Colaiste de hide

We are numb


We are numb to reality.
We all get told, we get told that we can do anything,
We get told we are the best of the best and that we can’t go wrong,
We grow up believing that the world is on our side, its not,
Mammy can’t get you a job,

Dad can’t bully the boss into that pay rise or promotion

The way he did to the teacher

About that grade because the world is cruel,
Our fantasy about life is wrong and we don’t see it till its too late

We are a generation of texters and Bloggers

Who cry into the virtual abyss

Instead of changing the problem

They are so adamant they believe in

Instead they complain and comfort one another

Sending out hashtags and sit content

Collectively alone speaking on a topic without research

Without real world change.

People are professionally offended.
We are so numb to the news to the wars and the crisis

So focused on the small talk, the celeb scandal

The use of a word in the privacy of a home.
We can’t go on,
We can’t go on suing for a word,

Taking our thoughts and putting them on a pedestal it does not Deserve,

Because my opinion is equal to yours right?
But if that view is taken to the top the system falls

We have a policy of offended before informed.
Where does it end, when do we stop crying for equality

While simultaneously exacting a historical Debt through our politics, our levels of acceptance

And our freedoms to speak without prosecution,

Public witch hunts and exclusion.
We are equal, equally numb.


Aaron Ryan


Bad Society


In a society where drugs can’t give you hugs

But all we do is use woman for their jugs

Cause us boys think we’re thugs.
Where every elderly thinks its okay

To judge us with our every such touch we do,

Well screw you

We’re the new kids

So you have to treat us like we weren’t brought up in a zoo.
In this society its not hard to get barred from shops

For the caps you wear that’s bad

We have to Wrap that up

And stand up for what we believe in

Before we have to grieve.



I Don’t Want to be a Teacher


I don’t want to be a teacher,
For ages now I have been told
That teaching is the best path for me.
I don’t want to be surrounded
By small children, grumpy teenagers.
I don’t want to be in the confines of the classroom
Like a prison or a padded cell.
I don’t want to be a cog in the machine
Of a system I don’t believe in.
I would rather plant the seeds of inspiration
And watch children bloom in their creativity,
Than have it shoved down their throats
and then beaten out of them.
I would rather fix a system than be stuck inside of it
Whilst a bunch of forty year olds control it,
Unaware of how that system isn’t helping them move forward.
I don’t want to be a teacher,
I want to strive for something more.


Nicola Dawson




We don’t care
As long as she’s healthy,
As long as she’s happy,
As long as she’s safe.

Where did that go when she wants short hair?
When she prefers ‘handsome’ to ‘fair’?
Or when ‘she’ turns into ‘he’?

So now you care
As you turn against him in his hour of need
Calling ‘him’ a ‘her’ any moment you can
Giving him the need to bleed
All that because of your own greed.
You say ‘fag’ ‘queer’ ‘girl’
You again and again hurl these insults at your child
Do you think this will help if he is exiled?

You find him alone one day
On the floor,
HIs mind miles away.
There’s blood on the floor,
note in his hand
Crying, ” Why don’t you like me anymore?”

“I don’t care” you insisted
“As long as she’s happy, healthy, safe”
What about now?


Sailí Áine

Hashtag 4EverAlone


We come from Tallaght, we have cute mallets.
Pizza is our favourite food, not salad.
We love to session it’s an obsession.
Don’t get the impression we are alcoholics.
Or Tallaghfornia boys juiced up on metabolics
We like to gossip about boys who pop up on our phone,
F that s@*t hashtag


Chloe & Emily


Our Pal


A snake in the grass, our pals a pain in the ass,

She thinks she’s upper-class but in reality she’s middle-class,

She’s quite the view but she hasn’t got a clue,

She’s very dense she never makes sense,

She loves to dance but won’t take a chance on romance,

She’s very good at ignoring but trust me she’ll give you a warning,

She’s got terrible hearing and can’t wear earrings,

We think she’s an oddball because she so tall but she’ll always be our little doll.
Roisin Moloney



I hate school,
the teachers are all cruel
All you see is little kids drool,
Everyone getting called a fool
I wish I could just jump into a pool,
I should have went to an acting school
I’m sick of all the homework,
your one is such a jerk.




