Hazelwood College, Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick

Rather Not

She would rather not talk to you.
You get better grades than her
in a world where this is how we value self- worth
she thinks you’re more intelligent
she is too intimidated to offer you her opinion.
So she refrains from commenting
when you’re around.
She’s scared to raise her hand in class
Is scared to admit that she adores poetry.
That if she could she would show everyone
her favourite slam poem of all time
but that means caring about something,
for the risk of it being called lame she’d rather not.
Oh and did you hear?
She hates makeup.
No, she loves it.
No she hates it
She’s just terrible at it.
In fact, she’d much rather spend thirty euros on books
than a designer bronzer that she doesn’t know how to use
but by telling you this she realises
that she would be stereotyped into a category of nerds.
As someone trying too hard to be different
When different, apparently is a negative
Well it is to sheep anyways.


Hall Of Mirrors

I Aint no Kylie Jenner
I wish I could be thinner
There’s a voice in my head all full of hate
Telling me “girl you are a state”

But as I keep on thinking
My heart just keeps on sinking
I finally build up the courage to say
“Voice! You were wrong anyway.”

Because everyone is perfect in their own way
Just shove the hate away that’s all I say.
There is people that love the way you are
even though you mightn’t feel it.

So Just do one thing for me just
Please, please , please
Don’t ever believe it.

Clodagh Walsh

Breaking Glass

They don’t teach individuality in this school, it’s as if it’s a rule,
To be different and speak your mind but instead to be scared of being talked about behind your back.

Girls being told “No nail varnish” because it’s a rule
We don’t wear it just be cool, but because it stands out.
Same with hair,
Boys aren’t allowed a blade 1
It’s just one of the many things teachers can’t bare,
From colour to style to having it looks “natural” and “Neat”
You swear it’s the queen we’re going to meet.

How appearing different affects our education I’ll never know,
I didn’t dye my hair for attention or for show,
I did it because I’m an individual
And I don’t want to follow a crowd

Although individuality is illegal in this school, I’m still standing proud.
Being yourself isn’t being weak
Standing out in a crowd is called being unique.

Molly Kirwan

The World Today

There is much in the world
So look around
Money lovers
Rich shits
House looker
Homeless begging
Food seeker
Poor starve
The world keeps going around
Time still ticks on
Life does not stop
Until your last breath is taken.

Edel O’ Flynn


These days are tough
Work and policies that
Every single day
Tell us who to be but in reality
That’s not what we want to be
Making us feel like were imaginary.
We’re not imaginary
Be who you want to be
And every day
Be what you want to be

Eoin Enright

The Reality of Dreams

We all dream of something, whether it be something simple like being a good driver or becoming good at something, and that’s fine, but only when you dream a little harder, it’s when things get complicated.

I am currently in Transition Year, and I do dream big, I want to become famous, rich and have a big house. Be aware, I am only 16, and these dreams of mine, they feel like a passion, something I have to achieve, not because I feel that I want to, but because I feel I need to.

Life at school is boring, being stuck in packed rooms for hours, while teachers mindlessly speak of something I couldn’t care about. But, there is something to particularly enjoy about being bored in school, you have the time of the world to just think about things, life in particular. When I’m in class, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t stop dreaming and do enjoy what teachers teach.

Maths, for one, is extremely meaningless. Thousands of years ago, Humans were free, literally. Those cavemen times. There was no school, no need to know “x” and “y” have different values.

Every time that I go on Facebook or YouTube, there’s always something viral. For good reasons and stupid, things just happen for people to create something that will go viral. And I always wish that would be me. I want to be known to this world. I feel as though I need to. I want to be able to donate millions to charity, and the homeless. But I’m constantly reminded of how that won’t happen because of teachers. They think they have the vision to see into our futures.

I strongly believe that my acting career and Youtube channel will provide me the life I have been dreaming of for so long.

School will not define me, my hopes, dreams and aspirations will.

Dreams are a lot harder to achieve when the education system deliberately judges your values as a human being. It’s not one bit fair.

But I will stay strong, and firmly allow myself to believe that school is merely a first factor for my life. It’s not. I will always cater for my actual obligations for life. First.

Ben Murphy

The Life Cycle

With 6 hours sleep from the previous night,
You wake up dreading this day,
Cause you know it’ll be shite,
Listening to nagging teachers who think their always right,
With no room to express yourselves,
You follow the rules,
Like everyone around walking like mules,
And when you hear that bell ring,
You think your finished everything,
But then your back home,
To the very same thing,
And when you’re finished your homework,
It’s time for bed,
As in society we are led,
Our life is the same boring thing repeating each day.

Ronan Cahill

My Love

My love was like the fire and you were the fuel
Every bit of you made the fire larger, stronger and more powerful
But soon it just stopped, my fire died down to almost nothing
You stopped giving me the fuel that raged my fire and suddenly I was nothing
Nothing more than pitiful ashes on the cold hard ground trying to clean you out of my system
My love was still alive after all you done to me
Why do we love the ones that hurt us the most?
Why won’t the fire go away?



B.eing “beautiful” is easy to do.
E.verything really depends on you
A.imed at having a slim waist, legs and arms
U.nderstand this, these standards do harm
T.rying to fit into a society so cruel
Y.ou should know, beauty grows from within you

Blaithin Matthews

Achieving the Unachievable

I know what I want to do but I don’t think it can be achieved. Knowing the points you need is not what you’re going to achieve. Having your life decided on numbers you can’t withstand but knowing you’d be so good at a job just like that.

And then the moment comes around everyone’s happy and cheerful and you know you’re just gonna be tearful. Then you think your life is over with nothing good in sight you just might think it could be over, all because you didn’t study that one night.

One day you wake up and wonder why you put your dreams aside. It might take put your dreams aside. It might take longer and will be more work, but you have just achieved what you taught was unachieved your dream.

Ciara O’Callaghan


The weather changes through the seasons,
But it changes for a lot of reasons.
The reasons could be big,
The reasons could be small,
But it would take forever to count them all.

Millie Mulcahy

Lazy Days

This is where we spend the days playing sport
Tractors doing the silage clocking up the endless mileage
Cows calving chickens hatching
This is where the tractors doing the endless bales
Leaving bae making up the hay
Playing and watching matches this is our favourite place
In the lazy Hazy Mazy time of year.

Martin Daly

Life is for the Weakest

Life is for the strongest
But the weakest always win
It’s the people that stab you
In the back that seem to
Be on top.
The weakest stand over you
When you’re on the ground
And it’s when you’re strong
You can stand back up.
Don’t leave people, school and
Rules control your life.
You walk your own path.
And if someone is genuine
Walk your path alongside theirs.

Muirís O’ Keeffe