Christian Brothers College, Sidney Hill, Wellington Road, Co. Cork

Never Before


Never before has this world been so cruel, so hard
The truth so warped, reality so jarred

Never before was ignorance rewarded, intelligence shunned
Morals valued less than some goddam hedge fund

Never before was the air so unclean
The forest a shambles, can’t see any green

Never before did lies outgrow fact
Anger fills the society, sympathy attacked

Never before did we live in such fear
Doing whatever we can to live to next year

Or has it always been this way?

I’m only sixteen, I couldn’t possibly see
What happened on Earth before I became me

But I do know what can happen now, what will happen now
Maybe not soon, but in the future, somehow


Never before has this world ever seen
Such a mass of people that have now convened

Never before did people look to the next year
With excitement and joy, not misery and fear

Never before did we take a stand
In all of our minds, a purpose so grand
Yet so humble, and simple, all can understand

The world needs to change
And we need to be the ones to do it


Conor MacCarthy


Mixed Messages


“Follow your dreams” is what they tell you
As long as your dream is something you can sell, too.

“Just be yourself” is what they say
As long as who you are isn’t strange, weird or gay.

“Don’t follow the crowd” is what they make clear
But the moment you’re different they eye you with fear.

“So what shall I do?” the teenager asks,
Filled with panic and strife.

“Don’t worry” they say
“These are the best years of your life.”


Cillian Sheehan




Why would I want to live like everyone else?
Go to school, be told how you
Should succeed and what success is and that there
Is just one type of success, which means having a BMW,
Working in a factory or office and going home to your suburban
Semi-detached house painted the same as every other house in the estate.
Every day working with the same people doing
The same jobs with no real reward but thinking money
Is sufficient for sacrificing his whole life to “success”.
The only real way, in my opinion, to figure out if you’ve
Been successful in life is to live by your own rules and
Follow your own dreams and achieve your own goals instead of
The things you are told to follow and dream and achieve.
Then when you are too old to follow your dreams,
You look back on your life with content and satisfaction.
Then and only then will you know you have been successful.


Rohan Keily




Was told I’m growing up in a big rich town,
Was told I’ve no reason to bitch, no reason to frown,
Was told I have it good, ‘I have it all’,
Was told all the others have nothing at all,
Even though it felt lack luster,
I managed a pitiful nod, it was all I could muster,
Even though again I was told others have it worse,
It doesn’t stop me wishing that I could reverse,
Back in time to my younger days,
No worries at all, our minds ablaze,
With the innovative ideas we thought of ourselves,
Back when we climbed trees, ate leaves and believed in elves,
Back when we were free, when our hopes were high,
We look back now and wonder why,
Why did we change? Why did we grow?
Growing up listening to others, putting us on show,
As we look ahead now to times ahead,
We realise we failed, we made our bed.
Colin Manning


You Expect


You expect so much,
Much more than I can give.
You see me as an angel,
The best to ever live.

You say I have the patience of a saint,
And leave me with responsibility,
You tell me your so proud of me.
But you don’t see my vulnerability.

You expect too much.
I can’t take this stress,
You provide me with everything,
But you don’t see my distress.

You don’t see what I don’t show,
But I can’t complain,
You raised me strong,
But I’m weighted down by a chain.

You want my best,
And never push me too hard,
You are understanding,
But you deserve more than me.


Oisín Leahy


There’s a World


All around us there’s a world.
A world to go by from start to finish.
A world of unwritten rules and unwritten rights and wrongs.
A world where everyone works and works and works.
A world that expects us all to succeed
And be the best because “you are the best”
Standing in school eating lunch
Waiting for the bell to go before
Everyone begins to walk towards their next class.
Walking in the corridor with our heads down minding our own business.
Wearing uniform that we do not want to wear.
Like a cult.
Who said we have to?
No one.


Mark McCarthy




Pick on the boy that’s all alone,
Just because his identity is his own,
Mental abuse can hurt more than physical abuse,
A few harsh words can blow someone’s fuse,
Instead of trying to look cool,
Think of the person you make look a fool,
Keep your identity your own,
A better person you’ll be known.




