Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny



The silence streams,
Winding its way down blind canals,
Quenching screams behind closed doors.
There’s always a whisper that worms its way through
And from that I believe that all the knowledge in my mind has emerged,
Caught in hushes
Swept among the rushes
And places I wasn’t supposed to be
My person forged from wrong doing and mishap.
I would like to believe that I remember ignorance,
Sweet and open, I would not tremble with folded arms along tightrope
Because once I reached an end, far down the M50 or old country roads
The ground would be secure and I would be warm.
But being the child of the magpie
I could not bury my attraction for the fool’s gold,
Each glimmering nugget baring on my bony back,
Each secret more information than I could enfold in my wings.
I still notice the silence swirling along the brook,
Louder now in spring, with twisted phone lines coiled around my fingers
Dipping their tips to match the tincture of my quiet sorrows-
Hues of every cool shade fit to float away but stuck,
The kind waters will not do me the courtesy of sinking these,
Stuck in my throat I do not need the waves to drown me
The silence itself is enough to cease my creaking chest.
Built of sleepless nights and an unleashed beast
Of all the nightmares I’ve had you’re the worst
Here in person, finally to touch,
Or punch
You clearly did not think of the consequences,
Because at the end of the barrel will be your face
My finger snug resting on the trigger
My heart pumping with exhilaration.
You dare challenge me – lady in white
Not your sweetie, your baby darling doll-face
As my fingers twist around your neck
Your true hue shining through
Bright red and purple and green with envy
A spectrum of spite
Or rather shite judging by the state of you.
And you being the wicked bitch of the east
With magic darker than the inkiest well
Have him under your arm, teasing
With double, bubble, toil and tits
Nothing of substance, simply empty wits and plots in your selfish little head
I wish you dead.


Sarah Kelly


I was a City


I was a city.
My pulse was the buzz and hum of the traffic,
The noise inside me did not silence and the world carried on by,
My heart was synced with the bustle of city life.
My bridges stretched till the ends of skies that never fully darkened.
My city lights shone like stars on earth.
But the power went out.
But my rivers began to freeze, the snow began to fall.
The water ceased to flow, the streets empty.
My blue skies had turned grey
And the earth on which I stood began to move,
The foundations of myself had changed,
Helpless as my skyscrapers fell and my pavements cracked.
Among the wreckage, among the loneliness and silence, came on a light.
A single street lamp, flickering in the dusk of night.


Catherine Forristal



They talk.
They laugh and they giggle as
We gather in a huddle, waiting for
The bell to ring. Imposing and exclusive
As they talk and I remain silent.


They sit.
With their backs straight and proud,
We sit in a circle with food in our hands,
Words spewing forward as they lean in
To hear and they sit and I slouch.


They walk.
Their steps strong and sure, they
Strut down the hall as we go to the next
Class and they jostle and joke as they
Walk and I trail, slightly behind.


They mock.
Cruel slurs stringed together they jeer
And they judge as we sit listlessly
In a free class as they smirk and
They curse as I cringe, and say nothing.


I cry.
I sob and I rage as I lay in my bed
And try to ignore what I witnessed today.
Everyday. So I cry and I hurt as I pray for
Something different tomorrow and they
Laugh, as I cry.


Jessie Oyenuga




Welcome to society,
I hope you enjoy your stay
And please feel free to be yourself,
Only if it the right way
And please love yourself,
Not too much or we’ll tear it down
You can fall in love with anyone you want,
Only if it is the one we choose,
Welcome to society,
We won’t deceive
And one more thing now that your here
There’s no way you’re to leave.


Caragh Smith


The Perfect Profile


Living through a screen.
Comparing, judging
Self-worth based on likes
Your recent profile
Insecurities, Anxieties
Slowly building
Scrolling, scrolling
Passing time
Anonymous users
Immature losers
A world obsessed
A world depressed
Not knowing when
To unplug, switch off
In an endless sea of negativity.
Shutdown, cut down
Put down.
Don’t drown.
It’s okay
To feel this way.
It’s okay to feel.


Sinead Flynn


Until We Meet Again


Inexpressible memories,
Related to you.
I always used to say,
One day I’ll go
In the race of this world, you’ll be alone.
Whenever I felt blue,
You made me beam
At times you teased me too.
When I longed to see you,
You came along
I won’t be lying if I say,
Not one like you that ever I found.


Asra Ahmed


Nation Who Raised Us


So much talk about our awful generation
Too much time on social networking
Need instant gratification
So concerned about how we look
Trying so hard to fit in
Can’t form real relationships

But who raised us?