In a Hurry


I am the shadow cast by your light,
by what’s wrong and what’s right
I have no real substance,
I’m sorry I spent too much time making myself look good for you.
You ask why I’m quiet?
Because you took the air from my lungs when you walked past
I love that, a pretty girl in a hurry with nowhere to go
My place at seven? I’ll be good this time I promise
I’m happy being unhappy, but for you I’ll smile.

Lee Kavanagh




We live in Tallaght and they’re all snakes
There’s never any earthquakes
But we have some great lakes
There is never any snowflakes
My phone always breaks
Cause all my mates are snakes
So I just eat a bowl of cornflakes


Adam Chelsee




All I want to do is get out of this school
All these fools that I’ve known since preschool,
Sitting in the kip eating some jaffa cakes with all these snakes ,
All these teachers giving me massive headaches
Pretending they care but they don’t give a duck
Wouldn’t even wish ye a bit of luck
All them smelling like they crawled out of a garbage can
School bloody sucks education is a scam






You could never live a day without fear
Not knowing if what people said was ever sincere
You laughed, you huffed, you shrugged it all away
Without knowing what else they could say

Everyday in school was always the same
You were always stuck in everyone’s sick game
Your head, your heart was full of pain
To you, your life was such a strain

The whispers, the lies, the rumour’s all around
You always thought you’d never leave this sick town
But you stood, you fought, you showed them wrong
You showed them that no matter what, you could always be strong






You looked in the mirror and saw what you wanted
The redness, the spots, you looked so exhausted
You looked down and saw your fat thighs
Everyone tells you different, but you know its all lies

You saw your fat nose
How it shined like a rose
You looked at your small lips
Oh, how they look like small sticks

You take out your make-up
But it made you look more messed up
You thought, ‘Maybe I’ll just skip school?’
But you knew that you would just look like a fool

Society makes us think we have to live up to expectations
But we have to remember we are all different creations
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
Those beauty youtubers are all just bullshi*ers

We have to learn to fight off peer pressure
We all have to learn to thrive together
The less you worry, the less you care
You won’t be a part of this stupid nightmare


Rachel McGee


Innocence Fades


Don’t diss me cause I’m different
When everyone in their own way
Is uniquely magnificent,
Innocence fading into insignificance
Accomplishing small things that mean so much
Huge things that mean so little
You can’t do right from doing wrong
Thought you were a failure
You’ve been a fighter all along
The future looks bright
Next minute its bleak
You thought you were strong
Next minute your weak
But being weak means finding
The strength to carry on
When you can pick yourself up
And move keep moving along.


Niamh & Daria




I’m sick…..sick of waking up dreading the day,
Getting in trouble for blowing a bubble,
Not making a pop but the teachers won’t stop,
Trying to follow the rules they think I’m a fool,
The second i get home show my parents my poem ,
But they don’t care because the teacher called ,
So I’m sent straight into my room,
And I’m hoping that they will let me out soon,
Sitting here staring straight at the door
Sometime growing feels like fighting a war.
Cian Farrell


Acting like Fools

Chilling with your friends
These winter weekends
Nothing to do
The boys smoking fags
Everyone asking for a drag
Acting like fools

Getting chased by the guards for robbing cars
Hopping backyards out in the stars

Straight from Homelawns
Now back behind bars


Nicole Grogan



There is no freedom, controlling people
Turning heads and hearing comments
Caught like fly in the web of a boring house spider
Unique yet targeted.



GTA Tallafornia


Walking through Tallaght in freezing October,
Strolled past a strung out junkie,
The truth wasn’t sober,
Looking for his fix he tried to stroke her,
Flat out through the fields in me robbed motor,
I learned to drive in GTA,
Smoked the guards and blew away.


Kealon & Stephen




When shes had a few bottles
And goes on the sesh
Hanging outside McDonalds
Her face is a mess
Black boots to her knees
Dressed to the nines
She hasnt got a breeze
Someone’s latest nightline
Another drunk sneeze
Teenage sad and lonely striptease
Doing anything she can
To get invited to the part-tees.


Hannah Taylor



Waiting on the bus,
Like a gloomy gus,
Its always late,
Well this is great,
Walking into school,
Wearing the wrong shoes,
Stopped at the gate,
“This is a disgrace”,
Detention again!





To make a rhyme you need time
A river blocked by a dam causes a stir
A bullet from a gun the girl gets the shun
Hand to the guitar, maith an fear