Too Busy


Wealthy child from a wealthy family
Plays with teams, chased his dreams to the extreme was such a tragedy
Parents expect a doctor, dentist or a lawyer
But he doesn’t want this, he wants to explore like Tom Sawyer

He reads books to escape the reality, it’s funny
How all he wants is to live but his parents want him to study
Trying to find his own path on a road that’s already plotted
Drowning in his home, he’s heard but never spotted

Spends his time writing, parents spend time lying
Yet they spend more money because it stops them from fighting
So he hides in his room, pops up occasionally like a jack in the box
But by the time his parents notice him, all the talent is lost

Slit wrists are dismissed but parents still have their hunches
But too disconnected to assist, or notice he’s no longer eating lunches

And the worst part is that it’s his future they’re still stressing
Too busy to see that their son is suffering from depression.


Darragh McCarthy




She pressed upload,
And watched her phone
Waiting for the notification tone.
The photo was perfect,
Or so she thought.
But the like counter stayed at nought.
Not surprised, she lay in bed,
And dreamt of phantom friends,
Stuck in her head.


Samuel McGreal




Woke up early down to the beach,
Sun rising over the crest of the wave.
Sitting on the grass, putting on the wax,
Paddling out, no fear, nor doubt.
Diving under the lip,
Just misses my hip.
Sitting out the back,
In anticipation of the sets.
No worries no regrets.


Ben O’Leary


Blue Lights on an Empty Stage


Blue lights on an empty stage,
Small stage, small age.
The crowd waited,
Breath baited,
Blank stage like a blank page,
Countdown, lights up
Countdown, WAKE UP!
On I run and say the words,
Making sure the crowd heard.
Hoping everything went OK,
Praying I’d get another day,
Another chance to be this way.
When it ended the crowd roared,
No way was I really adored ?!
Off I ran with a big smile,
This was the first of a millions miles,
A million miles down a long road,
Where it’ll take me no-on knows.
All the time I think back and see,
Blue lights on an empty stage,
An empty stage,
Until me.


Ben Williamson


My Chair


I sit in my chair,
In a room so bare,
Through stained windows I stare at botany,
So undeniably masked by monotony.

I sit in my chair,
Breathing warm air,
Exploring my brain powers of pondering,
That somehow always go wandering.

Yet again I sit in my chair,
With no other life to compare,
Some say a life wasted watching,
But I am waiting for my calling.


Thomas Murphy


Break the Chain


As we sit staring aimlessly into what seem like blank pages
Are minds are drifting into distant lands and focus on what’s important to us
Each person with their own ideas and dreams
All funneled into reciting and regurgitating learnt off lines
Waiting. Waiting for the day we get released
It’s over! Is what we think before being shoved back into institutionalised settings
Only a few chase the dreams they are told cannot be reached
Hopefully breaking the chain.


Cian Hurley


Everything Hurts


Everything hurts
But what can I do?
Except hope for the best
And try to get through
That’s what it feels like
But who gives a shit
Everyone’s dealing with their own little bit
Each day seems to get worse
But what can I do?
Except hope someday
That things will get better


Conor Butler


Current Affairs


Another sum,
Another essay,
Another concept,
Our brains are suffering from decay,
The amount of stuff we put away,
In our minds,
We are told that we will use them one day,
But we never do.

How to pay taxes and bills?
Why should I insure?
Maintaining relationships,
Accepting different people,
No matter who they are,
How to just sit back and leave a breath out,

Why we should not drink and drive,
Why not doing drugs keeps us alive,
Understanding the Dáil,
Enda and the boys,
We hear speeches
That we need to understand,
Instead we just say “What the-”

Pluck out these things out,
And what do you see?
None are learned in school,
What we should learn,
Before we go out,
To the big bad world,
We should,
But we never do.