Aoife Furlong


A Divided Life

Many heartbreaks. Many fights
Many wrongs but so many rights
For it was life her eyes were drinking
From the crone’s wide pair above unwinking
Smoking, drinking, never thinking
Here’s to the superficial players
The ‘I Love You’ too soon sayers
True gangster music
Screwface included
Now all you give is jealous hate
Come on Bab better lose some weight
He’s taught in his school
From the start by the rule


Rebecca Lawton




Sexism ain’t great
She is playing the game,
Long hair swaying aiming for fame
But the sexism ain’t great.
She’s as good as any guy,
But it just ain’t right the way they treating her all she wants to do is fight.
She’s aiming for goal
But no one there to cheer feeling lonely what’s the point in playing on.
No one talks bout how she gonna make it,
Fake it making it feel like all she can do is take it
But that’s not the case, keep up the pace
Cause one day your gonna see a magazine with your face
Running down the field to empty cheers empty hearted
Feeling like when it started,
The sexism ain’t great
All she needs is a little faith.
Keep playing,
Keep praying
One day its gonna change and your gonna be on top,
The sexism ain’t great, but it’s all you’ve got.


Sinead Walshe


Summer of 2016


I was going through the summer of 2016,
I was trynna stay clean but my friends were too mean,
Too keen always up there just trynna make a scene
But one day they got busted, I was feeling disgusted
By all of those I once trusted
Wow, how I thought they would stop someday,
But no, I then realised that they were gonna pay
For all the shit that they started.
They were all broken hearted from their past
But what they didn’t realise is that past didn’t last
And if they stay doing what they’re doing it will all back lash
I could see it in their faces,
They were all full of pain by the mistakes that they created.
But I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t change.
Drowning through depression in this horrible phase
I tried to help but they just wouldn’t take it,
Telling me they were fine but I knew they were faking,
Breaking each and every day, I couldn’t bare it.
I was afraid of what would happen if I left,
So I stayed and I watched them as they committed grand theft
I said nothing, now I know that was wrong,
It didn’t help that I watched them as they cleared the bong,
Listening to that summer song, singing along
And continued to sit there thinking nothing was wrong.




Faith Cure


Saturday night on the way to the session
I’m almost out the door
But then I realised I’ve confession
Sitting in the pew singing with the Bible bashers
All these fakes around me
Makes me want to grind my gnashers
But that’s the thing about Ireland today
We’re all sworn to religion
In the same way
Nobody knows for sure
Why they’re sitting in the chapel
Maybe it’s because they need a faith cure
Eight years old making my Communion
Didn’t know what it meant
Thought it was just a family reunion
All I knew was I got money in my bank
And as for the adults
All they did was drank
Twelve years old taking the pledge
Only thing on their mind
Is ‘my sponsor is some ledge’
Not taking it seriously
Not knowing what it’s about
All these Bible bashers
Making me want to down a bottle of stout
But that’s the thing about Ireland today
We’re all sworn to religion
In the same way
Maybe it’s the media mess
We don’t know for sure
People going to mass the day after the sesh
The only thing on their mind
Is getting the faith cure


Ciara Walsh, Shauna Taylor and Amber Brophy


Lone Wanderer


The streets are dead
He wanders alone
It’s all in his head
Grinding bone against bone
The demons are near
The chase is on
His one dreaded fear
Sleeping before dawn
Shaking, he rolls a joint
Desperate to relieve the pain
Almost at gunpoint
They invade his brain
The fight is over
The demons have won
He is but a pushover
The funeral has begun


Amy O’Connell




There’s a strange satisfaction in tearing yourself apart.
Why is it a surprise the world is the way it is,
When people like myself live in it.
Why do we consider brokenness as a work of art?
Why do I crave things that make me unhappy?
Things that I know I should remove from my life, even if it’s bit by bit.
Yet I don’t. I hold on to those things like my life depends on it.
I’m starting to wonder if it might.
It’s so god damn hard being clean,
When that little voice in your head is so freaking mean.
You know what’s worse than pain?
Feeling so numb all I want to do is pick a fight.
Sometimes with others, mostly with myself.
It’s not so easy being a teen.
This is nobody’s fault but my own.
The feeling of never coming home.






So let’s start drinking
Before we start thinking
Give up smoking?
You gotta be joking!
From the liquor to the drugs
To the police and the thugs
Late nights and street fights
Dirty city, bright lights
Hy-dro, let’s abuse it
Oh, no, that’s techno music
Bored teenagers
Seeing ourselves as strangers
Give me a break I’m just a teenager
I’m automatically attracted to danger




Life is a Bitch


Life’s a bitch
To be popular and cool
So you won’t look like a fool
You have to be rich
Life can be a rollercoaster
Full of twists and turns
Of ups and downs
Like burnt toast in a toaster
But you gotta stay strong don’t frown
Sure life can make you sad
Even if you haven’t done anything bad
Stay afloat, don’t drown.
It’s true, it’s true, life is a bitch
But every problem is just a temporary glitch.


