Salerno Secondary School, Salthill, Co. Galway

‘Night Out’


Sitting here beside my friends,
Having no idea how this night might end.
“Go on, go on!” I hear some say,
“I hope my parents don’t find out.” Others pray.

Hiding the truth, as well as your fear.
“You must be the ONLY person in the year.”
Being the only one without a drink in your hand,
Holds a pressure many my age wouldn’t understand.

In today’s society, it’s deemed as acceptable to drink,
Contrary to what the authorities may think.
At such a young age, I have no clue why,
But it’s much easier to sit and not question why.


Zara Murphy




Only child
You could say I am wild
From a family of three
But that’s not all of me
My family is massive
Not at all passive
You could say we are close
We love to get together, well most

But these words are for my cousin
The oldest of the dozen

Lacrosse he would play
NYC born
When in Ireland adorn
Sports and animals were his passions
All the girls loved him because he was dashing
A happy boy to all he had known
Talking and posing on his phone

Last time I seen him was a celebration
A day of family and elation
Where I met my dear best friend
We wished that month would never end
We were the 3 musketeers, inseparable that time
We shared our lives fond memories of mine

When I woke that June morning, called into the room
I had no idea id be facing doom
To see my father with tears like river
My lip then began to quiver
You weren’t alone
There was a choice
All you had to give your problems a voice

I will never forget you my older bro
I know you’re with me wherever I go




Behind these Eyes


You look at me, you think you know,
But you don’t see the heartbreak, the pain or sorrow.
Though behind these eyes is a fragile mind,
What have I done to make you so unkind.
I look in the mirror, I don’t see ‘me’,
I see unhappiness and insecurity.
I try to scream but no words come out,
Because the voice in my head is way too loud.
The walls around me are closing in,
I feel so alone and paper thin.
Your words will haunt me forevermore,
“You’re a slag, a b****, a dog, a wh***.”




What’s the Point?


I wonder what’s the point
Of all these rules, I follow
To please my parents, my teachers, my school,
But never me.

I want to break the rules
Live life and rebel
I know the time will come when I can
But it can’t come fast enough

I want to run away and travel
Pausing only to experience
Parties of people i never knew
Festivals with friends not yet met
Sky-diving, jet-skiing,
Sleeping outside because why not?

I’m tired of all these expectations
Everyone knowing everyone
And small-minded people in small-minded towns
And not being able to put a foot, even a millimetre wrong

For fear that
Someone would see me breaking the rules they set
Rebelling against them
Finally, doing what I want to do.




Start to Think


I sit to myself and start to think,
The way society revolves around drink
Pressured, chanted at you, feel on the spot
If it’s not gone in two, go’s take another shot
‘We’ll be there for you, when you’re in need’
Then you find out they’d leave you to bleed
In today’s day and age you get judged for whatever you do
So do whatever you wish,
You do you.




White Lady


I swallow you, inject you, smoke you and inhale you,
You’re always on my mind,
My body trembles when you’re not in my system,
Without you, I’m so blind.

The feeling you give me is something else,
The hallucinations help me calm myself,
You’ve taken over my life completely,
But I still try to have you discreetly.

People act like they know how I feel,
But they don’t know that the feeling is so surreal,
I’ll never quit, I’ve tried and tried,
Oh my white lady, I’ll take you ’till the day I die.




Social Climber


It’s sad,
Sad to think you drink only to fit in,
Hide your insecurities and toss them in a bin.
Boost up your confidence just to make new friends,
And embarrass yourself just to follow the trends.

It’s sad,
Sad to think popularity is always on your mind,
Likes on Facebook or insta is all that matters you’ll find.
Now you’re a victim of addiction, addicted to being, liked, known and popular,
and you ditched your true friend which i find rather peculiar.

It’s sad,
Sad to think how low you would swoop just to be liked,
Bitching about your old friends about how they’re weird and disliked.
Just to join in the conversation at the “COOL” table,
Dressing to impress wearing fancy expensive labels.

It’s sad,
Sad to think that trying to be someone you’re not to be “COOL”,
Has changed someone that used to be nice and funny into a fool.
It’s just so sad to think about looking through a binocular,
Just to find a victim of being “popular”.




Discos from a Sober Mind


To the teachers and parents.
Drinking is a choice,
No one actually cares if you do or not, people want to.

To the boys who stroll along by the cathedral
With a bottle of buckfast in hand before the disco,
No clue how wrong it looks.

To the drunk girl who makes the ‘pee seat’ on the social bus
And the boy who vomits down the aisle.

To the security who spend the night
Managing drunk teens who fall, fight, cry
And endure the stench of drink, sweat and tan all in one.

To the kids passed out on the bus home to their oblivious parents
They’re the same kids to get away with it.

To society who made all of this seem acceptable.




This Generation


This generation of ours is so closed by a screen,
A screen with media where people can be seen to be mean

I wish the world was the way it used to be
When things were simpler and people were free

Free from the world of social sites
When people didn’t easily start stupid fights

Fights about the amount of shares, comments and likes,
I wish instead our generation continued using bikes and doing hikes

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a user myself,
But I wish sometimes it could all be put away on to a shelf,

So our social skills and life experiences would increase,
So our heads would be clearer and minds at peace.






2017 this is the year,
When will society stop judging peers,
From sexism, racism, people trying to be cool,
You think you’re class , but you’re actually a fool.
You have some image of yourself that you are from a higher ark,
We are all the same, please stop trying to bark.
You laugh at everyone make them feel small,
When truly you are insecure and you make people feel worth nothing at all.
Maybe one day you’ll look around you and realise,
That acting the way you did is not worth all the cries.


