St Louis Community School, Kiltimagh, Co.Mayo


I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, But Let’s Roll with It


With bilateral breathing

We bow to the wave

To the butterfly stroke

We are master slave

Slave to the clock

And the time that we beat

Masters of stroke

We swim to compete

To meet the finishing line

To claim it’s mine.


Jake Morris


Didn’t Mean Much


She rolls down the window

To drown out his talking.

He asks how is her family

The usual nonsense.


Avoids the real talk

They both don’t want to say.

So they sit in silence

And wait for it to stop.


He turns up the radio

To pass some time.

She rolls her eyes

And watches the fields go by.


Six years’ pass

He forgets she exists.

She’s not disappointed

He didn’t mean much.


Katie Cunnane




Love and hope amidst the pain and disappointment,

Stages of betrayal and stages of jubilation,

Who are we to judge those who are worthy

And those who are not.


Skeletons and nerves intertwined,

Mixed with an abyss of darkness and emotion.

Self-reprimanding and self-loathing.


We are those we fear the most,

For the strongest armour we will ever wear

Is the conviction that we are enough.


Look beyond the smile and laughter

And you will see a person so raw and so unsure,

As to who they are with the world at their feet.


Cause life is a bitch and will test us at any

Given moment. Stand tall and with your

Head held high.


One breath in and one breath out,

Human warriors for whom we fight.


Muirgheal Ottewell




They say the world is round,

But I disagree.

No, the world is one big giant box,

Made up of smaller boxes,

All suffocating and squeezing the life out of the people within.

The six walls that society builds around you,

That says you must look, act, dress

And think the way that they tell you to.

Well I dissent.

I will not let my life, personality, views

And opinions be suppressed and judged.

No, I will be me.


Niamh Kelly




I don’t hate education, I hate school.

Every scientist will tell you two brains are not the same,

So why are we all taught the same thing in the same way?

Children are twenty percent of the world’s population,

But they are our whole future,

So why are we depending on this system,

That kills creativity and individuality.

Puts down students who don’t do well,

And tells parents that it’s all their fault.

We’re forced to sit in lines, be polite, keep our opinions to ourselves

Learn about crap we’ll never use and respect people who have zero respect for us.

I don’t hate education, I hate school.


Jennifer Carney


The Colour of My Bow


Most of the time I feel like I am being put down,

With teachers saying do more do more,

When most of the time I have nothing left in me to give.

All the study, the homework and the nagging from my mum

About getting a job and minding my annoying little brother on the weekend

Getting up at seven every single morning,

Doing my homework that I left to the last minute.

All I want to do sometimes is just to be a child

The biggest thing I have to worry about

Is what colour bow I am going to wear in my hair the next day.


Laura Dunne




I don’t dislike school, I hate it.

Because you have teachers that go mad at you

For the smallest things like not wearing your school jumper.

Going to school in this day everyone expects you to be the smartest person ever

And if you are not there are some people will make fun out of you and that’s shit.

Teachers teach us all the same thing, but some of us might not be able to do it,

But you have to try it anyway.

School is like a prison in some sort of way like you cannot leave the class without asking

You have to obey all the rules and if you don’t you will get detention or some shit like that.

This is a really shit poem, it’s not even a poem, it’s just really a rant about school.


Lauren Finn




Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire

I hold with those who favour fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice.




Nothing Hurts More


Pressure is really stressful.

You’re constantly worrying about different sorts of things

Being told you’re not good enough.

Nothing hurts more than trying your absolute best

Still not being good enough.

Nothing hurts more

Than never being good enough.

Being judged for things

You cannot control.






Jonah is my dog

I love him very much

He might be wild and crazy

But he is only a little pup

He makes everyone happy

He never makes me sad

Sometimes he can be annoying

But he’s my little lad


Aisling English


A Cage


Why must people be locked in a cage?

A cage that causes nothing but rage.

A rage that cannot be contained,

but causes you to act and people get blamed.

A blame so deep it causes nothing but pain.

A pain that takes people’s life away,

From a loved one, a sister, an aunty or two

And sometimes that person could even be you.




Loving Memories


For always by your side 24/7

Always supportive

Might not be with you

Inspirational people to look up to

Loving memories

You don’t always have them

So cherish your moments

Hold them close

Hold them tight

And never let them go


Keeva Gillespie


The Book of Society


Nowadays people are just like books,

Judged by the cover and not given a look.

Society has taken the job of the author,

Trying to make everyone the same,

Not a one to prosper.

Nobody likes it but nothing is said,

Even with their whole lives ahead.

They live by the book of rules

That includes how you should look,

How you should act and how you should move.

They teach this book in the schools,

Oh what a bunch of fools.

Originality is just a thing of the past.

So many people are believed to be outcasts.

This all needs to change and everyone knows it,

Don’t follow all these rules, you need to own it.