Jane Cass


Precious Moments


Spending time with the Granny,
The resemblance is uncanny,
Reading our kindles,
Then talking about the past,
How long is this mug of tea going to last?
Boiling the kettle once again,
Having some apple tart every now and then,
Smiling with her dimples,
Oh, these times are so simple.






Every week I go to mass,
Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass,
Now and then the sermon makes me happy,
But I want to be with my friends and conclude it’s crappy.
It’s when I’m with my friends I then know,
There is a reason why I go,
That guy called Jesus from the Bible,
He is my f***ing idol.




One Tortured Soul


Why does this have to happen to me?
The whole world fell silent as she screamed and she cried.
Not once in four years has she ever felt truly happy,
Due to the crap that has been thrown into her life.
First it was family, who had left her aside,
To save their own skins and to save their own pride.
Never, she had thought, that one could be so cruel,
To do that to a family member, that was supposed to be loved.
But God wasn’t finished with her yet, oh no.
He threw illnesses, death and destruction her way,
Pushing her down, down, down under the ground
Until that was it, she couldn’t do it anymore.
Her arms became canvases,
Showing the artwork that she had created day in and day out,
Praying for someone to help her out.
No one heard.
Everyone drifted away, like a fish in the current,
Getting dragged far away, away from her pleas.
Every day felt like she was in Hell,
Satan’s assistant, throwing her own soul into the flames,
Forever in Hell, forever indebted to him.
Every day that she lived was another day that she had failed the attempt,
The attempt to enter the pain relieving darkness from which there is no return.
Hatred, anger, sadness and defeat was all she felt.
Why does this have to happen to me?
She suffered each day, in her own world of unbelievable torture and pain.
Never to get out, never to leave.
Or so she thought.
Until that one faithful day, where the birds were singing and the sun gleaming,
She finally was able to escape.
That beloved rope that she owed so much to was finally able to hold her weight.
She had saved herself for once, all on her own.


Faith O’Neill


No Regrets


She laughed as she blew his head to pieces
Smirked with dark eyes
As black as her soul but when she goes home,
When she sees this that’s when she will know.

She giggled, scattered blood on the alter
Delight in her eyes as she eyed my dress
Once a symbol of cleanliness, innocence pure
Now stained with a darkness that cannot be cured

Like the darkness that lies in my heart
Unnoticed, unseen. Forgotten
Though it rises up and creeps into my heart
And forces me to remember

So I thank her for shredding his brain
For rubbing herself on the man I call dad
Displaying herself for the s*** she is I
Thank her, for opening my eyes, for
Showing me who I really am

She sees that thanks, that joyful
Acceptance in my eyes as my deep stare
Jerks her awake, and she stares and I smile and she screams
As I thank her. And she dies.


Jessie Oyenuga



I love gossip
Even though we’re always told not to spread it
Or not to tell tales and stories about other people
But it’s just easier to talk about others than it is to talk about yourself
And it fills those awkward pauses
When the conversation is slipping away like sand between your fingers
So you try your best to save it
And I know that whispering about others isn’t what true friendships are made of
But the friendships portrayed on TV are few and hard to come by
Superficial friendships seem to be the new norm
And it feels good to see the shock or disbelief on someone else’s face
As you nod your head knowingly
“I know i couldn’t believe it either”
“She’s so bad”
“Would’ve never seen it coming”
And it feels good
Like you’ve given them a present
And the conversation has a new electricity
Injected into it
At a cost?
Everyone loves gossip
“She shouldn’t have done it if she didn’t want it to spread”
But they’ll never find out you said it, you’ll never get caught
And you start your sentence with “right so Katie told me that she heard that…”
Just to make yourself feel less guilty
Cover your back
And you keep whispering feverishly
Trying to spit out every shocking detail
It’s like playing with fire in a way
Because deep down we know how awful it would feel if it was us being spoken about
But the conversation was lagging
You had to save it,
The fear of being branded dry, boring looms over you
Superficial friendships are all about keeping your subjects interested
“But don’t tell anyone I told you this”
And they nod their head
“Oh my god, of course not, don’t worry, I understand”
But sure everyone says that
She’ll tell her friends no doubt
Ah besides
In a few days everyone will probably know
And it will be old news and something new will have come about






Lately boys think we’re toys,
And that we don’t have feelings
If we show a bitta skin
They think it’s a sin.
We get called easy and sleazy
And we know it’s just teasing
But our walls are thin
It hurts and girls feel the worst
You see boys have it nice
Getting praise for getting laid
They only used us
To getting inside the bus.


Eimear and Nicole


Growing Up


One day we’ll be on our way
Packing our bags and going away
Dying our hair to prevent going grey

We’ll graduate from school
Then well move to Liverpool
I’ll work all day. Life is cruel.

