St Marys Secondary School, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary



From the bedside,
I see her tired face,
Looking at me,
Squeezing my hand.
Drifting away like the wind blows the sand.
Tears streaming down her face,
Giving her space that she needs to take her last breaths.
As I glance at her for the last time,
Dear memories of mine I will cherish for life.
As she enters the gates above,
Remembering that love
Given to me by an angel up above


Tara Lillis


Invisible Bodies


Walking down the main streets of Dublin
Se the freezing fingers
Huddled under thin blue sleeping bags
Staring into the distance
Miserable and defeated
But why do I care
I just walk by
I walk by just like the thousands around me
I see a man lying in the doorway of an important looking building
His belongings scarce enough to fit around him
He’s asleep
The peaceful he will look all day
Later he’s awake smoking and observing those passing by
A band blares out their tune twenty metres away
Loud drums crashing and crashing
A large crowd gathered around them
Hundreds of eyes drawn towards them
Not a single one on him
Too scared to do anything
To make a difference
We immerse ourselves in distraction


Jenny Myers




Drip drop, vodka, we’re happy,
A loud bus swaying from side to side, drunken teenagers running up and down,
Shouting, hugging, screaming,
The destination becoming less and less important
As the journey falls more under the influence,
And under each other’s influence
And who did you pull
And how was she
But she was drunk
And it doesn’t count if her friend had to wake her up the second you were done with her,
Drip drop, vodka, we’re happy,
And we stagger off the bus
The boy who had his eye on you pulled up your skirt
And you couldn’t even stand let alone stop it from happening,
And manic laughter,
And we’re running again,
And drip drop, vodka, we’re happy,
Now we’re inside and the music is loud
And everyone’s smiling but two hands take your shoulders
And either the music is too loud for him to hear or he just doesn’t care
Drip drop, vodka, we’re happy.
And the night passes,
And the journey home begins,
A bus full of skinmen and sluts.

And the talking begins,
And the shame begins to settle,
But drip, drop, vodka, we were happy.


Sinéad Long




Stuck in her room doesn’t know what to say,
Parents keep nagging they don’t go away.
Spending time talking to friends online
Never off your phone they say it must be a sigh
Saving up money to sneak out and about
Funny how we live without a doubt
It’s all about the laugh until it ends with a shout
Downing some drinks before you go out.
Sixteen is so hard, don’t know what to do,
You’re too young too old, stuck in a que.
Do one thing wrong, you step out of line
The cause of the problem is too hard to define
The rumours begin, the damage is done
Then it’s all over
It was meant to be fun.


Clara McGrath


Growing Up


Lying on the bed
Staring at the ceiling
The thoughts in my head
I can’t help feeling
My tired eyes don’t close
Because nobody knows
How kids can get tired
We work for hours and hours
Without being inspired
It’s all gone sour
Learn learn more
Two feet on the floor
No one catches you if you fall
You have to pull yourself up
Even if you can’t crawl
You reach for the cup
For the prize, the win
And fail with a grin
Because well it’s funny
My family has money
So I can’t have worries
Kids can’t have worries






Missing pride
I stand there shaking
While my heart is breaking
Didn’t know who to tell
Should have listened to the alarm bell
There were signs all day
Then he forced me to stay
I kept saying no
But he never let me go
I wish I never met him
Now I’ll never forget him





Oh you f-boy,
You’re like a stuffed toy,
With no feelings inside
You’re so full of pride
Girl after girl, heart after heart
Like breaking hurl after hurl.
When will it end
You’re setting a trend
For the younger boys
Who now think we are toys


Lisa Bergin, Sophie Hayes, and Aoife Sharkey



At three years old I was living in a run-down house,
I loved visiting my Nana and her cute pet mouse,
But then we moved the country side,
Apparently is was better and seen as the sunny side,
We built a new round house even though we were money tied.
I missed my home and where my Nana lived,
I missed her smile and the way she treated me,
But most of all I miss her presence and the heart she carried around so carefree.

Now thirteen years later,
My Father is still the dictator,
I only visit my Nana every few months,
And every time I leave her stunned,
I used to see her every day now it’s almost never,
And the sad thing is it’s all my mother’s endeavour.


Roisin Radler Shinnors



I am tired.
Tired of waking up at 7
Tired of walking to school at 8:30
Tired of sitting in classes, listening to teachers go on and on about nothing
Nothing that will ever matter to me
I’m just tired of everything…




The Day after the Night Before


The day after the night before
Going home in the car,
Not knowing what was going to happen,
Dreading the next morning,
I made a mess of things,
Yet again,
No social life anymore for me,
Waking up the next day,
Knowing I messed up,
Remembering nothing and losing all trust


Rachel McGrath



Walking through these halls
You’d have to be delirious
Heath Ledger type of questions
Like why so serious

I’m not saying I’m the best
But I should be in the top 10
Give me a list of names
I’ma top them
I just playing with ya
I don’t care where the top is






My thoughts at night,
Give me a fright,
For there are too few.
Many are true
But I can’t seem
To decipher what they mean.

