Mercy College, Beaumont, Dublin

Cruel World

Once there was a girl who loved peace
She was a girl full of happiness
But one day, she lost her love
And her life was just full of sadness
She was hurt and filled with badness
But one day, she realised
Everything happens for a reason.

Sophie Fynes


Many missed phone calls and unread messages later.
I go to check what the big fuss was about.
Ringing back the repeated number, I hear a woman’s voice on the other side.
In that moment, I lose control of my words.
The woman on the other side was his mom.
Her voice trembled as she spoke on the words.
“Jeremias passed. From cancer.”
I soon found myself dropping the phone and losing my train of thought.
I came to the realization that I had just lost my best friend to cancer.
Everyone says “He’s in a better place now.”
I know that it’s supposed to be comforting, but what place is better than him here with me?

Michelle G.

Don’t Let the Politics Ruin Your Happiness

One ten-minute walk to where I am happiest.
Not sad or scared just happy to be there.
I walk in, do a dance and walk out a new person.
That’s funny.
What’s funny?
Flying out every weekend to a new state or country?
To compete for a trophy that means nothing-
but congratulations your great at what you’re doing.
Doesn’t that take away the reason for expressing our feelings through our bodies?
But I dance all for me?
Not for any medal or any trophy.
I dance to express,
Not to impress.
Don’t ever let any politics ruin your happiness.

Sarah Ashmore

What is Love?

Well I heard it’s affection for someone that last forever.
You get married and live Happily Ever After
But you also hear about pain and heartbreak someone
goes through when they have lost someone that they loved.

What makes you love someone?
The idea of a fairy tale? Even though it might become a nightmare.
As a 15-year-old girl, I question love. Nowadays people use it so loosely.
It’s hard to tell if they truly mean it.
What happened to the old stories of people saying I love you and it was special?

Then I realised I do know what love is.
It’s the happy feeling I get when I’m with my family, having dinner and
chatting away saying this and that.
It’s the joyful feeling I get when my friends and I are laughing.
Laughing so hard our stomachs in a heap.

Clodagh Coveney

The Mystery of It All

Love is hurtful, love is blind
Love is challenging, love is happiness
You never know what is going to happen
Because that is the mystery of it all.

Shannon Smith

Fairy Tales

When I think of love,
I think of fairy tales,
Of Cinderella and her Prince Charming
And of happily ever afters.
I wish love was that simple.
No hurt, No worries, No heartbreaks.
Just a kiss to break the spell,
Or a rescue to escape the castle,
But love isn’t always like a fairy tale.
There are tears,
There are fights,
There are sleepless nights
Waiting for a prince to rescue you
From the unbearable pain
Of a broken heart.

Love can destroy us.

But I believe in fairy tales
And in fairy tales…

Love can conquer all.

Louise Acedera

My Family

I love my family,
They make love a feeling,
They make me happy,
They make me sad,
But I wouldn’t change them
or exchange them.
They make me feel important
Even though I am one in a world of billions.
To them I am there only Grace
but to others I’m just another face

Grace Benham


What is love?
Where is love?
Because in today’s world it seems that there is none.
Yes it could get better but it could also get worse.
As of yesterday Serbia has been bombed again…
I’ve genuinely lost count of how many times that has happened.
Watching the news for the past 3 weeks,no the past 3 years!
I’ve come to ask myself and others around me Where and what is love?
because it seems like there’s none…

Seeing the world crumbling ever so slowly
I see people coming together for many different reasons
but l know for a fact that they’re scared and feeling lonely.
Local news has changed almost the same stuff is happening,
TD’s not doing what they promised sexism,racism and unneeded deaths
Too many news stories are almost always overlapping…

So I’ll ask again and then I’ll be done
Where and what is love because I’m terrified to say that
I feel like there’s none…

Ellen Beirnes

Love is Happiness

Love is full of joy and happiness,
When your heart blossoms with flowers,
You don’t remember your memories when you are with that person,
But when your relationship breaks it’s hard to get over it,
You remember the good moments all the time,
You remember when you first met, your first kiss,
You think there is no love in the world anymore,
You sit at home alone, crying, trying not to be noticed,
But your mother finds out and pours out her love towards you,
That’s when you realise love is everywhere and is in everyone but showed in different ways.

Jennifer John


She was heartbroken,
It felt like she was dying inside.
The only thing that kept her up
Was the feeling of the misery
She didn’t like.
Nobody cared
But she missed feeling loved and special.
The thought of him, the thought of them, the thought of “us”
Was hard to get rid of
And it slowly began taking over.
But this isn’t the way its suppose to be.
This isn’t right.
Because when she fell in love
She had a little piece in mind.

