Glenstal Abbey School, Murroe, Co. Limerick



Stuck in a prison they call school,
Everyone’s in a race to be cool.
It’s all a fat lie
No one wants to be shy.
How many likes are to your name
Its the modern measure of fame.
Stuck in a world of mindless sheep;
How many of those friends will you keep?
It’s not about whether or not you’re okay,
It’s about the girls you kissed in a day.
About the creeps you slagged,
And the girls you s****ed.
In a world where joints are worth five points,
And the white powder makes your voice louder.
Society is wearing a mask,
Where popularity is the main task.
But what matters when we’re done,
Is who’s really there for you in the long run.


Brian Leonard


Between my Fingers


Between my fingers, she rolled softly,
The colour of amber smelling sweet and good.
Made of love and care,
Sealed with my sweet lips,
But nothing can come of the ash.