Virginia College, Virginia, Co. Cavan



Awoke me,
Began me,
With cold hands
Twisting my eyes
And tearing my soul.
Hiding underneath
It’s jacket
Frightened hatred,
Appearing like






“Comparison is the thief of joy”
Today everyone is compared to something,






And when the sound breaks the silence,
Notes become music.
Everything around stays still,
In the middle there is just me
And the music

Standing brave and tall
In the blinding light,
Underlining my beauty, my colours.
Ready to share myself with
Let the music wash over me.

Overwhelming me,
Until the music and I are one.


Emilia Brandner




You can blow kisses like you are firing shotguns
You can lose yourself in the rhythm of me
You can help me make the most out of freedom
Because nothing tastes quite like pleasure
And nothing lasts forever
You can rule the naughty world in roller blades
You can be everything






Life is like a series of events badly thrown together,
Like a sentence forever being corrected and altered
To suit some one’s opinion
Of their understanding of what is right and wrong.
In this society we are simply tested on the ability of memory,
And if you fail you spend your whole life thinking you are useless,
Thinking you are a failure.
But if a doctor was to give all his patients the same medication
Nobody would get better.
Just like school,
Giving students the same exam to test their abilities,
As Albert Einstein once said
“It’s like asking a fish to climb a tree.”
It’s impossible.






People who fight and die
To protect the earth and sky
They kill not to die
But not for you and I
They do it for peace
They want for the fighting to cease
They are our soldiers
The peace holders
The 24 hour workers
The freedom servers
Out on the frontline
There is no such thing as sleep time
Its kill or be killed.
All they are trying to do is build
Build peace between others
And protect their brothers
They fight for freedom
They are a glimmering beacon
In war there is suffering and pain
But unlike others believe
When soldier go off to leave
Nothing comes without sacrifice
Some soldiers pay the price
As only soldiers seem to know
Freedom, is never free


Dónal Dunne


Everyone has a Dark Side


I hate those people who knock you down
And act if they have a crown
And you think you can’t do anything
And you’re feeling as the opposite of a king
It feels like they know everything
And are a beautiful being
But real beauty is inside
And at the end we all have tried
Because everyone has a dark side
But it is what side you choose to hide




Little Brother


Little brother, this is your sister, you’re busy, I get you
But I insist you call me back cause I miss you
I wish you well, well, I wish you would call
Cause lately it feel like I’m just not your sister at all.






We are told to act like grown-ups
And make our own decisions.
Our parents asked what we want to do with our lives,
But when we tell them, it’s not what they envision.
Faced with so many decisions,
We fear making mistakes,
Thinking our lives are at stake.
So I came to the conclusion,
What people think our lives should be
Is just an optical illusion.


Lynette Smith




To be free,
To feel free,
To make new experiences,
Good and bad ones.
For me, in a different country,
Another language and people.
Away from everything and everyone
I love.

But I made it.
I dared to take a big step,
The biggest and most terrifying step
That I have ever had to take.
I was afraid, oh yes I was!
Didn’t know what to feel,
What to think,
And what to expect.

And now.
I risked it
And I am proud of myself.
It was worth it!
Oh yes, it was.
To 100%


Lara Kuder




Friends are our anchors
Without them we wouldn’t have any place in this world
They help us through the hard times at home and in school
When we are with them we don’t feel like we have to act cool
Family can be great but they will never understand what we are going through
But with our friends they can relate and help us past the hard times
So to all my friends out there, I wanna say
Thank you




Time for a Change


I know igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks,
Yet I don’t know squat about trading stocks,
Or how money works at all – where does it come from?
How does the thing that motivates the world function?

Never spent a class on current events,
Instead I studied the Old American West,
I was never taught the laws for the country I live in,
But I know how Henry IV killed his women.


Jack Osborne




It’s called a school
But all it is a race to be cool.
A place for you get educated,
But in the end, you just feel discriminated
By the society who give you anxiety
From the s**t they say about you
And in the end, make you feel
Like s**t under their shoe.




The Wounded


I feel bad for kids who get bullied,
They don’t deserve what they get,
They worry about going to school
Cause there afraid they’ll get beaten,
Just because they’re different
Doesn’t mean they should be treated with no respect,
So, watch who judges,
It could lead to a suicidal end.


Dylan Tynan


Life of Crime


I have always wondered to myself
Why there are so many bad people in the world
And why they have been swirled into crime,
But then they are caught and they have to do the time.
When they do the time they whine
About why they are in such decline
Of access to the outside world.
But they have been let out and are back in
Because they can’t pack in the addiction
To the life they of crime they have chosen.
They have been persuaded by people
Who have faded away from the great world
That we live in today.
But the world would be even greater if there
Weren’t as many bad people trying to make us all haters.


Reece Dunne


His Escape


Moving from London to avoid the trouble
To a county down south to stay safe
Yet now all he wants is to escape
To escape the control of his parents
To escape what societies call normal
Because it’s boring to him
So he learns to shoot, to sneak, to survive
To find a way to get through it alone
Yet once he does he meets a girl
Brown hair, brown eyes and a smile
That melts his heart straight away
Two months after he gazes in her eyes he’s moved again
Secluded from his friends and this angel of his
Told to grow up you’ll see her soon
Yet a two month wait for a two-day trip
And with two years to wait till he can escape
His cell gets smaller and with it the windows and doors too
The bars are his friends named one, two and three
And his bed his rejoice
The one place left to find peace




No Obstacle


No mountain, nor sea,
Nothing in this world
Could keep us apart,
Because it is not
My world


Ernesto Sanchez