Sacred Heart, Westport

Of A Broken Home


Their words are sharp,
Their mouths are loud,
Making comments on my life,
But they don’t know the pain,
The pain of a broken home.
The family that I never got to know,
The days spent wondering if they knew
The truth about my broken home,
And the pain that never ends.
Because they don’t know the pain,
The pain of a broken home.

Jane Geraghty


Please Make It Stop


Crazy ya that’s what I’m called,
Every day,
To my face,
Behind my back,
I don’t know why,
Please make it stop,
It’s been four years,
Since that day I messed up,
Ya I messed up,
I know I did,
But I don’t need reminding every day,
I get the fact that you don’t like the way I am,
Or the fact that my mind is different to yours,
But please just make it stop.





My friend and I, sitting at home,
Scrolling through insta in awe,
Look at her, she’s perfect.
Kendal, Gigi and Bella.
A4 page waist lines and thigh gaps, so beautiful.

“No mum, I’m not hungry today.”
“No thanks, I ate way too much yesterday.”
Days, weeks, months, only getting weaker.
What I’d do to feel full right now,
But wait, Kylie doesn’t take a cheat day.

My waist is now half what it was, legs look like matchsticks,
But the only change people have commented on is
“You’re looking ill, are you sleeping?”
Maybe I need to try harder, when will I feel accomplished.




My Type of Fun

Hair done, make up on, get lighting for photo and insta tomorrow.
Meet friends, have a drink and please try not to get sick.
Chat to boys, girls in mood, somewhere close drama brews.

Run for a taxi with random folk
Taxi man rips you off but sure it’s all one big joke
Get to the disco all hyped up,

Bouncer checks kids who are really fucked up
Estrogen and testosterone levels are high.
Its 12.45am Oh! How the time flies!


Parents collect, Off to B.T
For chips and curry and maybe a cup of tea!
Get home and have a roam in cupboards for more food.
Snap friends to look for goss, you’re really tired so you go to bed.

Every night is always the same where little happens, it’s Groundhog Day!
These are the nights where we can have a laugh,

Not take each other seriously and chill out in gaffs.
I wouldn’t change it for the world where I am because this my type of fun.




Bingo was the word when you came over drunk,
Bingo was the word when you lost your temper,
Bingo was the word when you got too aggressive,
Bingo was the word when the insults were too much,
Bingo was the word they used to protect me,
Bingo was the word.



Why do I Need to Know This?

Why do I need to know this?
I ask as I learn off a theorem that was written a thousand years ago
Why do I need to know this?
I ask as I stress about learning a language that is never spoken
Why do I need to know this?
I ask as I write essay, after essay about literature that was relevant 700 years ago
Why do I need to know this?
I ask as I learn about a man who killed thousands
Why do I need to know this?
Will I ever find out ?


Kate Hanley


A Mother’s Tears


She wakes,
Her eyes slowly open but she keeps her mind shut.
She doesn’t want her problems to flood,
Her body stays stiff with the thought of her daily routine.

Putting on the brave face gets harder,
She smiles and laughs with her friends, knowing it’s all forceful.
She can’t find the happiness she once had,
Back when she was younger with no worries.

The cries grow deeper, her eyes begin to redden,
The memories with her dad begin to fade,
She purposely wants to forget the existence of the first man who left her,
Made her feel like she could never feel wanted,
Made her wish she was born into a different life.

The trust she has with people never lasts,
It fades and she pushes the ones she loves most away.
A constant feel of loneliness and depression take over her mind.
She hears her mother’s cries through the walls of her home,
Her only safe place, the only place she feels wanted,
Her mother’s cries grow deeper, knowing her daughter isn’t happy on this planet.

She wants her to get help but she refuses,
She can’t understand what can possibly pull her out of her constant pit of despair,
She knows no breathing exercise or relaxation with save her from it all.
Going through it all again would just be an emotional hell.
The real question she asks herself is how much longer can she hold on.
But she knows at the end of it all, her real anchor is the love her mother gives her every day,
Even if she forgets to show the love for her mother back.




Where I am

This is a building, an establishment, a school
A place where thoughts and emotions,
Grades and discussions
All collide together in commotion.

I am a teenage girl.
Not an on-display artefact
I am a teenage boy
I hate when girls overreact.
Neither of us are defined by that.

I have been offered this life
By some wonder workers up above
and have been encouraged to live it to the full
I will enjoy this rollercoaster while it lasts
but as of now this is a building, an establishment
a school.




Daily Grind


Every day, same thing
Hear the alarm bell ring
Trying to stay awake
While you have notes to take
Teachers giving out
While you sit and pout
But it’s easy to say this year
Leaving cert isn’t yet our fear
Dossing, relaxing and all of that
This is the time to eat and get fat
Going out every Friday
What else can I say
This isn’t exactly stressful
No day is ever dull!