Then we’ll retire
Spend our evenings by the fire
After sing in the local choir

Your life will run by
Then comes the good byes
Because one day you’ll die




The Chronicles of Life


My name is Ellie
I have a big belly
Because I like jelly
Sometimes I eat it out of my welly
But then it’s kinda smelly
So I prefer to eat it at the deli
With my friend Kelly
And then I go home and watched some telly
And eat a bowl of tagliatelle

My name is Ella
I like watching Cinderella
On the sofa with my fella
Eating some nutella
With a blob of mozzarella
And when I have mouth ulcers I use bongela
I like long walks with my dog: Marcella
Underneath a red umbrella

My name is Clare
I have fair hair
I love eating pears
But I never share
And I just don’t care
So screw that b###h I’m already there
because I have health care

My name is Pierre
I own nightwear
I’m based in Kildare
I own a koala bear
And I have to buy him product of skincare
Because his itchy arm is a nightmare
And I work in the department of health education and welfare


Mariosa Ellie Alicia Ciara




Why are women less than men?
Why are the poorest countries are in war?
Why people with different skin colors different to the rest?
Questions that don’t have answer because we don’t want to find them.
We only talk about what should we do about it.
But talking is not acting.
Let’s change the world without making a war.
Let’s find a smile on people full of tears.
Let’s leave your fears with the years.
And don’t be afraid to show yourself.


Blanca Marroquin


Lessons on Life


Do I look fat?
Should I call him back?
Wear my hair like that?
Just be who you are

Where are you from? must be heaven
You will be rich if looking good it is your profession
I’m not talking about you
I’m talking to my own reflection

Don’t spend 10 hours in the mirror,
Just show your smile clearer.
Don’t need make-up, to cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough.

Don’t change yourself
About what the people say
Just look at you
And don’t be afraid.


Sara Ronda




We are the expectations,
The new found creations,
Past mistakes solution,
We are society
The shaped reality,
The so called norm,
Of a perfect form
This is where you receive hate,
And take the bait,
But it’s time to set it straight
We are unique,
Not a freak
We are beautiful,
Please it’s irrefutable
We are us!


Denise Sheehan


Hiding Our Fears


We our stuck in a corner feeling cold
Reaching for help from the ones they call ‘old’
Eventually we struggle up
Get our clothes on and tell ourselves to man up
Hiding our fears inside
No words can describe
They tell us we will be ok
But really we decay away in our own special way
Bell rings
We go home
To find ourselves stuck in the phones
I get up again
To find I have to start the day all over again.




In the Race


I am in the house and everyone shouts
But all I want to do is peace and pout
Everyone telling me to get off my phone
But then I tell them I don’t want to be alone
Time will pass and the time will come
To see those people. I need to run
I hide behind the expression on my face
But deep inside I’m losing the race.


Holly Moore

Catalunya Independiente


Queremos la independencia,
Tenemos paciencia
Algun dia se nos va a gastar
Y nos vamos a rebelar
Vamos a conseguirlo
Y vamos a dividirlo
Esta poesia es tan buena
Como una ballena.


Paula Garcia


Time Does Not Heal All


The bleeding will stop
The wounds will heal
The scars will form
And all your problems will still be there.




What I Hate


I hate your hair
I hate when you stare
I hate your eyes
I hate your cheap lies
I hate how you look
And how you won’t touch a book
I hate your charm
And tattoos on your arm
I hate your smile
And you’re really bad style
I hate your wit
And how our hands seem to fit
I hate how you make me feel
And the things you conceal
What I hate most of all
Is how I don’t hate you at all




The Dancing Loogie


Its running, my nose
Just like a garden hose
I give a big sniffle
My nose starts to whistle
I pull out a tissue
What is the issue
I blow out a big loogie
Then it starts boogie
I watch it dance
I’m cringing in my pants
I can’t believe my eyes
it’s such a surprise
its sweeter than sugar
it’s my beloved bugger


Saoirse Davis




You just do not know me
I love pepperoni
The lovely first bite
it’s such a delight
I then smack my lips
It’ll go straight to the hips
Just close your eyes
It smells like mince pies
Then once you swallow
You’re drowning in sorrow
After a few slices have passed
My tummy’s ready for a cast
When the last slice is near
My eye sheds a tear
My face goes white
And I have to take a shite.


Saoirse Davis




Society is unfair, but doesn’t have to be
If you flaunt your quirks or choose to see,
That the world is your oyster, so grab it by the neck,
And tell it, that you’ll be yourself and you don’t need to be checked, to see
If your skirt is too short or your shoes aren’t in trend
Because why does it really matter, when there’s always an end
Because we know it’s hard in this world to live a life,
And we know that we don’t have much time.
Because if we have to look a certain way,
And look like that for eternity,
Is there really a point? To laugh? To cry?
To look as we want,
And feel like we don’t always have to try.




