St. Fergal’s College, Rathdowney, Co. Laois


Sunday was our day,
I’d make my way down,
She’d be waiting , smiling
We’d sit and talk for hours,
The stories she’d tell would keep me wanting more,
But things changed there was no more,
Sunday will still be our day,
But I do all the talking now though,
I know she’s listening, watching over me and still smiling.



We stare blankly at a page as we’re told what to do, what to think
Our minds are empty
Our lives unfilled
We dream of a bigger better world but we’re shot down
As we’re not smart enough to do what we dream.
Our lives are put on hold for a job that we don’t like but we’re
Told that’s what’s best
As our lives come to an end
We relive our days
Will we be happy or sad?
What will you say?

Sarah Maher


I look to the left, I look to the right,
Nobody realises I’m putting up a fight,
With my mind,
It just isn’t right,
Never taken seriously,
There are people worse off,
I’d love to tell that person in my mind to f**k off,
Try to fight it,
Try to hide it,
Pressure from my family,
Pressure from my friends,
I know they mean well but the pain never ends,
Embarrassed by my friend that lives in my head,
Always overthinks everything that is said ,
Maybe I’ll ignore it for the rest of my life,
Hopefully my future will be bright.

Abbey Vaughan


Up in out down
Up in out down
Like a tape on repeat
Living life in defeat
Wondering why
Why am I under this sky

Is it all part of a plan?
Or am I wasting my time
The little time that I have
‘Til I keel over and die

Is there even a heaven?
is there even a God?
If not then what am doing all this for?

I’ve studied I’ve ran I’ve trained I’ve cried
I’ve laughed I’ve loved I’ve lived in my time
But it won’t be remembered
It will be forgotten
All these medals and trophies and good grades that I’ve gotten
It’ll all go to waste when my memory ends
All the love I’ve created when it fizzles and bends
Towards big ugly clouds in the sky
Where we’re told there’s happiness and life no goodbyes

Living under it all, under this sky,
A speck on a speck on a speck in the eye
Of a distant onlooker looking past his own sky
Wondering about the existence of his very own life

I pray I pray that when it all ends
I won’t be forgotten, I can make amends
That there is heaven and paradise
And everlasting life

And nothing is pointless
When I finally die.

Oisín Campion

Immature and Insensitive

I hate immature and insensitive lads who think they’re great when there not,
They think they can get any girl they want but really there nothing but cocky assholes,
All they want to do is to have sex with a girl and then fuck her around,
Girls want a romance not a once off,
They want a protective lad that doesn’t look at any other girl,
Girls get jealous because they don’t want lads to f**k them around and just want a good relationship,
If a girl is f**ked around she feels like and worthless,
Maybe one day lads will get in touch with their inner feelings.


That Day

One breath two breaths
Three breaths four, slowly in and out in and out
The last thing I heard in that hospital room
Never will I forget that day of gloom, sadness and despair
The day I lost my beloved Granny.

All the times she said everything would be okay,
But on this day it wasn’t okay? what was going to be okay
The fact that I am going to lose a member of my family
I don’t see the point I never will,

Time goes on people start new lives perhaps take different roads
They seem to just forget the loss of their loved one
But there is me I will never forget what in saw in the hospital
That day.

Eugene Aylward


There are rules to live by in society
Although people prefer to live quietly
Expectations are set high
Sometimes having to lie
Alcohol, school, sex and friends
Feeling like we have to make amends
Judged on a scale of 1-10
Women and men.

Rosie Fitzpatrick

Gone But Not Forgotten

On the start of winter, they could have told me, I would lose someone who used to hold me
A saint, a dancer but not killed by cancer, my granny I loved and missing her signature leather glove
I saw her dead in the bed as I touched her pale cold head,
All the family came from near and far to witness this tragedy
Even my dad couldn’t have calmed me
I roared and shouted and I couldn’t have counted
The days I had left to see my gran
More than a gran but looked at like a mother
Goodbye to my Grandmother and my Mother.

Ben Delaney


Why the need for grades?
Why do we all need to dress the same? instead of expressing our individuality.
Why are we shushed for sharing our views on the management of our school?
Why are you either smart or dumb?
Why does our exams effect our success in life?
Why are the smart glorified and the creative not?
Why do we need to know the value of X or Y?
Why should fear getting a question that we could be laughed at?
Why should we sit in torture for 7 hours?


Being a Teen

We learn from our mistakes,
From the wrong turns we take
From the fake friends we make
And from the times we almost break.

Our mistakes help us grow
But at the time, we didn’t know
We didn’t want our weakness to show
At the time we couldn’t let them know.

Our fake friends were there
But they didn’t actually care
Our secrets, they would share
And now as we pass, they just stare.

Not breaking means you’re strong
You’d know where you went wrong
As if you weren’t waiting so long
To explain yourself, but stay strong

Here’s to being a teen
Live it up, cause we’re living the dream.

Jayson Alley


I learnt that life wasn’t easy,
And that there was no room to be greedy.
Living with a life long disease,
Is no easy thing to achieve.
But living a happy life,
Is the best way to be alive.
Always get through the bad with a smile,
And remember being happy is always in style.


Junior Cert Scare

J.C. was just a load of poo.
I wasn’t even looking forward to asking you.
When suddenly it came across me that it had nothing to do with you.
But when I was there I didn’t care what had happened in the test.
As it was nothing only a mess.
And where there is a mess there is always an consequence.
And when I heard the word consequence I gained re-consciousness.
And when I gained consciousness
That’s when I felt like I had more dominance than anyone else.



I’ve spent my summers on the machines
All I want is to drive them, get the experience
Feel the revs and the roar of the machines
This is my life when I am young.

Conor Handcock

Leaving Cert

Days and days,
Months and months,
Years and years,
Closer and closer along comes a student’s greatest fear
Along comes the leaving cert, the leaving cert is here
I raise my hand “leithreas le do thoil”
The supervisor approves, I feel so faint
Who’d have known I need the luck of a saint
I arrived at the toilet, alone and marooned
As I sat broken-hearted came to shit but only farted.

Dylan Doyle