St Benildus College, Dublin



The lads in school, hiding their childishness,
Scared little boys, trying to masquerade as men
They bury themselves in their lies, too deep and then
We go home; we live our lives, probably until we’re devoid of life.
We’re hiding in our shells, no escape in sight.
We’ll go home, play online, kiss our mother’s goodnight.
And we’ll cry at night, when our true selves surface,
Our armour of masculinity cracked and fades
When the lights go out.

So what?
So what?
So what if I’m what you say “gay”
I’d rather be me and do it my way
It ruins everything each and every time
I’d rather be me instead of as silent as a mime.
So what?
So what if I prefer guys?
It’s better than walking around each day in disguise
Piss off with you callin’ me a “faggot”
I’d rather be off with my mates acting the maggot!
So what?


Mark Plant


My Passion


By chasing a passion,
I’m deemed out of fashion,
Unlike most other teens,
At only sixteen,
My creed is to succeed,
Travelling at high speed,
To soar on the top floor,
Instead of working in the convenient store,
I’m confident I know what I want
If society deems me weird
I’ll let them sneer
So if I adhere
I’m still not clear
On how chasing a passion,
Deems me out of fashion.


Gareth O’ Driscoll


Four-Year Old Me


Looking back at four-year-old me,
People always asking “what will you be?”
Always with pride and confidence
I’d explain my hopeful dreams of being a builder or whatever.

Me being brushed aside for my lack of creation
I found myself chasing my newly found love,
Views of development for the Olympic team
And massive pride as I progress against the nation,
Id developed something, a goal I knew I’d struggle to achieve
Knowing it’d be hard my hopes were high,
Young me had created a castle of glass in my head.
A near impossible thing, but amazing to imagine.

As people said “you’ll never get so far”,
I don’t listen I prove them wrong.
To me they’re just a crack in my castle of glass,
And I being spectacularly competitive
I go out there and give everything I can to just a race

Knowing the disbelievers will be shutting me down,
I forget what they’ve told me and get back to what I do
Signing contracts and chasing up on sponsors
Looking back at four-year-old me
Options are endless, be anything you can be.


Ciaran Keogh


The Outside World


I find it difficult to socialize
I like chemistry but I can’t seem to create it with women.
I realize that I’m lacking in social skills but I’m smart.
The problem is that relationships are more like art.
Too bad there’s no book to learn this stuff.
I can memorize over 300 binary digits
But I still can’t memorize how to interact with other people.


Ben Thornton


What are you Hiding?


What’re you really hidin’?
The tough kid, the rough kid, the shy kid.
You go flaunting all your stuff,
Buying more and more, when is it enough?

You got the big man, Aw yeah, he’s a ledge.
Everyone sees the attitude, but what’s goin on in his head?
There goes the pretty girl, look at her, what a ride.
No-one thinks about what those long sleeves are trying to hide.

Look at the weird kid in full black, what a twat.
You scream, jeer and taunt but for what?
To push him further into the hole he’s trying to climb out of?
So he feels inferior and you reign high above?

Ah! She’s such a hoe, what a s***!
Is anyone gonna ask about the book?
The one she’s writing on the changing industries?
But that’s the side of her no-one wants to see.

The big lad, the macho man, “Oi mate, d’ya think she’s fit?”
He just wants to know about her contouring kit.
He thinks her contour is flawless but he thinks
“No-one’d ever wanna see that on me!”
The effects of societal hypermasculinity.


Vince Palban


Imperfection is a Billion-Dollar Industry


Imperfection is a billion-dollar industry.
Roches in the bank which is raised with bigotry.
Our complaints about our life are considered hyperbole.
The lucky ones get dodgy pills from a pharmacy.
Bullying and pressuring encourage demand.
Never mind the kids dead of their own hand.
Growing to hate the figure in the mirror.
Not realizing the world is trial and error.
“I must learn to love me”
Whether I’m white, Buddhist, feminine or LGBT.


