St Marys College, Arklow, Co. Wicklow



I want to apologise
To all the women that I have called pretty.
Before I called them intelligent or brave.
I am sorry I made it sound as though
You are only your looks.

You are a woman, tall and strong,
You are not your reproductive organs
You deserve the right to your own body.
You deserve to feel safe walking home, uninterrupted.
You are not your bra size, or the amount of pimples on your face.
You deserve equal pay to your male counterparts, for the exact same work.
You are a woman, tall and strong.


Rene Byrne




Be pretty
Be popular
Be prude, but not too much
Be pernicious, but not too much
Be there when they want you,
But remember you’ll be shamed.
Be ready to give them what they’re begging for,
But have that begging twisted to rumours and digs.
Be ready for the names, the calls, the comments,
But when were they told to bite
The hand that feeds them what
They want, and expect it to feed them more.
Don’t be belittled, be brave
Don’t be bitten, be bold.






I live in a world
Where we’re told to be unique,
To be ourselves.
Yet, if you have a tattoo, a piercing,
You are looked upon with a judgmental glare.

I live in a world where we’re told to be individual,
Yet if we look anyway different,
We are talked about.

I live in a world where we’re told to be us,
Yet if I do one thing wrong,
I am given a warning.

I live in a world that tell us what to do.
I say “no”.
Stand Up.

Be proud of being unique in a crowd.
Stand out in a world that judges and glares.

This is not a world I want to live in.


Saoirse Wood



Yeah I am fat,
Do you think I don’t know that?
But you know what,
I’m not blinded by society for trying to be a stick thin robot.
I’d love a
Big Mac, with extra cheese
And maybe another burger, please?
A triple chocolate trip fudge cake
And an Oreo and Reese’s whipped cream shake,
I’d love a quadruple coffee, hopefully it won’t keep me awake.
And yes, I like four sugars with my cereal,
Plus, if I’m even that hungry I might eat material.
A giant steak with pepper sauce,
A four-course meal, I’d eat like a boss.
Creamy mash on the side,
A GIANT cookie, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream sandwich, I nearly cried.
Curly fries and breakfast rolls
A meat feast 16” pizza, now that is goals.
HAH, did I hear five a day?
More like lets order takeaway!
So, I’ll never be a size 6
But at least, I’ll get exercise while going to buy a Twix.


Erin O’Keeffe




Social media, what a blessing
Also a nightmare in disguise
Each account becomes a mask
In which some people hide behind.

Keyboard warriors come and thrive
Behind the screens, people fear for their lives.
Anonymous comments become permanent scars
Don’t be that person that is everything but hard.

Just because you’re jealous
Of everything that they achieve
And you’ll never feel accomplished
Because you’re just nothing but mean.


A.C.D and E.R




I think about you.
Do you think about me?
Everything I see is a sudden reminder of
When we were the greatest team.
Did you like it when I laughed and snorted?
Did you like it when I bit my lip and thought I wasn’t perfect?
I wanted to be different, yet you told me not to change,
But who would’ve thought you’d be the one who changed.
I wanted to be the girl who got all the attention
And when I met you, my dream became a reality.
No other girl caught your eye,
But I was confused, you were the perfect guy?
You didn’t cheat, you didn’t lie
But wanted change?
When did you become like them?
Every other boy out there who used girls like me.
You changed.
You’re different.
You’re not like you used to be.
I have to take my own advice,
leave you behind.
I still think about you and I know you don’t think about me.
It’s okay because sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.


Nicole Martin


The Silence


We overthink things,
The deepest loathing to the mind brings,
Thinking it’s not worth it
Thinking she regrets it
Forget him

This is where I spend my time sleeping
Thinking to myself and weeping
Hearing the screams rising
Louder and louder,

Suddenly BANG!!
Plates and glasses flying everywhere
Thinking I should go elsewhere
But wait! NO!! I need to protect her
Defend her, save her

I push myself between the screams
Of swinging fists, a ringing in my ear
A burning on my cheek and the silence,
It’s all about the silence






This is where the wild things are
Where nights are long and days are dark
This is creativity dies
Where the unique break down and start to cry
This is where the lemmings jump off
Where the birds don’t fly, they don’t take off
This is where I clear my head
Burning all this pencil lead.


