Moyle Park College

Hall of Mirrors

In this hall of mirrors,
I am a circus freak,
A fat man trapped in a cage,
A freak with wonky teeth.
In this hall of mirrors,
I am the King on a crooked throne of awkwardness,
I am loneliness
An outcast in this hall of mirrors,
I am a broken reflection of me
shattered in cracked glass.




Complete Equality

FEMINISM defined as the next step needed to reach egalitarianism,
Should be defined by complete totalitarianism.
This true idea is that women are equal,
But the extreme see it as men being evil.
A strain on the population that need to be dealt with,
But this view is not something to be impressed with.
I love the idea of complete equality,
But the extreme need to have some modesty.
No man, no woman or child should face oppression,
And the world won’t be equal until we stop the repression.



I’m sick

I’m sick of this,
I’m sick of being told I’m too young to know love,
When I’ve experienced it first hand,
I’m sick of being told I’m too young to make my own decisions,
But nobody guides me in making my choices,
I’m sick of being told I’m too young to understand the world,
When I know it better than most of my teachers and family,
I’m sick of being told I’m too young too know anything,
But yet I’m forced to decide my future at the age of 15 when I don’t even know who I am,
I’m sick of it all.


William Forte


Playing for the County, people say I’m mad,
But to many people say I’m bad.

Playing in Croke Park is my dream,
Wearing the sky blue colours with the navy seem.

When I have my helmet on I feel like a ninja,
But underneath the helmet I’m just an ordinary ginga.

Take the ball at the Hogan Stand I’d run down the wing,
Saying to myself “I am a King”.

Taking scores off my left and right,
I’d whisper to the corner back “Your shite”.

Hurlin Hurlin, every day of the week,
Only for someone to say your not good enough…. The cheek.


Oisín Douglas



WHY is the most asked question

But yet we can never get an answer

Why did you this or that

And you simply answer because

Why do you follow or lead

And you answer because.

When the truth is because

You want to be something you’re not

Even though you say you don’t

you really know you do.

You pretend to be something your not

To impress people you don’t even like

You feel you can never be truly honest or yourself

You feel like you held down with chains

And you feel you can never break free


Cian Mullen



I’m Fine.
I’m Normal.
I’m Content.
Now I’m not perfect,
But normal doesn’t mean perfect,
It means almost perfect,
With issues that may or may not be your own fault,
Like having trouble making friends,
Because you have no idea how you did it in the first place,
And now you feel like a complete outcast,
Because your not as in to football,
Or as against academic life,
As everyone around you.
But I can deal with them.
I can try to fix them.
And I probably will.
I’m Fine.
I’m Normal.
I’m Content.


Emmet McDonald

Salt and Games


I go on after a stressful day
I want to get that score or achievement
Thinking ‘’sure this will be easy’’, I’m hyped up and ready to go
Let’s play as Mercy, let’s play as Spain, let’s play as Counter Terrorist
First death, first loss, ‘’alright warm game’’
Second death, third death ‘’warm up games’’
Now the salt kicks in, ‘’Of course he is right there, of course he is using an awp there’’
‘’Where is my team, how did he get around the map in 5 seconds?’’
Loud sighs and banging happening more and more.
Last death ‘’F**k off’’, alt F4 and sit in silence cooling off
Listen to some Weezer and go back on, rinse and repeat if doing bad


Ryan Murphy

Society of Machines and Sins

All day, young man on his Alan Watts, what does he wanna be,
A painter, a writer, a poet, anything?
But as everybody knows you can’t earn any money that way.
We aspire to inspire,

Tryna release that fire, within
But we’re living in this society of machines and sins,
We just run through exams, cram the information in night before,
We prepare to leave for school, walk out the door,

When you’re stopped,
Mam and dad say ”good luck, make us proud, ”
But you know you’re fate, it’s all gonna go wrong,
You didn’t learn that algebra, you stayed up to write that song,

That song that won’t make it out,
All the teachers thought us about,
Was to get a high earning job, and live your life out,
Wasting our time, not knowing what it’s really about,

What about? What about that poet at the back of class,
Should be writing on end, instead he’s learning maths,
Pythagoras’ Theorem, to be exact,
But think about it, when’s he ever gonna need that?

Going through school, not knowing what we’re really good at,
Pac never tried to sing like Mike, Mike never tried to rap like Pac,
And when we tell them ” I wanna be an author”
They say ”you need a real job, like an accountant”

But see, we’re not in it for the money, that’s not an author,
If we were, we’d all just be lawyers,
Earning a living influencing someone else’s demise,
Not even tryna be another Atticus Finch, not nearly as close as wise,

So go for it, know yourself, do your thing,
Not what everybody else is telling,
Be the new Bill Gates, even another Drake,
Make your mistakes, and rise,

It don’t matter what you wanna be,
A doctor, a pilot, a teacher of history,
Somebody who loves what he does, all because,
He stepped out of the box, and does what he does,

Rise above the hate, this society full of in such a state,
A state of becoming something we don’t want to, just to please our elders with our traits,
Being successful isn’t based on how much money you’ve made,
But on how you’ve learned to influence your peers, inspiration is what you create.


