St Dominic’s Secondary School, Ballyfermot, Co. Dublin

How She Survived

She spent her childhood living in terror
Afraid of the voice behind the door
The loud angry voice
The cries of the family members who didn’t follow the rules.

She came to secondary school looking to change her life
She stated she’d be outgoing
That everyone who’d know her
But little did she know these first 3 years would be the worse of her life

The friends she loved left her behind
While the boys she ignored treated her like crap
Each month was a new name
(man, emo, goth, lesbian, stoner, hash baby drunk and so on )

Trying to survive in a world that doesn’t accept her
During all this madness
Her one true love left her behind as well her father
The voice behind the door
He left the girl alone
While he ran away with her best friend’s mother

The girl moved school by the middle of third year
She turned her life around and forgot about her pain
She found someone to share her happiness with

The girl survived in her own world with her own rules



We are all human beings with functional organs
We are the generation where skin is more important
Girls upset over their hourglass figure
Boys stressing because their hair is ginger
Boys more concerned about what they’re clothed by
The females of this generation orange from the tan
When most people aren’t a fan
Your dimples
Your thighs
Your big blues eyes
Look at all the signs
You’re running out of time
Run for your lives
There’s no escape from this faith
Get out of this place
Before you come self-destructive.

Niamh O’Connor

14 Steps to Heaven

Wake up and you’rr no longer there
Your smell still lingering in the air
The yawn and take a deep breath
The creak of the floorboards with every step
The slow dragging walk to the top of the stairs
Knowing you are no longer here
The 14 steps of the staircase
Hoping I will see your face
As the tears stream down my face
He’s no longer here in this place
I feel as if I’m in a nightmare
And it just doesn’t seem fair
I walk in and you’re in a box
I never wanted to see it, I hated it a lot.
Up in heaven having a ball,
My sweet angel, my darling doll

Siobhán Lennon

Wreck My Head

Teachers that keep at you
Wreck my head
Little brother and sisters
Wreck my head
People who ruin films and programmes
Wreck my head
People who are cruel to animals
Wreck my head
People who put pressure on me
Wreck my head
People who tell me what to do
Wreck my head
When me Ma tells me what to do it
Wrecks my head
Wrecks my head.


Our Generation

We live in a generation where our skin colour is still judged.
We live in a generation where we are judged for who we love or how we look.
We live in a generation where society paints a picture of what is perfect.
We live in a generation where it’s wrong to be who we are.
We live in a generation where we get judged on the outfits we wear.
We live in a generation where time hasn’t changed much from the past.


Smart Generation

This is a generation where teenagers go out and about
Ages 15 and 16 being under pressure
Being pushed to go to school
But getting up early in the morning is not cool
Staying up late in the night to go on your phone
Onto Snapchat, Facebook and the rest keeps you up and awake till break
Feeling tired and annoyed because this generation is a dive!

Lauren Reardon


He has tattoos and wavy hair
Things my dreams are mad of
He is confident
He is fine
Wish he was mine
Jet black hair, blue eyes, midnight stars
No flash no bling or fancy cars
Things my dreams are made of
Blue eyes like the ocean
Into me you see, he says to me
He is confident
He is fine
I wish he was mine


It Wasn’t Me

It wasn’t me mitchin’ school acting the fool,
It wasn’t me smoking fags I only took a few drags,
It wasn’t me loudly talking,
It wasn’t a strut it was just me walking,
It wasn’t me on my phone,
Just leave me the hell alone.

Katelyn Byrne & Ann Casey