St Joseph’s CBS, Drogheda, Co. Dublin

I Hate


When really they are just looking for attention
I hate when they tell they’re victims to go kill them selves
Which puts their kids egos on the bottom shelf
I HATE when they say your whole family is gonna die




Nerds aren’t Nerds


Nerd culture is mainstream.
Everyone loves comic book movies,
But the new nerd has memes.
And the memes are ruined by normies.
They take our inside jokes away.
We make more,
But they call us gay,
Till the next week when they steal them too,
And to make more the jobs for who?
So what once was our source of fun,
Was stolen by the normies
And now is used to make fun,
Of who used to be its homies.
So f*** off back to sports,
Leave us nerds alone
Go out with your friends
I’ll stay at home


Callum Thompson


Society Says


Society says I need sport to be normal or fit in
A grade on a paper determines my intellectual
Can’t judge my ability because I am “bad” at English
Try judging a pig to swim and live on the water.


Karl Leonard


The Battle


The battle line is ready
There are swords in the air
The flags are waving
The wives are crying
The sound of blood gushing
Is going straight through the atmosphere
Death is seen but no one cares




Ballad of the Stupid


Stupid people annoy me,
Not people who are not doing well in school,
People who just speak without thinking,
People who think they know everything
About everything
People who are ignorant are selfish and just sound idiots,
People who think they’re being funny but just annoying.


Ben Nolty Halpenny


The Things


All the things I’ve done arched by you
But I never set anything I ask of you
I had to clean up every splat
But never got even a clap
I always try to get out
So I won’t have to watch my mouth
And I try to escape this cage
That I have to live in today


Adam Heavy




Sitting here thinking
All these days sinking
Teachers in my ear
Dying for a bear


David Walsh


Music Freedom


I get up in the morning
Hop on the bus
Didn’t bother listen to them boyos
All they do is talk bear
Sometime they gimme a score
Get off the at school strolling by my self
Probably getting threats to kill oneself
But I don’t care
Cause my music fills my ears with freedom


Adam Savrin




He runs the machine
The raving ranting bullshit machine
Always churning out the same old cheese
His voice on the radio calling my name
Flicking why switching
Turning me off
Like a light


Adam Kirwan


Music is Life


I play and make music
So what anyway?
Its shit
Who’s gonna listen to it
But I make it every day
So I’m bound to get better
In every which way
They say the letters to me
Maybe they ake
What to see me on the stage
Smiling at them






Togher might be a field,
The football club might be considered shite,
The pitch a way out serves has a shield,
A four-acre field that creates a haven from the shite,
Togher full of farmers, no skill,
GAA may as well not be there,
The will always be outside view of Togher and its people
Though have never been.
They don’t know the place and never will.


Matthew O’Reilly


Late for School


Waking up at 8:55,
Knowing you’re going to be late for school,
Walking in late looking like a tool,
Mr Savage waiting at the door
Ready to put your confidence to the floor
Respect rules for first class
Because I told Matthew I’d put his head through a glass.




My Father


My Father said son
I’m off to sea
And now your number one
Look after your mother and sister
I went to my bed, said prayers in my head
Prayed for my father, mother and sister
Early next morning I heard someone calling
My mother ran quickly!!
My father is never coming home!!


Aaron Sharkey


My History Teacher


My copy is red
My chair is blue
“Yo f*** you man”
Is the username to use
Chalk in his hand
History trip to go
He’ll send you to Millmount
And let you go alone






I swim, I don’t float,
I don’t have t**s,
Its hormones,
You big f***in gnomes,
Don’t touch me,
Just lunch with me,
In Madrid.
It’s not bullshit
Just listen and stop
Dissin’, it’s important
I’m trying to help youse
No there’s nit fake
Sure, it’s made by
Drake, I like my clothes
So get your own and keep
Your nose out of
Mine, God knows.
Grime is crap, that’s
Too bad go and enjoy
And don’t shove it
Down your throat
I’m going to motorboat