Bandon Grammar School. Co. Cork


I looked in front of me
And saw my sea of worries
Angry and churning
I looked behind me and saw my field of happiness
Disappear before my eyes
Like a sun setting
The light disappearing
I wish I could go back,
To that beautiful field
But time is ticking on
And the tide of worries washes in
Already upon me
Where did the time go?

Erika Jeffers

Light at the End

Down in the dumps with nowhere to go,
Afraid to speak up even though you know.
Alone in a crowd with friends all around,
But no one to talk to about your background.

Darkness surrounds you, no way to escape,
Afraid to make even one more mistake.
Imprisoned in a dungeon of eternal despair,
Nothing seeming the smallest bit fair.

Never as good as you want to be,
Creating worse than what you see.
Always falling short of perfection,
Listening only to their objections.

No light at the end of the tunnel,
No silver lining on your cloud.
You don’t blame the tools, only yourself,
Fighting a battle, buried deep underground.

But when you look up, surrounded by friends,
You see the light, not the end.



A voice is telling me that TV hasn’t taught me anything I need
These fads they keep on selling me
But we crave to hold up status quo
They want us twerking, don’t think for yourself
How would I have known
That the social figures lacking in probity
Would be such significant threads
In the veil that blocks reality from perplexed minds
Keep selling your kids sex and violence
Exploiting insecurities
Cajole at the developing mind with comfort and abandon.

Lydia Lehane


To judge;
to hold a grudge against anyone who differs from you,
to make or perceive them as anything and askew.

We all have a preconceived idea of someone before they even speak,
but if this relents it becomes a game of prejudicial hide-and-go-seek.

So let’s intercept this primal concept and learn to befriend,
but more importantly to learn
and eventually to comprehend.

Lorna Cousins

Who We Are

our virtual struggle
in the constant pruning
of an invisible life

Facebook, Instagram
the whole lot
always striving
for the ideal,
that perfect image
always unachievable

When really we are only
blinding ourselves
with every post, picture & update
from the undeniable truth

To see us for ourselves
to accept the things
that make us great
And to truly know
our greatest truth,
Who we are.

Aaron Hutchinson

The System

They tell us,
Pay homage to the system,
The rules never dismiss em, resist em.
Manners and good grades the only goal for decades,
How does it feel under that control?
We feel the loss of individuality, originality and soul.
Future generations feel the impact of these actions,
On their tongue lies the sharp taste of dissatisfaction,
When the doctor who scored 10 A’s fails to save your life,
In the outdated, corrupt system we bring our strife.

Yvonne Coombes


Small and cold and jagged,
A seemingly insignificant piece of metal,
Important not to all but to me,
A sign of freedom,
A sign of respect,
Kept safe and sound in my front pocket,
No margin for error,
A taste of things to come,
A feeling of pride when the clink of my keys sound from the front pocket of my bag,
A feeling of home when I put them in the door.

Katie Bennett

Be Different

Be different, be unique whispers into pitiful ears,
But it’s just not good enough, that’s all he hears.
Privileged life doesn’t lead to privileged lives.
All this, it just opens my eyes.

‘You’ll be fine, just do your best’, he jeers.
But all that comes to my head are the fears.
Split parents, they can’t help me,
A school battleground is all I can see.
I just need to be free…


What the F**k Happened to the Music

The same song with a different title,
A monotonous recital,
Society still follows,
Their pride, they refuse to swallow.
As they wallow in the words that are hollow.
It was once bright and full but now we lose it.
What the f**k happened to the music.

Oisin Brown


Thanks to them I realised
The friendship that I have
Even if internationally
As national because you never have to be afraid to make friends
Since they will be for good and bad they stay always

The one who is a friend, never
Leave it in the lurch,
But do not ask for anything
Do not expect everything from him:
Always the most faithful friend
It is an honourable conduct.

Paula Prieto

Good Night

A hug good night and a drink of water
No hug for me cuz I’m not their daughter
Shut the door and stuff the beds
Swear to god there’s something messed up with our heads
Creaking and squeaking as we squish out the window
A figure there to catch me as I fall below
A silent race up the deserted road
Stunned like bunnies as the headlights slowed
A jump and a slam and the engine revs
Our parents still think we’re konked in our beds
Off gallivanting at this untimely hour
Much like cake, these nights we devour.


My Thoughts

I may be shy but I’ve a lot to say,
Words overflowing but too scared to stray
From the normal the cool the popular way,
In case it’s weird, not expected, passé.
Phrases and thoughts bursting from inside,
Wants to be different but chooses to confide,
Trying to pick up the courage to speak,
The things in my head, I know they’ll critique.
My thoughts don’t conform to the rest of the world,
But I blend in the most, quiet unheard,
Until I’m with friends, hyper, unselfconscious,
Not worried, uneasy, anxious or cautious.


