Lusk Community College, Dublin

Brick Walls


Have you ever tried talking to authoritative brick walls
Whose oblivious suggestions unintentionally appall?
If you ever distrust a brick wall that dispossesses your head
Do you think there would be anything relevant said?
Is there also brick walls that always meet at corners?
“Who should go farther”, they argue and block all the porters
Block all the porters from shipping our thoughts
To think it would reach its destination. Foolish thoughts I have brought.

Boats honk all their horns, at the brick wall that comes crashing
Down, and take those whose passing.
A debate with a brick wall is a better idea
Than spending your lives to a plea
To the brick wall.
Its ignorance will never fall.


Darren Aragones


Our Generation for Young Girls


I’m sick of being afraid to leave the house in clothes that are a bit too tight
I’m sick of having to learn how to protect myself in case I get in a fight
I’m tired of being afraid to get into a relationship in case it ends with sex
I’m tired of comforting my friend who keeps crying over her worthless ex
I’m done with trying to force myself to drink or smoke to fit in
I’m done with worrying about stupid little things like a double chin
The society that we are living in is so twisted and screwed
It’s up to our generation to fix I conclude.


Amy Penrose


On the Railway Track


The screech of the train wakes me up,
I lie there still.
Tea and sugar in my cup,
A long walk up the hill.

Loose change and return tickets,
Strangers on the platform.
An empty bottle on the ground,
I have the urge to kick it.

Lucky to get the last seat,
The train pulls off.
Rubbish and chewing gum beneath my feet,
A frail woman turns to cough.

Time goes by,
Impatient businessmen
Angrily sigh.

A chip in the window
breaks into a crack,
Another Suicide attempt
on the railway track.


Niamh Rafferty


Delighted Filth


Ketchup squeeze,
Through yellow teeth a worn out cross,
Thrown and beaten with money and drawn with means.
Ripped jeans and general violent bliss,
That wails and floats and bleeds through a blind smile.
Of money and violence and sexes and sex
Non other have crossed and vexed into a gravity apex
Of hate and love and rape
It falls it floats it’s your scrape it’s your crawl
Fixation on what is impossible and crass
Moving on the land like a neon map
A damp cramp of desire
The crust the rust and rampant disgust
Head to the ground the dirt and worth
Is misinterpreted tilth
I am the delighted filth


Dualtagh Leahy Furlong




So many of us look at somebody and take them at face value,
We are so quick to perceive, so quick to judge
Our opinions are on how we look and our initial instinct is to devalue
We don’t look beneath the layers of the Penny’s clothes or the fake Nike air-max
Do you know the girl you slag who wears charity clothes on her back?
Her family are Barley above the line and are swimming in property tax.

This boy, you know the one you abuse for not having the iPhone 7?
He works nine hours a day in the local deli
He leaves straight after school with no break and arrives home at eleven.
His mother’s an alcoholic, his fathers an abusive man
And you have the nerve to scream at him because he doesn’t meet the apparent society standard
You know this job he has, he has it to take care of his little baby sister.

Dig deeper then layers that is beneath the council dinners
And search for more than wealth and money
Because it’s who we are and what we stand for that really makes a winner.
There is always more than what meets the eye when it comes to and individual
There are stories and hardships of each of our lives
So open up their books and take a look at the stories
That make the unique and take a look at yourself before the next time you speak






The moment felt like a dream
Something surreal, not real
Un-imaginable to me
I turned my head
Big headlights engulf my vision
Still felt like a dream
Only I couldn’t stand on my own f***ing feet
He exits his vehicle
Shouting at me, while I struggle to breathe
Is this a dream?
Or am I dead.
To this day I can’t seem to get it around my head
Am I still living in this dream
Will it ever end?


Roisin Scott




They say it’s okay.
At the end of the day, you’ll want to see it fade away.
Discrimination, it’s just their generation.
The nans and paps, that want you to be a “normal boy”
Even though you’re not.
Makeup and nails are not for males, or so they say.
We’re all equal.
Why can’t you just accept different people?
Is that too much to ask? I think it’s time to leave judgement in the past,
For the sake of the kids, let’s make our society last.


