St Flannan’s College, Ennis, Co. Clare

With an Empty Heart


Big black coffin, nice black shoes
He lay in one house, under our roof
Eyes closed, heart not beating
Another life suddenly defeated
6 years old staring, then unaware life could end
Sun turns to moon, light goes to dark
Standing there with an empty heart


Ali Flannery




People are unique,
People are different,
That’s what make us,
You can be weird,
You can be funny,
You can be kind,
You can be annoying,
Yet you are unique,
That’s what makes you,
You could be tall or small,
You could be big or thin,
Yet you are you,
That’s what makes you unique




To My Friends


You tried to break me,
Yet it’s what it took to make me.
You tried to knock me down,
But I refused to drown.
I weathered the storm,
And now I am truly born.
The man I was meant to be.
You clearly cannot see.
I don’t blame you,
I won’t shame you.
I thank you,

My friends,
Which some may call enemies.




Silence is Heard


What you grow up with is what you know,
The shouts and cries,
But in the corner,
You sit and wait,
Until the silence is heard,
But the peace is not,
So you hope and pray,
That one day,
Peace is finally heard




Love Is


Electric rush,
A smile,
A pile of kindness and generosity,
Unusual philosophy,
Occasional dents,
Lazy times spent,
Netflix and lunches,
Flowers don’t come in bunches,
The time spent together,
The kisses, the laughs,
Hopefully it can last forever.


Arlene O’Sullivan


We are who we Are


Teens, we are who we are.
Drinking, having the craic, doing wrong stuff,
It’s all part of growing up, no different for anyone.
We are who we are.

Parents giving out for getting thrown out of a teenage disco for being pissed,
Not having homework done, getting in trouble at school.
We are who we are.

No one is perfect, the mistakes we make build the people we become,
So let us be free, make our decisions,
Deal with our own consequences that result as of our stupidity,
Mistakes we make build us stronger,
So let us be who we are.


Michael Shannon


Lonely Star


I’m a lonely star in the sky,
No more friends to help me get high,
Recreating old memories,
More and more anniversaries.

I’m a lonely star in the sky,
No more friends to help me get high,
Recreating old memories,
More and more anniversaries,
In an octopus’s garden,
Waiting for the Demogorgon,
To reunite him with the egg men,
The walrus will return again.





I come to learn.
To make friends, lose friends, fight friends and make up with friends.
Some people see this as a prison
And some see it as the gateway to a good life.
People hate this while they are here
And want to get away but when they can, they want to go back.
I would love for this to be over but the question is:
What will happen then?
I don’t know,
But until then I am going to have as much fun as possible.
Because it doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it
But as long as you have fun you are doing it right.


Elliot Cleary


Life in Ennis


Wake up at 8,
Even though I’ve been up late.
Head to school at 9,
We sit in class all day,
Where we are supposed to find our way
We started the year with a clean slate,
But now I just show up late.
We’ve lost all motivation,
Have no dedication.
No occupation,
We ain’t tied down,
Cause I’m always up town.
We get our cans
From dodgy people driving vans.
When we get home.
We eat,
Then sleep.
Then repeat.




I Wish


The seas could water a drought,
The gardens could feed the people,
That coal could warm the cold,
That money could give richness to the poor.
That happiness could enlighten the sad,
That all good could overcome the bad.
And that the world could be one.


Arlene O’Sullivan


Waiting for Nothing


Every day I wait for nothing
I do stuff to pass the time
I don’t do much
Everybody says that life’s too short
But I think about living forever and how that would suck
An eternity waiting for nothing


Rachel McEvoy


Teenage Life


We live in a world so f***ed up,
You walk down the street
To see a kid been beaten.
Teenagers getting drunk and smoking crack,
13 year olds with their E fags,
Which will soon be fags.
The life expectancy will soon be half,
But the birth rates are rising.
We live in a world so f***ed up.