So why do we learn
The Shakespeare plays,
An Modh Coinníollach,
Days upon days,
Months upon months,
Killing our minds,
No time to let us unwind,

We need to enjoy what we learn,
We need to use what we learn,
We need remember what we learn,
We need to learn the things we need,
For us to survive,
To get a job,
Meet your wife,
Buy a house,
Have a life.
We need these
We want these,
Everyone should have these,
But we never do.


Matthew McCarthy


School Rules


It’s a cold Monday morning and off I go to school.
In a class with future doctors, lawyers, businessmen
Making me feel like a fool.
I don’t like school discipline, if only I didn’t have to obey,
I’d ask myself what I really want to do
And pursue my dreams every day.
I am officially placed in a specialised institution
But for the rest of my life
I’ll hate this stupid system.
Teachers telling me what to do feels like
Being stalked with a knife,
As in how does changing my physical appearance
Affect your boring life.


Anthony McGuckin




Full room, empty chairs,
She sits alone,
Next class, comments passed,
The whole year’s heard by 1,
By 3 its online,
Like, comment, share,
In the end we remember not the words of our enemies
But the silence of our friends,
Naggins and pills,
Silence kills.


Michael O’Grady


Locked In


Locked in this prison called school,
Being unique isn’t within the rules.
We’re meant to robots,
Without feelings of our own.
Just a face, uniform and respectful tone.
Teachers demand power,
When you ‘talk back’ they just shout and hope you cower
In fear, and if you stand up,
“Shut up!”




This is Where


This is where I was born
Where I learned to walk, to talk
To fake my words, to quake in my boots
This is where I learned to run

This is where I grew
I drew, I coloured, I kicked, I punched
I stood there hunched
This is where I was

This is where the lads hang out
In gangs behind the shops
Drinking in fields among the corn crops
This is where we have “our fun”
Slagging and mocking and smoking and coughing
Between the dodgy dealings and hiding
New found feeling towards the opposite sex
And feeling perplexed
This is where I am

This is where I’ll go to work
Day to day to the same desk
Working nine to five
A drone working for the queen
Knowing nothing else, only the hive

This is where I will face all the curves and bends
Life throws at me
Forever in the same place until
The end


Rory Tobin


Sports and Failure


Too slow, too small
Too big, too tall
Too fat, too skinny
Or simply just not
Good enough
Sticks and stones
Will break your bones yet
They say words
Can’t hurt you
As if the pain you feel
From failure
Isn’t even real.

They can only say this
As they themselves have
Never done anything
Worth being hurt over
Never taken a risk
And failed and
Felt the hurt of failure

For something to be worth winning
It has to hurt way more to lose
Because If it was easy
Everyone would do it
And everyone would be successful
No one would be upset
And live in a world of happiness
But would even be worth it then
Would it be special to be happy
To be you or would it just feel
Normal and ordinary


James Scally


The Hodge Heads


This is where, the hodge heads drink
It is also where, the hodge heads smoke
Described as being filthy knackers
Who stroll around in their trackies
To me, they are people like us all
Who socialise, write and play football
There is no difference between us
Just the posh boys who look down on them all.
They mightn’t have been given the chances others have had
But that doesn’t mean that they’re all bad.


Sean Morrissey




Life revolves around school,
Life revolves around study,
Life revolves around good results,
But all teenagers want is a break
Life revolves around strict teachers
Life revolves around parents’ dream for their children
Life revolves around constant success
But all teenagers want is a break.


Conor Murphy


The Eyes of Others


Early Mornings and sleepless nights
Constantly questioning if I’m ever right
Pressure pushes down
Suppressing every sound
Long nights and bright lights
Blind my eyes as my brain just cries
For rest
But my parents force me to be “the best”
Exams ruining my original plans and
Forced into a corner with
Nowhere to go
Withstanding every blow
Now as I sit in front of my grey throne
Living my life job through the eyes of others
I just want to be milking the cow’s udders


Owen Gaffney




6th class, preparing us for secondary school
Secondary school, preparing us for college
College, preparing us for the real world,
For the working world, for life.

