St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny

I Don’t Know

I get up from bed,
In the cold morning,
Go downstairs and eat breakfast.
Say goodbye to my mother,

I walk to school,
Meet my friends
Go to class as usual,
Thinking about my grades,

I go home,
Get dressed from my uniform,
Do my homework,
Go to sleep,

Do I even care,
Do I ask questions,
Do I know,
Am I blind?

Who do I like,
What do I like,
What is my future?
I don’t know.

How do I start,
Is this a phase,
Where do I go now?
I just don’t know.

When will it end,
When did it start?
I don’t know.
Will I ever know?

Wicek Gornicki

Black Room

Looking down at this
Words flying everywhere
“Why can’t you do this Bob?
Look at what you’re doing
With your life.”
In a black room
Just you and the words
Jumping everywhere
Flying all over the place.
Ma saying
‘Get help son’
Be going in with her
Crying tears like a baby
“Why did god do this to your sisters
getting 525 points in her Leaving?
when will you get the point?”
Why am I here
When I’m only gonna get 2 points
God will not help
Looking down at things in my mind
Looking up at the sky and asking
“If you’re there God, help!”
But you have to go back on Monday
Every Monday
You do not know what to do
Those words
Words everywhere
Jumping here and there
Flying all over the place
Not making any sense
Will you please stop I ask
Please just stop.

Bob Cody


Is this world unjust? I’m asking myself each day,
From famine to war to simple ideologies about being gay,
But is this world unjust for me?
Am I truly content with things in my life that I can see?
And the answer is no you never really are,
Because we all want to aim for the moon or the stars,
But if you make a mistake, or have a loose screw,
You’ll get torn apart by the people all around you,
So answer this question and then hopefully you’ll see,
Is life worth living if you’re not happy or free?
Because if you’re not living a life you adore,
Then tell me what the hell are you living for?
We all have potential in things we maybe can’t see,
But instead of focusing on others focus on me

Jim Kirby

Destruction of a People

What’s happened to the world,
Has everyone’s mind gone haywire.
America’s a great country,
But I think people want it bathed in gunfire.

To the many races of voters,
I guess this election was an unfair challenge.
“Trump” and “Hillary” make it so,
Like two vultures, on a scavenge.

Wanting downfall, though they
mention greatness in their speeches.
They look at people like puppets,
Wanting votes,like blood for leeches.

People like them destroy order.
Makes them look stronger,
But in reality they are smaller.
We should be on our guard,

For the cool are usually fools.

Nobin Rebi


People running and screaming
Body parts scattered in blood
Guts and gore

A mushroom on the horizon
Turns people into dust

The world looks like a moon on fire
Chaos and warfare spread
Like wildfire in the bush

Any hope of survival is destroyed
Everything you’ve ever loved
Vanishes into ash

The sunken chief has the codes
He brings his Warmaggedon to life
His American dream is reality’s nightmare.

Leon Duffy


Rednecks in white hoods screaming at minorities
Bombs roaming
Russian made air launched ballistic missiles rain over American skies
Uncle Sam deploys its armies

Screw Loose, Screw gone
If theres a screw loose
Its not a screw gone
But a screw missing
A screw that cant hold the floorboards down

But if somethings’ under the floorboards
Pushing through making the screw loose inside his head
But if he lets this something build up
If he lets this something overcome him

Until one day
The floorboards come away
He has nothing to say

For he is gone.

John Farrell


Exams are over, I can no longer feel the pressure,
They’ve been going on for so long, who am I? I’m starting to feel fresher
Out come the results, I sit there with a hopeful face
Only to be disheartened by my teacher “your test was a disgrace”
Now I have to go home and face my family
Dreading what my Mum and Dad will say to me
But do those tests really have an affect on me?
Here I am now, an athlete representing my country.

Dacel Fwamba

Profit Over Earth

The destruction of nature
Is a most horrible crime
And yet some do it
All of the time.
Whether it be bombardment
Invasions or urbanisation
Logging and mining
The destruction of a nation.
People try to ignore
The massive damage done
And companies all hide
What is yet to come
Profit over all
Is modern times
Anything and everything
Including horrible crimes.
We destroy our planet
For the sake of money and comfort
Little do we realise
We are turning it to dirt.
This must stop soon
Or else we shall do
Something unthinkable
That will ruin me, we, you
The Earth will die
And we must leave
This beautiful planet
That we all shall grieve.

Michael McInerney


Today is a day
The day that the world will change
And not in a positive way,
The man is a maniac,
But no one will stand up and say ,
This has to stop,
Now it’s too late,
He is the leader of the most powerful nation,
He is a businessman not a politician ,
He builds walls not bridges,
Because of fear,
Muslims from this country will flee,
But sure they don’t care when they voted for trump
They thought it would be funny.

Colm Nolan

The Orange Muppet

My name is Donald Trump,
I’m from LA,
I plan to build a wall,
to keep the Mexicans away.

I believe in a dictator,
And foreigners being waiters,
I do think it’s cool to rule
Though people think it’s ridicule.

Ronan Lavelle


Maths it is so hard,
It’s like being sparred by a guard,
From trigonometry to algebra,
It’s like being bitten by a tarantula,
It’s so hard for making a mistake being roared at in your face,
It’s a disgrace while you stand there with a bold face,
And that’s when u realise it’s not worth the pain I can’t even explain.

Stephen Keoghan


Money is authority
People with money are not the majority
My parents are non-stop giving orders
Do this do that give me your phone
Can they not just leave me alone?
My ma has the money to buy us the food
Thanks yeah but feck off ya fool

Damian Lynch


I do not like this Donald Trump
I do not like him he’s a chump
I do not like his wavy hair
I do not like that he doesn’t care
I do not like the way he speaks
And insults everyone he meets
I do not think that he is smart
I think he’s only just a fart.

Aidan McGree