Hard Wire


Reason is down to decision.
Decision is down to reason.
Where? Family How? Family Who? Family How? Family
Belief is the ultimate barrier.


Caoimhe Murphy


Justin Bieber


I idolize a lot of celebrities but the one I think gets the most shit is Justin Bieber.
I can already feel the eye rolls and people skipping on,
But I’m going to write it anyway because I’ve got a lot to say.
I thought the hate would die down as soon as the apologies came
Turns out I was wrong that only fueled the fire.
“He didn’t mean it”, “he’s a liar, “it’s all for show”,
But did you know, it was partially your fault
That he acted that way getting hate left, right, and center day by day.
And for what? Cause he had it all?
Let me tell you something, having it all was his greatest downfall.
What if I told you he was almost at deaths door?
It became so harsh he felt life wasn’t worth living no more.
He was found at 12, signed by 14.
By 16 he was on tour,18 he was almost broken.
19 he was a mess, by 20 completely broken.
I wish the truth was more spoken.
Having everything sometimes means you have nothing.
Have money, cars, girls can only do so much
Before you realize you’re empty and you might just give up.
That’s just the half of it I’m sure there’s more that goes unheard.
If you want to view him as you believe
Just make sure you have facts to build an opinion or else leave.
All the good he does, the charity work, the saving lives, making dreams come true.
The media doesn’t cover that I bet that’s new to you.
I see him as a hero without a cape.
A representation that if you fall
You can get back up you have to have the strength to see that your worth so much more.
He taught me to believe and that’s why I have strength.
He helped us find our purpose because he finally found his.
I could go on but for that I’d have to write a book
I hope this poem gives you all a better sight and for my boy I’ll always put up a fight.
We will put up a fight because we know what’s right.


Clio Walsh


A Peanuts Life


A peanut sat on the railway track,
His heart was all a flutter.
Along came a train at 9:15,
TOOT TOOT!! Peanut butter






Back stabbers who hiss,
Slithering around town.
Searching for prey,
Until innocent are found.
They steal your man.
Little do you know,
That this scaly creature could
Be sitting right beside you.


Annie Maher




Bumps, that’s how it goes. Glance, that’s how it shows.
No filter, my embarrassment. No reality, my assassination.
Witch; “best of us all” that’s when I first knew.
Too clueless and dreamy to fully absorb. No tears, never was.
Too different to know otherwise. No reality, till secondary.
Every decision, a collision.
A victim is one who can’t make the decision or control the discipline and in verity;
Is only the popular interpretation,
Wrong; victim is one of decision, victim is one subject to others, society, teachings.
“Easy life, Easy love, Easy”.
I can’t possibly begin to fathom your thinking
Forever cloudy minded.




My Life, My Worries


I am not as smart as all my friends
I just can’t wait for the day to end,
When I’m in school I get so bummed out,
I have no idea what they’re talking about.
They sit there all day, they study hard at their own accord,
My mind skips the words like a broken record.
My heart skips a beat, my minds in a mess,
But even then after school, I’m still so stressed.




My 7 Dogs and 2 Cats
Freckles, Rose, Tiny, Ernie, Buddy, Roxy, Nelly, Peanut, Purry


Freckles has freckles
Rose is like a sheep and has attitude
Tiny has such a temper on him
He hates Freckles
Ernie likes having ankles for dinner
Buddy is as fat as a barrel
Roxy is always jealous
Nelly is a miniature Alsatian
Peanut hates Purry
Purry goes dating at night
At the end of the day, they all love each other
I couldn’t imagine our house without animals
The house would just be dead with no animals


Kate Millett


My Parents


Did everything together
Been through everything together
Supported each other through everything
Loved each other
Taught each other things that we never forgot
Shared secrets
Never went to bed after an argument
Shared food together
Sometimes, there would be skin, hair and nails flying
We’d then make up
Stood up for each other
Sometimes our house would be a warzone
Mum was like my GP for free
Dad was like my Driving instructor and mechanic for free
I keep dreaming about seeing them again
I hope it comes true and is a dream.
R.I.P Mum and Dad


Kate Millett

Where I Live


I live in a place where
The boys and the girls I have to face
Laughing and joking at a non-stopping pace
Where I look from afar
I wonder why I don’t get the joke cause I’m stuck in a car
The car isn’t driving its up in my head
I can’t feel my body I feel like I’m dead.


Holly and Dinara



The Pitch


Step on the pitch and hear the whistle go,
First thought comes to mind, get the ball and go.

Tackles flying here, tackles flying there,
It seems like the ball is never in the air.

Coaches are going mad on the line,
And by halftime the score lines not fine.

Halftime chats come and changes are made,
Its time to show them that we aren’t afraid.

