Colaiste an Chraoibhin, Duntaheen Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork

The Cinematic Experience


Wide screen in front of me
Salt in the air, but not from the sea
I am surrounded by red velvet
Sounds from the speakers, angelic
Colour bursts onto white over and over
Takes me with it and the scenes takeover
For once I am not lonely
I am there, on screen, too
I escape, losing sense of time
Until the credits roll and I go home,


Aine Llewellyn




It all started with her,
Beautiful, elegant
It was all you could ask for

Imagine a world full of colour
To see what she sees
Love, pain
We had it all

Now she walks pass
Not even a glance
I lay awake alone and afraid
Afraid to see her cry.


David Neuling




Young teens hiding behind smoke and drink,
Just to make their friends think
That they fit in, but they don’t.

And for those who won’t?
Get expelled from groups,
Just because they aren’t cool?
That’s what that is.
Fake friends, fake life, fake smiles,
All around empty bottles, fags and bags
Hiding behind fake identities
Because our society
Has come to the point where if you don’t do these things,
You don’t fit in.

So many people are being called fat,
Just because you dot fit in.
Rat, because you help someone in need.
This needs to stop,
Just because your top,
Doesn’t seem to fit,
Doesn’t mean that your fat or overweight.
Just that you can’t be like others,
But the truth is you’re unique





In a society where you don’t know if you are being taken serious,
In a society where you can’t tell who is really your friend,
Who will be there when you need them the most.
The most painful thing is that you only realise they were never your friend,
When you needed them the most.
In a society where this is a normal thing for teenagers,
The most painful part about it,
Is that you get used to it.


Josh O’Keeffe


Sacred hearts


Across the foggy meadow dew
Above the beautiful skyline blue
From the concrete ground.
To the dog in the fenced off pound.
Love stretches far over the tidal sea
A beautiful life for you and me.
So let this day shine far and wide.
To reach you so our hearts collide.


Kane Parker





Wandering through these long, cramped halls,
Distancing ourselves from these violent calls.
Day in, day out, the abuse carries on,
Why’s it here, why is it not gone?

My parents shout, they don’t understand,
I need someone, why don’t they just give me a hand?
Everyday becomes worse and worse,
I feel alone like the only person in this universe.

My patience is running thin, I just need to get out,
I need help and comfort without any doubt.
I’m counting down each day and hour,
Until I finally run out of power.


Emily Thomson and Mila Zoric

Looking for Inspiration


WikiHow can’t help me now,
Amidst this unending frustration,
My search box reads ‘poetry inspiration”
A world of topics,
I could discuss in rhythmic phonics
From the bazaars of Istanbul
To some white birds at Coole.
Thinking about a meaningful thing to write in this box,
Seems more to me like a never-ending paradox.


Kate O’ Riordan




Music leads me to happiness
And gets rid of clamminess
It relaxes my senses
Even if it makes no sense
The impact can be immense,
I love good bass
It really hits you in the face,
I really enjoy rap although
Some can be quite crap.


Jake Barrett


This is Where I Live


This is where society tells you what to do.
This is where your told to act a certain way.
This is where your colour, race and beliefs are looked at differently.
This is where everything is stereotyped.
This is where everything you say, do or think is wrong unless others think the same.
This is where there’s only one way to do things right,
Society’s way.
This is where how many followers you have on social media defines how popular you are.
This is where I live.


Denise Mgbejume


It’s Hard


I want to talk about something,
I’ve so much to say,
But I don’t know how.
It sounds good in my head,
Then I write it down.
It’s crap.
I hate that I don’t know how to express
What I want to say.
It’s hard.
But I want to say something,
If only it didn’t so goddamn stupid.


Tom Cowman


The Last Line


Agility is an important ability
Concentration can be a domination
A quick reaction can make a scene of action
No time for pressure pull yourself together
It’s time to make history to bring us to victory
I am a wall that will stop this ball
I am a leader that is why I am a keeper


Niall Sullivan

Just a Girl


I am just a girl
I’m nothing special
I was a class jester
Not by choice
By my disability
I would fall over
I could not catch a ball
My peers taught I was stupid
So did I
I grew up being laughed and teased at
I left school when my time was finished
It was like leaving a prison.
Shedding my uniform was like relieving myself of imaginary binds.
I am free now.
I left my cage for some poor soul to fill my legacy.