Cathal Finnegan


My Mind


Trapped in the prison of my own mind.
Distant mumbles,
Echoes of the people that just were not my kind.
Those yellow eyed looks,
The creepy midnight calls
From boys that don’t have their own mind.
I just want a boy who can flirt with a line,
A nice line, a kind line.
Any line other than
“That ass is fine.”
Trapped in this prison
Of distant mumbles
Echoes of cat calls
Shadows of the men
I dream of.


Amy Griffin


A Crowded Room


I stand in the middle of the crowded room
Old men trying to flirt
With the 15 year olds,
In miniskirts
And belly tops
8 year old boys pinching girls
For attention,
Immature teenage boys
Flaunt their arrogance in pride,
Draw their bits on walls
Treat girls likes objects
And I think to myself, how,
How has our society
Made it okay to treat girls like dirt,
Treat them like pieces of shit
And I think to myself, disgusted,
As I stand in the middle of the crowded room,
Maybe it’s time to make a stand.


Victoria Kozlov




I am lucky to be here with no fear.
Standing to this day
With my parents saying hey.
You are my world
My heart, my soul
The reason that I lose control.
Standing by their side
With lots of pride.
Keeping it inside
Is hard for me to hide.
Looking everywhere I go
I know I will never be alone.
Friends that have my side
To the times I cried.
I’ll never be alone
In my heart, my soul
The cool places I could go.
Going out with friends
Is the best feeling until the end.
Jumping up and down
Cheering all around.
Happy to be found.
From this day now.


Yana Corr




Dad can you hear me?
Why don’t you reply to me?
Did I do something to make you hate me?
Is that why you walked out on me?
Is that that why you don’t text or call me?
I keep waiting for my phone to light up and your name to shine up,
But it never does,
You’re supposed to be my dad,
You’re supposed to love me,
Not walk out on me
And start a new family,
When I was young I remember asking mam
Will I ever see dad again?
She said don’t stop believing
But it’s too late for dad.


Holly Weldon Hennessy


Unrequited Love


Unrequited love isn’t fair,
It’s not fair I’m in love with the girl with long blonde hair,
I hope one day she may feel the same,
Because it’s a shame I’ll show you such loyalty,
And I’ll treat you like you are royalty.
Unrequited love isn’t fair,
It’s not fair I’m in love with the girl with long blonde hair.




At Home


At home, alone.
Nothing special to show
When the teacher asks me
To hand up my homework
Another long day
Another attempt at a try
A different assignment
Another reason to cry
Is this as good as it gets
Does it ever get better
Page after page
Of letter on letter
Told your work is good
But never outstanding
Friends tell you’re dumb
Landing hard on your bed
After another day of work
You feel your head is tired
Thoughts that lurk
Are you wired this way
Or is there a day where
you can change your future?
I keep telling myself I’m useful
To get told my my friends
That I’m unusual
But I think they are all fools


Declan Lynch Nolan


I am Alone


Waiting for the bus
Talking with my friends
But I am alone
Getting on board
Leaving this kip behind
Going to town
See men in the alleys
I’m with my friends
But I am alone






Life ain’t no picnic
It’s a time of trials and tribulations
Full of lies and desperation
There will be highs there will be lows
People will be kind and people will be cold
You have to deal with pressure from parents and friends
It ain’t easy I can tell you that
But you just gotta deal with it
Cause that’s life
You can be successful but it can be stressful
You can treat school as a free ride but it can bite you later in life
We all deal with shit, it can be tough
But boy, just stand up and be a man
Cause that’s life
Trying do some lovin’
But hey it just ain’t comin’
I just gotta keep on tryin’ until I’m dyin’
It won’t be easy, it’ll be hard
But I’m a fighter, I can tell you that
It probably won’t end well
Cause that’s life


Adam Sheppard

I Hate


I hate the way people wanna be well known for the money
It’s a global issue that I think is pretty funny
It ain’t about the money or the notoriety
It’s about the people and making a difference in society
But, that’s not what people think
And that’s a dangerous thing
Because a stranger, he could turn into your brother
But he’d stab you in the back just to impress his gangs mother
Because his real mother she don’t give a shit about him
So he takes a quick hit just to ease the pain inside him


Daniel McCartney


Bloody Social Justice Warriors


Grow a pair of balls,
Stop claiming sexual harass.
He said Hugh Mungus,
It’s not like he slapped you on the ass.
You’re a whiny little shite,
The guy only gave his opinion,
But you had to make it about you.
Find a reason to start anarchy,
All the time shouting f*** the patriarchy,
The suffragettes must be turning in their graves,
Seeing what they are today.