Lizzie Yeomas



It begins and ends,
Through rocky roads
And twisted bends

We stumble through these
Narrow paths
Through fields of tears and
Shattered glass.
I follow in Jesus’ way,
In hope of a future with better day.
This is where it begins and ends,
Thank the Lord, I made amends.


Anna Kenny




From the age of 2 to 7, I thought my dad was my uncle.
At 8, I found out the truth.
Hurt and confused, this isn’t true?
Truth hidden from me for my own sake?
But you lied, it was all fake, and I always wanted to know why.
From birth till 9 years of age, you kept in contact, it was great.
You wished me happy Christmas, Easter and Birthday.
Till the day came when you hurt me.
Truth hidden from me for my own sake?
But you lied, it was all fake, and I always wanted to know why.
“Oh, he probably forgot”
Said my mind each and every time a week passed since my birthday.
But I never missed yours.
But as years passed, I realised this wasn’t a mistake.
Once you had him with your wife you divorced twice, Megan didn’t exist.
“How many children do you have?” “2”, but you weren’t thinking about me, but you.
Your new children you will never forget,
Every birthday celebrated but mine in your mind detonated by ignorance.
Truth hidden from me for my own sake?
But you lied, it was all fake, and I always wanted to know why.
Come Christmas 16 when I gave up on you. I found a new clue.
You never put your name on my birthcert.
I don’t care about me but it’s my mother you hurt.
Insecurities risen, left and right, my mind becomes a guilt centre
When overthinking this at night.
Truth hidden from me for my own sake?
But you lied, it was all fake, and I always wanted to know why.






Why do people turn to social media when they’re feeling down?
Expecting a double tap to turn their frown upside down?
Caring about what other people think doesn’t really matter.
It’s what’s inside that drives you through life-passion.

Half of these people on Facebook aren’t really your friends,
Half of them don’t even know you, I’m sorry but it’s true.
But still you care about the likes on a picture.
You think those likes will make you bluffer,
When in fact, inside you still suffer.

Why do we live in a world where all of these things are seen as important?
When in actual fact, they’re all crap.

Believe in yourself, it’s all you can do.
Respect other people and they’ll respect you too.

It’s not about your followers,
Don’t be fake,
An amazing life for you
Is all you can make.


Kayleigh O’ Connor




The summers are long
But not long enough
She sits in the garden,
Puff, puff, puff.

No rules in summer
No teachers around
Down by the beach
Hoping no drunks drown.

The party is banging
The nights are fun.
The sirens sound
Everyone’s on the run.

She falls in the door
Not making a sound
Parents in bed
She hopes no-ones around.

She opens her eyes
Sun shining bright
Dreads getting ready
For another night.


Caitlin Rochford and Lauren Hampson


Never to be Shown


I come from a place of
Four walls and a floor
A place suffocated by
Thoughts and emotions
Never to see the light of day.

Grades, family, friends,
The need to feel perfect and
That you need to belong.

Frustration and worry
Taking your breath away.
Feeling your lungs fill, you’re
Drowning, it’s dark, dark, dark.

Till one day when you decide
Enough is enough
That you want change!
Now! Now!

You run till your legs
Become weak
Happy to be free
But you’re still haunted
Followed by the memories.






There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long
“I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong”
No teacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you
Just listen to the voice
That speaks inside.





What does it mean to be a part of it?
They’re telling me rules
But do they understand half of it?

I’ve got these dreams that I know they won’t approve of
But I’ll keep fighting and
Do what I love.
I’ll fight against

They tried to keep me safe
Inside their walls.
But what do I do when
These walls come closing and I fall.

But society knows what’s
Best for everyone.
But I’m me and not everyone.
So I’ll run from society.