In life we work towards something better,
Something great.
Preparing us forever but what about us now


Jack Lucey


Blank Page


Blank page.
Sitting in the library
Twiddling my thumbs
For what feels like an age.
Looking around.
All around the room
Searching for inspiration
But nothing to be found.
Time ticks away.
‘Write anything’ they say.
As if it were so simple
But it isn’t, not at all.



Your Son


Your 9 year old son is dyslexic it’s better for him if he moves school.
Your 10 year old son needs outside help for school.
Your 11 year old son should move school so he can get into a certain secondary school.
Your 12 year old son isn’t making great progress.
Your 13 year old son is finding it hard to fit in.
Your 14 year old son is starting to make progress.
Your 15 year old son is beginning to make new friends.
Your 16 year old son is should definitely stay in this school.
Your 17 year old son…






School is a bum
Worse than a slum
Pictures on the wall
Trying to make me go to the Dáil
I don’t want to be that
I’d rather be hit with a bat
Forcing me in one direction
Giving me zero affection
Feel like I’m in a cell
I have no choice
Might as well be in hell
Where I can actually make some noise.
Saying I’m not allowed a certain haircut
Making us all look the same
Kicking me in the nuts
Thinking I’m really dumb
I have to do pointless work
And all the teachers lurk
Making me think I’m dumb
Forcing me to drink rum.


James Shalloe




From the days by the banks
And the games at the tank
It’s clear to see
With no need for a hey
To witness the heart of the city
Which lies with the witty
The people who give it its character
Are the ones who really do matter
From the people on the streets
To the navy fleets
These are the ones
Who make our lives so fun
And make this city great.


Paul Long


The Biggest Fear


Staring at me in the most uncomfortable way,
I wish this would all go away.
Walking down the corridor, a somewhat trek,
I notice they are on about my face and neck.

Inside the classroom and in the cafeteria,
It makes me nervous and gives me hysteria.
“Look at the state of him”, they ask,
And my ugliness begins to bask.

With the red light of intensity shining on me clear,
I hope you all know that this is by far,
My biggest fear.


Ross Madden




We are told to cherish it,
But then we a shoved in an establishment,
And told to appreciate it.
From the start we are told what to like and who to love,
We are condemned for letting our feelings fly free,
Like a white dove.
Don’t be afraid of your emotion,
Often we get lost in the commotion,
Listen to your emotions but don’t let them rule you,
Because after this time has passed you will learn that you have grown.






The mud, the tears,
Other people’s fears.
The tries you score, the tries you miss,
Matter nothing when you’re friends take the p***.
Rugby is gay, rugby is lame,
But I don’t listen to them for they all think the same.
“It takes no skill to play rugby, you just have to be big”,
But in saying that they prove they’re as thick as a twig.
For they who are not open are they who are lost,
Because they are the ones who just count the cost.
In school the Senior Cup team all get looked up to,
Because to us, they’re the ones who will lead and guide you.
They show how to act, they show how to behave,
And Lord only knows how many lives they have helped save.
Through rugby and sport people learn to have fun and to love,
Because every sporting community is as tight knit as a glove.
The pain, the fame, it’s all part of the game,
Because 2 players of rugby are never the same


John O’Mahony


Every Day


Every day the dreaded school bell sounds at 8:45
Every day the school day drags for hours on end
Hundreds of students pretend to be interested
To learn about subjects that have no relevance
Every day students jump out of their seats at 11 for their 15 minutes of heaven
Every day everyone is happy to hear the bell to commence class
But even when they are home they still have work to do
Every day we have less free time to spend on our favorite past time




The School System


The school system oppressed us as students.
Let’s face it,
As a child we were told this was the only way to make it,
Your results will define you.
This is what we are taught,
But no one understands how this leaves us all distraught.
A failure in your test and you’d swear it was the end of the world,
But no one tells you there is always other ways.
Spending hours bored stiff is not the best way to spend your days,
Do what you love is not always encouraged.
Disagreeing with the system is certainly discouraged.
Being yourself and ignore what they say is the best thing in the world,
Although prepare yourself for the anger that is unfurled.


