St. Kilian’s, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Growing Back

The oxygen runs low,
losing the ease to flow,

We still ask how low can it go,
We’re still dying pretty slow.

Mass lack of trees, not the worst it could be, right?
Right, but still quite a fright, in the end we may have to take flight but we CAN’T!

We’re stuck here, frozen in fear, dropping tears.

But it’s not too late yet, yes it’s not quite that date yet, BUT!

It won’t be long ’till the trees are gone and we’re stuck here but now, no more fear and no more tears.

We lay dead on the cold tarmac, still thinking;
Trees will grow back.

Nathan McAteer

Dogs of Enlightenment

These tortured drugs holding me back
Just like I’m getting burned and slapped
These rusty spoons feeding us shit
And scraps of slop these empty arms
Like empty promises from our parents
Promises of indoctrination
These dogs of enlightenment
These wizards of accomplishments.

Fionn Doyle

Chasm Stew

And when I stand before the mirror,
Staring shamefully at the self,
And little doubt I find myself
Besieged by books upon the shelf,
The prose of chapters,
Leaving me abashed in soul and out of place;
Myself upon the throne of isolation;
Lose the human race.
This is the world.
This is the war;
The clash of all cerebrums lost;
We tried to climb the walls of Eden;
Society closed, beheld their cost,
Within our youth, with faith,
We’re told “Endeavour’s the victor’s brew”,
Like those before,
My will is lost; alone,
Grotesque in chasm stew.

Ben Rowsome

In Hiding

Everything has to be a mask
Always changing yourself to fit other people’s standards
Do this, be that, and maybe everyone will like you
In school, hide all your individuality behind makeup, scarves and coloured hairspray
Outside school, hide your interests behind expertly crafted lies so you aren’t made fun of by fakes and snakes
Pretend to like things, cover up your true self and hide behind so many facades you lose yourself. The real you. If there ever was one.
What do you do when the people who should accept and respect you sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly, and sometimes right in your face,ridicule the things you love and who you are?
You erase the the bits they don’t like in an effort to fix yourself and become likeable.
You do whatever you can to fit in.
You lie.
Still, behind your back people take apart your personality and expose your flaws, chipping away at even the minor things you once liked about yourself.
Funny? No, obnoxious.
Confident? More like conceited.
Friendly? Try annoying.
It all builds up until you hate everything about yourself you once even slightly liked.
Good qualities become irksome and once open doors slam shut.
Nothing can be shared for fear of being hurt.
And so you remain in hiding.


Messed Up

It’s real messed up isn’t it?
Say one thing stupid and they name you a brainless tit.
Do something right for society and you’ll never get rewarded,
Do something stupid and they’ll brand you as retarded.
People bring up bad memories and always remind you of it,
And sometimes you have to sit there and take everyone’s shit.
Make a few bad decisions and people will judge you,
Some people will never let it slide through.
People may hurt me and tell me I’m weak,
even with no help I’ll have to get up on my own two feet.
Sometimes, I get upset and I feel real empty,
I can trust the wrong people and they sit there and let me.
I can go to school with hundreds and feel lonely in the place,
But when I feel upset its like people just rub it in my face.
Thanks for reading I hope you liked it,
Now people understand why I’m miserable, but hey bro, its f**king lit.


The Questions Parents Hate

It started when I was ten years old and i first asked my ma why she was the boss
And her answer scared me worse than anything else had before
She simply said because
I went to bed every night after that crying myself to sleep
Ever since i have been living with depression and anxiety and insomnia
How can a system be so bad that the only ones who don’t know better and ask
The questions that parents hate what they fear one they their kids will say why
And they can’t answer cause they weren’t told
But they gave up and blindly follow complain but never do anything
My dream is for the day when we all stand up
When we will be known as the generation that said f**k this.