Waiting Room

Staring into silence,
Hands started to sweat
Swearing from stern voices,
‘I’m going out for a cigarette’

Footsteps heard,
Eyes met by a nurse,
‘I’m sorry’ she says ‘she didn’t make it’
This feels like a curse.

Rhiannon Byrne


Often caught up in own thoughts,
Shooting myself with hurting gun shots.
Looking for answers
Keep running past them
Not finding them by any chances
They are like uncut gem,
Don’t look great first.
But don’t lose your faith!

I know I am right
Next minute I think I am wrong
But what does it matter?

Don’t get caught up
What is it about?
Just let the thought pass
There is no need
What would you achieve?
Just watch them rush past
That makes you happy at last.

Thora Heithecker

Humanity’s Act of Self-Perpetuating Self-Destruction

We are all a part of Humanity,
Turns out we’re our own worst enemy.
People talk about how much Brexit
And Trump will mess things up,
If they were faced with the same choice,
They would be ready to bottom-up,
If they were faced with the same broadcasting
They would be lied to and speak with the same misleading voice
People are more concerned with Britain and America
While Syria and the Middle East are in a state of hysteria.
I know it may start war, but that is the problem,
People are more concerned with what may than what is.
The UN are more concerned with keeping peace than taking action
The people aren’t willing to be solemn.
The world is dividing into nothing but arguing factions.
With people more concerned with their own personal problem deduction.
It is constantly fuelling humanity’s perpetuating self-destruction.

Cathal Brennan

White Walls

White walls, dark halls,
People calling your name.
Teachers screaming at students dreaming,
Your mind lit up like a flame.
Insults flying, students crying,
Everyday here is the same.
Nothing changes, this place is brainless
The system is what’s to blame.

Robert O’Connor & Joseph Wetz

What is the Solution?

What is the solution
With a world full of war
And people trekking across the land.
With concrete walls coming or already up
Blocking people coming through.
The governments mightn’t think they need to pass,
But we think they do.
We know something needs to happen
But what is the solution
To everything.

Holly Hosford

The Social Loop

Likes, comments and posts,
Do they really matter?
Will getting 200 likes affect you getting a job?
Will it kill you to delete a post?

Peoples’ desire to fit in, peoples’ need to feel included,
it controls what we do and think,
just so that we feel popular,
feel involved in the social loop.

It controls us.

Morgan O’Sullivan

Be Yourself

In a world full of judges
No one can get it right
Through life everyone trudges
Everyday is a fight.

Everywhere you look there is pain
You’re not right unless you are plain
People tell you it’s not OK
Even though their life is just as grey.

But sometimes people change
We all know they are seen as strange
But maybe its right to stand out
Be yourself they all shout.

Suzanne Bateman

What I Want to do After School

Different countries, different smells
None of them where I’ll dwell
To live life with a collection of communities
And grabbing all appealing opportunities
For everything unfamiliar to become familiar.


My Life

My confidence strikes in many ways sometimes in my favour
Also appears in my way,
Heading to Balls and fancy places,
Gets me in my way without my realisation,
Sitting back drinking my coffee,
Then I look out the window and see it’s all foggy,
Visiting all these exotic places,
Collecting my souvenirs as I finish my races.

Grace Akerlind

Sunny Day

A sunny day, a clear blue sky
The pupils came out,
Their heads held high!
Four different colours,
Excitement to come,
All supported
By their dads and mums
pupils are strong, determined and fast
Here comes the parents’ race,
Hope mine isn’t last
But who are the winners
Red, Green, Yellow or Blue
Hurrah it’s victory
For my team too.

Adam Peevers


School, why is it there
When the teachers don’t even care
They don’t even remember
Your name is like a serial number
Just waiting to be forgotten by December
There from nine to six
You’re just another person to fix.

Johan van der Westhuizen

The Ocean

People say we are evolving
But we aren’t really making a change
We destroy the world with our commuting
But all we seem to care for is the stock exchange
The ocean is dying
But no one seems to care
People keep buying
But no one seems to be aware
That they are killing our home


Ice World

In an ice world without a mate
Feeling like I am an absolute state
Looking over my shoulder at an awful rate
Running to my home to keep my sanity
My life is like a big puzzle to solve
Waiting for myself to evolve
Everyday I try to hold my fate
Suffering in a world full of hate.



We don’t see black we don’t see white
We don’t want war we just want kites.
We are all equal, we want change.
But then the old man hands us change.
The green and gold’s shine stains our hands
Now we want drinks now we want bands
Now we want cars now we want cans.
We forget about peace, we fight to the top.
Most of us fall, most of us drop.
We are lonely, no family, no team,
The old man has sold us the American Dream.

David Twomey

In a World

In a world where you must
and the rules can’t adjust
everyone is a stereotype
or used as a prototype
forced into a mould
and no one knows its really a blindfold
do not delay, continue to slay.

Moira Barrett