Joseph Agar




I don’t belong in a school,
Abiding by the shitty ol’ rules,
Sitting down, day-dreaming quietly,
Day-dreaming about a different society,
A society where everyone can live and be free,
Me? I would be by the sea,
Instead I’m stuck in a classroom,
Stuck in the gloom,
Telling myself I don’t belong in a school.


Darragh Murphy


Everyone’s Good at Something


They say everyone’s good at something even when they begin to doubt
So why put them down about subjects they just don’t care about
You think that algebra and Pythagoras will matter for him
When the talents he has belongs in the gym.

Now think of the kid who falls asleep in English talking about metaphors
He’d prefer to just fall through the floor
Because Why should he care about any of that
When his eyes light up when he’s doing maths
You think he hasn’t got enough on his plate
Without everyone giving him so much hate
So when the teacher is giving out to him in English
Just remember that at something else he’s a genius
So let him off just let him do his own thing
He may not be good at science but one thing he can do is sing

So when they get a D in Business or History don’t worry
There’s something he’s great at and to find that there’s no hurry
If you’re down, sad or depressed remember one thing
Everybody is good at something.


Daniel Andrew




This is where
The streets smell weird
Where a field of green
Means something else
Where the streets are full of
Underage drinkers and over-thinkers
With drug dealers around the corner

This is where
We wear red with pride
For the GAA our native tongue
When the Shandon bells ring with rhythm
And where the iconic city is hidden
This is where we come from
This is our home
This is the greatest city that
You’ve ever known.


Emmet Sheehan


Sea of Blue


What can man do
To help someone under the sea of blue.
I try and make you proud,
Get you down from that black cloud,
My mind wonders to what you can commit
If you can’t overcome this time,
Well s***.
I long for the time,
When nothing on your face but a smile
But what can man do.


Asad Khan




Twentieth of January twenty seventeen,
The jeering crowds he said were they, were nowhere to be seen.

“How did this happen?” the people thought,
And he knows he’s hit the jackpot.

So the people have come to terms with what they have done,
And the only way to end it, is through the use of a gun.

But violence is never the answer, as many scholars have said,
And the people will always be happy as long as they are fed.

America, you have elected a tyrant as your president,
Now get ready for four years of torment.


Odhran Murphy


The Pressure


The pressure of my possessor
Always just to impress her
Yet it only ends with her displeasure.
My goals an endeavor.
Forever the jester.
Life’s never the adventure,
Just making her the stressor.
Life’s just a long depressing tester,
yet we’re always together whenever the weather,
Just me and my mother
And for that bless her for the pressure.


Joe Corry


When I Play for the County


When I grow up I’m gonna play county,
All the girls will be mad about me,
March behind the Artane boys band,
Climb the steps of the Hogan stand,
Sam Maguire, Liam McCarthy,
When I play for the county

We’ll be training hard, no more chocolate bars,
Gym in the morning, getting up early,
Busting a gut with pride in the jersey,
Can you shoot left and right,
Can you score goals and points,
I got no time for girls,
I just want helmets and hurls,
Training hard getting fitter,
Sleeping with my hurley and sliotar.


Darragh O’Mahony


Quarry Blues


We gatt away our sorrows,
In wind, rain and snow.
We gatt down the quarry
Cause there’s nowhere else to go.
We gatt cause we’re young fellas
And not growing old.
We gatt our dirty naggins
And cans of dutch gold.
It is renowned for its Friday night fights
Corpses lay under street lights.


Billy Cain (Steve)


The Station


When I was younger I felt big,
When in reality I was only a little fig.
Pushed down by society’s standards
And all those celebrities with the “perfect bod”.
But me…
I was stuck with this lump of meat
From my big head down to my little feet.
I hated my look
But all it really took
Was a bit of motivation
To leave self-conscious station.


