Scoil Chaitríona, Glasnevin, Co. Dublin

The Golden Dream


I am living in a world full of violence.
Where there are men carrying guns,
And families pick up and run.
Where bombs are being dropped,
But no one’s being stopped.
There is no such thing as the golden dream.

I am living in a world full of violence.
Where teenage girls are afraid to walk alone,
In case someone comes and makes themselves known.
Where young boys flinch at the sight of their dad,
On the off chance he decides to hit the poor lad.
There is no such thing as the golden dream.

I am living in a world full of violence.
Where hatred and aggression,
Lead to anxiety and depression.
Where the fires begin to spark,
Because of a few homophobic remarks.
There is no such thing as the golden dream.

I am living in a world full of violence.
Where all the kids are drinking,
And the number of virgins is shrinking.
Where buying drugs is like child’s play,
And getting easier day, by day.
There is no such thing as the golden dream.


Aedín Caverly


Among the Blood Bones


The kids are out playing
Among the blood bones and the dragonflies
The homeless are sleeping in doorways
Where the blue lady is dancing
With the slaves of the dead
Among the poison roses
Beneath the waxed arches
In the back stabbers darkness
Hold tight to your grudges
For the children are out playing among the blood bones
And the dragonflies are a long way from home.



What’s Needed


Thinking about spoon pills injections and bongs
Wanting to be happy but listen to sad songs
That little girl is crying
Her insides are dying
Cancer is killing
Her mom wasting money on breast filling
She needs it so much the pills do not work
Operation is needed
But I can’t hold these tweezers
People don’t wanna know her
Friends won’t even show her
The love that is needed
Depression being feeded




Be Better


Not for attention, not for improvements, not even for yourself.
For everyone who you don’t care about, that loves you.
Because they’ll be gone before you, and they’re just as human as you are.
You thought there would be more time, right?
Nobody is waiting for you, you have to take the stage at some point.
So why not be better when you get there.
Eventually we all die.
And before you know it, you’ll want to kill yourself that you didn’t think otherwise.




What it Takes


Life has stepping stones
That we wish we could’ve paused
But we took those precious moments for
Granted with the ones we love dearly
But now we grieve about them daily.
As they fly above
We sit beneath the pouring clouds
Our tears dropping onto concrete ground
Where our loved ones are now
At peace even though
We’re beneath we will never be too far
To keep those in our hearts
As we grind our teeth with anger
When we think how they
Were trampled on by fear laden boots
Of homophobic thugs
Whose idea of what a man
Is so much less
Than what it takes to be a man.


S and E


This Generation


Sitting her thinking all sorts
These kids man they all snort
Getting the bus to the quays
Just to do a few keys
And the girl is on her knees
For this generation
Help is what’s needed
Not knowing what they key did
They act like this is fiction
But its adding to the addiction


Jason McGrane


Louder and Louder


From the kitchen where she sat
The light flickering
The screams of a young child crying
A mother shouting
‘Help me please.’
Running up the broken stairs
The crying gets louder
Louder it comes
Tumbling down the hallway
Echoing in the darkness
Mammy, Mammy please


Katie Skelly


The Truth


All this fancy technology
A murder science
For our biology,
My digital apology
A blood bath for a psychopath.
On a war path
Youths out after bedtime
Storytelling crime time
It’s the truth


Hannah Jones


Full of It


First things first you give that look
When we’re talking that tells me you’re bored
And I tell you a story about a king of dog s***
But then you tell me I’m full of it
Then I call you a bitch
You look at me confused as I’m clearly bemused
By this radical name calling as I’m mauling this heavenly subway.
Now I’m leaving and it doesn’t feel right
As we are fighting in this bad sunlit lighting that is nice
As we both apologise for what happened in new light
I kiss you on the cheek and tell you it’s alright
And how beautiful you are
And how I’m truly blessed with that cheeky smile
That I know you dislike but I’m still full of it.


Adam Rafter


The Education System


It’s a joke at this stage
How a certain piece of paper can determine your life and your pay
Which will the determine your house,
Providing for your children and your everyday life.
Literally study 11 subjects for the junior that you will not need.
They teach you how to find the value of x and the value of y
Yet how many people go on in life to use these.
It’s a joke.
They don’t teach you the basic things in life
That every person should know
Such as best ways to deal with mental issues
Or the simple things of the steps to take out a mortgage.
Yet the government wonder why the rate of mental health has risen
Yet refuse to acknowledge this.
The people who make the system are the ones who are ruining it,
So this problem will only get worse until they open their eyes to the view of the students.
It’s all a joke.


Sean Foran


The Match


A couple of days ago we had a hurling final,
The referee was a useless prick!
Comin’ from Sylvesters,
An ignorant man somehow qualified referee
Going every five seconds “Feep, Feep, Feep”
this man did not let the game flow.
The game was a stop-start affair throughout the game.
We would not recommend this joke of a referee!