Jessica Patten


Old Friends


We tear each other down,
Instead of building each other up.
We talk behind each other’s backs,
Instead of being direct.
We should stand together,
And fight those who hate,
Because we need each other.
We need to be mates.


Neasa O’Connor


Pressure, Pressure


Pressure, pressure
The life of a teen,
Parents want good grades,
Slowly her hope starts to fade.

Pressure, pressure
The teacher starts to notice,
Her grades are dropping
But it’s just so hard to focus.

Pressure, pressure
She tries to escape,
She goes online,
Everything’s just so fake.

She tries to change,
But society has made it so hard,
It’s deranged.






Sitting in the school,
Where we’re told, we are fools.
If our grades drop too low,
We’ll be told to get up and go.
They don’t give us a chance,
To have a dance.
And enjoy our lives,
Before the end arrives.
Our life goes by so fast,
We want to have a happy past.
When the final bell has a rang,
We want to have left with a bang.




Galway Girl


I am just a young Irish girl living in Moycullen,
It’s just me, my mom, my dad and brother.

I’m nothing but a Galway girl through and through,
It’s where I was born, raised and grew.

This is where I took my first steps,
It’s where I hope to live and I’ll settle for nothing less.

I look at all this and I start to think
How lucky I am to live and be from a place like this.





I am a 16-year-old girl in TY.
My dog lives in Moycullen with my family and I.
I use to be a Dub but now a Galweign,
I’ve travelled lots and seen the region.
Moycullen is the best place that I’ve ever been,
It’s the queen of a good countryside scene.






Our skirt is checkered black and green,
The ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.
Going down like a lead balloon sinking,
What on earth were they thinking.
Black dubes, I’d rather not,
I’m just trying to look hot,
In front of the boys across the street,
But now I hope that we don’t meet.




Pressure for Teens


Growing up the thing we have to seen
From passing out on social buses
To peeing on the p*** seat.
Waking up the next morning with memories and regrets,
Trying to hide the bruises and hickeys on your neck.
And what parents don’t get is the stricter you are on is,
The wilder we get.
Not sure if your friends will praise you or slag you to death.
From downing a naggin and forgetting the rest,
To losing some friends and favourite dress.


Lauren Coughlan and Hannah O’Dwyer




You get out the car,
And run to a tree,
Down your naggin,
Now you’re in glee,
You think your sober,
So you ask for more,
But really in two minutes,
You’ll be on the floor

Next is the bus,
It’s such a rush,
Because it’s the last bus,
You tape a can to your thigh,
Down it on the sly,
And finish it on the ride,
Unfortunately, the bus hit a bump,
You hit your head went with a thump

You wake up 10 minutes later,
With a slap, to what they call social,
A load a crap,
You wake up the next morning,
With a load of hickeys,
And don’t forget your hair is all sticky,
Unfortunately, this is our society,
Even though it gives you anxiety,
You’ll always go again,
Drink more, fall more, regret more.

This is social.




When you need a Friend


Roses are red the night is black,
When will I stop getting stabbed in the back,
I have my wants and I have my needs,
But with your friendship I’d rather have my wrists bleed,
You act like you love me you even act like you care ,
But when i turn my back you say you’d rather pull my hair,
But keep on doing what you’re doing and say what you say,
But when you need a friend I won’t be there to play.


Saoirse Flynn


Learnt Lessons


Third time drinking
What was I thinking
Downing some naggins
But at least they weren’t flaggins
The drink hit me hard
Thank God, I wasn’t caught by a guard
I fell backwards in the line but I was fine
In I go and I see people I know
Ten o’clock, this was a shock
Puking in the bathroom and outside
Nearly enough to make a slide
The night was such a mess,
Next time I will drink less




My Spanish Friend


The north west of Spain.
‘I am Spanish’ he says
As he fills out the points on the co-ordinate plane
That is my life.

He gets home to Offaly every Saturday at four,
Turns on the Simpsons the minute he gets in the door.
Little does he know he’s captured the hearts of many a Galway girl,
That is his life.

He argues with the maths professor as he scribbles in his refill pad,
With a broken pencil
He claims he is not friendly,
But he is the only friend I’ll ever need.

And someday when he becomes a physicist
In the north west of Spain.
We will meet again,
My Spanish friend,



Emily Naughton


This is Where


This is where I sit all day
Wishing my life away.
This is where I cram for tests
Knowing it won’t be my best.
This is where I pass notes
Hoping it will pass the time.
This is where i copy homework,
Friends have at least one perk.
This is where I spent a year no less,
Sitting at this very desk.


Grainne Regan




Galway is a beautiful place
Where tourists come to rade the space.
Salthill is the spot to be,
During the summer where the views are free.
The waters warm and jellyfish free,
Pop into town for a shopping spree.
Walking up Quay Street, indulging the smells,
From bakery to restaurant, they all are swell.
Sitting at Sparch is relaxing and free,
Ending a long day beside the sea.




My House


My house is full, busy and fast-paced,
My house is laughter and a smiling face.
My house is welcoming and warm,
My house is where good vibes swarm.
My house is where we gather round the telly,
My house is where we fill our bellies.
My house is where I feel at home,
Knowing that I’m never alone.


Orla O’Connor


Life as a Teen


Life as a teen
Can be very mean.
Especially spending so much time
Vegetating behind the screen.
Look in the mirror
And it couldn’t be clearer.
But sometimes we need them a lot nearer


Megan Harty