Ramsgrange Community School, New Ross, Co. Wexford

Fake Nation

Living in a fake nation.
Already being put on medication.
Forced to look a certain way,
But end up looking dull and grey.
You can’t speak about anything with an open-mind,
Scared of being ill-defined.
Living in a fake nation.
That has no negotiation.
Try and do something about it,
But then being called a hypocrite
Or being known as a misfit.
Living in a fake nation.
Having to hide your depression
Or being ashamed of your progression.
Not knowing your story has been shared,
But you’ve forgotten the last time you’ve cared.
Living in a fake nation.


Zoe Clement


No Means No


No means no
Means no more young ones
stuck in tough situations,
Where they feel they can’t say no.
Means no more dilemmas,
Whether I wear a tracksuit or a dress,
No means no.
Means no more
When a man asks for consent,
He is considered a gent.
Because no means no more
Parents teaching their daughters
To not dress inappropriately
And not teaching their sons to respect women.
No means no.
Means no more.


Serena White

The Staggered Road


From these haunted streets
History was made.

From the stumbling drunks
To the shadowed druggie
History would fade.

Boy racers in high-power
Death machines roar
Up the staggered road.
In shrouds of polluted fog
Fields of wraith like trees.

The air alive with the singing
Of the raven’s song,
But never for a good reason.
New history, remade.


Nigel Dunne




0 words
Lies at the bottom of an electronic page
That sees and knows everything.
It knows more about me than I could ever truly understand
It’s the internet… whoopie the internet.

33 words
The page begins to fill
Then gets deleted to be written on again,
But no marks, no trace of your former idea.
You begin to see a similarity with your life.

66 words
You begin to wonder how much it really knows…
So You click on your electronic page
Slowly and carefully you type in your own name
Tip tip boom…now there’s google!!

99 words
You can see what your “friends” really think of you
Because along with everything they’ve said
Your name is attached with that little @
Anger boils through the body you’re beginning to hate.

133 words
You are bombard with awful names based solely on you and
You will never understand their meaning because
You can’t make it to 166 words

161 words…




Don’t Hate


Don’t hate that your parents pay a bus to school full of people who don’t like you.
Don’t hate that your parents work full time to put food on the table.
Don’t hate the school that your parents put you in because there’s kids who slag you.
Don’t hate. Just Appreciate.
Appreciate that you have a lift to school
And that your parents work for the money that pays it.
Appreciate that your parents work as hard as they do to feed you.
Appreciate that your parents care about your education
And provided you with a school
Don’t hate. Just Appreciate.
Don’t hate the arguments you get with your parents about school.
Don’t hate the way you talk or the way you look.
Don’t hate people that try to help you when you’re down.
Don’t hate. Just Appreciate.
Appreciate that your parents are concerned about your school life
Appreciate the way you are because there’s no one else like you
And your unique in your own way
Appreciate that people that try to support you in your struggles
Because all of these points are small issues.
There’s worse ways to go on about life.
Don’t hate. Just Appreciate.


Luke Aldridge




I was walking home alone again
When I was approached by a gang of men
They commented on my low cut top
I just wanted them to stop
I felt their stares look me up and down
As I continued walking through the town
I then felt a strong arm around my waist
I knew this wasn’t right as his grip was far too tight
I was tossed around, thrown to the ground
Trying to scream but couldn’t make a sound

What did I do wrong?
Why can I only blame myself?
Did I drink too much?
Was my voice not strong?
Were my clothes too revealing?
Was I wearing a slutty thong?
Remember, consent is sober, enthusiastic and ongoing
You deserve to have your boundaries respected.
Your clothes do not determine your consent.


Leah Molloy and Heather Kelly


A Teenage Life


Deadlines and dates,
The pressure is rising.
No time for myself,
It’s all spent revising.
Tests and exams,
They’re never ending.
My test result is all depending.
On the time I put in and my time attending.
School every day it’s never ending.


Allanah Kehoe


My Hero


Some superheroes wear tights.
Some heroes wear capes.
Mine wears combat boots
And performs daring escapes.
My hero is my brother,
We learn from one another.
The further true life he goes,
The more my feelings for him grow.


Leon Leonard


Girl Racer


Perfect daughter.
Something all girls aspire to be.
The girl who goes to Uni.
The girl who keeps her voice puny.

Femininity over bravery.

Daddy never told you how clever you were because
God forbid a woman with a brain to think for herself
Cosmetic aesthetic was always valued over my education
They label you a w***e if you have confidence or self esteem
If you show your given skin, your temple interiors
A self-centered, head up your arse w***e
A w***e never goes to Uni

Femininity over Bravery.