David O’Leary


It’s Over


There was a day in October
I ran into you
I wasn’t sure if I was sober
But I knew your eyes were blue

You asked for my Snapchat and got too attached
Never thought this relationship even had a catch
Used to talk ’til the morning
Made me feel like you wanted me

It’s over
You used me, abused me, you let me down
It’s over
Controlled me, you owned me, you dragged me down

And now that you’re gone
I’m doing just fine without you
You broke down my walls
Now someone has replaced you

It’s over


Rebekah-May Quinn Branagan, Nicole O’Brien and Aoife Curran




They expect me to be great,
And I’m anything but,
Probably overweight,
And saying I didn’t make the cut.
But then comes the depression,
They all tell me to suck it up,
What I need is a standing ovation,
They all ask me “how’s basketball?”,
But unlike me, the others stand tall,
They expect me to be great,
And I’m anything but,
And here I am talking about it all,
While I shut up.
Good grades, great at sports,
I have none of these,
But what I do have,
Is nothing better than social anxiety,
But what people need to know,
That there is a social diversity.


Tristian M




While your bathroom is spilling with blood,
The tears rush out to make a flood.
As the fear kicks in you start to cry,
As you thread the rope, wanting to die.
As you sit alone in your room night and day,
When someone asks you what’s wrong
You have nothing to say.
Refusing to come to school,
Because bullies make you look like a fool,
This life is hard so it’s okay to cry,
So be in the comfort of loved ones instead of
Saying goodbye


Liam R

Everyone Wants


Everyone wants to be the hardest lad in school,
They think that doing drugs and getting smashed
Actually makes you cool,
Starting on lads cos you’re mashed at a session,
You don’t become hard from pointless aggression,
“I took ketamine last week, I’m so cool”
No one f***ing cares, you sound like a fool.
You’re not a legend just because you sell weed,
Stop trying to be something you’re not, there’s no need.
Just because you go out every week and get absolutely jarred,
Dose not makes you tough or cool and certainly not hard.


Daniel Byrne



Sticks and stones,
Have always broken bones,
And man has used them so.
From placing sticks,
To building with bricks.
We’ve always had land,
And we’ve always been mad.
When we wanted what others had,
Conflict would arise.
From spears and shields,
To tanks with wheels,
War is on top of priority.
Now with these weapons of mass destruction,
Governments only focus on their construction,
And ignore the people.
War is a part of human nature,
And some become war mongering creatures,
But it will never end, until we end.


Jack O’Driscoll


John and the Junkie

Like Shaggy and Scooby, we were smoking a doobie,
Then who did I see, it was John and the junkie,
They were looking kind of funky.
Brian got on all fours;
We were standing at the door.
My heart started racing,
John was pacing.
He got even closer, John right behind him,
An angry face, a square chin.
We tripped the junkie over, there he was lyin’.
On the floor, Brian was cryin’.
He called out for John,
We kept running along,
John was a predator,
Used to be an Editor
For the Irish Times,
Before he committed crimes.
Take a look inside
And you’ll find the scary things in John’s mind.
We kept on running, never looking back,
Not knowing if he was following, he was ready to attack.
We hid in Costcutters,
Beside the butter.
John entered the store, he was looking for me and Sheps,
He didn’t know that Sheps had big biceps.
He flexed on John, scared him away,
We finished the doobie, threw it in the ashtray.


Diyar Suvari


Snake Lane

All you are is a big ginger tree
Thinking you’re all hard big man tee
Big gym lad all you do in tense
In costys you wouldn’t spend a cent
You and your big melon head.




My Poem


Never a clue what to write
I’ll put down this shite

Never a clue what to do
In this kip of a school

Always getting in trouble
They do have me any double

Teachers always the same
This shit will never change




I am Unhappy


I am unhappy because I have to write a poem.
I am unhappy because I have to sit in smelly class with horny teenage boys.
I am unhappy because I have to study subjects that are useless.
I am unhappy that a can’t talk without the fear of being judged.
I am unhappy that I have to hide my true self.
I am unhappy that live in world of unequal rights.
I am unhappy because I’m forced to be happy.
I am unhappy that I’m that I am a teenage boy.
I am unhappy that I have to constantly delete my browsing history.
I am unhappy because I live in world that gives power to narrow minded racists.
I am unhappy I have that I have to lie to people.
I am unhappy because I live in a country ran by blind morons.
I am unhappy with society.
I am unhappy that there are starving children all over the world.
I am unhappy because I can’t study my future career in school.
I am unhappy that we are slowly destroying our planet.
I am unhappy because I can’t do anything about it.
I am unhappy because I am unhappy.