Calem Priestley


Life in the past was pretty swell,
But Now it feels like a living hell.
Life was fun when I was younger,
But now it’s hard to find some slumber.
I was told life gets easier as you live it,
But now I see its gone to shit.
I used to think I was the centre of everything,
But now I’m treated as if I’m nothing.
I used to enjoy being with friends,
But now it feels just like the end.
I used to think my life was prime,
But now I just sit in all the time.
Life in the past was pretty swell,
But now it feels like a living hell.


I Can Always Hear You Cry

I can always hear when you cry
Late at night between you and Ma
about the dog
Or maybe it’s about him and the things he did last night
how he’s a pig or a hog
You’re always crying
and I never am
I never cry
and you never care

You never care when I bed you not to
You never care when I’m angry at something you do
You didn’t care when I took that slap for you
You never see when I’m compared to you

“Why don’t you look like her”
“Why don’t you act like her”
“She would do that”
“Why won’t you do it”
Because I’m not you!
I’m me!
I can only be me!

I’m always studying more
I’m always behaving better
I’m always there for you
I’m always there for you when you cry

But you don’t care
You never care
You never hear me when I cry



A lot of people hurting,
just because of loving.
It’s such a simple word,
but causes so much problem in the world.

Don’t know what really love is,
but they say it’s so much important it is.
What would the world be without love?
It might not be as peaceful as a dove.

Melissa Tablason


Before I answer the question,
Did I do my homework?
I’d like to take this opportunity to say…
You’re the greatest teacher
That I’ve ever had
Understanding and forgiving
Especially today
And if they gave a Nobel Prize
For really cool teachers
I’m sure you would win it
Because you’re really cool
Especially how nice you are
When someone doesn’t do their homework
That makes you the greatest teacher in the school
Just as an example
Of how you’re the coolest teacher
If someone told you right now
They didn’t get their homework done
You’d probably give them extra
Extra extra credit
Just for being honest
And they say go have fun
Now I can’t remember
The question you asked me.

Jordan Smith

Everything I Am

Everything that I am,
is what my parents formed.
I had luck with them, I am happy.
I am gifted with pleasant life.
But there are others there,
who don’t have this luck.
But they are as happy as me.
I feel guilty because I don’t understand,
I’ve never went through something bad,
I am protected, no evil can touch me.
But I feel very sad.
I am sad because I feel guilty
for being sad
because I have no right to be sad.
So I wait for something bad to happen,
no, I am even searching for it.
Because only then
I will understand.

Andrey Yordanov


Wait, I think you think I’m dreaming
And when I wake up I’ll be screaming
The darkness must go down the river at night dreaming
Letting the sun and light come screaming.
Am I dreaming?
I can hear her screaming
I had to go on dreaming
Because I had to give my life some meaning.



He is the devil in disguise
I was taken by surprise
It was all a lie
No matter how hard i did try

You go from feeling your life i set
To a feeling of regret
Heartbreak is sore
We still always crave that love once more

What is easy won’t last
So breathe and leave him in your past
As they all say
He will miss you one day.


The Dream

I have a dream of who I want to be.
Nobody is going to stop me.
Some are going to hate me
Some are going to love me.
Some are going to envy me.
Some are going to look down on me.
No matter what people say to me

I’m going to stay true to who I want to be.
No matter what people do
I am always going to dream.

CJ Buckley


Everyone’s hating on ISIS about how they killed hundreds of people in Paris,
and how they have the worst reputation in the world.
But yet there is thousands of Christians doing the same.
The KKK are Christians and are going around killing black people
And everyone acts how they give a f**k in which they don’t.
If I was in charge Christians would be as hated as ISIS.
Murder would be murder
No matter what colour or religion you are.

Sean Yang

Video Games

When I was a little boy I think
Maybe 6-years-old
I got my first game console
I fell in love with it.
I became Spiderman 2,
Crash Bandicoot,
Won medals of honour,
Performed high nelsons in WWE,
Got chased by Po-Leese in
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
I fell in love with games
Today I still play video games
One day I will become a game designer
And design the worlds
That dreams are made of.

Jamie Redmond