Jack Chester


“A Geek’s Week”


What is it that makes you a geek?
It’s a title given to both men and women.
Well, not all wear glasses and have suspenders,
Maybe its abuse off men that call themselves tough,
Even though they don’t know what stuff you like.
They state ‘queer’, if you’re a guy you’re not cool unless you drink beer or smoke.
I’m here like, dude please tell me that’s a joke.
Man I’m smart, so what? They just say,
“You like chemistry, but you can’t create it with women”.
I look him up and down and say
“Yeah, like you’re a Casanova”.
His face puzzled by this three syllable word,
And then it clicked, finally the planets aligned.
Being called a geek is the best thing.
It’s no insult, it’s a compliment,
And it’s made this geek’s week.


Conor McGreevy

First World Problems


Who cares of your Wi-Fi is down
Or if I you don’t like your £100 shoes because they’re brown?
There are bigger things going on in this earth
People struggling to live since birth
You may think your life is hard
Because daddy didn’t put money on your credit card
You need to understand what’s going on around you
Every night every homeless man trying to get through
So next time you say ,“I don’t like this dinner”
Just remember that poor people are getting thinner and thinner


Mark Fox


Private School


Private school, what a joke
7 grand a year, gugby cheers
Posh fools, want for nothing
Look down on our public schools
Pretentious mothers, queue of SUV’S
Coffee mornings, wives of overweight TDs
Golf on a Sunday, house in the South of France
Equally sure of a stud in the back end of Kildare
Water polo comes as standard
Looking down as a poor man’s bastard
Middle Ireland working 5 days a week 9-5
To send their child to a Catholic dive
Private school, what a joke
No work ethic, never worked hard
Just trying to provide


Eoin McDonagh




Is it for enjoyment?
Well at this moment, all I have a parent saying it’s a waste of talent
Well I haven’t seen this for a long time
Before I had a desire, to raise highest and grab that ball and kick that score
But now when I hear that roar of the whistle?
I think, why?
In our cold late night trainings,
I lack the effort and wonder,


Nail Roe


Purple and Gold


Purple and gold.
Half eight starts, when the pathways are still dark
Broken hurls, broken bones.
You hear the manager groan “go”.
Sprints begin.
This is where the works put in,
End goal in mind,
Social side to the side.
Hail stones batter your shin.
Even thinking about missing one training is a sin.
Hurls broken off your shins.
Being told to take a loss on the chin.

Purple and gold.
Success is measured on Parnell Park dogs
The parish lines out in Wales to cheer on your name
The screech of the whistle,
Chaos gets the go,
But you fell too short, sacrifice for nothing.
All for the purple and gold.


Joe Mulhall


Summer Job


Got a summer job
It was the job
Da was around
He said aloud
Pa: “I’m so proud”
Got two hundred and fifty blips
For fifty hours of shite
He said “pa you interested in this shift”
I said “ye” completely talking shite

Painting smelly flats
Trying to impress the tobacco stinking mishap
Went and bought my first purchase with my first wages.
I bought a fine wine and a 70cl of Tesco vodka.
I decided to venture to a local pitch,
So I get absolutely pissed
With the lads, hope dad was glad.




Comment Section


Comment sections are the war-zone of this generation
You write a compliment and are greeted with “drink bleach” or “die of suffocation”
A barrage of hate for the simplest things
Whilst fat kids on the internet pretend to be rich kings
“KYS, KYS. KYS” that’s all you hear
And the twelve-year-old sits on his phone, in tears
Suicide is the most avoidable death
And once they’re gone the only thing the bully feels is regret
Because once they’re a goner there’s no going back.
Because once they’re a gone there’s no going back.


William O’Shea




School: society’s main ground rule
Sit in a chair all day, no learning, just drool,
Boredom always bored him, no teacher ever adored him
Drugs he never took but meth he knew how to cook
School is just a drug pool, supplied by him the drug mule
Education supplied by our junkie nation
The only place here got him, what court a citation
School! Society’s main drug pool.


Ross West




We as men are emotionally retarded
If you don’t like it, disregard it.
Don’t take what we say personally,
Most of the time we don’t mean what we say literally
But don’t be fooled,
Sometimes you have been schooled.