Ryan Cullen

Leave its mark


I am not afraid of confrontation,
Stand in my face and look down at me,
I’m ok with that because I’ll disagree,
You may be tall,
And I may be small,
You may be the tough man
The hard man
The fighter,
But a cornered animal,
Will always leave its mark.

And you should know,
What you embark on before you start,
So when you start on a cornered animal,
Always remember that you’re being irrational,
And I am not afraid of confrontation.


David Treacy

Nobody But Me

The next thing coming
Man I couldn’t see
I was walking up a foggy street
Nobody but me
Regardless of the amount I’ve seen
I kept walking till I reached the end
Only weapons on me was paper and pens
So I used them to my advantage
Wrote till I couldn’t stand it
Took off as soon as it landed
And what was quite odd to see
Was I was the last one standing

Cause I didn’t let them take me over
Wouldn’t let them take control of
Me Myself and I
No not this guy
I distracted myself from it
And every applicant, a life would plummet
My friends made accidents and I learned from it
All careers disappear and
Off the road of success they steered
Staring at me while I continue to move forward and toward my dreams
I moved fast on four wheels and couldn’t afford to deem


Darragh Fox


Life is something you should cherish,
If you drink too soon, your life could perish.
If you are careless, and you do not think,
Your life could end with only drink.
That’s why we see everywhere we go,
Crosses lined up on the side of the road.
Life is so short, and we grow up so fast,
So have fun when you’re young, while it lasts!



Crazy Illusion

Life is based on trust
And its something we rush.
We are told something not right
And we lock it in tight.
It drives us into delusion,
Like a crazy illusion.
It makes it hard to breathe,
So we keep it underneath.
It makes us become undone,
Holding it in for someone.
But we do it anyway
To keep our friends out of display


Daire Jewell


As students we’re told to express ourselves and be creative
To be individual, not someone that there’s already eight of.
But when we show any determination to achieve for ourselves
We get shut down and as society’s repelled
At how we didn’t learn those quotes or Pythagoras’ Theorem
Even though he’s talking about his passion while nobody hears him.
Maybe he just wants an artist or a singer for his career,
While instead he’s being judged on his knowledge of King Lear.


Luke Doyle

Pressure – The Best Years of My Life


The best years of my life they said,
Or at least what they told us ahead,

Of all the pressure and stress and fear,
A whole lot closer and very clear.

In school, teachers chomping at the bit,
Making us learn all this useless shit,

Like Pythagoras, Shakespeare and Robespierre,
Valleys, accounts and acid rain in the air.

Keeping up the appearance of enjoying this class,
Frankly, a lie to confess at mass.

And friends, terrifying people they be,
Knowing that they know that who is me

A gamer, artist, writer or dreamer,
A poet, a reader or even a seeker.

Parents, what do I think?
Giving us pressure in litres to drink.

Wanting perfect grades,
Honestly, its a game of charades.

But parents suck at realising this,
Making us find our goals amiss.

In the end it’s all just pressure,
be it good or bad, it’s made an impressure,

and so I suppose, in the end of all this,
it’s fair enough to say, screw this shit.



Not That Guy


They tell me my life is easy,
that you should enjoy all the things you have while you have them.
But how am I meant to enjoy all the stuff that I have,
When I have nothing to enjoy.

They say that your school work is easy,
Or “how are you not understanding this,
You just learnt it five minutes ago,
Why can’t you learn it like that kid over there
Who got it it straight away”.

They don’t realise that I am not “that guy”, I am me.

They say that if you don’t study you won’t get the grades you want,
But, what if I don’t have an interest in that subject
Or it will never be used in my life after school.

They say “why are you so awkward,
Why don’t you go and talk to other people and have some fun”.
They don’t realise I am shy or that I just don’t have the confidence to do it.
They think to themselves,
“Why can’t he be like that guy who is the talking and laughing to everybody else”.

They forget that I am me, I am not “that guy”.

When I stay inside and play video games, they say
“Why don’t you ever go out and socialise,
Like that guy who is outside and playing with his mates”.
They always forget that I am me, who enjoys playing video games and I am not that “that guy”.
In the end the one thing that really pisses me off when people say,
“Why are you not being yourself?”.
All this time I am being myself but you just don’t seem to notice.

