Mean Scoil Nua an Leith Triuigh, Castlegregory

That’s Life

There are people who wake up everyday,

Fearing for what people talk and say.

Thinking, ‘they’re not good enough’ for anyone,

Thinking ‘maybe death would be more fun’.
Its not their fault they don’t fit in ‘properly’,

The people there just act improperly.

Why must they make it hell, when they’re stuck in it as well?
There are people who like to laugh and jeer,

At those others who they think can’t hear.

But every wall has a pair of ears, hoping that they can no longer fear.
These people are teenagers, young, talented minds.

Why do they have to be judged all the time?

‘Human nature’ you say. ‘That’s life’ you say, when children have done nothing but tried?
There are people who will wake up, to parents and siblings with the ability to cuss.

Its not fair, its not right, for there to be fights,

Between a mother and son who have shared the same life.
Why must they be judged on the clothes they wear,

Their style of hair, their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, is that fair?
The answer is no.
But we are treated the same, when every mind,

Every person is not like each other in any way.

Be different!

Be a freak!

Don’t be scared to be free!

Its not fair that you’re put down by your appearance and beauty.
Stand out! Be free! People won’t care,

Because at the end of the day, you have fun being you,

And I’ll have fun being me.


Lin Moriarty


Fields of Weeds

I lost my Summer to a field of weeds
Tending to all my fathers needs
I lost my pair of boots pulling and dragging at deep roots
But I collect the labours fruits
I hear my friends playing football off in the distance
And at the same time asking my brother for assistance


Vincent Husssey


Watch your back

To the early mornings to all the warnings
From the roaring mother to the cranky father
Do this do that be this be that its not for me just let me be
I’m sick of your shit you chest height tit
Your talking smack watch your back
I’m stronger than that people got my back
I don’t feel the pain you’ve sent my way
Just to let you know everybody’s screaming my name





How do they expect me to;
Go to school and sit for 7 hours,
Come home and hit the books for 4 more,
This is my teachers fantasy and its a tragedy but its not reality to me.

Now all of a sudden its bedtime,
and this sounds like some sort of backwards nursery rhyme,
but I’m really writing about something that seems like nothing to you,
but seems like a crime to me, in my own mind.


Leanne O’Grady


What’s the harm

There putting your mind in a box
So hope nobody’s watching the clocks
Cus if rules are made to be broken
And as long as no ones left choking
Then what’s the harm in smoking?

We all just do what were told
And aren’t supposed to be bold
It just pisses me off in the cold

So f**k the authority figure
We should all give them the finger
Lets all get drunk as fuck
So we cant walk straight as a duck



Poem on School


I spend most the year in school
Just learning shit
Looking like a fool
I did my best listening to that pest
Thinking to myself there’s no point anymore
Now my grades are poor guards at my front door


Rhys Hayes



I would love to give Donald Trump a thump
And I know you do too.
The only place he should be is locked in a zoo.
He is in Russia’s back pocket
Him and Putin should be sent in a rocket
to space,
it’s a disgrace


Dara Butler



I go to school every day simply because that’s where the bus stops,
And all I can think about is playing call of duty black ops,
And because I can’t figure out why X equals Y ,
Because I don’t Know the date when the Berlin wall fell,
The teachers give out to me like hell,
Well this is where the buck stops,


Lachlann O Leary




The short poems
are the hardest
To white
Change one word
And the
Whole poem
Craig Spillane



It means they’re feeling down
And need some help
So say something nice to them
And try and be a friend
Or maybe one of your friends is doing something mean to another person
Come on you know you shouldn’t be
So instead of saying nothing
Or pretending it’s cool
Help the person being hurt
And keep the cool school rule


Patrick O Donoghue


Opens and
Expresses our
Thoughts and
I remember you but sometimes I

sitting in
Intercepting you from
Crying for my heart
Equipping me


Eoin O Toole


What we’re taught

I spend most of the year
Sitting in a cramped class
Listing to some fool
Talk out their ass
No matter how much i try
I just cannot learn
Any of the shite they say
Will decide our future
Yet i know it wont make
A difference to the life
I live.
Craig Butler



All those girls laugh and cry,
All about a stupid guy,
Treat them like shit, use and play,
All this drama just to run away,
We sit and wonder what went wrong,
While we listen to quotes and depressing songs,
Why did he leave me? what did i do?
Do you seriously think he cares about you,
If he really cared he wouldn’t let you down,
But he’s got you walking round the place looking like a clown,
Do trust me girl I’ve got your back,
So turn to that boy and give him a smack,





I hate boys that think us girls are just their toys,
They mess with our hearts and play with their parts,
They are trying to be cool and are just so cruel,
They make us cry all because of one silly boy,
These boys will never grow up and all girls feel the need to throw up,
Girls you deserve better so burn his sweater,
Because I hate these boys and all their lies.