them through school.
65 and 70 what an age to be,
Old and sore, pain in your knee,
Life full of regrets and unfulfilled dreams,
Kids haven’t visited the people who passed on their genes.






The lads ring me up
Another night out
I don’t want to go, but sure we’ll see who’s about
Lads on drink
Don’t ask me what I think
I said I wasn’t gonna
But in a slight blink
There I am doubled over
Face buried in the sink
I’m looking rough
I’ve had enough
But it isn’t over yet
One lad has some squidy
Everyone’s getting dizzy
I don’t know what to do
I want to fit in
Just one smoke would it be a sin?
What have I done
It was supposed to be fun
But now I’ve messed up
The night’s gotten rough
Have to get home
Shite, where’s me phone
I shouldn’t have come out
Should’ve stayed in bed
Now I’ll wake up with a banging head
I gave in
Pressure you win


Eoin Hanlon


My Kingdom


When it all goes to s***
I hide behind my mask
To keep my real feelings
Buried among the fear
Of having no clue
About what I’m doing with my life
When it all hits the fan
I fall asleep in fields of needles
Where I don’t want to wake up
Any substance you hand me
I will hungrily devour
Then retreat to my kingdom
Of blind and helpless children




Things Change


The more things change
The more they stay the same
I’m more loved by my father than my mother
I’m a gamer not an outsider
I’m not the smartest in the class, like I care
Most of the time I’m a very grumpy person
The devil who has no heart
My past has nothing to do what I do now
When my grandmother died I felt no emotion
Not even pain, as if I did not care
I live a happy life in the afterlife
When I hear the word
Rest in peace


Ciaran McDonnell


Hurling Practice


It crushes me inside
Every inaccurate ball,
Every missed hit
Is a hit in the gut.
Darting eyes,
Players mouthing vicious words
Tell me, how can I improve
When at every opportunity I’m forgotten, and discarded.
How can I improve
When every missed hook or block is my fault,
Every point and goal the other teams score
Is somehow related to my mistakes.
And I make a lot of mistakes.

“Forget about the score,
Focus on improving this half”
Or “play for every ball” or
“You’re all doing great”.
Shallow lies, all of them.

How can I improve if I can’t keep up with my team,
If I mess up in hurling practice or miss a clean catch
And turn over possession?
How can I improve when the simple things are tough?
Or my goals for the week seem unrealistic.
I’ll tell how.
It’s about focus
Looking at all the good
Forgetting all the bad
Look at what makes you mad
Use that anger as a tool
Try out for the team in school
Because deep down you know, you know that you can do it.
You know that you’re not shit,

Now that you are improving,
You begin comparing yourself to your team-mates,
They no longer look down
But look across and nod or give encouraging words.
That’s the true feeling of winning,
Even if the score is not in your favour.
How can I improve?
It’s very easy.
Believe in yourself.
Because you know what they say.
Take your points and the goals will come


Ronan Brennan

In the End


In the end, we’re only 15 years through life
600 points in the leaving doesn’t get you a dream job
Our parents were worse than us at this age, yet they judge us
In the end, we’re treated like children when they want to control us
And expected to be adults, when they want something.
Finding X squared in ten minutes isn’t gonna help us discover our purpose
In the end, 90% of us will be stuck in a job we hate
Working to survive
In the end






We are all born
The same
Yet he is more favoured than others
The more favoured brother
The best athlete
Not the kindest or brightest,
Definitely not the best mathlete
He gets all the likes on Facebook
He pulls the hot one in black tights
Though he is not kindest
Or the brightest
This is where it all ends
We are all the same.


Seán Dixon


The Man


The man that I feared said I’d never amount to anything
But the man that I jeered is now greater than I
The man with the beard told me not to write about God
But when I say that I think that
God is just a stuck up spoiled brat teenager
Who is only pissed off because his parents won’t buy him a light saber
So he takes it out on the people who worship him as their creator
Ooohhh the great holy lord?
More like the world’s greatest traitor.
And i say this up to the man and he looks down
With somehow both a smirk on his face and a disappointed frown
And he tells me that its shit and absolute brown
I tell him that he’s a great big stupid fucking clown
He tells me that my jokes aren’t funny
That I will never make money
And that I’ll never find a woman that I can call honey
F*** those guys and their cups of tea
Who thinks he can dumb down and de-radicalize me
F*** them
They’re just being dickheads


Brian Hudson




People are so quick to judge
On the life that you live.
You tell them your problems,
But goes through them like a sieve
You lie there in bed,
Thinking of all the shit that’s messed up in your head.
You go out to your “mates” to try clear your head,
But instead they judge and question what you’ve said.
You go home and get a cup of tea,
To be free and flee
The world you live in is becoming a kip,
You want people to be on the same s*** trip.


