Marian College, Lansdowne Road, Co. Dublin

Am I?


Am I who you want me to be?
Because when I look at you
You look through me.
Am I really how you view me?
Because when I ask a question
You lie to me.
Am I a friend or foe?
Because when I make a joke
You laugh at and not with me.
Am I who you want me to be?




I Could Have Helped


It hurts inside,
When you left to go to the pearly gates
I cried, I cried harder than ever before.
I loved you and you left me.
You didn’t speak up
You didn’t shout about it,
You kept it inside.
I could have helped,
But you thought you didn’t need it.
You didn’t write a note to give a reason.
I know you got pushed around and slagged.
I could have helped.
When you left, I felt responsible.
I could have helped.





Love make your fortunes twenty times above
Her that so wishes and her humble love
He hath no other life above
He gave me a friend and a true love
Red under lip drawn in for fear of love
And white throat, whither than the silvered dove
You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart
And then I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart
I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love
We’ll fly together, fly higher than the dove.


Godwin Paul




Dread whenever I go home
I sometimes feel tempted to roam
My parents will almost always be fighting
Screaming shouting and sometimes kicking and biting
I’m the one to keep the peace
For some reason I’m the centre piece
My brother runs upstairs to hide
And I’m being asked to pick a side
Without me they would kill each other
The amount of shite i had to discover
I’m being kept in the dark for all of this
And my psyche is in bits
This whole ordeal is nearly over
And when it is, I’ll find some closure




What I Want to Be


I don’t know what I want to be.
Singing and dancing, they interest me,
“But they aren’t practical jobs” they say,
But that’s what i want to do every day.
For the rest of my life? I don’t know.
I have to see where the wind takes me though.
It’s all so confusing not having tasted the world,
How can I decide without any experience of her.
Dammit this decision is so hard,
It makes me feel like and utter r*****.
What if I want to play guitar for a living
And keep on playing until I want to stop giving
“But that’s not a practical job” they say,
But that’s what I want to do for the rest of my days.


Ben Breslin


Broken Families


Screaming and shouting that’s all the kid knows
Because his parents don’t stop and its getting old
One parent probably ends up leaving
And that kid is left grieving
Doesn’t know what to do, he ends up confused
Thinking is he not good enough
Because his da thinks he’s tough
But it takes a real man to stay
With his kid even when times are rough


Casey Fitzpatrick


In Dublin


Kids that were born in Dublin,
Are kids who were born into discussion,
Some kids lives are meant to be lush,
Some kids are meant to sell cush.
Lots of junkies on the street,
Having to beg for something to eat,
Bystanders walking by and asking “why?”,
But there is more to it than meets the eye.


Craig Kavanagh and Patrick Whelan


Good Enough for You


She won’t stop shouting and screaming,
Yelling the down the kitchen,
I just wanna tell her stop,
This mother f***in bitchin.

Your results aren’t great,
It’s way too much to bare,
Look at this “F”,
Its gonna get you nowhere.

Why, oh why,
Can’t you be like your friends,
Why can’t you listen,
And try make amends.

She rants and roars,
All up in my grill,
I say I’ll improve,
And I promise I will.

I’m angry on the inside,
I’m cowering on the outside,
It’s this yelling and bombardment,
The reason why I’ve cried.

The outsides breaking free,
The angers pouring out,
I just want to yell,
Scream, roar and shout.

I reach breaking point,
And look up from the floor,
I prepare myself,
To yell and roar.

Stop giving out to me,
For not being like the rest
Stop moaning to me,
For not being the best.

I try in school,
Lord knows i do,
And I don’t give a flying f***,
If that’s not good enough for you

Why should I learn,
About a f***ing stupid cliff,
And you can go,
And stuff your bleedin “F”.

Listening to teachers,
Is a waste of my time,
It’s not as if I’m gonna
Go out and commit crime.

Yeah, I don’t study,
Why do I need it?
Columbus and Shakespeare,
Is a load a bloody shite.

I like writing,
Not a lot do,
And I don’t care,
If that’s not good enough for you.


Samuel Eliasen


Unrequited love


Love can be a cruel thing
It hurts more than a bee sting
He wrote her a melody
In hope it can be a remedy
But it failed
He was slow as a snail
As she fell for another
He felt he never fell love again
As his heart shattered
He taught there was no greater pain

He taught he was a joke
As he hid in a black cloak
His family and friends tried
But he felt that he wanted to die
His one friend helped him cope
To give one more hope
He talked to a woman
He fell in love slowly
His love is yet written
For he can change quickly



Alone Again


Standing here alone again
Waiting for the moment that we’ve shared, my love.
No matter how many lies you say,
No matter how many miles you walk away from me, Lorraine
Darling Lorraine
Please don’t leave me yet
I know you’re in pain
Pain you can’t forget
It’s almost over Lorraine
Can you still feel the pain
Each night I pray
That nobody steals her heart away
Just can’t wait until that happy day
When I marry sweet Lorraine