Sam Greene


The Great Island


We are alone
Removed from the everyday world
A picture painted of us
We’re bad
We’re scum
We’re dangerous
It’s not safe to live here
These are the opinions of people who are jealous
Jealous of our town


Charlie Rasmussen




I stand there alone on the field
Hundredths of eyes looking down on me
The sun removed from the skies
As I look up to the crowded sea
The pressure suddenly here
It’s suddenly all about me


James Scally


First Date


First babe to face my mother
Not going to be easy because she’s like no-other
I don’t know what reaction i will get
But she replied” sound no-sweat”
On the bus life is great
Hoping I don’t look like a state
Listening to chunes psyching myself up
Thinking to myself “I hope this isn’t a windup
But rather a lead up
To a relationship with no break up”
Waiting in the cinema anxiously
Here she comes all dolled up thankfully
Inside the movie and its not to awkward
I can see her leaning in forward
Think to myself “here we go
I’ll just go with the flow
And maybe I’ll steal the show”


Scott Buckley




Whenever I go to somewhere familiar, I’ll always
Try to find something unfamiliar
Something to make the boring familiar exciting
Whenever I play a match I’ll always
Prefer to lose a match we tried our best in
Than draw a match we should have won
Whenever I have to get up early for
School I always say I’ll go to bed early
That night but I never do.
Whenever I am forced to do something like
Homework or washing up I always put it off as
Long as possible hoping it goes away
But it never does.


Rory Sinclair


Maybe it’s Time


Get out of bed, you ungrateful boy,
Your late for school, here’s you tie.
Eat this, I’m in the car
Can’t be late, I’m going to the bar.
Hungry all day with no lunch,
Hanging around a troublesome bunch.
Home to nothing, just an older sister,
Who’s always out with her mister.
Mother falls in home late,
Not my fault, she’s in a state.
Go to bed, tears in eyes,
Maybe it’s time I said my goodbyes.


Kevin Finn


Monster in my Kitchen


I know this is a cliché,
It’s a thing you’ve gotta know,
There is a monster in my kitchen,
That makes the dishes glisten,
It causes me great bother,
A.k.a. the dishwasher.

That tyranny of terror,
That box that causes pain,
The cutlery is infinite,
It forces me to wander,
A.k.a. the dishwasher.


Andrew Kelleher




When I step onto the pitch,
I feel the pressure to play well
To score 1-4,
And be the star,
To win the match
And go all the way,
To lift the trophy at the end of the day.


David Murphy



More school, more class,
It’s not cool, it’s a pain in the a**
It’s so boring I feel like snoring
Cramming for exams drives me mad
Banter with the lads is a disaster
Craic with Jack is so funny
I feel so lucky to play rugby
Training is straining,
But I’m not complaining


Peter Lucey


Writing so Fast


Writing so fast
The only thing driving me
Is knowing it’s the last
But what I didn’t know
That it was my last time ever
Sitting in these chairs
This is my last endeavour
For deep into the summer
The flames would rise
And It was all over the news
Despite my surprise
Then, days later
I get a letter
To go to a new school
To make my life better
And in September
After weeks of waiting
I put on my blazer
If I wore this in Mallow
Oh how I’d get a baiting


Padraig O’Brien


The End of a Relationship


Saying goodbye,
Harder than you think.
When you’re saying goodbye
To your last drop of drink.

One more time,
Then I’m on the streets, out of here.
Imagine the cold,
Imagine the fear.

Out in the open,
Near my last blink.
Depends how you look at it,
But it was down to the drink.


Aidan O’Brien




Climbing, shivering, heading,
Churning, looking, eyes.

Trudging, opening, waiting,
Exhaling, turning, trapped.

Opening, grabbing, locking,
Faking, masking, actors.

Listening, writing, stewing,
Churning, looking, eyes.