Matthew McCormack

When I Saw that Boy


He made me feel special
No one had the courage to say they loved me,
My heart raced when he said it
But kids laughing in the background.
Why did they laugh?
They thought I was different, not like everyone else.
That’s what he saw in me, not anyone else.
That’s what I liked about him,
But didn’t admit it.
Now I feel sad
But he will all ways be there,
When I need it.


Leah Fitzgerald




We are the one
Don’t need a son
To get unchecked up on the seat.
This is it the apocalypse,
It’s actually quite lit
We gonna die.
We won’t survive.
Jump on your 45
Hit a nose dive
This is the apocalypse,
It’s actually quite lit.


Cian Burke and Ben Murphy


I am


I am unreal at FIFA and Madden.
I am superior to Cian at quick scoping.
I am Ben’s superior in FIFA,
As I’ve beaten him on several occasions.
I was defenseless,
Tree-hugged the electric fences.
I pick a God and worship it.
My stomach full of maggots
And metallic shite.


Ruadhan Mccloskey




Your name is lanky Larry.
You think your great, but your cranky.
You know a view blocks, you share a spilt.
You hop in the Massey, she’s nothing fancy.
You ride your horses up and down.
Take offence because you were riding it at the fence.
So in all your lanky Larry and you’re fairly cranky.




Never Look Back


Once upon a time there was a small girl that was happy,
Then she moved because the school thought she was wacky.

She joined a new school halfway through the year,
And for some reason, this alienated her from her peers.

“You’ll always be weird and you’ll never have friends,”
Thoughts like these stopped her from going on the mend.

Then she got sick and had to get held back,
And let me tell you, she never looked back.

She had friends and learned how to smile,
It’s really a shame that only lasted a while.

The secondary school came and everybody had to be “mature”,
Really, I thought sex and drinks were immature.

Depression hit like a kick to the nuts,
“I must not let myself show it, not even say but”

The only thing that stopped her from taking her own life,
Was the online friends that gave her a little light.

Gaming and Roleplaying,
They gave her a purpose to keep on living.

“If I die now, how will play my OCs?”
If only she knew what she could really see.

Then one day this boy walks up to her,
“Hey, do you want to come to this Anime convention centre?”

And just like that changed,
Good proper friends who smiled as she laughed.

“I may be weird, but they’re just like me”
For the first time ever, she felt free

It took over 15 years for her life to look up,
And boy, she’ll never look back.


Sarah Vago


Not Damn Dumb


At fifteen we are told to choose our fate,
Despite being in a world surrounded by hate,
But we are young,
Not damn dumb,
So we’re treated as kids,
Who don’t know a thing,
Girls judged by their bing,
Or a diamond ring,
So I say,
We are young,
Not damn dumb,
It’s not our time to pay,
For what we believe,
It’s our time to play,
No matter what we perceptive,
So I sing: We are young,
Not, damn, dumb.


Dara Clarke




There are two types of pain,
It doesn’t have to be physical.
It can affect the health of your brain
And can sometimes be abysmal.
You don’t understand it,
Until you’ve felt it.
Because feeling it and seeing it are different things.
Until the phone rings
And that phone that rings brings nothing but bad news,
Because she’s in hospital.
You know there is no time to lose,
And that affects you psychologically
Home alone every day.
When I see her what do I say?
Is she okay?
The feelings have gone astray


Tara Johnson-Slevin


31st of December


31st of December with the boys
Outside the shop trying to get served underage.
The typical Russian lads getting us a six pack
And a couple of extras.
Heading to the lads’ house
Where the last minute FIFA tournament was organized.
The mam and dad tell you to not to get messy and behave
Some of the moths ring and tell us to meet them
And with a few cans in ye
Ye leg it down the road to get them,
With the high heels, tight dresses
You see them walking towards you
Falling all over the place
While they have a bottle of vodka
And a bit of marijuana in the Nike school bag
No there not slags, all there looking for is a s***.
The night was early
And Berny G was just back from the top shop
Going to the shed to get a crate of hot shots,
For the boys in his kitchen
Who were bitchin at the moths
Who wouldn’t bop to the shop
To get some more lolly pops.
After a few pictures to remember the blurry night
The music was bangin
While the mams naggin had gone missing
Down someone’s throat
But make sure to note that we kept the beer coming
Like it was on boat kept us afloat
Until the clock stroke twelve
When we went out to see the fireworks
But they didn’t last long
As we all split up and went our separate ways.
Adam McNally and Padraic McGuinness




