Rice College, Westport

1 in 52

No same way of seeing the same thing

But when you say something

They put you down

But they can’t see that they’re the clowns

They don’t wear a crown

They’re the same

They’re just causing pain

Finding someone plain who’s not tainted

Or finding some who’s nicely painted

It’s hard

Finding someone nice, like you

Is like pulling a card 1 in 52


Michael Hamilton




When I was young

I was told to be old

Never to question, never to be bold.

Do this, do that, be useful.

But when I get told I grow full of hate.

Because when I’m young and bold

I want to be active and great.

I love being me when I’m not filled with hate.


Cian Kennedy



When I’m in the middle of a conversation,

And someone comes by,

And takes away their attention,

It hurts.
When I can make them laugh,

And someone comes by,

And makes them laugh harder,

It really hurts.


When I really enjoy talking,

And someone comes by,

And they’d rather be with them.

It kills me.






Getting with a woman, tell her to stop

That’s because I heard an unreal beat drop

Make my way through the crowd to the dance floor

With a chance that once again I will score

People are dancing, the ground is shaking

The young ones act drunk, I think they’re faking

People around me they start to shout

All of a sudden, I’m knocked the **** out.
Manus Smyth




Religion is for fools

It’s all a spoof too

Make people believe

That there is a being

Looking over you, but he hasn’t

Been seen. He was said to

Have made the Universe

But science broke them down

And this is a verse on how

Stupid people in these towns

Can be believing in God

But it’s only a facade.


Kyle Canning


Hot Pan

Hot pan, dropped loin sizzles

For shizzle.

Bad meat, artificial,

It makes you sniffle.

Sweet drinks fizzle.

Outside, a light drizzle

4th of July, let off missiles.

Out of control missile

Man, left cripple.


Alistair Gourdon


Death is hard,

Hard for those who lost someone.

It is one of the hardest things.

That sound, as the grim reaper sings,

Through the final breath,

When they are met,

With the black abyss of

Nothingness that awaits.

That is all our faith.






My Uncle is a great guy, every time I go to

England, we have the best of crack, but not

Everything went his way. About 2 years

Ago he split from his girlfriend and he

Went to court to get his son to live

With him, but he lost, so every night

He would stand outside her house asking

To let himself back into her life but

She had enough. So he went and struggled and spent his money on drink

And cigs. It got worse and worse to a point where he attempted to

Commit suicide. He went to the hospital

After my cousin found him in my mom’s bathroom.

He was fine after a night in hospital but

When the news broke to me it was

Like losing a big brother as I am the

Only boy in my family except my dad.

So my point is don’t let love get in the way of your life….




My Every Day


From the viaduct, to the black school gates,

The smoke is blowing into my face.

I give in whilst saying fuck this shit so I have a toke of a flashy green smoke,

Tryna’ get stoned to fit in, not to get hit or end up in the bottom of a bin.

“Your childhood is the best years of your life” they all proclaimed, whilst all-knowing and all seeing things will just never be the same.

I’ve never saw a unicorn from my eyes that were not red, to my ship like bed that made me sick… sea sick. I’m done with it all.


James Gallagher


Who Cares


Life isn’t long,

Everybody’s wrong,

So do what you want,

No matter the font.


I’m writing a slam,

I don’t give a damn,

There is no meaning of life,

So take it in your stride.


Don’t take life too serious,

You’ll never make a value.


Jonathan Monroe


My Life


I go to school every day nervous and frightened.

Because there’s guys in this school that takes the piss out of everything you do.

If I get a trim I get asked where did I get it, then a reply says don’t go there again.

My first day of primary school I came to school shitting it.

I tried to make up a problem in the morning or try being sick so I wouldn’t have to go in and get abused.

The worse thing to hear from the past years is that I have nicknames, rumours everything just for the way I look.

If this happens to you, you need to talk don’t keep it to yourself like I did because it will never get better for you.



Shane McGuire




Of the hours in days I hold fast,

To the lines plugged in the walls

Where something is not the same

It’s kinda a vaped dream,

A room full of fog

And my head in the clouds,

Not murky enough,

It’s all just a fantasy

Or is this still a dream,

Vaped clean of reality


Connor O’ Byrne


Life Isn’t Long


Life isn’t long,

Everyone has got their problems.

Could be with family splits, family losses.

It may be a bully at school or work or someone outside the family.

They may have thoughts of ending their life,

maybe cause their wallet is losing more than bringing in.

So take it easy on someone you may not know,

as you’ll never know what’s going on in the inside.


Mark Kirby


I Play Lots of Sports


I play lots of sports,

And I love Westport,

When I go home,

I go on my phone,

Then I go to sleep.


Rory Brickenden




As a child in America

You looked towards the sky.


Clear and blue you found

Your home where many friends would die.


You cleared the way to start

The end of the carriage down below.


Through the thin air above the earth you fought with sweet “old crow”.


Michael Knox


North Loudous


North Loudous where I’m from,

Grew up with an under pressured mum,

I know no more than love,

Although my father lost our home.

Maybe for love?

I heard of the struggles of my life

Though my mum, but never knew it through my life,

Sobs and sorrows were given to me,

I nodded and said thanks, like any confused boy would.

I never felt the struggle wrapped in.

On armoured blanket of thought and care,

Cause all I knew was love.


