St. Colman’s, Claremorris, Co. Mayo

Ocean Waves

Life is Life.
Life is a lot of things.
Life may be smooth sailing, Life may be a chaotic cruise.
On the endless ocean.

Life is a fluctuating set of waves.
Some waves just slide around you.
Leaving you looking forward to what is next.
Others hit hard. May break a bone or two. Causing you to walk back from life and think. “What now?”
These waves are unpredictable and uncontrollable.
Like the waves from the ocean.

Life is beautiful.
You run you jump, we boost we fly.
Having the time of our lives.
We do as we choose whatever it may be.
Like swimming and diving in the great sea.

Life is suffocating.
We keep on going.
We keep on moving.
Responsibilities start growing.
Jobs start piling.
Friends start pressuring
“I just want to breathe”
Responsibilities growing
Jobs piling
Friends pressuring
“I just need to breathe”

Like drowning in an endless ocean.

Life is Life.
We all have different perspectives of it.
We may see it as art.
We may see it as just itself.

Like staring out into the endless ocean.



You jump
Just trying something new
and then you fall, feel it all rushing by
The fear, the joy, the anticipation
What if it all fails, what if it wasn’t worth the try
Falling mile by mile
But then you see her smile
Yes you may hit the ground
But the fall is worth the pain
As long as you’re insane enough
To jump.

Oisín Ó Braonáin


From random conversations to the homework stations.
From funny nicknames to this weekend’s game.
From hallway walks and classroom talks
From nights out and new try-outs.
From 5 page essays and a new trend craze
From lunch time craic to outside smacks.
From the home time bell to the study room hell.
From after school snoozes to cleaning excuses.
From Mam’s lovely dinner to dads tea time winner
From random thoughts to new story plots.
From new morning starts to the music top charts.
If we were all the same, life would be boring,
We’re all different, that’s why we’re scoring.

Evan Hughes

Dear Adults

This poem is for those adults who think they know it all
The ones that don’t listen to the youth, it’s their biggest downfall
You complain to us about the hardships of things back in ‘your day’
But when we try to show you new things, you push us away

You tell us our generation is a nuisance and do nothing but fuss
Hey man, we get it, you’re fucking older than us
You can tell stories of how hard life was and dwell in the past
But don’t expect us to wait up for you, cos life nowadays is fast

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the adults trying to change
To adapt to the future, with its ever-expanding range
Of inventions and advances in technology and otherwise
But when you refuse to move on, that is where the problem lies

‘With age comes maturity’, a ‘wise man’ once said
Yet every day global warming becomes more of a threat
Now I know that us young people are as much to blame,
Yet you adults claim to be the responsible ones, so step up your game

This poem is for those adults who refuse to hear their child out
And instead of letting them express their feelings, they just roar and shout
Often those adults are the ones who preach about loving one another,
Yet because of a dispute over a few acres of land, they don’t speak to their brother

I must admit I find it truly frustrating
And trust me on this, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating
How adults can belittle teenagers whenever they please
But if we dare stand up to them, we must beg for mercy at their knees

All we ever asked is for you to give us a chance
And please don’t immediately take up a defensive stance
You could say that some of what I have said is rude or cruel
But deep in your heart you know I’ve spoken nothing but truth

So to bring my poem to an overall conclusion
I’m going to leave you with what I believe to be the solution
I’m not asking you to agree with me, but I implore you to hear me out
I may still be young but I know what young people are about

So the next time you think ‘I’m older than this person, I must be right’
Just remember that all humans have minds too, no matter the age or height
Please try to visualise an equal world for adults and children alike
You and I both know that it’s time to stand up for what is right.

Tadhg Middleton

To Be Successful

To be inventive follow your spirit
To be creative follow your hands
To be an actor trust your voice
To be to be anything you must believe in yourself
And chose the right path.