I Write


I write music, I write lyrics
I write serious songs about serious issues that sometimes involve me in it
They can be first person, or third person, or someone lacking manliness
About love and heartbreak and sometimes happiness
It’s strange I have a great life. I have friends. I’m happy.
But its lyrics that come easily to me when it’s something I haven’t experienced myself
Like when someone finds a perfect book when they’re really looking for a different one on a different shelf.
I share my songs with his cousin. The lads they never hear them.
My music is about love. It’s cringy and soft, always hidden.
The music they listen to is different. It’s fake.
It’s made on a computer with technology not with long hours in a cramped space.
They ask to hear it. They question and say
“Why can’t we hear it?” it’s probably gay”.


Eoin Donnelly




I like chicken
It’s so good its finger lickin’
You can get it in KFC
Chicken is the best to me
You can eat it anywhere
At any time
You can eat it while playing FIFA
Or listening Wiz Khalifa
You can eat it while watching Manchester United who have Pogba
Or watching the Ivory Coast score goals because they have Drogba.
Speaking of Pogba he’s from France
You can also eat chicken just in your pants.


Gary Reid


The Youth


“Gang gang gang” that’s what the youth scream these days.
No more playing games
It’s all about selling drugs at the raves
And putting people in their graves
Now walking into mommy’s kitchen to go
And take a knife out so maybe you can take a life out
1v1s turnings guns v guns.


James Odion


Garlic Cheese Chip


Garlic cheese chips
Even better than a first kiss
I should have taken my time
What u did was a crime
Oh god what have I done
I should have eaten it one by one
Savoured the flavour
I’m such a waster
But no
Dammit I should have eaten it slow


Jason Manguilimotoan


My Da and I


The banks showing up at our house to take it.
We were nearly homeless me, my ma, my da and my sister.
I was only seven when my da moved out
I didn’t see him for a month;
I didn’t know what happened to him.
Then I started seeing him again but he had a new girlfriend,
Who was very mean to me and bullied me and made me feel like s***
Now they have two kids together and exclude me a lot more.
Since they were born my da hasn’t showed up for any of my birthdays,
Not even a cake but he’s had big parties for his other kids and got them huge cakes.
Now my da is very wealthy he owns his own business
But he doesn’t make an effort with me anymore
And he thinks throwing money at me will make up for that,
But no it won’t.
I’m sick of family fights where the guards end up showing up
And it all scares me and I can’t handle it anymore.
I just walk out and they scream at me to come back
But I just keep going cause I don’t want to go back
I don’t feel wanted or loved and I feel replaced.
All I want is a family again,
People I could talk to.
I want to go back to when I got along with my sister
And ma and when i used to do everything with my da
And when we were inseparable
But I guess it’ll always just be a dream.






Hangout hangout.
Goin durin’ lunch,
Me and my mates.
Havin’ the craic,
Havin’ big bants.
Hangout hangout.
We’re goin about,
Now the squads out.


Simi Norkus


Time to Go


Wake up, time to go
It doesn’t matter if you’re feelin’ low

Out the door on your bike, don’t forget to turn off the light
Off to learn a load of useless shite,

Get home and everything seems hazy
But, “get outta that bed, you’re so lazy”

Later on havin’ blaring tune
But, “be back before soon”

Now, it’s time for bed,
Can’t sleep, from everything in your head

Wake up, time to go


Niall Webster


Cheesy Rhymes


Cheese is so Gouda
Cheese is so holy
I usually pray to Buda
I eat it slowly

My favourite is Mozzarella
Please set me free
Let me go, fella
And let my munch my brie




A Butterfly’s Fart


I don’t care about America’s political bullshit
I don’t care about my fucking grades on my ever pointless Junior Cert
I half ass my homework
I half ass my study
I find life is pointless in almost every way
I find hours have passed with me sitting in silence




The Girl


The girl stands there in the
Big blank room,
With a man behind a camera leaning on the zoom.
Stereotyping her career choice makes
He thinks she is dumb,
And peer pressure has led her to eat nothing but chewing gum.
The man looks her up and down,
Before telling her to lose 50 pounds
She runs home to burn the calories,
Of the ‘Tic-Tac’ she lives on
To maintain her salary.
She slowly starves herself to death,
And looks in the mirror as she
Takes her final breath





His name is Jack,
He likes to sit at the back,
He’s really rough,
And acts all tough,
His parents are violent,
So at home he keeps silent,
When he arrives at school he changes,
He becomes dangerous,
And acts like he’s famous.


