St. Vincent’s Secondary School, Cork

Gender Equality


Why does the word gender define men from women?
Why is there such a divide in equal pay?
Why are we told that there’s no such thing as a man’s world?
But in reality a women’s pay can be flushed away,
They earn a fraction of what a man earns for doing the same job,
Their pay is spun around, in and out like a cotton swab,
When will we see the day that a women’s pay will be equal and fair,
Not for a while I’m guessing,
So we women will keep on protesting


Chloe and Orla


What’s the Rush?


The days are hard and long when in school,
Fail one exam and you’re told you’re a fool,
The expectations that they put on us can be quite cruel.

From the minute you walk in the door,
Your imagination is no more,
You aren’t allowed to think as creatively as before.

Because it’s wrong.
This is the reason people feel like they don’t belong,
These things that we are thought are meant to be ‘lifelong’

We’re thought how to find the X of this and that,
And if we call the wrong answer – we’re looked at like a twat.

Tell me, what’s reassuring about that?
“Know your languages” English, French and Irish,
Refuse to do so, “well that’s just childish”
“Schools almost over, time to grow up!”

I’m only sixteen, what’s the rush?


Rebecca and Chloe



Education basically run by this screwed nation
This run down, beaten up, Irish state.
It’s the number one station to go to your location.
Pick up a ticket and learn your fate.
Including the space station for people a victim of emigration,
Suck it up in line beside your nearest rival
Of course there is no explanation to why we need education.
I think it’s an imitation of survival.
Of course it’s the arrival to an occupation,
Just another brick in the wall, a reason to fall
One more statistic to add to the population.
One more voice to add to the nations call
Education is just another form
Of state funded intellectual deceleration.

Ralia-Linda Vandyoussefi





It started with a look on the street
When she was 13 just developing and growing;
Now she’s terrified to go out with even a little skin showing

“Don’t worry, love, he meant nothing by it”
Still she had no idea why it
Was unacceptable to go out in skirts past half 8
But yet her brother could stay out late?

But then again, his clothes wouldn’t determine his worth
She’d be gazed upon by the scum of the earth
Drunken old men passing this young woman
After all she was an object, not a human.

Any nice new outfit was accompanied by yells
From men in streets which fed her doubts,
That maybe she wasn’t worth the love that she wanted
And all she was an animal, hunted.

All the boys she’s loved she’s felt unworthy of,
Even when they’ve shown her their love.
She thought they only wanted her body
She never thought she’d be loved by somebody.

See even with every sincere compliment comes the worry
That the giver of it was in a hurry
To get more more, more and more
But if she gave it she’d be branded a w****

After all, every female is a thing, right?
Worth nothing more than a quick fling, right?
But that’s not true, she was so much more
Than anything that could ever make her a w****
She was smart, she was kind, and she sure was strong
To put up with the wretched cat-calling that long.




The Fear of Night


The journey I’ve been through has been the worst
I was starting to think I was cursed
For years I’ve been feeling the same
Everyone else besides me was to blame

Thoughts lurk at night
I can’t sleep but I think I’ll be alright

When I wake in the morning I think of the night
All my fears I get a fright
I get the strength to make it through the day
Put on a smile fake it away
It will be okay I can make my way
Hopefully the thoughts will go away

I think again about when I will lay in bed
All the thoughts are still in my head

All the same
And endless cycle
Will I ever win this game?




Past Love


She cried each night,
Wondering if she might
Fall for the one, who lost her trust,
He came back to town with a must
To get her back, win her trust.
He wondered out loud if she would come back
He watched her walk by, hair swaying behind her.
What he didn’t know, she wasn’t the girl he was looking for.




Our Favourite Sport


When I pick up that basketball
I feel like Jordan standing 6 feet tall
I’m like Steph Curry with the 3-point shot
You can’t stop me coz my hand is so hot
Even though I play ball
As I’m a woman I don’t get mentioned at all
Skylar Diggins, Elena Della Donne
Where the hell are the rest of them gone
Men overpower women when it comes to the world of sport
No matter how much we try we still get no support
Even though we get no respect
We still play our game as it has no effect
On the way we play up and down that court
We will never stop playing basketball


Leah O’Mahony


It’s Okay


Life is crazy
You never know what could happen next
Its unpredictable
Day in day out fighting for something you were told to be
No freedom, just orders.
You gotta think this way, dress that way
Or your less
You gotta push for what you want
Smile when it’s the hardest
Cry when your happy
Let everything out
You never know
That one day all this will just be a distant memory
And that we will all be in the oblivion
Wondering why we were even put on this cruel earth
We do what we do and gotta do what we love
Follow your heart
Trust no one
Believe in yourself
And always strive to do the best
Not for others
But for you
Because you are awesome
Because you gotta do you
Things are gonna change
Not everyone is gonna love you
But it’s up to you to decide what’s gonna break you
Or what’s gonna make you
It’s always one
Forget what doesn’t matter
Good things will come and bad things are always there
Just learn to face the odds of life

And I promise you everything’s gonna be okay.