Darren O’Brien


City Lights


The city lights shine neon bright
Throughout the black cut throat night
A new city, a new life
Underneath the burning lights
He gets robbed by a man with a jagged knife
Now he has no money
He can’t afford to go home
When he rings, nobody picks up the phone


Oisin McMahon




Going to school is like going to hell.
You wake up early, having just enough sleep to get off your bed.
You go to class, look for your seat at the back,
To pass the time with friends without getting caught.
You look back at the clock, to see how long till lunch.
You come back from break
Just to count the time until you finally go home
To do homework for the rest of the day,
But in the end, it’s worth it
‘Cause you’d be nothing without going to school.


Dawid Grzybowski


Pain and Oppression


Who needs pain and oppression
You know it can’t beaten
Stand on your own two feet
Goodbye pain and depression
No need for any aggression
Your final defence
Your only possession
Go to Church and give God a confession.


James Costalloe


Sports Life


I struggle with sport sometimes
When I started soccer, I started at the top
I was one of the best players on the team
But as the years have gone on
I have slowly found myself on the bench
And slowly found myself hating the sport I once loved
I struggle with sports sometimes
I struggle with not being the best



The Game


The blood, sweat and salty tears appear.
Punches thrown and elbows given.
Points are scored and chances are taken.
Like the good and bad decisions.
The heathen ref is a crack of shite.
Bad tackling breaking into a fight.
The red, yellow and black cards come out.
Points and goals decide the game.
Fun and craic is what it’s all about.


Garry Monahan


My Poem


Here is my poem,
I’m too tired to think.
I would try harder,
But I didn’t sleep a wink.

I can’t write poems,
I’m not in the mood.
It’s nearly lunch,
I just want food.




This Town of Mine


This is a town of Angles and Demons,
This is where people start new lives together.
This is where you’ll find success,
But only if you’re seeking it.
Some think of it as bleak,
Others think of them as weak,
In this town, you can make a difference,
This is where generations will grow.
This is where I’ll stay


Connor Grogan




I met MC Marrian by the sea
I thought from then on it was meant to be
He brought me out for a cup of tea
And there he said that he loved me
We were going to steady for quite some time
I had no idea that I could rhyme
Like this
Then out of nowhere he wrote a diss
I thought that he was taking the piss
But from then on I realised for me
Our relationship wasn’t meant to be


Cian McDonough




This is where I come from
I am from Clare
Where the lads are great craic
And the girls are psycho
Where the weather is crap
And the GAA is played
Where the pubs are packed
And the music is played.


Frank Roche


The Game


Fights spark
Punches thrown
Words spat
The good, the bad and the ugly
Decisions are made
A winner emerges
The joy, the pain


Sean Danagher


Real Friends


16 years of age,
In Ireland or Spain.
This is where we all live surrounded by judgement.
Is it your hair?
Is it your clothes?
Make me change,
This is myself.
I can’t trust you, or him or her, it’s full of snakes.
Real friends? I can count them with one hand.
Only those keep them with heart,
Keep them in your mind till the day you die.




All-Ireland Finals


As we boarded the bus to the north we went,
We sang chants and the great times we spent.
As we reached the hotel, we took out our bags,
Seeing people outside the hotel, smoking their fags.
We ran to the rooms, dropping to the floor,
As me and the others were all on the snore.
As we woke up that morning, we all went down for the meeting,
The coach, he gave us a right beating,
On how to succeed and how to do well,
In this big race that we all dreaded like hell.
As we warmed up for the big event,
The first few races were whistled and off they went.
It was now our turn to take the line,
As the nerves kicked in, it was almost time.
We hit the line and off we went,
Like a shot of a bullet, the athletes raced down the first straight,
It was almost a good start, actually no, it was great.
As the home was in sight, I sprinted for the end,
And the result was fair and I had put it down to the last bend.



To Remember


The times we had,
Were the best I ever had.
I still remember the days we spent outside,
Playing without a worry,
We had no need to hurry.

My best friend.

But then you had to go.
We knew the day would come,
But we never said a word.
We only had weeks left,
But we spent it doing what we did best,

Making each other laugh.