I am Not


I am not a toy
I am not something to be played with
Don’t call me and expect me to be okay with the constant
Slagging and slut shaming, the bad names and games you
Play with me.
I am not a pet
Don’t expect me to obey you
I’m not a dog
I don’t lust for your attention,
You’re just another on a wall of s****y people.
I have emotions, proper feelings
I am not a heartless b****
Like you perceive me.
We are not things for you
To test your games
We are human beings
Do you even know my name?
Do you see the pain,
The heartache, the things
You put us through?
We had our problems
But you’ve timed it by two.

I am not a toy
I am not something to
Be played with.






Let’s pretend this won’t last forever
If we gave up before we tried
Would it even be worth our while?
Would you still look at me the same
Even though we aren’t the same?
Would you still be supportive and caring
Or would you keep your eyes wide shut?
Would you tell me that our relationship meant nothing
Or would you lie?




To the Women


To the women, who don’t feel enough.
To the women, who won’t stand up to a man because he is “tough”.
I want to tell you a story about
A woman once scared, now chants her glory.
Our story begins when she marries
A man who she thought would protect her,
But soon began to abuse and neglect her.
This man who she thought really loved her,
One night pushed her to the ground
And started kicking her.
He left her thinking she had nothing
And no one to care for her,
But now thank God, she stands next to her children.
A proud and strong woman she has become.
So to the men who think they’re big for making a woman feel small,
I hope one day that all women stand tall.
So even after all the sly comments about her appearance,
And telling her she was wrong.
She will someday stand over him and realise she was rig all along.


Robyn Kelly


I am the Girl


I am the girl who never
Can be heard because I prefer to never say a word.
I am the girl who you’ll never see,
Because I’m so care free.
I am the girl with the perfect smile that you haven’t seen in a while.
I am the girl whose parents worry,
Everything just seems so blurry.
I am the girl with the perfect complexion
Behind it all, scarred and flawed.


Antoinette McDonald and Emma Hudson.




We need to be proud,
To stand out from the crowd,
Because living in society
Is giving us anxiety.
Our voices are blurred,
We need to be heard.
Should one’s sexuality
Be treated with brutality.
Being a feminist,
Means being an activist.

But before we get equality.
I think we need an apology.


Kate Moran and Órlaith Henry

Dear Parents


I am not you.
I don’t do things because you want me to.
My success is not because of you,
I am not you.

I am not the ideal child you dreamed of.
You expect good grades and a dream job,
Big house and maybe a little dog.
But you forgot,
I am not you.

My grades are nothing to shout about,
I don’t want the Barbie dream house,
I am not you.

But in a way,
I’m thankful to say,
I am not you.

I’ve seen you look down on people,
You think are lesser than you,
Which made me realise,
I don’t want to be you.






How is being different so wrong?
Whether your hair is short
Or if your hair is long.
No matter if you’re tall,
Or if you’re small.
It doesn’t matter if you’re athletic,
Or you just feel pathetic.
What does it matter,
If you dance or sing
Or if you’re good at other things
All that matters is
That knowing you are different is






Sally’s, Sally’s is your home
You need a place to call your own
Popping pills, doing lines
People do be out of their minds
Get a vodka and red bull
Then you’re ready for the pull
Techno, Techno all night long
Waiting for their turn on the bong
All the jaws swinging
Voices gone from singing.


Eve Somers and Caoimhe O’Reilly


The Dreaded Line


As soon as you start talking,
You feel like walking,
Waiting for the dreaded line.
It happens every time,
Hoping that he won’t ask,
And that he’s not wearing the
“Nice guy” mask.
Just like always, I took that feared glance.
There it was.
“Any Chance”.


Shannon O’Hagan and Louise O’Toole



Don’t give yourself to anyone
Because no-one will give you that back.
Don’t throw yourself to madness.
The most important thing is to love yourself and then the others will love you.
Respect yourself and then make the others respect you.

Forget those people who let you down
Because they don’t even know the hurt they are doing.
Try to be yourself without minding others opinion,
Because who loves you truly won’t mind your physic.

Look for someone that loves you and treats you
As a princess.
Keep beside you the people who give you
Positive and valuable things,
To make you grow as a person.
Live your life and the others will live their own life.