Graham Caffrey


In the End


In the end,
Nothing really matters,
It is only your regrets left,
There is only yourself to blame,
You realise how you lived,
You wallow in the shame.
All your past worries seem pointless,
Your life seems to have only lasted a split second,
You know what is important,
It is the last thing you reckoned
You leave everything behind,
There is nothing you can do


In the end…
Who knows


Jordan Page


Napalm Rains


Napalm rains, bodies drop,
Machine gun fire, barrel still hot,
There is no more hope, Nothing. None,
When all it takes is one shot from a gun,

Battle cries roar, with hearts in mouths,
Running courageously, attacking the Krauts,
The yelling continues, they roar they shout,

Another three soldiers gone, disappear
Letters sent home saying
‘Your son died fighting bravely, without fear’
But please keep praying,

We need your support,
More and more fall,
But we won’t give up,
Until we win the war,

The war has ended,
They get to go home,
Their country defended,
No longer alone.


Matthew Matys


My Parents


I am embarrassed to even know my parents sometimes
But when they go to work they have hard times
When my friends are over they talk shite
I get embarrassed when they put me in the limelight
When we go out tonight
I know I have to stay patient
But at the end of the day it’s a celebration
And they have been the foundation
To my education.
So I thank them in Croatian
And am glad to have them as a blood relation.


Shane Meehan


I Love my Bikes


Whenever I’m bored, bike,
Whenever I need to get somewhere, bike,
Need something to spend my money on, bike,
Need something to fall off, bike,
Want to pull a peddler, bike,
Want to have more money to spend on cans of Canadian instead of paying for buses, bike,
Do you want to have nice legs? Bike.
I love my bikes.




This is Where


This is where I have grown up for my whole life,
This place has changed so much,
From just thinking about football and playing sports,
To being pressurised to drink that drugs and smoke
To people saying I hate this kip,
But I still love this place.
I still have very good memories here,
And I plan to have some more.




A Higher Pay


Stuff wood splints into your toes,
Kicked into walls set up by your foes,
Let your skin peel off from that of Chernobyl,
You know you’ll never die a death more noble,

With all your skin and flesh you can’t move,
You are forever catching up, trying to improve,
Toddlers, kids, trained each and every day,
To reach their dreams,
And you can brag about is,
A higher pay




The Day our School Football Team Won the Championship


This was the day the school final was played
Everything was at stake
Both teams were full of joy
As well as excitement while eating the pie
This is where dreams come true
Just while you are having a poo
I am the one and only “Richie” that loves achieving goals
While on the pitch doing a couple of rolls
I am at my happiest here
Along with all my peers
I am the best at 45s in my school
Afterwards I will jump into the pool
At times, I feel as if I am the only human being
That can play Gaelic Football on earth
Other than those in the south of Perth
Thankfully we won that day
Otherwise I wouldn’t ever play
This day will live long in the memory


Richard O’ Leary




Letters are mad things
They swirl around,
All twenty-six.
My teacher’s sighing,
My mum’s crying,
I ain’t lying,
I am trying.


Colum Brennan


This is Where


This is where we all started and where we will finish.
I am always trying to be the best I can be.
Boys I don’t like are cocky, but also I also like girls who are funny.
This is where I will be in two years’ time,
Always trying to escape from the girls
Who are stuck up and the boys
Who they think that they are better than they actually are.
I am always trying to do the best in school
While also trying to look cool.




Freshly Cut Grass


I love the smell of freshly cut grass
Out on the pitch
I’m up my markers a***
This lad is shite
I smell his fear
Times almost up
The end is near
Its 2-2
I have the ball
Standing over the free-kick
Have to beat the wall
I put the keeper on his hole
And his nanny on the dole
That’s it, we have won
My job here is done


Jamie Mckenna


This Rhyme


This rhyme is mine and the time is mine.
A rhyme can be anything you like
If you take my rhyme it can be a crime
In the meantime think about my rhyme
It’s about time you realized its mine
If you want to do something right, get out of my sight
It’ll be alright if you take a bite of something you like
So please stay away from my rhyme cause its mine.

Passion of the GAA
When you enter Croke Park,
It’s the best feeling in the world
Players warm up representing their club and county
You hear the walkout music
The nerves start the kick in
You are just waiting for throw in
You’ll leave all your nerves behind
When the referee blows the whistle
Half time, you’re winning by a point
The nerves start to ease
You are waiting on the ref to blow the whistle
The ref blows the whistle
You see your county winning the All-Ireland
I’s the best feeling in the world
You hear hill 16 with their chants
And see them with the blue flares
And you realise to yourself
That this will go down in the history of Croke Park




The Buzz


Walking off the train at Drumcondra station
You can feel the excitement and the buzz
Both sets of fans waiting to pass the ticket boot
For the view of Dorset street, full of fans on All-Ireland final day
We go straight to St John’s road
For the entrance of hill 16.
As we walk, we can feel the excitement
Then we reach the stewards
There’s a bit of a delay
So we say “hurry up, it’s the biggest day of the year”
They send us through to the turnstiles and we go straight to B3
As the parade starts and the teams follow
You can hear the roar of the fans
Then it’s the turn of the hill
You can hear the song: “come on you boys in blue”
And its electric to be in the crowd.
As we know the dubs win
So we go on a big sesh for the weekend
Up the dubs.


Sean Mc Donald