Salerno Secondary School, Salthill, Co. Galway



Trapped, trapped in her own mind.
Trying to find all the hidden meanings,
That hid behind their lies,
Trying to advise her to stay on the straight and narrow,
Throwing their self-righteous arrows.

Trapped, trapped in her own mind.
Forced to be with teens that don’t see what it means to be alive
To thrive, always conforming in order to survive,
Downing bottles of beer and vodka, getting with guys and girls,
Only because they gotta.

Trapped, trapped in her own mind.
Trying to escape, to desperately relate to universes
Being birthed from other people’s minds,
Inside their own sanctuaries, defying the ordinary.

Trapped, trapped in her own mind.
In small coffee shops, not bothering to check the clock,
With fingers on the keyboard, typing and typing,
Trying to create, to make up for the inconsistencies in her brain,
Driving her insane and setting her apart from the norm,
The numbing isolation eating her whole.

Trapped, trapped in her own mind.
Staying there in fear of her perceptions,
A reflection of what she was, is and may turn to be,
Laid out for the whole world to see.

Until she shares her perceptions,
There’s no way in hell her trapped mind will set her free.




Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


16 and faced with decisions
So many to make we fear a mistake
Treated as children
Expected to mimic an adult mind
But how can we find
The chance to grow
When everyone is telling us
Which way to go
Stuck with confusion
Stuck in some allusion
Wanting to create an illusion
Decisions, decisions, decisions


Sandra Tyaz and Tara Ferns


Sixteen Years Old


Sixteen years old
Future so untold
Dreams and goals
Who knows what the future will hold
Studying as hard as you can
Just hoping things will go to plan
Doing your best
Just wanting to be as good as the rest.
Still enjoying life and having fun
Although my thoughts are often on the run
I know my future will be just fine
If I don’t worry and give it some time






There was nothing wrong at six months old:
He was strong and lively.
There is nothing wrong now,
But how is he treated?
At eighteen years he is cheated of a normal life,
Full of formal events and nothing else.
The word that became his life and who he is.
Even if he was capable of independence,
people have a tendency to treat him differently. Autism.
A label.
Unable to express himself,
Trapped in his own body.
Nobody understands,
Only him.
In his own world,
In one word.


Siomha O’Brien




Appearance, it’s all about appearance they say
Don’t look too fat or too thin either, that’s not attractive
Appearance, it’s not that you’re ugly, it’s just that you’re not that great.
But i thought it was about personality?
Don’t be stupid, boys don’t care about that
Appearance, it’s all about appearance you see,
Don’t wear that top you look like a slut
Don’t wear that skirt you look like a nun.
Oh, I see. So what’s in-between? what class or clique will i be?
Will I choose a life of drinking and drugs and partying
A simple life of studying day in and day out?
Why can’t I be my own person?
Don’t be stupid, you must amount to what your parents want.
Appearance, it’s all about appearance honey
Who cares if you’re down to earth it’s not like that will get you anywhere in this generation
Follow the rules of society and then you will be,
You will be pretty
You will be smarty
You will be modest
But what if I don’t want to ‘be’,
Why can’t I just be me?
No, personality, it’s all about personality you see
Because your beauty, your true beauty is what lies beneath
Forget about the makeup, slut shaming and looks,
The only person i need to be is me
I am this generation
I am a voice
A small voice
But a voice


Carra Heaney


It’s my Fault


It’s my fault.
My fault that I’m not in the know
That I’m slow, go with the flow
Keep up
With the trends, make amends
You always need some friends
Hold up
I’m prone to being alone
On the phone, I’m a clone
Wait up
It’s fine when you’re in a chat room with twenty
But in school one pal is too many
When the friends you have hate you
It’s enough to make you sick
Jealous, wondering why
Your classmates just keep batting their eye
Lids, the world keeps spinning and you can’t keep up
All you need is one voice in the night
To call out from the dark thoughts in your mind.
They call you a suck up, stuck up, shut up.
Suddenly all you care about is others thoughts,
No one cares come on hurry up connect the dots
Tell me why is it my fault that you can’t tolerate me being different,
Being special, being me.
I just think it’s funny when this all ends,
I’ll be the one with no friends.
I’ll be the one left to pick up the pieces
Start anew, start a fresh Jesus.
Calm down
I’m done with taking the blame
I don’t deserve the shame
It’s not my fault


Roisin Brosnan




Fear is the unknown, the unexpected
I fear many things, everyday
Fear gives me a sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach,
Or like a punch in the throat
It is something that can’t be prevented, it lays within

Fear can come from your peers, family or friends
But you never know what fear will bring to you
You should not fear your enemies or your friends

Worries voice in me and fears seek me for companionship
I try to turn away but I find no way but maybe someday
My mind constantly trying to walk away,
But the fear has decided to stay

I know one day a breakthrough shall come
A new door will open and fear will be left inside
And I will be blind to the fear that lays within.
This day will create a new beginning and the past will be left behind
Although fear will always live with me
I have found a way to swallow it and let go.


Sarah Keenan


A Message to Society and the Media from Women


Why are we told what to be, how to act and what to do?
Why is our life and our choices up to you?
Why can’t we choose what we want to be?
Why can’t you let us be free?
We can do the exact same things as you,
So why are we treated differently,
Why are we stereotyped and brainwashed into doing nothing?
When we know we were born to do something.