Marta Laura Carrasco Moline




Would you run the other way
If I told you about me?
I can’t stand still until you know,
Everything there is to know.
I’m blind and I can’t hear very well,
I’m not the smartest.
But does that really matter?
I try not to be at home, as I like to live my life.
But, if I am at home, you’ll find me in my room.
This is just the start of it,
If you change your mind.
You’ll find me in the pool thinking
My mind will never stop talking.


Rachel Bentley


The Boy in the Tracksuit


The boy in the tracksuit down the street
He is the boy I wanna meet
I proper love his curly hair
I can’t help it if I stare
Maybe he’ll start a streak
And it’ll make my week
The boy in the tracksuit I
Love him so much
Especially the way he makes me lunch.






Unnecessary teenage stress
Makes us feel like life’s a mess
Pressure from school
Being forced to act cool
Don’t do this and don’t do that
One mistake and you’re known as a brat
Underage drinking and staying out late
Learning to live as a cheapskate
So what’s the point we all might say
As we tirelessly get through every day
School will be worth it in the end
When we’re earning money that we can spend

10 years on and we’ll forget it all
When we make our own rules
And have a ball
Teenage years will long be forgotten
And the school halls that
Smell so rotten.


Kayla Cullen


Life Trap


I am trapped
Q6 and supposed to have my life mapped
Out, in but stuck
24 and standing awestruck
Brown hair, blue eyes, ripped jeans
31 and a baby is on the scene
Cute dimples, fingers wrapped around my thumb
45 and the divorce papers come
Confirmations, CAO’s, graduations, gone
63 – gran-kids to check up on
Doctor’s grim faces say it all
80 oh the feeling I recall
I am trapped
Life not lived, but body wrapped.


Aoife Lancaster and Elizabeth Byrne.




I can’t write this poem I’m having some trouble.
By the time I’m finished I’ll be growing stubble
I have to write at least seven lines
It’s not like it’s going to be on signs
I’m not creative and I’m kind of bored
I hope I don’t get in trouble with Mr Ward
I thought this would be easy, but I was deceived
Very little inspiration I have received

Nessa Russell


The Beach


The sea, the sun, the waves,
Washing all the worries away.
Stroll along the shore,
A place to truly adore.
The waves crash,
My thoughts flash.
The beautiful views,
Of that vast ocean blue.
My head was filled with worry,
I came to the beach in a hurry.
The waves crash,
My thoughts flash.
That clear ocean air,
More calming that a prayer.
Those pretty sandy hills,
More healing than any pills
The waves crash,
My thoughts flash.






Summer is coming very soon
In the months of August, July and June
We just have to finish our exams first
Then we can blow bubbles till they burst

We can eat slush puppies and ice creams
But it all sounds just like a dream
Hurry up summer and don’t take too long
Being in school just seems wrong.


Anna Sheehan



Makeup on.
Hair done up,
Heels cutting my feet,
Holding that red cup.

Music’s blaring loud,
Someone’s getting sick,
Another one’s crying,
Shock she’s a chick.

Shattered glass everywhere,
The stairs is broke in two,
No one wants to act like this,
But it’s what we’re expected to do.


Jade Kelly-Farrell




We were having fun just
Wondering will we shift anyone?
We were falling while my mates were calling.
We were just having craic untill the others got back
That’s when it started the others darted.
I was alone,
At my grave stone
I knew this was it but it just didn’t seem to fit.


Zoe Kinch


Red and Yellow Make Green


Empty water bottle
Night time shuttle
Starting a kerfuffle
Clothes in me duffle
Eating chocolate truffles.

Looking at my window
Playing some bingo
My favourite comic book character is Black Widow
Lying on my pillow
On a flight to San Domingo.


Rachel A. Mooney




I lie still
Staring at the ceiling
Barely even feeling
Numb inside
Looking for a distraction,
Still can’t get a reaction.

So it failed
Maybe its cause I bailed,
Stairs into my soul
It will take its toll.
Looking for a distraction,
Still can’t get a reaction.

Flowers bloom in spring
I hear the castle bell ring.
Sunshine filled my day,
I finally got my way
Looking a for a distraction
I think I found a reaction.