So when men scream: “nice **** love”
We are told to thank them,
Because we learned it was a sincere compliment
Sincerity now creates fear
Fear creates oppression
Oppression creates war
The war on our bodies

Femininity over bravery.

We now have a generation of w****s
Young women who were taught how to dress,
How to act, how to be perfect daughters
But what’s perfect to you Sir
Is a reason to start a riot for me
A riot of these Goddesses labelled as w****s
The soldiers who will open doors
For future children

Bravery over Femininity.

To be feminine is painted as a weak portrait
Of how a large man lacks his own self-worth
So he takes it out on our young women,
“Grab em by the p****”
Well Sir let me inform you that these p****s are rioting in your streets
We will sweep the world like the flood that destroyed nations
We will hold celebrations to horror our war heroes
Women who have taken control over their bodies
They are the vessels for our equality
Never mind your views of frivolity you have painted for us

Femininity is bravery
Do not get us wrong, we do not hate men
But when all our collected wealth belongs to those with some patriarchal claim to Godhood
We can’t help but feel that we are less
You can fix this mess, Sir
Or you will fall
We will win this war and reclaim the land lost to us.


Mairéad O’Brien


Nightly Reflection


I see your picture every night,
Wondering if you think of me,
When I spend all hours thinking about you,
Do you even know I exist?

I sit by myself all night long,
Gazing at the moon,
Hoping if you are too,
Oh how I miss you!


Leah O’Sullivan


Growing Up


Growing up in society.
Teenagers having anxiety,
Trying to have nice complexion
And getting the most attention.
Our phone screens lighting up every second
Of the unknown peers of today’s world.
Every second abusive texts reeling in
And no one cares about how we’re feeling anymore.
24/7 we’re concealing our feelings,
But nobody knows that your feeling frustrated
From your head to the ceiling.
Trying to do your best,
Getting pains in your chest.
Stressed from those tests,
Girls wanting to be dressed to impress,
To be the best.
Is it who I am or all teenagers the same?
These days our society has changed,
All these different varieties of anxiety.


Anna Mai Drohan


My Little Life


When I was three,
He held me tight.
He said he loved me,
When I was three.

He left me when I was four,
He walked out the door.
He left to love someone else,
When I was just four.

I started to dance when I was five,
I won my first competition, but
He wasn’t there,
When I was just five.

My mammy took my broken heart
And mended it as best she could.
She took me to New York
When I was six years old.

At seven, Chloe came along,
Then I was a big sister.
Slightly forgotten, but loved all the same,
That all began when I was just seven.

Years went by
And things were just fine,
She is my hero,
My mentor, my mum.


Lisa and Cassie


The World Where People Judge


You walk through the hallways in the morning,
Thinking you are seen.
You walk through the hallways in the morning,
Secretly in your head you scream.
It’s a world where people judge.

You see people talking,
The first thought is you.
You think people are stalking,
Secretly talking about you.

Your teacher says there’s a presentation,
“What if people laugh”.
You want to spread your creation,
But the thoughts make you scream out
It’s a world where people judge.

No one understands,
No one believes.
It’s all apparently ‘attention seeking’,
When actually you are being real.

You start doubting,
You start giving up.
You push people away,
And you truly are not okay.
It’s a world where people judge.

All I wish is that they would support me,
Help me with all of this.
I want them to hug me.
All I believe is
It’s a world where people judge.






In a world where people say dreams come true
And they tell you “everything’s going to be alright’.
And yes that’s fine for some things, but for some things
It is not that easy.

Because small dreams and wildest dreams are a very different thing.
If I work real hard, I can get my dream job.
If I work real hard, I can pass my junior cert,
But that is not what I really want.
What I want is next to impossible.
I may hear his voice every day, but it’s just not the same.

And I try to be positive, I am.
He taught me to be positive.
But sometimes things are not meant to come true.
No matter how hard I try.

I just want to meet him.
I want to tell him what he has done for me.
People’s twisted minds, they don’t understand
What my ‘problem’ is,
But in a world where people say dreams come true,
It is not that easy.


Caitlin Rudd


The Time is Now


It’s my first day now.
Walking through the doors now,
All eyes on me now,
“Who’s the new girl?” they whisper now,
Getting nervous now.
They’re asking me to stand now.
Tell everyone my name now.
I don’t know now.
What they’ll say now.
What they’ll think now.
When I stand here now.
I’m blushing red now.
It’s embarrassing now.
Someone help me now.


Caitlin Barron


Just Think


Kids, lonely and hungry and nowhere to go,
Stuck on the streets that’s all they know.
While we eat our turkeys and sit in delight,
The Christmas is not so bright.