Asah Asikin




Moved to Knocknaheeny when I was 10 years old
Walked around with the girls and seen some people getting stoned.
Early in the morning, it was bright going for a walk in the
Park and seeing needles on the floor wasn’t quite right.
Starting from a young age seemed to be cool,
Then you see the teenagers dropping out of school.
Growing up in a place like this,
Whenever you turn a corner all you hear is “Gis a Kiss”.
But now we are older, looking back on those times,
Wondering how people committed such crimes.
This place will always be the same,
Sit Back and watch these people
Try get their lives back on track.


Shauna Sheehan




I have this friend who is irresponsible,
She has a problem which is unstoppable.
She tends to drink an unhealthy amount,
And any boy she sees she’ll pounce.

She is only 14 years old and skips school,
Because of this she gets a lot of ridicule.
She drops friends like she drops bottles,
These friends with whom she has a lot of battles.
She is only 14 years old.




After School


Fridays after school
Saturdays all day
What else to do but drink
Our weekends away.
3 o’clock were sober,
7 o’clock no more
Then at 11 go stumbling in the door.
Lost my education,
the drink is suffocating.
Oh how I’d love to go back
And get my education!


Ava Collins, Sarah Tobin and Sarah-Kate Sheehan


Sixteen Years


Come July I’ll be sixteen years
Throughout this time I’ve shed a lot of tears
Trying to keep with all these fights
Went through all these endless nights
Having to walk away on my own
Luckily I had a friend
I could ring went I got home
Nine years later we are still friends
We have made all this way even with a lot of bends
The bullies are all gone and left behind
I have changed them I’ve made them kind
Now I’m older I’m ready to shine.


Katelynne O’Sullivan




Life as a female baller
When it comes to basketball
Why is there no mention of women at all?
All they wanna do is play ball
Candace Parker? Not a mention
Stephen Curry getting all the attention
But cut women out with ‘no intention’
Men feature in a sports magazine
Flick through the pages, not a woman to be seen
Stadiums packed for an NBA game
Yet for the women it’s never the same
Society is the one to blame
*Mic drop*


Laura Morrissey and Zoe Mulcahy


Every Day’s an Adventure When I Draw


I love drawing
I love entering a colourful world
I draw me and all my friends doing fun things
And going on adventures every day
Every day’s a fun day when I draw
We go out and go to school in America
We travel to different imaginative worlds
I can go anywhere with my imagination


Anna Stack


The Three R’s


Go for green be on the school team,
Throw the litter in the bin or it will be a sin,
So don’t be mean be on the green team,
Don’t refuse, recycle and reuse.
Pick up a plastic bag,
Let’s get our green flag.
There is a lot of pollution let’s find a solution,
For the next generation and a happier population,
Reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Sarah Constant



Why is school such an obligation.
It’s also like a substance
To your life, it’s like pointing a knife
To someone with an accusation,
It’s something you can’t call a cancellation too,
But there’s still no conformation.
It’s almost like a destination,
To elimination.


Hazel Forde and Ralia


First Day of Primary School


The first day of school can be hard for mom and dad.
When my mom woke me up for school
It felt like a dream come true.
That first day getting dressed for school,
I felt like a princess getting ready.
I still remember my dad holding my hand
And taking me to school and giving me advice not to mess in class.
I was really happy but I could see the tears in mom’s eyes.
As I entered the classroom I could see the smile on the boy’s faces
Because I was the first girl to enter the class room.
The sound of the bell was everything to us it was my favorite.
At break time I made a friend her name was Asha and she is still my friend.
When the last bell rang I felt like I have been released from jail.
All the students had a such a great smile on their faces.
When I saw my dad I felt a sudden pound in my heart.
Eyes feeling so numb not being able to cry.
I ran and gave him the tightest hug feeling like my last.


Shanzay Rashid




When we went to Kenmare
It was terrible from the start
First I felt sick on the way
I had to get out of the bus.
The bus almost fell off the road
There was so much mud
My shoes almost fell off
And got full of what I hope was mud
And not the other brown goo that’s found on farms.
The farm was in was in the middle of nowhere
And I got submerged in muddy water
The only good thing was the BBQ at the end


Gemma Mason


This Poem


The Cork boys we know are so overrated,
This poem is telling you why we are frustrated,
It started out as me and a boy
Until he used me like a toy
I thought he really liked me
Until I began to see texts on my friend’s phone,
She said he won’t leave her alone.
I thought I’d get him back
By going off with his older brother Zack,
But that didn’t work
He only wanted to see me twerk
I got a name of being a slag
When the only thing I’ve sucked is an Efag
At the end of this I’m happy to say
I eventually came out gay.


Meg O’Donoghue, Lauryn Blessing and Caitlin O’Sullivan