Countless shows
And movies to go
But I cannot focus.
I do know this
What happened that day
Continues to replay
It keeps me awake
For my own sake.


Leah Heffernan


Moving On


The words and thoughts keep spinning around
He doesn’t even care, he thinks he has a crown
Time has passed, moods have changed
But the happy moods and images are still arranged.

Make it stop, let him go!
Look at him out, loving that hoe
You deserve better, he’s not worth you
It’s about time you started feeling that too.

He has moved on, he’s loving life,
Him coming back would lead to strife.
Time has passed, feeling are muted
His place in life is now substituted.


Caoimhe Cantwell


An Average Conversation Between Me, Myself and I


What do you want to do? What do you want to be?
It doesn’t really matter as long as I get to be me
But what about the bills? What about the money?
I know this is rude, I Know it’s not funny
But I’d rather be broke than be an attorney.

You can do so much better, look at your grades and what you can achieve.
It always came down to my intellect other than what I believe
So this is it huh? Another hope gone down the drain.
I’m done with this conversation; I’m going back to loving in my brain.




A Number


Long days spent studying trying to prove you’re a number
Only to prove you’re a wonder
You don’t know who you are
But parents and teachers do
You see that big D and think your nothing
Your teachers think you’re a failure, a disappointment too
How will you choose which path you’ll take?
I guess that H1 will surely decide your life your hours only to prove you’re a wonder




Desperate Dan


I went to the pub with all my friends
Knowing that the bottles of cider would never end
When this one guy came up with a sly frown
Saying “nice dress you got there, pity it’s not pulled down “
I gave him a slap and threw drink in his face
That’s when I knew I’d put him in his place
I said “in this beautiful world the clever one’s will see
what a drunk ass disrespectful fool is all you’ll ever be.”


Caroline Browne




Turn on my phone see all those notifications
Reading through some BS so overrated
Opening snaps of a blank wall
Thinking how much my standards fall
I look on Instagram
I am instantly entertained
So many memes’
That make me think,
Damn my generation is f***ed






Hope for the better world
In a world full of Donald Trump
We need to find more Donald ducks
We need more rainbows, blue skies and stars,
We need a space ship to take us to mars.
We need to escape the stress of our modern world,
Become nicer people and use kindly our word
Love –all we need is love!
Let love be spread by a white cotton dove,
The world is our oyster.
Now let’s make it count.
Escape all the madness,
And love, love, love


Emily McNamara


Make it Stay


Wake up, late again
Crawl out of bed
Cold air gushes towards your
Hair, face, hands, and feet.
School soon, you’re crying inside

Counting down the days
Just trying to pass them by.
Exams, tests, stress, stress, stress.
Take a breath.
Life is short, try not wish it away.
Two more years that’s all it take
Freedom, creativity, doing what you love.
Unique like each cloud from above.
Life is short, don’t wish it away.
Cold air gushes towards your face
Another beautiful day,
Make it stay.


Emma Fitzsimons


These days


These days I’m sinking
In hopeless dreams and thinking
My arms won’t clear up
I am stressed out he doesn’t see me
The way I see him






I don’t believe in God ‘cause I don’t have faith.
I believe in nature; I think nature is great.
People question my faith and I don’t give an answer,
‘Cause it’s my business and it shouldn’t matter.
People shouldn’t base me on what I believe,
People should base me on my personality.
They need to reflect on themselves and their faith,
Then maybe they’ll see what they love and they hate.
We all have beliefs, so what if mine are different?
Everyone has beliefs and that’s magnificent.
I feel pressured in school as we have school mass,
And when I don’t receive communion everyone questions that.
I guarantee that the people I see
Don’t know what they actually believe,
They just agree with the stories.
Listen to the Bible, there’s a few good lessons,
But I don’t believe in all these blessings.
People shouldn’t care, they shouldn’t give a shit.
I believe in nature and that’s it.


Tara Delaney


First Time


First time it was fine
Labelled “just fun”
After two months done
Shot down like a gun
Second time you were mine
This was getting real.

Now your back third time lucky
Emotions in a whirlwind
But I’m a love junkie
Wanna let you in
But kick you out
You burned and scarred my heart
Can’t help but be addicted
Yes or no to the restart.




He was the One


You thought he was the one
When all he did was string you along
They think they’re fucking class but all they
Do is smack your ass
Breaking your heart and making you feel
Like this is all your fault you weren’t enough
Brushing you off just like you’re dust.




