Dungarven CBS, Co. Waterford

One Small Planet


One small planet, an azure dot on an astral plane,
Surrounded by lights but no one is home.
One small planet, out on its own,
Looking for a sign that it’s not alone.
One small planet at the end of its days,
As the right side rises and our rights are disobeyed.
One small planet, where hope is lost from sight,
At the end of the world it’s up to us to fight.
With no sign yet, of a world just like our own,
We need to defend our one and only home.
One small planet, an azure dot on an astral plane,
One small planet, and we call this place our home.


James Power



I walk to school every day,
Still not knowing what to say.
Teachers stare, but they don’t even care,
They say they do.
But how could they know the pressure
That has been placed on you.
They don’t know and they never could
Because each life is unique and can’t be understood.
So when you find yourself in a dark corner,
Just remember you are unique and can’t be understood.
You are you and no one can tell you otherwise
Because you decide what defines you
Decide what you say, what you do,
What will be done and you decide your future.
Because you are beautiful.
Because you are unique
And no one can say otherwise be yourself.
Be unique.


Brendan Maye Twomey

Life Lesson


My parents told me life is hard,
But I decided to be harder.
I have to find my way through the pressure of school,
The stress on the streets and decide what I want.
My parents told me life is hard,
But I decided to be harder.
I choose my own clothes, drinks and hobbies
And don’t care what others say.
I choose my own life and way and my life will be mine.


Lukas Romen


My Corrupted Upbringing


I was raised selling dirty blue bags of glue
My estate was a drug riddled zoo
The boys weighing bags likes bees making honey
The people were corrupted by the smell of money
Hustling stealing and drug dealing
This was the way I was raised society is peeling
I want forgiveness I’m on the alter kneeling
Praying to Jesus for his healing


Luke Ryan



The countless eyes all staring at you,
Constantly judging you no matter what you do.
They make more noise than the mouth does.
Next comes an unbelievable sensational buzz,
It covers your body like an unpleasant blanket.
You want nothing more than to yank it right off,
Once the mentor comes through the door
The class falls silent once more,
A big sigh of relief because the eyes look away,
You just about survived another day.






Didn’t have much growing up.
All I got was the morals
That we don’t need in this society.
Hard as a teenager playing keep up.
Just wanna grow up, but it’s scary.
I wanna be free,
But I can’t break these shackles called ‘responsibility’.
Getting judged and mocked
Can be too much for one small mind,
We can’t be free from this world’s society.


Wayne O’Donnell




I’m an atheist.
I have to say something,
That you won’t really like
Try to put aside your judging,
And not take any strikes
I’m an atheist
I know it’s hard to believe that
Someone living in this religious country,
This Catholic country,
That someone can have these beliefs
And I feel so patronised and scared.
That more people will turn their face away and laugh,
Thinking that my belief has no reason
And no sense.
Judging me not because of my personality, or my mind,
But because of my credence not being the same as theirs.
“You’re in my prayers” is a phrase
That I’ve heard more than anything in my life
But what good will it do?
If you pray about me to your god,
Whether you’re a Catholic, Muslim or Jew
It’s not like he’ll care
And if he did,
I think my faith would have shifted
Back to when I was a kid
I get forced into a classroom
And study your ethics, your principles, and your ideology
And if I ask anything I’m not supposed to,
Anything your book doesn’t answer
I’m ridiculed by the teacher,
And told to shut it.
I’m an atheist
And I’m proud to be
I can believe in what I want
While you pray on your knees
And if you ever try to ask me
If I have read your book,
I’ll smile and say “yes,
I wish that you would”.


Sam Warren


Death’s Door


Suicide was on my mind
I wanted time to rewind
To before my father’s death
To before I started selling Meth
I needed someone to talk to
But no one was there
I glazed into the air
I thought **** it
It was too late
I kicked the bucket


Luke Ryan


Sober Insight


Going to my friend’s house.
Getting drunk, getting l***.
Don’t know what’s happening I’m too drunk.
It’s too late, don’t remember a thing going home now
Walk in the door, go to bed
Thinking I’m such a legend,
But in truth I’m just depressed
Drinking until I’m dead.


