Presentation Secondary School, Co. Kilkenny

We are Stuck


We are stuck in a planet where we are judged for
How we act
How we look
What we wear
It is just not fair
Why can’t everyone be treated equally?
Black, white, gay, Muslim
Nobody should have to feel like an outcast
Nobody should have to feel judged
And nobody should have to feel like they are not good enough
In the world we live in you will always be judged
Don’t let that stop you from being yourself
Judging a person does not define who they are
It defines who you are.


Aoife Nolan


Open a Book


Open a book,
And you will find,
People and places of every kind.
Open a book
And you can be,
Anything that you want to be.
Open a book
And you can share,
Wonderful worlds you find in there.
Open a book and I will too,
Read to me
And I’ll read too you.


Rebecca Mernagh


Why Would We Care?


Kids in agony at home waiting on hospital beds
Been waiting two years, the urgency’s gone to red
See their stories on the news, the next day it’s out of our heads
Sure why would we care?
It don’t matter to us.
One of Mam’s friend on her way home from town
The next day she should be wearing a hospital gown
She gets the call then, they’re sorry, they mourn
But your lifesaving procedure can’t happen in the morn
I hear it, I’m angry, next day the memory is gone
Sure why would we care?
It don’t matter to us.
Beyonce expecting is a front page spread
Everyone knows and tells all their friends
There’s more interest in her than all of Aleppo’s dead
Why would we care?
It don’t matter to us
Thirteen thousand have been executed in Syria
Covered up by Bashar Al-Assad
No one does anything, can’t confront Russia
Thought this would remind them of another man
But the only thing said by anyone:
Why would we care?
It don’t matter to us.


Aoife Corr


The Difference


A waste of unwanted space,
Of unspent time
Am I constantly committing
An unwritten crime?
The difference I seem to never make
The chances that I fail to take
The fear that overcomes the risk
The razorblade that warms the wrist.
Thoughts like clouds of smoke
Obscure the flash of gunshots
Maybe one day can make a difference
Maybe I could be that difference.


Alexandria Grogan


Our World


My world, your world, our world
My world sees us differently
Thorough the years consequently
Your world not changing
Women are raging
Our world deteriorating
Letting us take the baiting
My world unfair
Pollution in the air
Your world is full of discrimination
No one welcomes immigration
Our world will be profitless
We need to be anomalous
My world, your world, our world


Ruth Kennedy and Aimee Gaffney


Who am I?


I am woman.
Give me something I’ll make it better,
You are the paper, I’m the shredder,
Try and put me in a cage, and I’ll be the gauge
That measures the rage from my head.
Man is at the top, but not for long,
You’re hanging on by a thread.
Just wait, you’ll see,
When all of you men are working for me.
Who am I?
I am free,
I am woman.
I am me.


Jessica Lennon




This is to all teenagers
The ones that are shamed upon
We are labelled to be ‘moody’
We are expected to know it all
While sitting in a school hall
Being told what is right and what is wrong
We are just growing up
But feel like we are in a lock up
We want so much freedom
It’s not too much to ask for
Yet when we go out drinking
They assume we’re not thinking
We are not adults we are not kids
And some are being called pigs
We are in between two stages
In school always flicking through pages
We are asked about our future
But then comes a rumor
That’s us teenagers don’t understand
They think we are in dream land
We may not understand
But we do know where we stand
We are just a bunch of boys and girls
Trying to fit into the world
We want to be treated the same
Without being given a name.


Giedre Ponomariova




They say education is most important
Yet my first day of secondary school
I got given out to
Because I had two pairs of earrings in my ears

They say education is most important
Yet they seem more focused
On if we have our hair dyed too colourful
Or if we don’t have acceptable shoes

If they say education is most important
Why does it matter if our skirt isn’t two inches below the knee
Why does it matter if we have a tie that is visible around our collar

Why do we come to school expecting to learn
When they think what’s most important
Is how we look






I wake up everyday,
Wondering what i’m gonna say,
To my friends who ask how you are,
When on the inside you’re falling apart.
As soon as the bell goes I head to class,
Not wanting this day to last.
As soon as you sit down,
The teacher comes around,
She asks you for your work.
You just look at her,
Miss I don’t got it,
Don’t tell me you forgot it,
I did miss, I’m sorry,
I was in a hurry.
I then begin to worry,
And my vision the goes blurry,
The bell then goes,
I leave on my own,
Walking down the ramp,
Wanting to take a nap.
Lunch has arrived,
I’ve gone away to hide,
Not showing up to the next class,
I’m wondering how long ill lasts,
Home time now,
I leave the school grounds,
I arrive at home.
On my own,
I head to my bedroom,
And sit in a darkroom,
Waiting for night to fall,
Saying f*** it all.


Nina Kearney


Invisible Storm


First year was cool and all was well,
But 2nd year and 3rd year were torture and hell.
I hung around with those girls thinking they were my clique,
But really in the end they made me super sick.
They called me annoying, they called me strange.
Do u think I’ve never heard this before?
I know I am okay!
Till this day they act as if everything is fine.
Do they remember what they did to me?
Do they think that I’m alright?
I have this super nice friend that helps me through everything
But really I truly feel like a ship slowly sinking
I have problems going on in life and all this doesn’t help,
Because I know that this invisible storm
Is a never ending tale.