Erin Forkan




I hate school

It’s bull****

All these rules we have to follow

And for what just so we can go into huge debt

In the future

200,000 mortgage on a house

And trying to have enough money in the bank

To get a takeaway for dinner

So screw school

It can kiss my ass


Liam Murtagh


My Home


Mayo is shite

It would be like living in wasteland from mw2

Nothing to do

Nothing to see

I’d prefer to drown in the North Sea

This is a simulation

Life is a big TV station

We are pawns in the game

Like soldiers from Argonne

They are gone

Or where they ever here

The name of a ****head is Shakespeare


Philip Lennon


Food & Fluid


I like food,

It tastes good dude,

You should try it if you haven’t already,

I recommend spaghetti,

I also like to drink beverages,

To be honest, I cherish it,

Food and drink is really great,

I like to drink tea, mate.

Coffee is not too bad,

It tastes kinda rad.

This is the end.

Later my friend




An Elegy


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Rhyming is hard

This is impossible to construe

Screw this shite

I couldn’t be arsed

It was a good class

I have to admit


Thomas Cannon


Bitter Realities


The teaching system is bullshit,

The teachers should admit,

Stressing about pointless exams,

Which have nothing to do with our future plans.

Imaginations crushed by expectations,

Dreams of children replaced with realisations.




Society’s Ignorance


Society wants us to obey,

To believe every piece of bullshit they say.

Being dragged around like dogs on a leash

And if you refuse to conform, you’re a wolf among sheep.

The old timers complain saying:

“Nothing’s changed since my day.”

Well that ain’t exactly true, take a look at the youth,

Who feel like they got something to prove,

Taking risks like they got nothing to lose

And these rebels get shunned.

Labelled as hazards each and every one,

Just cause they broke the chains, willing to have fun,

Live fast die young, got the right idea,

Life flies by too short to live in fear…




Broke System


Let me just start by saying I know I’m ‘only a kid’ and

“I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

But let me tell you our education system needs to change.

Albert Einstein once said, everybody’s a genius.

But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,

It will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

School tests us on our ability to memorise stupid things

Like Shakespeare and what’s the value of x, y and z.

Tell me… How’s that going to help me get the job I want.

I understand some people may be interested in that,

But I think stuff like that should be taught in optional classes.

In the classes we all have to do we should be taught valuable life lessons,

Like how to pay bills, how to be an adult,

I don’t even know, but who needs to know how to find the value of x

We should be taught things we need to know.

Recently I saw a video of someone explaining STI’s

And all the different types and it made me realise,

In school we aren’t taught Sex Ed correctly.

I didn’t know anything about STI’s and they’re such a dangerous thing,

I believe it’s very important that we are taught about things like this.

The only Sex Ed I’ve ever done is about how hair

Will begin to grow on my body and how we grow boobs.

Students will not be able to find what their special gifts

Are if we are all sat in a classroom all day being “taught”

The same thing. Some people may be better at physical learning

And they don’t suit a classroom environment.

I believe that school has killed creativity!

It has been proved that first year students have a better imagination than sixth years.

Because throughout secondary school we are deprived of being imaginative and creative.


The education system needs to change and follow with society.

How are students being prepared for the future

When we are being taught the same things our

Parents and grandparents were taught.


Katie Enright




Every day for the last few months

A man name Trump has hit our headlines.

Who thinks women are goldmines


Now the most powerful person in the world.

Reciting the same few words

“Make America Great Again”,

The epitome of most men,

The oldest US President

Going to build a wall

To lock Musims and Mexicans out of their home.

He mocked and imitated a disabled reporter.


Meanwhile children are starving,

Families are dying,

Our climate is changing

And global warming is dividing.

Wars are raging across Syria.

The world is living at the demands of ISIS

Executions still occur.


What is this world?


Katie Salmon


Where We Live


How do people live here?

It’s like they barely know

How shite their lives are.


Why would anyone choose

This empty void

With nothing in it?


How much longer

Can I stand

So much of nothing




Appetite for Destruction


Music is the fruit of the soul,

But today’s music belongs in a shithole,

Rock n roll dominated the late 1900’s,

Guns N’ Roses had an appetite for destruction,

In 92 came November Rain,

That topped the charts within a couple of days,

Full of soul and a bitta blues.


Aaron Houlihan




School is alright

The weekend is alright

Home life is alright

Going out is alright

Staying in is alright

Poetry is alright

I’m alright

Nothing in this world is free,

Society is niggardly


Jude Breslin


On One Solemn Day


One day I went to the park

It started getting very dark

Then I fell

Landed on a bell

And split my head right open

I shrieked and cried

and LITERALLY died.

The End.


Chloe Conn


Train of Thought


I`m shite at rhyming.

I feel like crying.

I want go back to bed

And I want to get ahead.

I want to go drinking

And feel like I`m sinking,

But I can’t I`m at school.

Screw it, I hope this will do.


Sean Schokker




Women wreck my head

They make me want to be dead

Nothing is good enough

They don’t cook food enough

They think they’re so smart

And claim they never fart


I suppose women sometimes bring me pleasure.


Tim Armstrong