Coláiste na bPiarsach, Rosmuc, Co. Galway



You have made reconsider
My fear of dying old
Now it’s easier to come to terms
With these things
This toxic logic
Where self-esteem and tears
Vanish into dust.

I went on the run with her
Not thinking about religion,
I want to be with my love forever,
Somewhere near the Wexford border.

No sore eyes,
No rolled eyes,
No mockery,
No I don’t care,
No distant stares,
No time left for us

You said nothing

How could you not listen
Do you even care?
That girl has gone
Her suicide note is over there
Did you even notice that there was something oh so wrong?
When they called her dreadful names
Did you play along?
How did you not know that she needed help?
All along she was failing at trying to save herself
You say she was insane
Did you even know her name?
“Oh what a lovely girl she was, what a waste, such a shame”
I know you do not care
It has nothing to do with you right?
Ever think that it might?
That everything she said is a reason that she’s dead.
And now that’s she’s gone everything feels wrong.


Áine Kate Bhreathnach


My Dear Brother


As silver tears roll down my face
I know you’re in a better place
I close my eyes to see your there
I feel a warm embrace of care
The deep blue sky that’s in your eyes
Brings teardrops to the brightest skies
I know you’re not so far away
But I will miss you every day
You were only thirteen when you had to leave
But my dear brother you will always be with me


Róisín Sullivan


Sleep Tight


I saw you this morning
Getting beaten bare
I should’ve done something
But i just stood there
You needed my help
You were there all alone
Oh how I didn’t see
I should’ve known something
You leave school every day
With no smile on your face
Why didn’t I just say
‘Are you okay?’
In the next few days
You had bruises on your face
And looked into the space
I wanted to ask
But oh how so rude
Especially in case
You were in a mood
A couple of days passed
You didn’t come in
I was so scared
I wanted to go fast
Then the news came
That you had passed
The news spread so vast
It was all coming too fast
I knew you were sad
Now I am so mad
For I could have stopped it
And you wouldn’t have passed
Sleep tight oh dear friend
I will meet you again
I will pray for you mate
As you lay in your grave


Íde Ní Chonaire


Complicated Pleasures


I love the day I met you
It was really special
We are always together
Never leave each other
Always helping each other
through hard times or sad.
Your life is what I want
I never want to be on my own
You came because you said
That I would never be alone
That we would always be together
That you always would be mine
But you left me lonely
All alone and crying
Love will hurt you inside
It will cut up your heart
Break you up in pieces
It will tear your life apart
It will make you promises
That will last forever
Then break your whole wide world
And then put it back together


Sophia Mc Donagh


It Will


It will cut all off all your beautiful hair
and leave you alone in despair.

It will tear your entire wedding dress apart
And make an auld mess out of your broken heart.

It will take all your dreams and kidnap your pups
It will smash all your plates and crack all your cups.

It will watch you with glee as you fall down the stairs
And then laughingly tell you that nobody cares

To fall at your door
Hoping you will throw me something
That makes me feel good
A reason to dance
To feel like I am close
Even when I am far from you.
Every day of my life
Every beat of my heart


Íde Ní Chonaire




It will chase you until the ends of the earth
Just to see how far you can get
But don’t be afraid, do not fret
Stick a knife in your throat and leave you there.
It cuts off the supply of all your precious air
Not to let you off so easy
It will stalk you until you are terrified to leave your house
Soon you will be as quiet as a trembling mouse
It will isolate you from everyone and everything
You will never hear the music of the morning bird sing
It will kill you, by throwing you in a fire and watching you burn
Perhaps maybe then you will finally learn


Áine Kate Bhreathnach


They Try to Hurt Me


They try to hurt me,
But I know it’s just jealousy,
They try to bring me down,
But I just take my crown,
Of being e king of this battlefield,
And you’ve stepped in my minefield,
So watch your step,
Cause I’m ready to explode.


Ronan Loftus


Day and Night


Day and night
Nothin to do
Started doin drugs
Thought I was a thug
Left out in the street
Drinkin myself away
I’m a slum dog stray
And that’s the way I’ll stay