Then you were gone.

It was never a goodbye.
Never a sad cry.

Now we have both progressed,
And found new nests.

You were my greatest friend.
I will always remember the times we had,
And hope to have them again.
My friend,
My man,

My brother from another mother.




The Day


It was the day we have been waiting for,
Many months of preparation and it all came down to this,
We waited anxiously listening to the roar of the crowd,
The pride of the parish on my shoulders,
When the ref blew for a free I knew it came down to me,
It sailed over the bar I became the parish star.


Liam Halpin


Music to Life


Music flows through my veins, like a leaf in a hurricane.
The sound from my fiddle is almost as good as this riddle.
The sound from the stream boat, was like a note from a goat, on a sail boat.
Like Gaz Shannon fired from a cannon and blows his flute with a toot.


Aine Slattery, Sarah Mannix and Niamh Canavan.


Morning to Evening


From morning to evening,
The good kids our parents dreamed of,
Smoking rollies and drinking fifths of vodka by the second,
Starting fights to prove a point,
Rolling js despite the light,
To make us feel better at night,
Just to go home and start more fights,
We are the people our parents warned us about.




B Shield Final


It was the day of the B Shield Final,
And we were doing our warm up,
And the game began.
We got some heavy hits,
But it was worth every bit.
So we went to the pub,
And that was it.


Niall Gantley


Under the Sea


Standing at home, playing a game.
He’s a nerd he should be ashamed,
He plays basketball, he thinks he’s LeBron.
His father’s called John, he buys from AliExpress not Amazon,.
His mother’s called Deidre, she worships the Pope,
But I prefer John he’s really dope.
He doesn’t let Ronan play his PS4,
Ronan turns it off when John comes through the door,
Him and his family both live in Quin,
When we play FIFA he doesn’t win,
However, in the UFC ring he is king.
He is 5ft8, he’s very small,
He despises George, his favourite is Paul,
He goes to his Nana’s to play bingo,
Then on the car journey home he listens to Ringo.
His family gather round at the end of the day,
And they have their tea, under the sea.




The Summer we were in Love


I still remember that summer we were in love,
But I met that drummer he played in a band,
He was from Thailand, I said I really loved him.
We were a good team.
He ran away from me and I ended with tears.


Paola Mora


Are you a Drummer?


I was walking in the street
On a sunny day in summer.
When I saw his drumsticks,
So I asked,
“Are you a drummer?”


Lucia Del Valle


Stuck in his Cocoon


He sits at home with his Cuban cigar,
On the floor lies his electric guitar.
There’s cocaine on the table, weed on the press.
No word of a lie, his life is a mess.
His friends bust in exactly at eight,
Whip out there weed f***ing blaze it mate.
Soon they are drunk and high,
The party is going in this small condo.
At 2 the next day he awakes in his bed,
Thinks he might die from this pain in his head.
At 40 years, he’s too old for this shit,
The time has come where he thinks he may quit.
A stoners life is for the young and the fair,
Not for a guy who has a head without hair.
He knows he might be killed by an overdose soon,
But he can’t stop he’s been pulled into a cocoon.


Ulick O’Sullivan


Reach the Summit


I was buzzed off my t***,
We were ready to make some big hits.
The early morning dew had passed,
The time had come at last.
The atmosphere began to build,
Thomand Park was filled,
A nail biting finish.
There out half’s kicking began to diminish,
We had finally done it.
Ennis rugby club had reached the summit


Ross O’Flaherty


If I were a Duck


If vodka was water and I was a duck,
I’d swim to the bottom and never get up,
But vodkas not water and I’m not a duck
So pass me the bottle and back TF up!


Aisling McGrath


All-Ireland Final Day


It was the 1st Sunday in September
When two teams give it hell for leather
It’s All-Ireland Final Day
The Stadium Fills, and the Hill is full,
For All-Ireland final day.
It starts bright and early
The gates open, the pubs open
All just for All-Ireland Final Day.


Ian Malone