Talking, gossiping, planning,
Mind games.
Ticking, Ticking, Ticking,



Tom Mullane




I believe in God,
In him I’m awed,
Even though our society would look down on me.
Why believe? they say.
For what? they think.
But to me there is no other reality.
In him I put all my trust,
Which sets me free until eternity.
I look around and all I see is killing, hate and misery.
For what? I think, be free with him, and you will have the final victory.






I wake up too tired
Yet I get up as required
The lost hours of sleep
I still desire
Regretting the late night prior
The sun fills the room
To become brighter
I get up inspired


Tony Donlon




Hometown keep down
Cheerful to careful
Weekend trend session isn’t a question
Intruder turns to abuser get out of my town
Ye scum how come ye never just leave
Stranger danger the old people told
Ye threaten old people although these people created my town
It’s not yer town so fuck off down to where ye come from
5 years ago my hometown was a ghost town
I’d prefer really prefer my town as a ghost town


Cillian O’Donovan




Ding Dong goes the bell,
A start to the day
A day in hell.
Ding Dong goes the bell,
The day passes
Dossing classes.
Ding Dong goes the bell,
Finally it’s lunch
The daily brawl
Ends in a punch
Ding Dong goes the bell,
At last we’re finished
Our dreams diminished
By teachers paid to teach
But they’re so shite
We may as well be in Youth Reach.




The Match


The ball is in the air
The centre back prepares to head it
As the striker fixes his hair.
“Don’t let it bounce,” the manager cried
The centre back thumped it
As the striker ran to hide.
The game continued for a bit
The striker was sore
After another big hit
From the number four.
Next, in the corner came
The centre back attacked it
And decided the game.
Afterwards the striker was pissed
He came for me with his fists.
And just like his team
I struck him down.
I had some ice-cream
He just had a frown.


Adam Moynihan




A dirty little sesh with the boys
To the quarry we go
Downing naggins drinking cans
Wind, rain, hail or snow.

Peter’s pulling drunk bures
Rohan’s smoking weed
I needed more cans
Cans is all I need.

The night had drawn to a close
I’d have a sore head tomorrow
I downed my final can
Downed my final sorrows.


Luke Shanahan




Zlatan Ibrahimović, the God of Manchester
Quite possibly the best footballer ever
Turned down Pep and the City’s blues
Of course United would be the team he’d choose

He’s scored goals everywhere he’s gone
Always assisted by the great Juan
Arsenal coulda signed him, such fools
Of course United would be the team he’d choose


Conor Bradley


The Old Man


The old man dies,
Family cries,
Everyone tries
But father sighs.
With all the guys,
And no more lies,
Stop disguise.
Never despise,
Nor demise
And we shall rise
Above all ties.




My Poem


My bottle is empty right now
It’s Energise Sport
Matt looks like a cow
One-line snort
A quick Allahu Akbar
A quick cigar
Out the door of this gaff
Home to my pet giraffe
Second verse of this yoke
I’m kinda bored now
Trying not to repeat what I said
I just wanna lay on my bed
Lyrical genius in my prime
I can stop this insane rhyme
From Ben Leary and Matt Riordan
To Cian Jones and Big Ben
This poem has to be ended
Hopefully I don’t get suspended
Shane Twomey


The Sesh


Ring up the brother,
“Can you sort us out”?
“Ya kid no bother I’ll hook you up without a doubt”
Two hours later he’s strolling out with a bag of cans,
“Now you lads have fun, but don’t end up in a Garda van”
We head up to the sesh and the place is packed,
Few dodgey teens around I hope I don’t get attacked,
By the end of the night I’m mashed out me face,
Me and lads are looking an absolute disgrace,
A car pulls with the blue lights flashin’,
Fuck sake my dad’s goin’ gimme an absolute trashin’.




