Ashbourne Community School, Co. Meath

Teenage Years

Being a teenager sucks,
It’s more drama than a sci-fi book,
Dealing with heart breaks,
Having choices to make,
So many things are give or take,
Your living more than a double life,
A constant dodge of bullets and knives,
Personality changes and studying pages,
Feeling like part of you is stuck in cages,
Teenage years drag on for ages,
The bad decisions and friendship divisions,
Your whole teen years a stress,
So much to juggle your heads a constant mess,
Nothing seems to go your way,
Your only buzzing for the end of the day,
Your parents homing in on you,
Your boyfriend pressuring you what to do,
There’s school and choices and many more crises,
There’s society to impress and thinking how to dress,
Your heads just always full,
Teenage years are dull,
We all go through this after all,
So stand up tall and do not fall,
Live, laugh and have some fun,
I suppose your only a teenager once.

Roisin Donnelly

Every Single Day

Every single day,
Through the sun in the rain,
People judging people without using their brain.
From race to religion,
To age and thought,
We sit there and take it,
But we show them what we got.
Parents judge teens that aren’t even theirs, and yet tells us that everyone always cares.
We are expected to act like adults but are treated like kids.

Mollie Newman & Aisling Coates

Our Generation

When everything you do,
Is somehow,
A tad bit sad,
Your Instagram posts,
Lead to getting roasted,
And no matter how hard you try,
You still don’t fit in,
But, I suppose that’s the generation we live in.

Rebecca Byrne

What He Wants to Be

A lad in school,
Doing his thing,
Playing football,
Well able to ping.
Tries to listen in class,
He wants to do well,
Achieve something in life,
Have stories to tell.
But teachers don’t see,
That’s what he wants to be.

Leo Corry


“TY is a doss, your brain will go dead”,
That’s what all the airheads said,
You follow the crowd,
Not knowing which way to go,
Hit with a strict year head what a blow,
But days like this you’ve got to remember,
Why you’re dreading 5th Year in September.

Liam Byrne & Eoghan Corry


All over the world war kills,
From out at the sea to up in the hills.
The bombs, the guns, the slaughter,
Which kills our sons and daughters.
People threaten us,
Just stop with all the prejudice,
Start being a friend and not a nemesis.
Our families are supposed to be beside us,
But all this war has done was divide us.
War is dangerous,
War is bad,
Because in the end, killing is sad.
We end up losing everything good we had.

Rebecca Thorp & Abigail Pintican

The Whistle

Whistle blew,
Grass wet with dew,
He picked up the ball,
Felt like he hit a wall,
One shoe,
One score,
Everyone went steady,
They were not ready,
For the ball to strike the net,
He released a big breath.

Josh Watters & Emma Moriarty

The Outsider

She stood on the outside looking in,
She didn’t feel like she would ever fit in,
Her friends pressure her to have a few drinks,
But they don’t know what she really thinks,
She takes a glance and sees them as slags,
But she can’t let anyone know
Or she will be known as a fag.



She was 18-years-old,
Always did what she was told,
She was giving out loud screams,
While he daydreamed,
He wanted her to be his bride,
But he couldn’t decide,
To be an amateur or her,
Time passed and so did she and her baby,
A new man she met,
He made her feel like Juliet,
No more cells instead wedding bells,
No more bids just two more kids.

Rachel Reid


Grew up on a farm I never saw harm,
Dedicated to GAA and loved by my Ma,
Then I started school I thought it was cool,
I began basketball instead of alcohol,
But I still have fun
On days like this we get to rhyme,
Even though it’s a waste of time.

David Corry