An Anime Convention


Planning ahead, I’m thinking
Looking up pictures, I’m dreaming
Sketching ideas, I’m imagining
“I have it”, I’m saying

Getting the fabric, I’m searching
Sowing together, I’m creating
Picking out the cloths, I’m choosing
Making the props, I’m crafting

Looking at the dates, I’m waiting
Discussing with friends, we’re planning
Budget is small, I’m wishing
“It will be fun”, I’m hoping

“The day has come”, I’m cheering
With friends, I’m traveling
Safe journey, We’re hoping
Great day, We’re imagining

We arrive, looking
To the Trade Hall, we’re going
I look at the tables, fan-girling
“IT’S KAKASHI!”, I’m screaming

Playing ninja, I’m sneaking
All my money spent, I’m dying
Its come to an end, I’m smiling
Going home, we’re crying

Had the time of my life, I’m explaining
Now I’m broke, I’m laughing
It was fun, I’m thinking
Can’t wait for the next, I’m dreaming


Danila Miko


If Only


If only I’d tried harder
That’s what they said
They ignored the As
Maths was the only result they read

A B in maths
Isn’t a fail
But if you want opportunities
You need to excel and prevail

Work experience in Trinity
I didn’t get in
Nine As isn’t enough
There’s always someone with 10

It’s not like they’re strict
They say they don’t care
But when it comes to study
They’re always IN MY HAIR

They let me do what I want
That’s what they think
But they flipped the lid
When they found out I drink

It was only a few times
I didn’t have much
But to them I’ve failed
I’ve broken their trust

I want to do well
In life and in school
But at our age
Doing well isn’t cool

So discos and drink
Fun nights out on the town
Are my way to fit in
To have fun and cool down

A B in maths
A disappointment to them
But it doesn’t matter to me
Because I have my friends






Parents will never understand times have changed
Since they were growing up,
And to fit in is a lot harder now.
They’ll never understand
If you’re not allowed to a disco
You might as well live in San Francisco
Cause you will be forgotten.
But it’s not their fault
I don’t think that at all.
It’s society today and how you’re called a slut
For sleeping over at your gay best friend’s house
Yet there’s not many virgins around.
I’m just asking for a bit of trust
And maybe a drink or two
Because I hate getting f***ed
And left in a bush
And not having the trust to ring them
And tell them something is wrong
Rather than not ringing them at all.




Little do they Know


Little do they know,
What happens in my home.
The good and the bad,
The happy and the sad.
Although I love my dad,
He sometimes makes me mad.
I know that he would never hurt me,
But the smell of it never fails to alert me.
Alcohol is a scary thing,
Upset and pain it always brings.
I know he finds it hard to change,
But he’s making the effort ,
Even though it feels strange.



Peer Pressure


To night out with friends
Oh it never ends
Till you stumble and fall
Feeling nothing at all
Till the day you get caught
With a bit too much drink consumed
Grounded for weeks
To be judged by your parents till the age of eighteen
You were warned not to drink
But the question is to drink or not to drink


Rebecca Naughton




Who are you to tell me who I am
Who are you to tell me when to cry
Who are you to dictate what I do
And yes who are you to act like you do

You have no right
To act like such a king
When all you are doing
Is creating sins

Please stop, before you hurt even more
Because when you do it is truly truly sore.





Smear red on the wall like those in jail revolting
Red ink, lipstick, the lining of your skirt
and uterus for the crowds to see
I’m not pregnant.
We joke this is our punishment.
That we bleed for our sins
Mother Nature penalizes us
For not getting penetrated by penis
I’m not pregnant.
“Is it your time of the month again?”
I get every week
Permanently PMSing
Or maybe just a bitch.





Waiting for inspiration,
All I hear is the clock,
Tick tock, tick tock
Staring at a blank page
Lost for thought
Not knowing what decisions to make,
Not knowing what is right or wrong.
What am I even talking about?


Sarah and Siofra




Get up out of bed,
And go straight to school,
Don’t be one minute late,
Or you’re signing the book.

Go check your timetable,
Get your books and sit down,
The teacher is coming,
Don’t make a sound.

Go to after-school study,
And sit down for three hours,
Trying to condense information,
That just makes no sense.

And return home,
To a hot dinner,
Study some more,
And do it all again,
The following day.





The pressure of school
It’s like a whirlpool
Is this an April fool?
I guess I should obey the golden rules
Sitting on a stool learning about a molecule
Study all night, they say this is right
Up until sunlight
Cramming overnight so the exam goes right
Pressure of school like a whirlpool
Rather be on a flight travelling light
Maybe to Amsterdam or to a Grand Slam


Kim O’Connor


My Future


How can I enjoy myself when I’m in a “doss year”?
I’m left with time that I didn’t have before
Too much time,
How can I enjoy myself when I drowning in my thoughts?
Feeling there’s nothing right for me or I’m not right for them.
Put out of routine I don’t feel the same
Because before school was my main aim
And now I’m stuck, how can I enjoy myself when the “worst year of my life” preys my nest?
The expectations are high,
Stalin study nights, toll tests, routine repeats until the destination
And I’ll fall on my feet but crawl on dirt till I cross the line 625.
“Teenage years are the best years of your lives”
But how can I enjoy myself when
I have to balance
Sport, study, friends, disco, drink, boys, body,
Trends and yet find myself, then be myself?
And I’ll cross the line, 3 years from now,
Unsure now, legal now, career, course planned out now,
No stopping now, that’s my future wow.


Ellen Conneally




Your all I think about everyday
Ringing you behind my mum’s back
Giving you my address
But directing you to the back
Running around the house for money
Before I see you thinking this is going to be the best night
Ugh Chinese food with a can of sprite