Bush Post Primary School, Dundalk, Co. Louth

The Constant Ticking

Ticking along the metres slowly clicking away
My hands tightly holding to ticking of the clock
As my glans start to tighten
My heart pounding like a thousand horses across a terrain
The veins piercing my skin with pain
My body telling me to stop but my soul telling me to continue
Why all the pain for the success of 14 minutes
The day to day dose of pain and exhaustion for every day upon every week upon every month upon every year
The constant desire for rest but the constant desire for success.
Some might call me mad, sad and mental.
Others just might say welcome to the world of the athlete’s life.

Katie Mallon

One of Them

How bad can it be?
You’re only a student “How bad can your life be?”

Eyes glance, villainous stares,
“You’re not one of them”
“You’re not one of them”

Voicing your problems, critical glares.
“You’re not one of them”
“You’re not one of them”

They don’t want to hear you,
how bad can it be?
Your problems are never
as bad as can be.

Refusal to listen
Ignorance grows
In a world where equality
Pays through the nose

You’re only a student
So how bad can it be.
“You’re just one of them”
“You’re just one of them”



We’re told that beauty is not only skin deep,
But even that sentence makes me want to weep,
The society we live in contradicted itself there,
It’s untrue,
It’s unfair,
Society has us captured in its own little snare,
Of billboards and magazines about who we should be,
Everyone’s so caught up that they cannot see,
“Real beauty is people like me”,
I’m sorry if this hurt,
And to the boy who’s a little flirt,
What you can see,
Does not define me,
Real beauty is free,
And is in people like me.
So to find the real beauty
That exists within you
It’s not what you look like
It’s the things that you do.

Leah Coyle

Prejudice, Synonym for Injustice

Maybe it is inequality
Women who bare us
Stripped of their rights

Perhaps it is homophobia
The persecution of heart
For they love

It is certainly hypocrisy
Polygamous men
Chastising gender and sexuality

At best it is ignorance
A failure to accept
What you do not understand.

Ultimately it is stupid
This illogical futility
Could not be conceived
By the righteous

At worst it is just plain evil.

Cormac Fearon

Be Heard

Everyone should be heard
But when it comes to this topic the people’s vision seems to be blurred
Everyone has a voice to be spoken
So let’s change are way in which is broken
I believe every country should have a vote
On my own opinion that’s how it should be wrote
So for the moment that’s all I have to say
I hope everyone could listen and be heard one of these days.


It Annoys Me

It annoys me how people stand by,
Watching others suffer and die.
Starving children, women and men,
Barely a difference, now and back then.
You hear them all saying, “We wish to assist”
Then they do f**k all. Not one small bit.
Because we’ve seen kids, washed up on beaches.
Because we’ve seen mums, rubble-covered screeches.
And what are we doing to help, I ask.
I appreciate that it’d be a big task.
But when there’s people just standing by.
Watching others suffer and die.
You need to do something.
Anything at all.


Thoughts at Night

I lie in bed moving from side to side
Thinking what tasks ahead may lie
I flip my top pillow to cool my head
To relieve my negative thoughts
Knowing that my imagination
Is too crazy to be caught
My bright mind lights up my dark room
I see tropical flowers bloom
I hear my siblings skipping down the hallway
Giving me the impression they had a good day
But it was the opposite for me
Pressure, pressure, pressure
I’m stressed to the max get me a key.



Who are our heroes?
Who are our idols?
Turning girls suicidal,
We have to be famous
We have to be rich
And sing with a perfect pitch
Au natural is the perfect look
And do everything by the book
We have to cover ourselves in MAC foundation
To hide our internal deflation
But in reality we’ll all be called mum
At some point in our lives, so glum.

Lucy Burke

That Place

You’re treated like a dog that everyone hates
They look they laugh, but nobody cares
The teachers shoot bullets, the scars of despair
The classroom seems stifled
You run out of air
I’m choked by the shirt and tie that I wear
I feel as if that my family never really cared
And for that I’m completely unprepared
For those stupid exams
They come and they go
And leave you there wondering
What new do I know
And when will I eventually leave


Slieve Foye Dirt Buster

Riding my Trek Procaliber
Over misty mountain tops
By the waterfall like fountains,
On the dirt track muddy slops
Wind through the trees
Of the Slieve Foye Woods
Disappearing in the leaves
Like a teenage Robin Hood.

Dermot O’Farrell


Education will judge your youth.
A nation does not need education for its creation,
An education will not judge your life,
It will not depend if you have to hold a butcher knife,
Or be a housewife,
Education will not judge your life,
But it will judge your youth.

Katelyn Quinn

Chomptown Blues

If I wanted to hear it I would ask to listen,
But I don’t wanna hear you eat your chicken,
Your biscuit, your sandwich or even your sweets,
Because When I am eating I would like some peace,
But nothing annoys me more than when someone eats,
Crunches, chews, chomps and bites,
Sitting there Thinking they are such a delight,
When they really make me wanna set my hair alight,
So I just wanna say while you’re taking a bite,
The noise you make while eating gives me a fright.

Gary Murphy