When you compare me or say my life is easy,
I guess you don’t really know what I endure and have to deal with.
I guess this is what they all say by enjoy what “you” have until you don’t have it anymore.





Some things are best left untold,
Until the truth unfolds,

It shouldn’t be revealed,
Until the mind is cleared.

Susceptible to bias and perspective,
Some things shouldn’t be judged nor thought prospective,

As, in life, things can be disappointing,
So save yourself some pointing,

And glance at yourself,
To see what oneself,

Can see in the deeps within.


Steven Thomas


Drugs are bad,
And we all know the truth,
You’ll only get away with it,
If you’re a rich kid from Maynooth.

People shooting up,
Getting younger and younger,
Ending up on the dole,
And being complete wasters.

Kids growing up,
With junkies for parents,
They know no better,
And end up the same,
Being strung out all day,
And having no shame.

Collecting child benefit cheques,
Buying drugs and wasting that money,
This is a real problem today,
It’s not a joke and it’s not funny.


Alex Fitzsimons

Double Standards


When a guy walks around without a shirt, it’s fine.
But when a woman does it, they’re still covered up yet it’s reacted as if it’s a crime.

If a young girl doesn’t have sex and stays a virgin, she’s praised,
But when a boy does it he’d be made fun of for days.

You can hear a woman complimenting another on their good looks every day,
Yet when men do it, why’s it perceived as being gay?

You’re driving and switch lanes abruptly, the car honks at you and don’t seem a problem
If it were flipped and it happened to you, you would think they were on some.

Double standards are everywhere and aren’t going away,
So it’s up to us to think a new way.




In Third year I was panicking over exams and my junior cert
Been told do this, do that if you want your chances in life
And it made me feel like my brain was being put inside a washing machine
Sent spinning in circles
They told me about ty, about the chance for a break from all the stress of the exams
And I thought to myself I want to take that chance.
I started in Ty it all seemed really good
We went on a few trips it seemed pretty legit but now i know the teachers where wrong
“ty is fun, your never in the school” when the reality of it is we never leave it.
I have to sit through boring lectures about deciding on your future
When I already know what I want to do.
The worst of all is that the teachers tell you to be independent
And speak up for yourself but if to do that you’ll end up with detention
I love the idea of Ty but as per the usual school ruins that aswell.
I hate it.


Gavin Connolly


Started school knowing no one, it was clear
Made more friends year after year
Became good friends because they were funny and sound
Now half of them are gone and drugged down to the ground
I see these people with drugged out faces
Smoking weed, doing coke in hidden places
There parents don’t know but they couldn’t care
And it all started because of one stupid dare
Now addicted not knowing any better
Thinking they are deadly because they met her and her
These are the lads that hide and smoke weed
The lads I called good friends are now not meant to be


Luke Tierney



People call me a badman
But really im a sadman
You’re a fail said my dad and mam
Dj Whelo, HA in your dreams friends say
I whisper to myself you’ll see one day.

Go home to listen to music and chill
Turn on my beats pill turn off the light,
BANG BANG on my door “turn off that shite”

One day I’ll be famous, have lots of money
And all the haters will say “ah knew you would make it honey”
There all two faced not believing in me,
Off in my Lamborghini i go



Those who stand by and do nothing.


People always think as they watch the one kid in class get called names
Like retard or faggot and think how could people be so cruel,
Yeah he is different but he doesn’t have to think that this is his life
And he has to live with it.

As they watch him get bullied and watch others laugh they think
What horrible people could do this?

But they are no different, ignoring him get tortured
By two of his peers instead of helping him,
They may think they are better for not joining in
But you are the same.

There is no difference in watching and laughing
At someone get bullied,
All they see is the whole class not caring about him
Just letting it happen.

It may as well be you.
It is you.
Your silence
hits harder than any fist.


Jack Bramble



When we’re school we’re lied to more and more

I was told if i done Transition year that i would be more mature

And i’d of got a lot out of it but we’re have way true it

And if anything i feel less mature more childish than ever

All we do is sit around mess in class

And to be honest do nothing

I thought we’d be out learning in whole new ways

Going out to see what the really words like

But no we sit in the computer room typing up loads of shit

And searching up everything

I don’t think i’ve learn one new thing

Except for going on work experiences

Its the only time i’ve done actually work

And got to see what it was like to be in the real world

And i think that schools could do a lot more to make it more realistic

And to show us what its like to be in the real world

And how life will actually be.


Adam Hanlon




People judge before they get to know you
And its hard to get to know them
Anxiety is one of the hardest things to deal with
Not being able to talk to someone and hiding yourself from new people
And when your down people just say “get over it” or “don’t be anxious”
Believe it or not that doesn’t work
Its like hitting someone with a car and then telling them “its ok don’t think about the pain”


Shane Fleming