Results Day


In the canteen
Brown envelope in hand
Tense faces
Names called alphabetically
Whirlwind of emotion
Anticipation and regret
Envelope ripped open
Pointless results


Eva McKeogh



Baby was conceived
Sister underachieved
Mother deceived
Father did not believe

His name was Dylan
Seemed like one in a million
My sister thought it was true love
It was never the above

Bruised and abused
Scared and confused
Waiting for Dylan
To blow his fuse

Baby Cora absorbs the bad aura
Sister was unaware
Living in despair
Determined her baby won’t go elsewhere.


Megan Forde, Holly Kelly, and Grace Maher


Heart of Gold


Walking in with her head down
Covering her face from all the emotion
Blaring music so loud, you can see t sinking in
Like a boat getting deeper and deeper to an unknown sea
Her mind was blank of thought,
But the music made her focus and calm
She was told “you’ve improved your confidence”
She could never see it in her mind, but it was her enemy
Our mind relays different messages
Makes us feel like we aren’t good enough
She knew she was but compared herself to the best
The best was defined by a number and a place,
But doesn’t define a skill or dedication
This girl never missed practice
She always wanted to be the best,
But to show she could do it
To herself and the world
She wanted to be something,
Something with meaning and honour
Those numbers she looked at them as what she really is
A place in line
The anger, hate and sorrow all take over that mind of success
It’s like everything she likes is gone
The dream of gold and honour
When she walks up and thinks “I finally did it”
The dream of finally winning the war
Of not being “the best” or being that one girl that is better than her.
The love often questions if she’s good enough
Often misleads her mind on what she really wants
Her eyes are filled with passion
It’s what she always wanted
The many hours of training and the scars she earned
Those scars mark her hard work and what she’s gone through
Numbers don’t define how you’re ranked, but only where you’re placed
Her eyes are filled with gold, the gold of a medal
A medal of honour and determination from years of training
The medal is an Olympic Medal;
A medal she will receive on the podium singing her country’s call






It’s all too fast,
An incredible pace
Babies born, people die.
They leave without a trace
As they go with everything they take their experiences,
Memories even their mistakes.
This world a gift something wonderful and pure.
It can turn to evil.
Something nobody should endure.
People can be great friends, a blessing
Others can be lost with emotions
They have difficulty expressing.
This life is a gift or is it something just gift wrapped
Beauty and protection on the outside
Inner feelings inside are trapped.
Is being yourself an option in this society
Teenagers don’t dream
They just compare their lives
Destroyed by anxiety
Kaitlin O’Halloran


Only 15


Out with the lads,
Few cheeky snap chat adds,
We were only in our teens,
Eye on the girl in the skinny jeans,
She was easily 21.
It seemed as if she was up for fun,
After I bought her a few tequilas
Taking things to the car park seemed like a good idea,
Should’ve guessed why she was so keen,
How was I to know she was only 15?
With all the makeup I was easily deceived,
Now in the courtroom I won’t be believed.
Five years on and I’m up for rape
Wish I could just go back and escape.


Aisling Moran and Olwyn Dunne




The brightly painted walls,
Try mask the pain and hurt,
Girls here seem to love the brawls
Could it be the reason we leave her feeling like dirt?

Or is it because of the constant battle,
Our world is of flawed completion,
So we face a combat on that hill,
The one we took to daily and cause my heart’s decapitation.

The positive Facebook posts don’t mend my heartbreak,
I’m sorry the mere words do hurt,
And I ache,
So from now on I won’t rest with this unhurt.


Marie O’Connell



We were sitting in class
Having a chat
When suddenly someone screamed “rat!”
And coffee was spat.

Everyone scattered
The room filled with laughter
If only there was a cat
To kill the rat.


Aine Brassil


The Night Out


Waking up this morning was quite a shock
Relaxing for a week without attention
Shooting, bouncing, drinking all around
All the pubs earn money in town
Running, screaming, partying around
All the lads go crazy in town
Breaking glasses off metal poles
Shows how special you actually are around the town




Drugs are Bad


Drugs are bad
They make you go mad
Smoking spiffs everyday
Is not the right way
Don’t buy drugs on tic
Dealers will be hunting you down kick
There goes your front door
Do you still want to buy more?
What would your Ma think?
She probably won’t sleep a wink
In the shortest dropping yokes
Oh my God you’re a joke
F*** them did you hear
Paddy from Coille Bheithe is selling gear
Down in HQ having a fag
Waiting for Johnny to come up with a bag





Broke it once off the car boot door
Fixed as quick in the GP’s clinic
Broke it again off the sitting room floor
Fixed with some metal,
Titanium lets be specific

Now in stitched up,
Patched up fixed with the meds
The pains all gone or so they said
But they’ll keep repeating it’s all in your head
That’s true, that’s why the tears are being shed