Stephen Dennis


The Crumlin life


In the boring estates of Crumlin,
Where all the drug dealers make good business.
There’s a sesh on every night,
There’s always a huge joint passed around
All the lads having a great laugh,
Everyone’s always smashed looking for their own gaff.
You know you’re in shit,
Your ma is at the door waiting.
She can see you can’t walk,
Slams the door on you shouting,
“You’re not allowed in this gaff,
you’re a lot like your da.
Now look where he is, underneath the ground,
For the same shite you do.
You need to stop, you’re the only one I have,
I’m not letting you go not like this.
Grow up and improve your life,
You could do so much only if you set your mind.
Focus on what’s good,
Forget the drink and the drugs.
Think of your future.
There’s no need to ruin your life,
Keep up this shit and you’re out the gaff.
I thought I raised you better than this,
You’re embarrassing yourself and me.
Get up of the ground and realise
There’s more to life than just drugs
Please wake up and realise,
You can do more in life.”


Milan Eszes


It Hurts


It hurts them from deep inside
Coming from the gaps of their teeth
Can be felt from the shallow beneath
What’s done is done
You can run
But it won’t be won
From the sparkling lights up ahead
Struggling to steady on.




Run the Extra Mile


No one likes you, your fat and round,
You’re insecure and get bullied around.
But that’s you now you can change yourself,
Just get the fuck up and run that extra mile.
You say you can’t do it but that’s not true,
Your just lazy and cry about what you’ve been through.
Believe in me man I’ve been there
And I know you might think this world isn’t fair.
But you need to stop complaining, push your limits
Heck right now believe you have no limits and you can do anything
Week 1, week 2, now, year 1, year 2, never give up
Keep going until obesity is nothing but memory
Because I know you can do it and believe me I’ve been there
So just get the f*** up and run that extra mile.



2016 was an interesting and sad year,
Because of that dance with the swaggy gear.
Harambe was killed,
And he will be missed.
Bowie with his thunder,
And prince with his rain.
They both died but not in pain,
The bottle flip and the dab,
Were an impossible thing
And something about a drug.
But the most important thing that I’ll miss
Was my grandma, who rests in peace.
I lost her in the first mid-term break,
And I think about her every time up I wake.
I remember how she said that day by the phone,
“I will see you in your birthday”,
Even though now you are gone.
Next time I saw her was in a hospital,
With a problem that was neurological.
At her funeral a lot I cried,
Because sadly, she had died.


Jaime Martinez


Da Left


Da left me when I was 4
Dickhead decided to ring my ma
And said he wants to see me after 12 years
I screamed down the phone saying
“he’s a dickhead and I never wanna see him”
About an hour later I regretted it
And knew it was too late to say sorry
Got all sad about it and broke down and cried
Made the wrong decision and smoked weed
It helped me forget about it for a while
But then it hit me again and I was sadder than ever
Only person that helped me the most was my girlfriend
Went out one day with her and I was the happiest ever
She made me forget about everything and all my worries


Airidas Rimkus




School, the place where the majority of your adolescence are spent,
The place which is supposed to prepare you for the real world.
Yet most time is spent stressing over an exam, trying desperately to locate to sauce of lamb.
Going on a complete study spree, only to find the pineapple is under the sea.
Trying hard to impress piers, only to find everyone is against you in future years.
Listening to teachers listen to you will not, you instead listen to things such as Slipknot.


Robert Mooney




She thought to herself that she was beautiful.
She was right.
She thought to herself that she would be amazing at what she would do.
She was right.
She thought to herself that someday she would be the best person out there!
She was wrong, to me she already was.
Until one day, it all changed.
That day that shouldn’t have come, that day that shouldn’t have existed.
She was blinded by the feeling called love.
Her mind began to be twisted,
With imaginations that she hoped would happen,
And with sensations she wanted to experience.
Slowly but surely, that began to happen.
She looked to me for reliance.
It started as a console game,
To climbing mountains higher than her hopes for love,
She thought to herself that those moments were the best.
Oh how she did not know how that would turn out.
I knew what would happen, it was not how she guessed.
Her mind was set free, it was out and about.
Until it was capture, by that…
“He said yes!”
That’s what I heard. They loved each other. I’m sure they did.
Until one day he finally saw again.
He was not blinded by love anymore.
Her however, was still blinded by “Ken”.
He was Ken and she was Barbie
His mind was plastic.
It was something you would never think to do.
Her mind was stuck on to having love that was classic.
One day it got to her, she held scissors in her hand.
She stared at her reflection and saw what she thought was “beautiful”.
She did not think of that anymore,
But I, I know for sure she was beautiful, undoubtful.
The next week was a tragedy.
I was the shoulder for her to cry on.
I was the hand to guide her through.
I was the candle to light her path.
I was the man to make her feel happy and content.
She thought to herself that she was ugly.
Oh how wrong she was.
She thought to herself how she never did anything right.
Oh how wrong she was.
She thought to herself that she was the worst person out there!
When will she ever figure out that she’s wrong?




What I’ve Become


I do not like what I have become
I betrayed the one I trust
The ones I care about
Are gone and
I do not know what to do.
And it’s all because of
What I had to do
I betrayed the one I trust
And I do not know what they have become






I see homework as something pointless,
It takes me till mid-night to finish it.
It stops me from doing things I love.
I despise taking homework home for the weekend,
Waking up in the morning only to be told to do it.
It put unnecessary pressure on myself
I don’t mind having to stay in school for an hour or more
I being in school helps me get things faster than at home.