To be funny trust and rehearse your comedy
To be doctor you must understand
To be an accountant don’t tell anyone about your day
To be a teacher trust your instincts

To be a success you can see it, but you have to believe it
To be a failure is the best thing that could ever happen
To dream you must keep it forever in your pocket

Keep on failing and dreaming
Success will come.

Evan Mc Donagh

School of Stress

Going to school just thinking of all the homework is due
Feeling alone
feeling like I’m on deathroad
Going to class just go get laughed
Feeling like my life is a downdraft
The teacher would just ignore and would just say stop that.
In another class they will say get ready for the exam
Going back home just to prepare for the horror show
After the exam everyone will go out and have a blast
while I will be at home just sitting all alone…


Know Your Goal

My goal in life is
to bag a wife and to see
my kids flying around the

I want to chase my
dream, to be able to scream
F@#k you to all my haters.

I want to say
on my final day
‘I’ve done something
worthwhile’ and
‘I had some Lifestyle’

I know my dream
in this crazy world,

Do You?



In every school there’s a kid who gets bullied
Doesn’t matter what good deed
He may fulfil
Those bullies will have a thrill
Ripping and tearing him apart
Unfortunately this is only the start
Bullying is an issue that needs to be stopped
To be honest it needs to be swapped
With the goodness and kindness that remains
So the young and kind can be released from their chains.

Darragh Kennedy

What I Hate

I am here to talk about what I hate,
From the posh clean streets to the dirty dangerous cheats,
Afraid to speak chained all rage in an emotional cage,
You wear many masks because if you look in the mirror,
You think you will be afraid what you might see ,
I ask you now to respect my wishes and do as I say
Respect people cause they do care
What you say and they might listen to what you have to say.



Out on the grass
I feel at my best,
With a ball at my feet
I feel blessed.
When I get my chance
I am going to succeed,
Defenders in a trance
They are going to concede.

With just one glance
I can see their fear,
Goal after goal
The result becomes clear.
The ref blows the whistle,
The game is done,
Now I know for sure
I can beat anyone.

Cormac Henry


Constantly replaying confrontations in my mind
Having used reactions society assigned
Wishing I could’ve reacted differently
Been braver, bolder, just done something differently
Plotting a revenge that will never happen
Maybe in a place only I could imagine
Now living with the regret
Caused by the feeling
That I was wrong and did not belong



She always told me I was lazy
But was all about the way she
used to blame me
But I always worried about the bucks
I know no one really gave a f**k but I always thought that I was tough
But then she started to realise that every guy cries, lies and even gets high
I apologize but no one could really recognize me
because I didn’t know what I wanted to be
Until her,
The past just seemed like a blur
I concur things I never dream of
People said I would never fall in love or be loved
But now I am someone

Sean Joyce


Saturday morning on my way
Dreamt of this day half my life
I step off the plane smell the air
On the train all I see is fields of red
London underground from Tottenham Hale
Come on you spurs? No way
Walk to the stadium on the way
Pick up a burger from a greasy chipper
I sit in awe of this place
Scan my ticket and head in a sea of red greets me
I took my seat for the first time
The home of football
The beautiful Arsenal
Went home a happy man.

Harvey O’Brien

A School Morning

Awoken at sunrise
To the sounds of ringing bells
Weary and ragged I wipe my eyes

The stumble down the stairs
In search of the school attire
Only to find they’ve not been put in the dryer

The gruelling wait for the bus to arrive
Is meet with a rather unpleasant surprise
The unfamiliar science notes I forgot to revise.

Seán Kirrane


Some are too big
Some are too small
Some are too short
Some are too tall

You have to be perfect
Just to fit in
You can’t be too fat
You can’t be too thin
So don’t be like the other kids
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
The person you see on the outside
May on the inside be another.



Football is great
It is sort of my trait
I like it a lot
So I said I’d give it a shot.

I like the game’s pace
It is often described as a footrace.
It’s not just speed, its strength too
It’s vital you eat your beef stew.

The aim of the game
Is to put the other team to shame
By having the better score
Until the game is no more.