St. Jarlath’s, Tuam, Co. Galway

Match Day

Pearse Stadium
Two-hour traffic
Wind and rain
Walking up the Prom
Ham and cheese sandwiches
“Hats Scarves Headbands”
“Match Programmes”
Johnny Heaney
Game slipping away
Bring on the Sweeney’s
Draw – up again next week
Three-hour traffic going home

Mark Devaney

Our Broken World

Politics that care only about the money.
People that believe they run the place.
The judgement and slagging passed from one to another.
The world is an unjust place.

Some say it’s a dangerous world, others say it’s a gift.
I don’t know what to believe!
I like the world as it is beautiful in its ways
I dislike the world as humans can make it worse.

Politics have a mess of the economy causing wars and dispute between countries.
Haters make the place hell with their nasty comments and gestures.
Although all this happens I decide to ignore it.
But if I had one wish…

I wish the world was a better place.



Believe in yourself,
That’s what you have to do every day
Just think before doing something, Hey,
Trust me, listen to me, and act like that, please.
If you don’t start right now
You will not be allowed
To fulfil the things
You dare to dream.

Borja Marquez Santin


When people believe your life is ideal
But the persona you have is not even real
They believe you have everything they want
And that your life is lead without a single fault
That you don’t have trouble that you don’t have, pain
That your whole life has been completely sane
But what they don’t understand, the persona they know
Will always be only a show



I’m looking for hope, coz I just can’t cope
I’m at the end of the line, they all think I’m fine
Take a look in my head, yeah  it’s nothing but dread
I find it quite sad, they slate me when I’m mad
I’m feeling the pressure, fell it making my mind fresher
They calling me shit, they’re just the hypocrites
I’m on the way up, so everyone shut up
Who tell me I can’t, they’ll hear the crowd chant
The loudest it’s ever been, coz no one’s ever seen
Anyone like me. They’ll pay the biggest fee
There’s no pressure on me.

Cillian Danaher & Dylan Buckley


I watch videos on YouTube
I like to watch Zoe Sugg
She has a positive attitude
Especially when she is with Nala her pug
She has over eleven million subscribers
All of which look up to her with respect
She loves them all with every fibre
And I watch her videos with content

She has a boyfriend Alfie Deyes
Who like her makes lots of videos
Which are happy and bright like the sun’s rays
His videos can be funny and inspirational
Inspirational to people like me
Who watch their videos and think
I wish I could be like them
And make people full of glee

I watch them and all of their YouTube friends
And want to be just like them
To make people smile and laugh a lot
And maybe have them as my chums
Now I make videos on YouTube
I try to every week
So now Zoe, Alfie and I share similitude
Hopefully they can take a peak
And look at me being a clown
Username: Nathan Browne

Nathan Browne

Hall of Fame

All the stress of study is frying my brain but,
All I want to do is go train,
No matter what, hail snow or rain,
At the end of the day I want to win the game.
A county title is our aim.
Once again homework is a pain.
Exams are coming but so is the game.
All I want to do is make the hall of fame.

Jake Hogan & Sean Raftery


Representing Madrid, Spain, in Tuam, Ireland
Missing my roots but enjoying the Irish land.
Obsessed with basketball and with having fun,
I’m a happy guy because I enjoy everything.
Here in Ireland I eat too much chocolate and candy,
We don’t have almost any homework
I spend my evenings doing nothing useful.
I will fail everything in Spain,
Because the exams are going to be more than difficult.

Jaime Martin


Remember your first time trying a handstand?
It’s something many of us experience first-hand
All of us fall down, many feeling defeated
But will you go back and remain seated?
Or will you take a stand
On the other hand
If you keep trying
You’ll keep solidifying
And eventually you’ll be able to experience a handstand

Ronan Gavin & Ralfs Kavieris


Why is you’re your life more valuable than that of a cow, pig, chicken or sheep? “They don’t feel anything”, why do you think that? Because they can’t talk? Haven’t you ever been angry and not said anything? They have brains, they have nervous systems they are capable of feeling joy, fear and sadness, just like all of you. How would you feel if you were slaughtered for no reason, other than to have your flesh consumed? “But we need meat to live”, my friend tells me If meat is essential to your survival then the word vegetarian and vegan would not exist. Don’t give me the bullshit of “humane slaughter”, there is no “humane way” of killing something.

Imagine the animals in a slaughterhouse, pigs, cows, chickens hanging upside down, sheep. Now replace them with dogs and cats. Disturbing isn’t it? If you asked me what we were eating and I said “bacon and cabbage”, you wouldn’t bat an eye. But if I told that we were having Golden Retriever, you would look at me thinking “you sick, twisted animal abuser”. Why do we love some animals and kill others?

The next time you have bacon, steak, chicken, sausages, lamb…think about where it came from. A living breathing animal. The next time you’re pissed off – think: you could be hanging upside down, blood dripping from your neck and being prepared to be packaged and sold.


Unlucky Kid

Unlucky kid, don’t worry about it
We can’t keep ya on, rules won’t allow it
Please hand back, in your jersey
Pleasure for the journey, thanks for the inquiry.

It’s 4:30 and it’s not even early
He’s up and he’s moving
Schooling, reproving, to say the least he’s fine-tuning.
Still fresh in his memory,
Whenever he, touches ball he knows,
That his single mission is to reinstall himself
At the top table and he believes altogether
He’s still stable, ready and able.
He’s gunning for his spot and he knows that this time,
He won’t be caught.


Teenage Life

Being a teenager is hard
You have to decide
What you are going to do the future
It is full of new directions and ideas.
Even more, you have to study for exams.
School sucks in that time.
Everybody is caring only about marks and stuff.
Stay positive
Think only about the good experiences you are living.
This time will help you, through your whole life.

Raul Hochstrasser


They say they support the animals
Yet they eat the food that feeds them
They say that animals have feelings too,
But so do plants that they eat instead.
So what is wrong with a nice Sunday roast
But in the end I’m only a toaster
I can only toast bread,
Please don’t put cheese on the bread before you put it in
It makes a mess.

Richard Creighton


Winners of Galway
On our way to Connacht
One more stop to go,
Gizzy as our captain,
And Fitzy keeping it out,
Bernie between the sticks,
Saving the day,
Farragher, Sice, Lundy and the boys
Popping them in left, right and centre.

Cian Gillespie


Donald Trump will be the next President
His campaign built on malicious intent
Hilary tried to prevent
Now Trump’s won the support of the Government
He’s now the next resident of the White House.

Cian Hession

Win the Match

From the minute you arrive at the pitch
You know the time has come
Championship is near
Time to be in good form
And get top gear
We need to win possession
And get on the counter-attack
We need to kick the points
And win the match.

Darragh Carroll

Drop the Shoulder

You drop the shoulder
You don’t pull out
That’s what the games all about
These are the balls you have to get
Run towards the ball like a jet
When you get the ball don’t be greedy
Give it to the corner forward who’s probably speedy
Do all these things and you’ll play in Croke Park
Play like this and make your mark.

Jamie McIntyre