Luke Murray


The Time is Now


The wind in your hair,
The breeze in your face,
The cool morning air
The challenge, the race,
The forward comes near,
And your time is now,
You show no fear,
It’s no wonder how




My Solemn Hope


What is this world anymore?
People fighting wars
Bodies falling to the floor
Relationships drifting among the shores
I’m sick of all these events
And dents in this world,
I just want peace
To every boy and girl


Cian Dunne


Corpse Cold


It was a new day for a family
Starting a new life
But the new life brought death
A husband and wife and two children
Were ready to start their lives
Only for the mother
Who helped a friend in danger
Got stabbed by a gang member
Who was 15 years’ old
The future lies dead on the floor




Figuring Out Who I am


Started life in a middle class family,
Everything was good until people couldn’t stand me.
But hey I thought this was normal,
So I went through life keeping to myself.
Didn’t open up, just bottled it and left it on the shelf.
Spent awhile just trying to fit in,
Started with soccer even though I had no interest,
Decided that wasn’t me I should try to be myself.
Started making friends, but still kept to myself.
Got close to one or two, but still they came and went.
Took a while to settle down, but a few started to stay.
Got used to who I knew,
I liked it this way.
Started opening up,
Getting close to my friends.
I hope that life can stay this way.






Growing up I was always the weird one
Never fit in with the popular
And never sought to.
I was the stay at home gamer,
Rather than the ‘tough’ GAA Player.
I found my place eventually,
At 11 I began kickboxing
And I felt at home from the outset.
Finally found a place where
I could enjoy a sport
Without being slagged by the lads.
Finally, my confidence began to rebuild
And I knew that no matter what they said,
I was finally good at something.




Fight for Freedom


All these people, voting Trump
All I’m think of this world, what a dump
Inequality, racism, all this hate
Doom seems to be this world’s final fate
But don’t lose hope, we’re not dead yet
Even if we are our own greatest threat
Activists, rioters fighting for our freedoms
But are they shouting for the right reasons?


Matthew Quill


You Are Not Alone


Picking up this bag
Every day is a drag
Writing down my notes
And silly little quotes
My hands are hurting
Sitting here cursing
Thinking about the crap I go through each day
Feel like dropping out and getting my pay
Living off the benefit
I don’t think I can handle it
The pressure and stress are too much for me to bear
Some people say that I don’t even care
The truth is that this is I want to do
Study all these books and get a degree too
Life is a slippery slope
Don’t think about ending it with a stupid little rope
Don’t think there’s nobody there
Deep down everyone cares
Quit thinking you’re alone
Like a dog without a home
Quit feeling sorry for yourself


Cian O’Riordan




I had a good upbringing as a child,
Not a care in the world just to be wild.
I came home from a walk,
My parents sat me down and told me “we need to talk”.
Many thoughts were going through my head,
After all, I was wondering what was needed to be said.
They told me a family secret,
And never to peep it.
My mam said that dad was to go away,
Even though I wanted him to stay.
They said dad was suffering from an addiction,
At this point I thought it was fiction.
He was to go and seek help,
This is when I let out a whelp.
Two weeks had now passed,
They had gone very fast.
The time had come for him to go for a month,
I couldn’t believe it, I always thought it was a stunt.
But addiction is a sickness and not a crime,
We have to take it one day at a time.


Tadhg Turner


Normal Lad


I’m an average young lad,
But can sometimes be bad,
Drinking and livin it up.
How bad.
Feeking and partying,
Don’t mean no harm,
Just living like a charm,
While milking on the farm.
Playing hurling and kicking ball,
While grafting with them all.






Life is great,
Life is good,
Life is going as it should,
All is great,
We’re having a blast,
Although it seems it’s going too fast,
Life is special,
Better than gold.
Thank God for life,
The gift we behold.