Day after Day


Day after day I walk into this kip
Wasting my time learning all this shite
Parents moaning about how I need to improve
But really I just want to be bustin a move
Get away from all this lickedy spliy
I don’t want to stay here
Don’t make me commit
The mistake that I made
What made me a fool
Was being a sheep
And going to school


Robert Manolache


My Mind


I don’t like my mind right now,
Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary,
Wish I could slow things down,
I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic,
And I drive myself crazy,
Thinking everything about me
I’ve become so numb,
‘Cause I can’t escape the gravity
I look at memes to cure my depression
But that that only makes it worse


Luka Mamaladze


Man in Black


I was walking down the field when I heard the shot,
A man in black who got caught.
He was tall and was in all black.
He got shot in the lungs and took a smack.
He called for help as I ran towards him.
I picked him up and noticed he had one less limb.
He walked towards a chair so he could sit down,
And took of his big hat which was brown.
He called the hospital to take him there,
And they came, but he died
And no one cared.






Sitting in a gaff the size of Kim Jong Un’s Head
Counting stacks of cash on my million dollar bed
Wearing Gucci clothes ONLY pal Rolex on me wrist
With the dollas that I have bud ye know ye can’t resist
Cruising down the street in me new Lamborghini
One way windows mate so you can’t see me
If I run ye over i will speed off like a dart
Not a bother on me pal I’m heading straight to Walmart.
Locked up once for a criminal charge
Have reputations inside, forever living large
If you annoy me, for your life you can sing
No bullshitting me because you’re talking to the king.


Brandon Caulfield and Luke Flynn




Sleeping lack, homework of stack
I go to the gym, he goes for a whack
Want to workout, but my grades to sort out
I go to lift my grades, farther they drift
I go to my training
Stuck in my phone, more entertaining
While my grades just fade, I feel betrayed
I sit down to study, it’s either grades or be chubby


Semon Andryushchenko


My Brother


I don’t like my brother, sometimes I wish I had another.
He is very annoying, with my mind he is toying.
I often beat him at FIFA, there is always tonnes of goals.
Sometimes he throws the controls of my favourite console.
Sometimes he says I cheat, because my keeper he cannot beat,
But then he scores and my arrogance is no more.
The game becomes tense, my defence has lost all its sense.
The goal I had scored was a screamer, but now it does not matter.
His goal that I batter, with shots and headers, chances gone,
One quick counter attack it all went wrong.
Red cards, tackling hard, torn muscles, players in trouble,
With penalties we finish, energy diminished, a battle of legends.
In a massive arena where one would claim bragging rights,
While the other would take time to recover from the hard fight.
My keeper saved the 5th penalty I won the game “for shame” I taunt,
“Good game”, he says, he wants a rematch, do i stop and finish on a high?
I could lose but I might give him a game anyway, who gives a shite.




Friendship is About Who Came and Never Left your Side


A girl and boy treats each other as if they’re in a relationship,
But there’s really nothing other than friendship.
They were living happily until a tragedy happened,
The car that they rode was completely flattened.
The boy on the right died on the spot,
While the girl on the left had major dots.
She was sent to the hospital expected to recover,
But ‘decided’ to keep her promise with her ‘lover.’
‘Never leave each other.’
At 2:00 a.m. she became a corpse, just like her ‘lover’ exactly a day before.
This relationship, proves something about friendship.
“Friendship is about who came and never left your side.”


Keith Rumbaua


I like Food


I like food cause I’m a cool dude
People eat vegetables because its healthy
But I drink Pepsi its cheap and wealthy
I love hot dog there so good
But that’s because I’m from the hood
I’m always running down the street
Loving life it’s so sweet
That’s the end of my attempt at poetry
Now I’m gonna go for some Kentucky fried poultry.




Rhyme or Reason


I was born with dyslexia
So I cannot spell hyperpyrexia
You’d think that nothing rhymes with oranges
But if you look behind these door-hinges
Which are four inches
And first let me eat this chlorine cheese
Oh jeez
Everything here looks like messy fleas
But if you ride the seven seas
You might be Taiwanese
Or maybe Chinese
I gotta go cause i also have Parkinson’s disease
So please
Let me go to zhirinovsky’s
I will be flying my F-16 Flying Falcon with expertise.


Harold Shwobbs



Conchita was a man.
She got an operation,
To get vote accumulation.
Who was put in a van,
And came out like a woman.
She was dressed in a vest,
And did her best,
And won the Eurovision,
By split decision
And here we come along,
Saying gay is wrong,
But think again.
She could win again.
This is called respect effect,
Now please go and get checked,
You might have a brain defect.
And now you know what the story is about,
Now you need to ask her out.


Lanz Junio


Training Every Day


Training everyday
Can’t keep my grades up way
Losing sleep every other day
Teahers say need to catchup
I’ve been skipping school to sleep in


Kirill Shydenko