Shauna Murphy and Niamh Brannigan




Getting ready for the party
All of us getting done up
Sunrises sitting in our bags,
Why is that girl drinking Bacardi?
She’s only sixteen
Just trying to be queen.
Oh I wish the night would hurry
We’re all just sitting and waiting
The party hasn’t even started yet
And everything’s starting to go blurry.


Katie Russell


The Match


Heart going ninety
Although I’m feeling mighty
The crowds going wild
As they cheer for the child.

The final whistle blows
My whole world slows
We’re one point up
Now we’ve won the cup.






Sitting down and wondering why
Sleepless nights where I sit and cry
What am I doing and why am I here?
All I need is someone to hear
So many problems and so much stress
Issues like these are the ones that seem less
I need some help, I need answers
Why am I the only one in my family that’s not a dancer.






There’s a lot of different sports
But football is the best,
It’s more enjoyable than hurling,
And better than all the rest
Football is my best sport,
What else can I say,
It can be a lot of banter,
If you know how to play.






Messy nights lead to messy days
Seems like we might be wasting our life away
It all comes back to that bad night
“How many did you have?”, she says.

Clink, clink all the cans are gone
Suddenly we’re passed out on the lawn
From here, everything stops
Maybe someone called the cops
Think I ended up shifting John.

They said I was all over the place
Sure what does it matter, so we’re my mates
It was then I started to scrap
I started on skinny bea, he was a sap
I thought I could win this fight, I wasn’t right

I wake up in a hospital bed
There was a striking pain in my head
My mam was beside me, crying
It wasn’t if I was dying.
“Messy nights lead to messy days”, she says.


Orlagh O’Mahony




When I was eight
I dreamt of playing the flute
My parents said no,
Knowing the commute

When she was eight,
She dreamt of becoming a teacher,
But the education for girls couldn’t feature
Her dream no longer a treasure.

At 15, my perfect wedding day planned,
A 30-year-old man
Who’d take her hand.

As you can see education and equality is key
In order for our world to develop
Gender equality needs to be enveloped.


Erin Connolly




A young girl is left
Not yet sixteen
The growing aches in her belly
The growing aches in her home,

Society screams “it’s not right”
Her family roars ” how could you?”
They pace to and from the window
Best to not have to neighbours talking
“Book a ferry to England”
“We couldn’t afford it”
Or could we

Friends, family, society
Every one of them assumes,
That they could know,
Their arguments rage
Like a storm blowing in from the coast,
As she nears,
Becoming thunder, becoming in her ears,
She screams!
“This is my baby, can I have a vocce?”
“Don’t be silly, it’s just a foetus”
It’s a child
It’s my child
And it has a right,
We have a right,
The darkness and storm roll away in the breeze,
And a small child’s laughter, puts all at ease






This is where I belong
Standing at the end of the street corner.
Where I should hang on.

Looking straight at the moonlight
Thinking where my life last June has gone
It was a fright.

I’m broken down and tired
Wondering when will be
The last time
This all required

I played it cool when
I was scared
Trying to jungle my way thoughts in my head
I opened my mouth and say
“I miss you alright
Why can’t we just get through this s*** life ”


Nyra Gregory




Summer days drawing near,
Mr. Sun whispering happy times in our ears.
Salty hair crisp to the touch,
Bicycles hidden in every bush.

Sand stuck between our toes,
Isolated away, nobody knows.
Creamy cones melting away.
Listening to the calm of the waves.


Claire McGarry




I’ve a pounding head
Turn off the light
I’ll stay in bed
For the rest of the night
Not even the pills
Can help me this time,
This hangover kills,
It’s painful and grime.


Caoimhe Gavaghan



You finally sum up the courage
To snap that boy
Thinking of the conversation ahead
Hoping he’ll be sweet
And not in one of his moods.

I go off snapchat for a bit
When I log back on I feel in bits
I see the opened symbol beside
His name.
Why is he being so dang lame.

So the psycho side came out in me
I screamed so loud
“How could you?”
Then snapped him again and said
“I’m never talking to you again!”

This is why you never get attached to
Talking to people on snapchat.