Shane Geraghty-Dillon & Alex Hughes


Purple Haze


Walking out after getting a fresh chop
It ain’t easy being a boy of fifteen
As I waddle over to the Luas stop
All you can get is a whiff of that green
“What’s up bro have you got any skins?”
It’s the perfect cure to the worst hangover
“Touch that moth again and I’ll break your shins”
Just two young lads, tell them to give over
These kids think they are in some kind of war
They are very unsure of what they need
It is sick, it would shake you to your core
It’s too easy to find a bag of weed
Real gangsters go driving kick ass Jaggies
These kids rollin’ with the wrong baggies


Arron Campbell


All About the Game


Jack Lawless is my name
I’m all about the game
If you’re looking for a fight
You’re in for a rough night
I’m at the top of the gang
And I know you’re a fan
Okay I’m out
I’m going south



Bang, Bang


Bang Bang, people shooting, people dead,
Trump is a c*** and a fucking w*****.
What has this world come to? It’s a bleedin mess.
But Mr. President doesn’t seem stressed.
All he cares about is his suit, his tie and that he is well dressed,
He bans Muslims but they have only caused two deaths?
Is he racist and ignorant, Am I a mind reader sir? I don’t know.
Is the world really a democracy? I don’t know.


Daniel Byrne


Donald Trump


Mr. Donald Trump, your life’s a crash,
You may as well be high on hash,
You’re dumb, stupid and idiotic too,
You should be locked up behind bars in a zoo,
Your ideas art retarded and f****d up too,
Most people have brain cells, but you’re missing a few,
Your wall won’t last, it’ll be knocked down
Hopefully Trump Towers will end up on the ground.
You’re in control of the world,
But to sum up your life, it was just a mistake.

‘Forgotten in time’

‘No you can’t’ she says,
As he grabs the attention, I don’t
Get a mention, detention in my own house
For simply existing.
‘No you can’t’, ‘why?’ he’s not the same.
Here we go again, I hear it all the time,
Yes, I’m fine, with losing out
To a lie, forgotten in time, but yet,
I’m guilty. Why do I hate when he didn’t?
Decide his fate, too late, great, it was me
The whole time.




From the Fight at Home


From the fight at home.
To the fights at school.
From the exams, test, pressure and stress.
Maybe all I want is a chance to digress?
The screams and shouts
How can I be judged on a memory test?
When all I’m doing is trying to be my best.


Michal Korneluk

Just an Average Day


Wake up to the noise of parents and siblings arguing,
Try to ignore the annoying sounds
Though I’m in the same car you’re in.
Drop me off to a place of hell,
I’m sure school did you well,
Just keep talking to yourself mom;
I’ll see you after the bell.
So the bell’s gone off and she promises me,
She’d drive me home.
Oh great now what?
It’s raining and there’s no ride home.
I tried to ring my dad,
But sure he’s always mad,
So I guess I’m kinda glad,
But walkin’ home in the rain,
Can bring a sense of feeling sad.


Isaac Maguire




Are the bricks for the country
Decided by pricks
Who follow the crucifix
And make the public ride their d****
By playing tricks
Acting slick
With quick deceptions
Making us look like lunatics
Sticking out of a row of bricks
Starting conflicts
Bringing us to the river Styx
Will a mix
Of derelicts
Almost like Kubrick’s movies.


Jonathan Daczkowski




School bloody school
Makes me feel like a tool
Early mornings
Aunty is dead, should be mourning
Should be touring
Not barely enduring
Think about the result
Not just the insult,
Obsession with fighting
Solve it with words; with writing
Don’t use your fists
I insist.




Schools Across the Country


In schools across the country,
They tell us how to live our lives,
Meet a girl, get a job and get a house,
But we never learn other ways,
Like not being a corporate Desk jockey,
How we get there is not the problem,
It’s about the work we put in on the way.
Success is not measured by money,
There is no scale to measure success,
What you want in life is what you get,
And a wise man once said,
“When the going gets tough, get going”.