A Day in School


I walked to school
My hair in a state
I looked like a fool
As I passed my mate
He stared at me in a curious way
And said what’s up with you
Are you having a bad day?
I said I feel kind of blue
Coming down with the flu
Got a pocket of cash
But nothing to do
How about you grow a moustache
Nah I’m too lazy
Can’t stop thinking about Daisy
Hold on lad
I think you’re a bit mad
Why worry about your love
When you’ve got a pet dove
Life is too short to guess
So don’t leave yourself in a mess.


Ciarán Hunt




I go to school
And rule the hood.
I’m mostly good,
But sometimes misunderstood.
I try my best,
When put to the test.
I love to box,
And I’m as big as an ox.




A Life Less Ordinary


Life is unpredictable.
Raised up on a street I barely knew,
Drug dealing was the only job I could do.
I had no morale I was lonely too.
I had no friends, I was desperate.
Suicidal in my mind,
When I went blind.
My parents had no hope for me,
I was the best that I could ever be.
I went to prison for a crime I never committed.
Having a mind was too kind,
Lifting weights was when I grind.
Even crying was too hard,
Out of prison it was hard.
Stealing bank cards was too easy,
Living the life was all a dream.
Today is the day I give in.





The Years of My Life


When I was 1
I was the third son
When I was 2
I hadn’t a clue
When I was 3
I got stung by a bee
When I was 4
I just wanted more more
When I was 5
It was tough to survive
When I was 6
My life got a quick fix
When I was 7
My life was Heaven
When I was 8
My life was a clean slate
When I was 9
I was sipping on that wine
When I was 10
I was scoring goals again and again
Now I’m just living life
To the beat of my heart
Nothing can tear me apart.


Ciaran Collins


From Town to Town


Born and raised in a place called Newtown
Full of sad cases it needed a shakedown
I thought screw this shit I’m outta here
and we packed up and moved to the best place near
Lemybrien was a magical place
Seemed like a good spot for our new base
Now I run this town
And there are no clowns
Life is now chill
And I don’t need no cheap thrill
But that’s just me
The lyrical G.


Sean Veale




Five days, week after week.
Waking up 9 a.m.,
6 more hours till your home again,
I just can’t stand the pain,
Same thing every day,
it’s just a constant migraine.
Sitting in class staring at the same windowpane,
But after all our struggles,
I cuddle up our warm fire,
And do anything I desire.


Shaun Mulcahy


At Worlds End


Trump is now the president,
The world is gonna end.
Even though I think he’s b***,
He’s got a lot of money to spend.

World War 3 is coming,
And very very soon.
So I better start running,
Since this guy is like Kim Jong Un.

Ciaran Hickey


My Rap


I rap and rhyme however I want
I’m typing this one in my favourite font
I’m the best around there’s no competition
Spitting lyrics like a man on a mission
Man try say he’s better than me
Tell my man shuh up
And it’s all frick fricka fricka fricka fresh word






Championship bound
Yet they have a good ground
Managers poor
The crowd expect more
The clubs falling apart
Breaking the fans hearts
They look to a day
Where they’ll see Sunderland play
With pride and with passion
Of a similar fashion
To how they played back in the day
Where the crowd chanted
Ha Way!!


Daniel Delaney


Teenage Kicks


I walked to school on a very dull day
I strolled in late and the lads are staring at ya
The teacher came in and told me to get out
I got in trouble and I got sent home
I got grounded but I snuck out to meet the boys
When I jumped back through the window
And dumped my shoes on the floor
My mother broke down the door thinking I was missing
She thought I was out kissing the girls


Jack Kirwan


I Speak Sense


I bought a chicken roll,
Instead of a rice bowl,
All I had for breakfast was a tadpole
And a bucket of black coal,
Maybe I will have a snack.
Well **** it.
That’s just my luck.

Lewis Walsh