The Bell Rings


Once the bell rings at a quarter to nine
You hope that the day will be fine
But once you get in it’s all one big test
And you just want to leave the sausage fest
But you have to get through the long day
Hoping that you won’t have to stay
But in the end it doesn’t turn out that way
In the school the teachers thrive
And all you can do is try and survive


Jack Clarke

He Hates


He hates every second
He’ll drop out I reckon
He sits there like its torture
The teachers on a scorcher
The teachers want to give him the boot
The interest I have is less than minute

He’s getting in trouble
He’ll be getting the homework by double
He gets killed on a daily
He just waits to go home and hit the baileys






It’s funny cause every year Arsenal seem to finish fourth
The always collapse when they play the teams in the north
Anytime Arsenal concede you can hear their fans sounding like they just gave birth

We always hear “this is our year”
By the time it gets to Christmas they’re declining, gaining a lot of fear
And then when they realise their position towards the end
We can see the face about to get that tear

Arsene Wenger is starting to become an issue
At the end of the year I always have to hand their fans a tissue
“Thierry Henry we really miss you”

I will finish off by saying this, what happened in Munich,5-1?
It’s like they were being held back with a BB gun
I wouldn’t be annoyed Arsenal fans
It’s not like they were stunned.


Leo Barron




The village of the stone
Christies a nice place to buy a scone
Young boys play in the town square
A breath of fresh air


Shane Barrett


When We Look Back


When we look back over one hundred years,
we think of our comrades over a couple of beers.
Those glorious dead who inspired the masses,
Sent the Brits home by kicking their a**es.


Fiachra Goulding




Struggling to make up that 7 been
Two boxes a week gives me the relief
Sometimes I use the green
Usually hit up Sav alley
After the first pull there’s no more grief

Lots of people go to the valley
But the community don’t like that
They think we’re just knackers out on the lash
Drinking a dangerous amount of gatt

It all makes no sense
Too much of this you’ll end up in the ground
Just makes everything with your family tense
Or else your body will end up never being found


Patrick O Sullivan


It’s Been Two


It’s been two now
From not too far
From good families
With good friends
Same school
Same problem
Same reason
Same end of life
Leaving behind the sadness
The sadness which plagued their life
Leaving it for the family
Who wish they could have them back


Seán Creagh




Blarney is the best,
There better than the rest,
If we don’t win it will be a sin,
Mark Coleman is the best he’s better than anyone else,
County final at stake lets flake it in the face,
With all the others ready to go steady not slow,
Yes we’re the best and yes we will win the county.


Declan Hanlon




You, with your smug little face
Might want to shut up every once in a while
Or you’ll end up in a bad place,
In a hospital, or in my case, worse.

You, with your smug little face
Might want to leave me alone when I’m alone
When I’m alone and doing nothing
But you’re doing nothing and are just bored
When you want to come and annoy me
And it always ends with me in trouble and you sore.

You, with your smug little face
Might want to know
That when you’re not there I don’t create problems
That when you’re not there mum and dad don’t care
And that’s because when you’re not there I don’t want to pull out my hair






It was results night
The night had come
I had made a mixture
Vodka, whisky and loads of rum

Downed it all
I couldn’t see
Didn’t know
Where I could be

Next thing I knew
I was grabbed
And at that point I knew
I was nabbed.


Peter Kingston




Roses are red
That much is true
Violets are purple
Not f***ing blue

Faces like yours belong in the zoo
Don’t be mad, I’ll be there too
Not in the cage
But laughing at you


Louis Buckley


Daycent Days


Daycent days,
Getting chased by shades,
Through this purple haze,
While I’m off my brains
Come at me with that hoosen,
You’ll get a left boosen,
That’s a lethal spread,
It would butter your bread




Diego Costa


Diego Costa, he is a god.
He is pretty ugly though,
Much like an old dog.

He scores for fun,
In every match.
I don’t rate his girlfriend though,
She’s not much of a catch.


Michael Gill


Fourth Year


Trying to doss
Transition year play
Drinking in quarry
Few Dutch with the lads

Bruton is bad
Steve is great
No pyro no party
CBC for Harty




A Rainy Day


It was a rainy day,
And I had no pay,
I was heading to the bay,
In the middle of May,
Where I went for a sail,
In the blustering gale,
Until I went back to prison,
As I was out on bail.