Ten minutes left and we are 2 points down,
Its time to step up and turn the match around.

With two minutes left we up it to win,
We’ll always remember the day we won it in the last min.




I Hate


I hate the sound of clicking pens
I hate the sound of clicking pens
I hate the sound of you,
Your voice just goes right through my head,
Making noise is all you do.
I hear it from a mile away
That awful, shrieking sound,
The dread floods through me like a river,
When I know that you’re around.
I can’t help but think
How peaceful life would be,
If you didn’t stamp around the place
Constantly annoying me.
I hate the way you chew your food,
Mouth open wide at lunch,
Your lips smack that dirty food
With an irritating crunch.
I find myself comparing you
To wild and peculiar creatures,
A cheeky clueless gorilla face
Is one of your most flattering features.
I don’t really know how this became about you,
But I guess this needs to come to an end,
I suppose I also hate
The sound of clicking pens


Ella Richardson and Sophie Shine


What We Are


We are the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life.
Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world’s creatures.
As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react.
Every decision that we make leads us down a different road.
We will never come to exactly the same crossroads.
Every decision that we make has significance.


Ana Martinez


Our Generation


Social media, sexualisation and the selfie generation.
With a lack of imagination, innovation and creation.
No motivation or determination
Just a nation too caught up in this miscommunication.
Teens wasting their lives on screens,
Obsessing over memes instead of searching for their dreams.
Texts replacing talking, sexts substituting flirting.
Dudes asking for nudes,
Your friends depends on what fashion trends are ‘cool’.
A broken mirror of slagging and bragging
Facebook, Twitter, and judged looks
Instagram and Snapchat scams.
Of awkwardness and broken confidence
Warped selfies, broken images of our broken selves.

Psychiatrists are expensive, why can’t you just talk to us?
You don’t understand, it’s not that I don’t trust you
The fact of the matter is that I just don’t know how I feel
I know I’m the trouble child and I wish this wasn’t real
It’s hard for them to really understand
But I don’t get it either I want to feel normal without popping Xanax
I really need a breather
Away from this life but I don’t get a choice
The stigma is there but it’s time to raise your voice
What’s in my head does not define me
The help is there and with my friends beside me
I hope to get better there is still a lot of time
But right now as write this poem, I will shake and cry
Anxiety is not a choice
And I wish it would go away
But I don’t really get to have my say
I have to live my life regardless of if its hard
Panic attacks may hold me back but
Ironically if I drown I’m a qualified lifeguard.





And boiled.
However you like your eggs.
It all tastes the same!
‘Just try it!’ you exclaim.
But I’m not ashamed to say
I’d rather break both my legs
Wow I do hate eggs.


Leah Brennan




Creamy Trom
Where you from?
Snap me
House party
Send nudes
Sup dudes
What you at?
Rubbin me cat
Wha bou you?
Few lovely cans
Blurry pic
Blurry night
Meet my friend?
Catch me outside how bou dat???




Drops on My Face


Drops on my face, it’s not raining
Stress of life and my soul I feel draining
In school I feel like I’m faking my smile
Just thinking how I want to sleep for a while
One of the few who dread the end of school
Bell rings, wishing I was somehow cool
I feel like I’m taking up so much space,
I’d give the whole world up for a pretty face


Caoilin Mcloughlin




School is a joke
Rules are a joke
Law is a joke
Authority is a joke
Discrimination is a joke
Racism is a joke
Sexism is a joke
Superiority is a joke
Expectations are a joke
Responsibilities are a joke
Society is a joke
Life is a joke.






If I decide the path you want for me, isn’t for me, am I rebellious?
If I draw on my hands, do I belong in a mental institution?
If I refuse to let you treat me like a slave, am I disobedient?
If I cry at night, am I suffering from depression?
Don’t turn your regret into my misery. I make my own path.
There’s only so long you can control my life before I break free and never look back.
You can dictate everyone else, but I won’t let you influence me.






The pluck of a string
The wisp of the bow
Its melody floats above
The notes all merge
And the sounds converge
The silence is all but gone
The clashing of doh and mi
The perfect harmony
It resonates within
Life is like a concert
People play their tune
Compose, create, inspire.




La Vida


Aprendí que todos quieren subir a la cima de la montaña,
Pero toda la felicidad pasa al escalar.
Aprendí que una sonrisa es la forma mas barata
De mejorar mi aspecto.
Aprendí que necesito decir palabras buenas
Porque mañana tal vez me las tenga que tragar.
Aprendí que las oportunidades que se dejan pasar nunca se pierden…
Las aprovecha otro.
Aprendí que la vida es dura…
Pero yo lo soy mas.