Alex Grinov


Why is blue a sad colour?
It’s the colour of the sky!
The blue sky we love to see
Is the sky sad? Perhaps…
Why would it be sad?
Well, It has a front row seat to all the pain in the world
Perhaps the sky is sad after all…

Erica Maher


Peace is a shrug
Happiness is a hug
Love is a tug at the heart
Sadness is when you’re falling apart.


What is Love?

Love is love?
Love is happiness?
Love is joy?
Love is affection?
What is Love??

Is love a feeling?
Is love a way of healing?
Is love a connection?
For taking the wrong direction?
What is Love??

Is love beauty?
Is love gorgeous?
Does love fix a broken heart?
Does love tear people apart?
Is love sad?
Is love bad?
What is Love??

Lauren Glancy

Love exists, or does it?

I don’ believe in love,
or maybe I do? love
is a tricky concept, I
haven’t thought this through.

As a child I thought that love
was a fat baby that put an
arrow through your back,
Now I look back and think
wow I was sap

Now that I’m older
I question what is love.
I don’t see a lot of it
I wish that I could.

Maybe it’s not real,
just a figure of speech,
Or maybe, just maybe it’s a
feeling that’s really deep.

I know I’m only as deep as
a paddling pool.
You’re probably really bored
and even starting to drool.

Jade Sullivan


Love doesn’t only have to be between two people
Love can be everywhere
At home, your sports team, school, friends, family etc.
Feelings and happiness fall into the letters that spell love
Love has emotion, breakdowns, heartbreaks
But without all this what would love be?
Love is gorgeous, beautiful, colourful
Love is an open door open to everyone around us
It’s affection has a domino effect that will continue for ever more.


They Say…

They say falling in love is amazing and special,
Like nothing You felt before,
But how amazing and special is it when I’m laying down on the floor,
But you would never guess,
I’m a mess,
But I would never show, the scars, these tears.
The things I hide, I don’t want you to know.
There’s tears on my face, tears on my pillow.
Nobody can see it,
They tell us the first time we fall in love, we will never forget it
And they’re right
Because I still can’t forget


My Day

I was walking one day
I was eating a sundae
Oh my God! I love a sundae
But I hate the day Sunday .
Monday I saw a unicorn
He had a pink horn
I also saw Niall Horan
I love ‘ This Town’
I also saw my nan so I ran
But she was’ not really there’
Life is unfair…

Anna Murray



These are the questions
That bounce in my head
When we get a topic
“Sixteen more love poems in the world ”
Maybe we could just drop it

There’s so many songs and plays,
All about love,
What is love?
How do I find it?
Maybe all we need is a self-help book?

People spend all of their days
Looking for love,
Asking what, where, who, when, how?

But I think
Maybe we shouldn’t ask
Because right now
All I know is
Love is Love
And for me,
Maybe that could be enough.

Caitlin Kavanagh-Dunne


I am happy when with my friends
I love making memories I hate when our days end
Summer is great especially if the sun shines
We go to the beach and have a great time
Even though we fight, we still love each other
We are so close your mother is like my mother
We are always there for each other
And would never do anything to hurt one another
I don’t know what I would do without my friends
I hope our friendship never ends.

Chloe Atkinson

A Happy Start

Love is an unforgettable fairytale
It’s unique and special but common and often regrettable.
Love can come in many different forms
By affection, an undeniable connection or just feeling ‘that’ way.

Let’s be real, love isn’t warm and fuzzy for very long.
Loss and heartbreak are a given and then it’s gone but,
It is better to have loved and lost
Than to have never of loved at all.

You could feel your heart breaking when,
Someone you loved has died,
But unfortunately only time will tell you, “you’re healed.”

So you sit through life’s ups and downs,
Hoping for the day when you can finally say,
“It’s just a distant memory, gone but never forgotten.”

I don’t believe in happy endings
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.

Laura Andrews

The Wonderful World

All we want is peace but we can’t have that without love
We need to love the world to have happiness and then there will be no sadness
In order to love we should reunite with peace, love and happiness
forget the sadness we don’t need that madness
Spread the love to bring it to the above
Because we should all Love.

Saffron Kelly

What is Love?

Beauty is love
Music is love
Joy is love
Family is love
Happiness is love
Kindness is love
Affection is love
Generosity is love
Hate is love
Heartbreak is love
Emotion is love
Poetry is love
Love is Love.

Molly Baker


Life’s a joy
Happiness comes from joy
Where you can have fun and enjoy
The 5 minutes walk can make so much joy
As happiness is a hug
It’s all bottled up in a jug.

Hannah Kelly

Mixed Emotions

Joy, happiness, heartbroken, affection and kindness are mixed emotions
That are part of Love
We feel these emotions in many ways
And talk about them write them and sing them in different ways
Every day we keep it close and take it in like a daily dose
Love is the greatest thing to feel so keep it close

Jade McNamara