The only time I like you is after I smoke a joint
But your nose is so big that it has got a whole different view point.
By the looks of it your face has reached its boiling point
Even in math you can’t even get the midpoint.
You claim you flattened a lad in a county match
But if we were to play a real game
You would be dropped to the floor in shame.
All you do is play minecraft all day
But Pat knows nothing but foul play.
Your best friends is your siblings and dogs
You’re stacking on the pounds now so you should go out for a jog.


Dean Grimes


You Pretend


You pretend you play county to pick up ginger moths.
I get hit with the line “Will you relax?”
Kevin comes out looking for some pics
He is so desperate
He made do with a monkey crossed with human,
All you want is a little bit of muscle
Those pringle cans are more fat than muscle.
The ninja assassin will never come true
Because you’re not even 5 foot 2.
We are only friends because Bernard is your dad
And he is a quality lad,
I never saw a falcon before I saw you.


Luke Codd




Ever wonder why we should succeed,
Because everyone knows the road to success is about who you know,
And when you compare
Who you know
And what you have to show.
There’s no comparison,
Contacts on contacts on contacts,
I may seem repetitive
But if you look closer it’s never competitive.
If you have connections and links
You’ll become someone special,
Otherwise you’ll be put on the brinks.
With no confirmation of failure or success
You’ll be forced to settle
With someone else’s recommendation,
Your destiny is set unless succession the only path,
Ambition and dedication will put contacts in their place,
And people like you and I will become known to the human race.


Jordan Byrne


This Generation


In this f***ed up generation
Where grades determine whether you can play PlayStation
Where dreams and aspirations take a back seat
Because school and grades is how you earn meat
Where the thoughts of living the stereotypical life creates so much fear
But you can’t speak it to please the mothers ear
As you shed a tear cause “shut up that shits impossible”
Maybe just maybe it’s me who can overcome the obstacle


Tiarnan Holland

Life is not Easy


Life is not as easy like in stories
You have to put in the effort to be successful
It may be a bit stressful
You might not succeed on your first attempt
But that doesn’t mean you should ever give up
You should back up and rethink your approach
If you blink you could miss out
So don’t put your hood up
Just have some fun
Eat a chocolate bun with Richard Dunne
And just bop to the beat of wonder wall with Bernie G.


Conor O’Friel




There is much change in the world
Not all bad
Some I am glad
Some take a while to adapt
Others are a disaster from the start
Some changes happen overnight
Others slightly longer
The changes I prefer are ones that occur,
Only when needed




She Lost her Way


She’s just a girl sippin’ on cider
Brain is fuzzy, boots are muddy
She’s lost her way
A w**** they say
Soon she’ll push a baby buggy
Now that girl is far behind her
Back on track, no going back
She’s here to stay
A castaway
Soon she’ll be swimming in money


Bobbi Traynor


Short and Sweet


Yeah so let’s make this short and sweet,
I hate little girls and I hate feet,
Now I’m not trying to be normal,
But you’ll wake up and I’ll hit you with a formal.


Ben Murphy


The Fash


Punching Nazis
Is well, a necessity
Why should I give the benefit of peace
When they wanna to see me dead on the streets
“Loves Trumps Hate”?
Nah f*** that mate
If Nazism could be debated
Hitler would have never made it
So Bash
The Fash


Aaron Jackson


Snake and Bake


You two are both arrogant snakes,
Looking for attention by commenting cakes.
You think your cool posting 100 kg bench,
The truth is my friend Ben is more Hench,
I don’t understand why you always gloat,
Like Adam would say get the boat,
Mr Murphy you think is a gym shark too,
You say you pull moths but look like they’re from the zoo,
You have more hair on your nips than on your balls,
I hope your feelings are ok I was just having the lols.


Dylan Bartolomeu