Sara Benavente




Before you judge someone,
Understand what they are going through.
Before you say something,
Think what effect it could have on someone.
Control your emotions
And delete the negative






Is a big word.
I don’t have much.
I try to pick it up
But nothing works.
I get talks from my parents
‘You have to speak up!’
I know and I try,
And try and try,
But nothing seems to work.
I find it hard talking to new people,
Even though I want to so bad.
Whenever I come face to face with them,
My words, they fumble
And don’t come out.
And then some people expect me to be someone else,
Someone I’m not.
How can I do that,
When I find it hard to express myself
In the first place?
Everyone around seems so confident,
It’s almost intimidating.
I want their confidence.
What do I do?
Someone, help.



All Knowing Eyes


Everyone knows,
All of them do,
What are you going to say,
What are you going to do.
They ask you why,
They ask you when,
You can’t even get the words out,
At least not to them.
They won’t understand,
They don’t even care,
They just want to spread
The lies everywhere.
I hope they know it hurts,
I hope they know I cry,
My past can’t be changed,
Just let me try to get by.




Dear Me


Fifteen years has passed
And a lot has changed.
Many lost and many gained.
Oh how I have changed.


Rosin Fogarty


Too Much


Anxiety takes over,
My body feels rips to shreds
I can’t explain what’s going on inside my head.
It feels like someone flicked a switch
And it seems like I will soon be dead.
All these emotions I can’t control
And everyone around me feels invisible.
A million thoughts rush around me
As I lie awake in bed this is too much
I thought why didn’t I listen
To what to what the doctor had said.


Roisin Fogarty


The Girl in Question


She’s pretty, she’s smart
“But not pretty enough”
She’ll go to college,
She’ll get a job
She’s got it all sussed
But that’s not enough
“Stop complaining”
“You should be grateful”
“Look at everything you’ve got”
“You’re wasting your life”
But what can she do about it
She’s stuck here
Another three years
Down the drain
What a waste
What a shame




Inner Me


“Face the facts you’re no good at that”, they say to me.
The voice in my head constantly repeats maybe they’re right.
I feel I have to face my own reality
And just accept that maybe I can’t fulfill my own destiny.
I know I have the willpower to succeed deep down
But the little voice which I constantly have in my head frankly says no.
But who are they to decide what way I want to my life
It’s mine and I’m going to live it the way I want to so
I can fulfill my own destiny.


Roisin Fogarty




I am not as smart as my friends,
I just can’t wait for the day to end.
When I’m in school I get so bummed out,
I have no idea what they’re talking about.
They sit there all day, they study hard at their own accord,
My mind skips the words like a broken record.
I get home after school my minds a mess,
But even then, I’m still stressed.


Lucy Hickey


Yours Truly


My teen,
Has white jeans,
She likes green beans,
By gene.


Aideen Ryan


Que Quieres


Lucha siempre por lo que quieres,
Aprende a valorar lo que posees.
Conserva con amor lo que tienes.
Trata de olvidar lo que te duele,
Y sobretodo busca disfrutar con las que
Realmente te quieren.


Isabel Tejero


Nobody’s Listening


Nobody’s listening,
Crippled over in pain, bodies like a stick,
We seem to care more about our lipstick,
Our branded clothes made by their sweat and blood
No recognition to be had, not none!
We ignore their cries and resume our bank run,
I think it’s time something should be done,
Nobody’s listening.


Kate Feehan and Leah Dowling




It started with one and ended with twelve
But three of us kept it to ourselves
It hit like a truck we didn’t understand
We thought we knew like the back of our hand
They wanted us to talk and explain what was wrong
But we all knew we had to stay strong
A bond like this could never be broken
So we sat in the room not a word was spoken
After this day it only got better
We expressed our feelings in a letter
Her face lit up when she knew we were there
Because she knew we truly cared
They say times a healer and its definitely true
We never thought this would happen to you.


Rebecca Keane, Hannah Murphy and Tara Walsh


Peer Pressure


Pop 3 because I don’t feel 1,
If you don’t do it they say you’re no fun.
Short dress you’re a slut,
Any lower you’re a nun.
Smoking on that j,
That seems to be the way.
Boy want your rack on show,
Then call you a hoe.
But it’s time you met the real me,
Your addiction,
It’s not a prescription,
Maybe I’m just fiction


Sarah Cuddihy and Joanna Konieczna




12 out 16 years spent staring out windows and counting walls,
Jumping, worrying when the teacher calls,
Learning words and numbers which make no sense,
Looking at all the people around me,
Wondering when everything became so dense,
Sitting at home, nightly with no plans,
Hearing the traffic passing; cars, tractors, vans,
Counting down the years, getting more stressed by the minute,
Wondering what i can do with my life, after this prison.
But no one understands, I’m 16 years old,
Thinking about my future make me feel like mold,
Chatting with mam, late night at dinner,
Not knowing, honestly, what road could be a winner,
1 year to make the right decision,
2 years till i leave, to carry out my mission,
Praying to god, it all works out,
I’ll carry on through life with my signature “peace and pout”.
True what they say time flies when your young,
I need people to understand,
It’s my time, my youth, so I will take each day as it comes.