I Want


I just want to fit in
Not trying to be cool
Not trying to be thin

No one will ever be good enough
For what they want
They’ll never love

Expectations are too high
From teachers, parents
And friends passing by

This world looks for perfection
But will never find it
There’s no exceptions

You’re encouraged to do things
That’ll make your head ring
Or get you into a state
Without having a mate

By your side
They’ll never be
There for you when they should be

Maybe someday people will see
That difference is a good quality


Clodagh Burke




Why did we go from nice dresses to slutty messes?
I guess you just don’t know.
How did we come out of honesty to be met with lies and snake eyes?
I guess you just don’t know.
What happened to talking to each other in person?
I guess you just don’t know.
Where did all those real friends go?
I guess you just don’t know.
Since when did we switch our fantas to vodkas?
I guess you just don’t know.
Who cares about women’s rights nowadays?
I guess you just don’t know.
Take me back to when we cared about important affairs
Instead about our hair,
To when it wasn’t either right or wrong,
To when we were so much more headstrong.


Eilis Dunphy


My Poem


We are in school looking a certain way
A catholic way, a ‘respectable’ way
In our uniforms
No piercings, no ‘mad’ hair colors
No make-up.
It’s accepted, our identities being kept hid.

When we go out, there is pressure to look a certain way,
Act a certain way, dress a certain way.
If we don’t follow these ways, these unwritten rules,
If there not followed were made out to be fools,
Then more ways come into play, you have to look, you have to stare,
Make them feel uncomfortable,
They are who they are, but now they’re made vulnerable.

In school we’re taught being different makes you who you are,
We’re taught life would be boring if everyone was the same,
But at the end of the day we’re the ones in uniforms,
Copying the people who have a claim to fame,
Following each other like sheep,
Giving into peer pressure, so much that it follows us outside of school and into the world.
Shaming everyone who steps out of line,
It should be considered a crime.


Georgina Leahy


Hard Knock Life


“Breathe” they say, just keep on smiling.
“’I’m trying, I’m trying”
Why do I feel like it’s harder today?
When someone is out there living in so much more pain.
I have a family and friends who love me.
So why do I feel like there’s so much above me?
When will this pain go?
I’m feeling so alone.
I have so much to live for.
So why do I feel so low?


Nicola Ryan, Sophie Cullen and Niamh Walsh


Feel the Need


I don’t really understand
Why people feel the need to comment
A need to express their opinion not giving a shit
Even if it’s in the moment
Feeling like their view of the subject
Is nothing more than a component
Of the way life should be
Take a second and think about the other person
Completely abusing their perspective
Realising or not if it is effective
Our generation should be respective
Not defective




Sitting in the Dark


One day I woke up
And it was like the whole world had ended
It was so hard
I couldn’t believe what had happened

Tears streaming down my face
Like water coming from a tap
I felt like this was a waste of time
But I couldn’t help it
It hit me so hard

Sitting in the dark
Thinking about all my feelings
And what’s going on all around me
Thinking about how we are told
We live in a perfect world
But really it isn’t
We go through difficult times
All of us do

Staying strong is just so hard
But I won’t give up
I’m not going to let it stop me
From achieving what I want
In life
For I won’t give up
And will keep my head held high


Eimear Dooley


Finding Love


All I want
Is nothing more,
Than for someone to love me
Someone I adore.
Don’t look at my face, my race, my weight,
Just learn about me
We have enough on our plate.


Nicola Ryan, Sophie Cullen and Niamh Walsh




Every time I see his face
My usual frown would leave no trace

My heart beats
All I’m thinkin is of us under the sheets

When he shows a smile
My brain stops working for a while

When he gets my number
I could recite it in my slumber

The flirting happens online
His ‘great’ personality starts to shine

As I am falling in love
Reality gives a hard shove

He tells me we are done
And I think of all the lies he has spun




You Feel


You feel like you have to
He says he wants it
You can’t find the strength
To tell him you’re through

He says it won’t be sore
You’re on your own
No one will hear your roar

Can you say no
You’ve gone too far
It’s too late to tell him
How far to go

You feel sick to the core
Its already done
Your trying your hardest
Not to be found in the Nore




The Say


They say I’m not good enough
They say I should leave
They say I’m a waste
But all I am is someone trying to grieve

They whisper about my cuts
They whisper about my life
They whisper about addiction
But all I am is someone with a knife

They shout about my family
They shout about my weight
They shout about friends
But all I am is someone running from the hate




I am


I am not perfect,
My past haunts me
And no one can see,
I don’t show
Because I don’t want certain people to know,
What I have done
There is nowhere to run,
From the past that haunts me
Even when I am carefree,
I am not writing about depression
Though you may question,
My existence,
My worth
Ever since birth,
Not wanting to go to school
Because of how cruel,
Everybody is
And it’s bizarre.




Double Spanish


We hate double Spanish
We wish it could banish
They’ll all get a fright
They won’t do it twice
If they’re willing sacrifice
And they give us our asking price
Then we’ll be nice


Niamh Bateman and Zoe Neary




Pain, gain, I cannot complain
You telling me I’m insane
But I know you came
To tell me “I love you”
For my insecure brain
You take me to your room
Make me think I look like a prune
I know u a liar, sneaky little liar
Making me feel loved one minute
And making me feel worthless
It’s never gonna change
Your wrecking my brain
Just saying
I ain’t insane


Ava Fitzgerald




Treat me like an adult,
Not based on my results.
I wanna be free,
Just leave me be.
I like my Nutella,
So I’m gonna eat it.
So all you skinny b*****s,
Better go and beat it!
I love my mom,
She is the bomb.
Stop judging me,
There’s more to see.


Nicola Ryan, Sophie Cullen and Niamh Walsh