Megan Tobin



As I look around for an inspiration
I am faced with hesitation from this nation
To accept us as we are.
We can pick each other out through race, gender, belief
These people ain’t able to find a relief
From the constant struggle they face of discrimination
Ain’t able to take a vacation
From the dreaded sensation of hatred for no reason.
These people face hate for the way they are
This idea to me is just so bizarre
That people can hate people just cuz they’re diverse
It leaves lasting effects
That can’t be cured by a nurse
it’s a curse that can’t be helped
These people have screamed for some help


Darragh O’Brien




Being a teenager is tough.
People saying you’re wrong when you know you’re right
Parents saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff”,
But it’s hard, failing exams after studying all night.

Being a teenager is no walk in the park.
Comments about you that make you laugh,
But at home, it hurts like a burn mark,
You’re told stay strong and stand tall, like a giraffe.

Being a teenager is tough,
But remember, it’s easier to lie and bluff


Rosie McNamara

That Little Lunatic


When I was 10 I couldn’t have been more happy,
My mom was pregnant not looking forward to the nappies.
All I had was brothers, three of them to be exact,
I really wanted a sister and it was a well-known fact.
I was certain this baby was gonna make my heart rejoice
But when it was a baby boy I wouldn’t have minded another choice.
I hated him to bits all because I couldn’t dress him like a doll,
To me he as just another thing that annoys me and bawls.
As the time passed I have to admit,
I couldn’t help but love him, that little lunatic.


Kaylee Froggatt


Two Worlds That Collide


From the glitz and glam of Irish dancing to the swinging of hurleys.
From the shiny new dresses the grass stained skorts.
From the blisters on your heels to the thumbing that goes on, on the field.
From the clicking of the heels to the bickering on the fields.
From the black polished shoes to the grass polished boots.
Even though they are two completely different worlds, they both have the same goal.
Happy to win, disappointed to lose, but most importantly share the amuse.


Ann-Marie and Emily Larkin


Snip Snip Snip


She asked me questions about my life like she cared
She interrupted ‘head down please’
Snip, snip, snip.
Staring at the design on the apron
That covered my blue jeans
I told her about my life
She acted like she related
To the struggles of being fifteen.
I watched the hair fall
Too much hair, sooo much hair
I pretended I didn’t care.
Then she raised my head
I asked for a trim but she gave me a bob
I wanted her dead.
But I smiled politely
Told her I loved it
I handed her money
And walked out, while everyone judged it.
Mother said it would grow back
I lied and said true
I suffered in silence through my panic attack
She was right though,
It grew.




I Want


We get told what to do
We got told what to say
We get controlled
I want to have a say




Social Lockdown


I was born in one of the worst generations
We spend most of our time on social media,
Then socialising with my family.
I care more about what people are doing
On Facebook and Snapchat
And what’s happening in the group chats,
Then where my family are going
And what they are doing
Life without social media is like a lock without a key,
And that is the issue.


Sinead Corcoran


Four Walls


What is this life,
Staring blank at four walls
Hearing brother playing with his ball
Staring in the dark feeling completely numb
Hearing sister crying about the rash on her bum
Wondering what life has become
With all these teenage turbulent feelings
I’m yet still staring at this blank ceiling
These four walls
This unbearable blankness


Angel Park




The doctors they came,
The doctors they went.
That hospital smell was always the same,
And off I was sent.

The needles they poked me,
Pretending to care,
But all I could see,
Was a whopper of a fee.

On I trudged weak and tired,
Another 10 tablets, another blood sample,
Those doctors didn’t care, they should be fired,
But on I go, just another example.

Then came a day I turned the corner,
But on that bumpy road,
I still sometimes ponder,
And the shoulders that felt my heavy load.






She crosses the line before me
Every time.
God knows what time won
It’s unidentifiable.
Apparently anyway.

I train and train. Up at 5:40
Every morning.
God knows what distance I run
It’s unidentifiable.
To them anyway.

I arrive at the competition early
Every race.
God knows what result they bet
It’s unidentifiable.
To me anyway.


Cliona Kearney

Shut the Door


Walk past the door
And I hear him shout,
”I’ll have one more and then I’ll be out”
I wait around for a minute or two and
Think “you know what? F**K YOU!”

It’s dark, I’m scared and I know he
Never cared, I’m counting my steps and
My breathing is fast, I need to get home
But I don’t think I’ll last,

Before the monsters inside me come
Out to play, I secretly love them
But I pray they go away cause tonight
I’m raging with the man who claims to be
A father to a girl as messed up as me.