Boys are stupid nowadays,
All they think about is getting laid,
They’re always thinking about their next gal,
When all they want is to impress their pal,
They’re always texting more than one girl,
And they don’t go anywhere without a hurl,
When they get on county they think they’re great,
But they can’t even bring their girl on a date,
The girl gets annoyed, fed up with the lad,
But he doesn’t think he’s done anything bad,
This is the problem with girls and boys,
Boys think girls are just their toys.


Sinead Crowley




People say were loud, obnoxious, rebellious, out of control
When all were really doing is being swallowed up by a black hole
All they do is feed us tablets and drugs
But all we need is love and some hugs
Just because on the outside I’m not bruised
Doesn’t mean my mind isn’t abused
I take shots of Smirnoff to take away the pain
But we all know that society is to blame
On the inside I feel nothing, I am numb
People don’t realize, they call me ‘old town scum’
I’m smoking, I’m chocking, but not because of the smoke
People make me feel like my whole life is a joke
Don’t go out there judging a book by its cover
These people are just trying to discover,
Who they really are inside,
Which they shouldn’t
Have to hide.


Aisling Lynch and Martyna Balcer.


Perilous Times


The world is screwed,
The environment is chewed,
Donald is here
And he brings so much fear.
He’s building a wall,
That’ll stand very tall,
Just like Hitler,
He’ll eventually kill us all.
He’s racist and sexist and
So very grim,
The world would be a better off without him.
People are hungry and dying and scared,
How is it fair that nobody cares.
They are fleeing their homes due to poverty
And now terrorists have taken all of their property.
History will be repeated
And someday Trump will be defeated.


Aideen Ryan




Most people think I’m a happy and upbeat person
But inside my symptoms worsen
Living with an invisible illness comes with its highs and lows
It’s a struggle to even put on your clothes
There are days where you are strong
And days where you need strength
On these days you can only go a short length
Each day I take 5 tablets and an injection each week
And then some people call me a freak
This angers me and makes me feel twice as bad
It makes me think of what I had
Before this took over my life and body
Now I’m just somebody almost nobody


Caoimhe O’Neill


The First Time I Saw You


The first time I saw you I could feel the excitement build up,
The taste you left in my mouth left me wanting more,
Your tender touch made my hands tremble,
When you were gone the pain was for real.
When we were together it was always so cheesy,
My love for you will be eternal,
You cost me the world but it was well worth it,
I love you, tender baskets.


Malaurva Banevihill




Woken six o clock every day, switch off my alarm to delay
Getting up for another hard day.
Rush to try and get bus arrive late you’re out of luck
And you end up being stuck
Not beside your friend but beside annoying person you hate
And all because you were late.
Arrive at the school still dark outside,
Don’t go in take the road beside
To a cold black lane where nobody goes
But that’s just what you want to be ‘alone’,
But you’re not alone you’re with friends
Who are there for you until time itself ends.
People call us slags
Because we smoke a lot of lipstick stained fags,
But that’s not who we are.
We’re future nurses, policewomen, psychologists and more,
Just because we have a bad habit doesn’t mean we shut the door,
On our education we still go to school like everyone else,
So what if we drink and have robbed a couple of belts.
We’re still people just like you,
The only difference is that we just don’t except help,
Or rules or teachers or school because they don’t care,
They try to shut the door but that’s okay,
People like us never stop trying for more.




Life Lessons


When i walk down the street every corner i go
I see kids smoking rollies, drinking naggins,
No self-belief their only role model is captin morgan
Pickled livers, damaged bleeding internal organs,
They don’t know that their future is their own
Each one follows the last, there’s no individuals, everyone’s a clone,
It’s ok to be your own,
After all we need more originals
We need to be unique
To not follow our insecurity’s need
So put down the naggin
And stop smoking weed


Laura Walsh


My Friends


As I sit with my friends,
On the cold brick ground,
They’re rolling Amber Leaf
Saying it’s their relief.
I’m eating pizza while someone
Takes a smiley pill.
I don’t fit in but its chill.
One says that shit is brill as he offers me one
I say not thanks I don’t f*** with that shite.
They’re my friends I love them they love me,
We’re all different but I guess that’s how it’s meant to be.


Joanna Konieczna




Bacon is red
Bacon is rough
One strip of bacon
Is never enough


Orlagh Murphy


Gossip Girl


Flip flip goes the bottle
As it flies through the air
Like a bee
Ahhhh buzzzz
It landed
Yes aye
Dab dab xox gossip girl


Abby O Connell