Do they even know it’s Christmas Day
Or do they just sit and pray?
While we spend our day with our loved ones so dear,
Do they just sit alone in Syria in fear?
Not even a twinkle, just a tear.

Just think while you cry about the toys you didn’t receive,
They cry because they have to grieve,
About the family they didn’t get to see them live and succeed.


Latisha Ngouoto


The Worlds Heroes


Bodies lying flat their soul drifts away,
Not a heartbeat or sound to hear,
As I raise, not knowing what happened.
My crew’s bodies near,
Next moment I hear a ringing in my ear.
That was six years of my life
With a crew I called my family.
Now I was standing at their grave.

Blank canvas.
With the paint drying and
The paint brush lying there cold.
The water still,
No words to fill my picture taking toll

No sparking words,
When the place all silent.
No sound to share,
These moments are hard to bare.


Nigel Dunne




The leaves falling from the trees
The appeasing sound of the light breeze
Seeing the flight of the birds

The sound of the leaves under your feet
The bleat of the sheep in the field
Listen to the cars yield from afar
The bare branches of the trees





I shut my bedroom door
I shut them out for awhile
My mam enters concerned
She longs to see me smile

She leaves and I am silent
I reach for my phone
I search for that number
And realize I am all alone




A Lifetime in Rhyme


I don’t want my teenager queen
Just give me my gun: M16.
If I died in a battle zone,
Box me up and send me home.
Put my medal on my chest,
Tell my mother I did my best.
Tell my love not to cry,
I was a soldier born to die.
There was an old maid of fife,
Who had never been kissed in her life.
So she saw a large cat
And she said, ‘I’ll kiss that’
But the cat said not on your life.

I cannot see.
I cannot pee.
I cannot chew.
I cannot screw.
Oh, my God, what can I do?
My memory shrinks.
My hearing stinks.
No sense of smell.
I look like hell.
My mood is bad—can you tell?
My body’s dropping.
Have trouble pooping.
The golden years have come at last.
The golden years can kiss my ass.




One Day


Walking to the shop
Wearing a tank top
I see a sweatshop
And wonder
if the people there are ok
I pray to play some reggae
And I walk away

I go home
Play some games
I’m at a green field
In the plains of Battlefield

A tank comes
I try
I die
I rage
I cry




Little Weasel


I hate that little yellow eyed weasel.
He’s gonna suffer and we’ll all be sucking diesel.
And while doing it so he can sit on a toothpick.
It’s all just a front.
I hope you get what’s coming to you runt.
I’ve got more problems to deal with mate.
Your trends should have an expiry date.
I’m sick of your stupid face.
You should be demonstrated as a popular new race.


Daniel Flynn


It’s Time to Make My Mark


Nothing like football
Out in the yard at lunchtime having a ball.
Suddenly there is a brawl,
two minutes in there is a fall.
Someone’s clearly on alcohol.

Struggling with the pain
30 minutes into the game.
Should have gave up the fags.
Feeling ashamed,
ruining the family name.
I am disgusted at what
I have become.

It’s time to make my mark.
Practicing penalties in the dark.
At our home pitch in industrial park.
I should have given more time to embark.
It’s time to make my mark.


Eric Egan and Joseph Hanlon


Metal Work


I hate metal work.
We always do theory
And after class,
It makes me feel weary.
The teacher is sound,
But after two classes of shite,
It makes my head spin round.
One day after class I found 5 pound,
But you can’t use it in Ireland.
So I got a hammer in metal work
And hit my hand.


Christopher Burke




Sometimes I walk at night all alone.
He follows me home.
He follows me home.
Sometimes he speaks in mumbles and moans,
I mimic his tone,
Repeating his poem.
Wraps up my hands and leads me to his throne.
He tells me one day we will share our soul.
And now I know this is my home.
This is my home.




When the Night Comes Down


Walk into campile with chewing gum in my jocks
And a naggin in my socks.
The smell of fake tan and fake friends.
I always get your red bull ends,
As I shift your ex again.

Catching some dirty looks of a lad wearing Adidas flux,
But that chaps too soft to square up.
“Hey will you shift my friend”,
Nah she looks like my nans rear end.




My First Day at School


My first day of school
Was quite a mess
I got paint in my hair
And mud on my dress

I sat beside a boy
Who picked his nose
He scribbled on my picture
And stood on my toes

At lunch I fell
And scratched my knee
I didn’t cry though
That’s for babies, not me

I don’t like school
It’s way too long
No more picture books
No more songs

My teacher’s name,
I can’t remember
I wish it would snow
But it’s only September