Cian Cassidy




I used to sit up in my room and ponder

Finish school and go to the doctors

I’m sixteen

Who knew who’d have it figured out

All the bullshit, we need it sorted out

The wars, they are a disgrace

The attacks you’ll wish they were a mistake.

So much for preaching for peace

Mate, all you do is breach the peace.


Cian Navin-Mealy




No one listens

But you gotta speak out

Get through the struggle

Not everything in life will go south

Get through the pain

Weather the storm

Don’t be a retard

Don’t ****** self-harm

****** about

Doin’ what ya shouldn’t

Drinkin’ and smokin’

But no-one gives two *****

Don’t give up on yourself

There’s always hope

Don’t be stupid

Don’t use that ****** rope.


Mark O’Grady


Antisocial Behaviour


Remember the time there’d be a disco every week?

Yeah, me neither

I seem to keep thinking I’m a geek

Banished to the dark like a freak,

Antisocial behaviour is on the rise,

Underage drinking is our demise,

I’m just hiding under this disguise

Looked down upon by soulless eyes

If only there were somewhere for the youth could go,

Somewhere where they could say “Hello”

To party in safety, rain, sleet or snow,

Open another Youth Disco.


Thomas Tunney


See the Light


When you’re down in the dumps

Feeling alone, and you see nowhere to go,

Don’t be afraid to be heard out loud,

Don’t keep it to yourself, remember

There is no shame in asking for help,

Depression is no joke,

It is something that you cannot face alone,

So get help and you will

Reach the end of the tunnel you’re stuck in

You will see the light and you will know

You are not alone.


Kevin Geraghty


Our Generation


I failed history in the JC, I couldn’t give a shite,

We’re all just waiting for the next Friday night.

Down a naggin forget about school,

If ya can’t pass a test you’re considered a tool

I’ve learned more about life than I have behind those school doors

Drugs, alcohol, fags and dirty whores.

The system is screwed and so is our generation

It’s a one-way road to the dole station


Kieran Roddy




Westport is the best place to live,

Unless you’re a kid.

Nothing to do but turn to the tins.

Frowned upon by parents, egged on by your peers,

Knowing when you wake,

You’ll have a pain in the thing cemented between your ears

Sympathy is hard to come by, unlike the drink,

It’s great,

It helps you make new friends,

Just like the sink.

In all seriousness, this is a problem faced by youth,

Drink or don’t

Either way you’re screwed.


Peter Joyce




I dig,

You dig,

He dig,

She dig,

We dig,

You dig,

They dig,

Now, you can interpret that however you like,

But we do know one thing,

This poem in very deep.


Eamon Forde




Our lives are dead

I’m sick of the academic bullshit we are fed

The smell of piss

The hallways of depression

School drags on

While I’m waiting for the Friday session

School has not prepared us to survive in life,

Some cannot cope so they turn to the knife

There are many options when people cannot cope,

Society is screwed no wonder people use a rope.


Jack Carney


Last Stop


In the back of the classroom,

Thinking he the man

But the destination for him,

Is in a garda van

All of them in their little clicks

In reality, they’re just low low’s

People come and people go.






There’s this boy that’s sat alone,

Closing his eyes listening to music on his phone.

Teachers ask him is he’s okay,

He nods his head and says,

‘Yeah, I’m great’.

I see this boy like he’s no other,

Until I found out he lost his own mother.






As I sit I wonder.

Wonder what might have been

If things would have perhaps been different

Of what I would have seen.

In April 2010 my life changed.

Not necessarily for the better,

Not necessarily for the worse,

But it changed

And it’s never been the same since.

I miss her.

The first few moments with a girl are the hardest,

You are the farthest from her at this moment.

You wonder what she’s like,

If you’ll click, you’re gonna fight.

To make her laugh, crack a smile

It may take a while but if you can

You feel great, maybe it was fake

Or maybe it’s because you had the balls

To go to speak, despite it being.


James Forbes




Awkward it felt right, now you’re a thing

All cus you took on a fight

To create conversation that intern created a fling.


Sean Murray


Around the Corner


Everyday coming home from school

Thinking who’s behind me

What’s he doing

He’s speeding up looking at me

What’s he going to do to me I’m sweating

Ready to run this stuff ain’t fun

He passes me and walks on through

Another day I survived for those 10 minutes

A day I feel like a prisoner inside

While in school plotting my next

Move on how to survive


Darragh Ludden


Ukulele preacher


Back alley strum

An absolute pain in my proverbial bum

Change being thrown but where is it going

You’re like 12 and a half mate living in a nice estate

Pink ukulele in hand, are you even in a proper band?

21 pilots and vance joy, how original? Nah mate plain and typical


Tiernan O’Rourke




The sky is black, the storm is out

Clouds of thunder, the rain will soon appear

The wind is picked up with the waves there is thunder

Me and the boat, not sure if we can handle.

The tide has turned bringing a small (illegible) entering the bay

Handling it well

The power of the waves and wind hitting the sail

Can’t fight the tiller, gonna go over

Weight on the side, it isn’t enough

Were gonna go over, it’s ok I can swim

Bring us back up

Hanging off the daggerbound, using all my strength

Try to bring us up, wait for the wind

We go over again

Stuck to the water can’t get it up

Tried again and again, no energy left

Still in water, can’t get to shore

Need help, but with the wind they can’t hear me.

The rescue boat is near, engine roaring

They warm me with a blanket

On the shore I can speak again

Happy I’m here to tell the tale again


Thomas Moran