Goal and Points


Goals and points wins games
We help each other no matter what’s his name
You see side-line cuts, head butts
And you see the slick haircuts
no man will be left behind
And trust me these men ain’t kind
This is big slaps, big hits, big brawls
And girls watch ye from behind the walls
This is my back garden
I shall not yield
To hit a man and then the deal is sealed
I am concealed to my battlefield
This is why
This is my hurling field


Kieran Kearney


Cork Zone


We are judged walking through the city streets, getting nudged
Passed bus stops and you see the closed down boarded up shops
We laugh with our friends in their free gaff
There can be untold harm but way more effortless charm
We have grown in our Cork zone.
Our home.


Sarah Dewale




Sometimes, sometimes
Words don’t rhyme
Its all one big game
We are just one small spec in the universe
Sometimes I think in reverse
Not thinking straight
Not willing to negotiate
Sometimes I think it’s all one big game
I’m always to blame
Nothing makes sense sometimes
I’ll just sit there and ponder
Wonder who is what and why that way
Sometimes I think it’s all one big game
I’m not really sad, just fed up sometimes
But that’s OK




Small Town Boy


This is where I’m from,
I’m not a city boy.
I’m just your average cork teen,
Living in Fermoy.
We’re seen to love our hurling
And occasionally say “what’s the craic boy?”
But we don’t all have thick accents
And we’re not all from the north side.
But I guess that’s the world we live in,
Full of stereotypes.
I’m seen as a lazy teenager to the older generation
They think that I do nothing and that I live a crappy life
But they don’t know much about me so screw what they say
I’m going to do what I do and take it day by day.


Josh Shanahan


We Need


We live in a country where the politicians are crap
All they do is try to make Sinn Fein look bad
They don’t do their job
They don’t look out for the young
Nor do they look out for the old
They just line their silk pockets full of taxpayer gold

Outside of Ireland there’s a world full of idiots
In America people think they are oppressed
When really they are far better off than others
In Africa they are starving but we’ve given billions
Where has all the money gone people ask
The answer is simple it’s in the pockets of the charities higher ups
They don’t do it for the people, they do it for themselves
They show images and videos of starving children to fool you into donating more

In Arabia terrorism is growing, Isis is whatever the hell you want to call it
They are animals, they massacre rape and murder villages
They are stuck in the medieval times
They come over to Europe and America bomb our cities
Kill our people
“Why?”, you ask, because they believe they’re oppressed,
They believe it’s for god

When terrorism is reported,
People come out and try to defend the people for fear of being called Islamophobia
We need to end terrorism
We need to end war
And to do this we have to end power
We need to get America out of Arabia and all other places
We have to give countries freedom to control themselves
We need to end the 1% profiting off the poor
And to do that they need to be thrown out the door




New Headline


He thinks he is fine
After he drinks the wine
He drives on the country-line
Underneath the moon shine
He does not see the sign
He crashes into a pine
Broken spine
Tomorrow’s new headline


Xinhang Yan




As I look around for an inspiration
I found myself in a strange situation
He is being mean to me
I need no second invitation
I am met with no hesitation
I’m excited i have no patience
To attend the party at this location
At the funeral occasion
Of my father’s decapitation
We are saying the stations
I start crying NO Negotiations
There is a frustration for the
Duration of this occasion after
My sister menstruation


Kieran Kearney


No Home


Sticks and stones
I’m writing this poem
Because I am
I am alone
Today in school
Because my so-called friends call me a
I try go home from school
Without running into some fool
But there is always one that will always make fun of


Paudie and Owen




Roblox is my life
Everyone mocks my life
I love roblox more than chocolate
Roblox, roblox, roblox


Andy Leahy


A Poem


Here we are writing this poem,
Wishing we were at home.
We’re trying to think of a rhyme,
In a short amount of time.
The words are getting crazy,
Because we are getting lazy.
We can’t believe it’s nearly break,
Because we want a slice of cake.


Rachael O’Flynn and Niamh Harris




A small round ball
Struck by a long thick stick
to bring enjoyment and smiles
To people’s lives
The grass is cut
The ground is hard
it’s a lovely day
For a bit of hurling


Jake Ryan


Whopper Munch


KC’S for the pittas,
Maccy Ds for the shakes,
Also a cheeky Mcflurry.
Supermacs is full of snakes.


Leon Farrell




Friday, the last school day of the week
Friday night has been this week’s peak
This weekend is fresh
So we’ll start with a sesh
Everyone packin’ it
Packin’ spirit and shit
Tell ma’ I’m staying at Kiana-ha’s gaff
Friday night was some laugh


Terri Murphy