St. Brigids, Callan, Co. Kilkenny


She sits still in silence
Not a breath not a whisper
She sits so still that people barely notice
She is in the room
She is too scared to talk
too scared to
Do anything
She is too afraid that people will judge
Judge like they always do
So she sits there everyday
waiting for the
Next day
to pass.

Katie O’Brien

Déjà vu

You wake up,
Put make-up on
Stare in the mirror
But it’s clear
You can’t face what’s wrong
This is Deja vu
This is my youth
Getting up for school
Same time
Same place
Nowhere to go
Nothing to see
Except for my family
But it’s not like that for every child
You can’t see behind a fake smile
It seems the sun don’t shine
Behind the clouds.

Abby Blackmore


To my sister, age 7
Still learning, discovering
Innocent and young
Wanting so much to grow up but
Little do you know
That growing up isn’t all that great
Growing up means disappointment
Growing up means midnight tears
Deafening daylight laughter
Screaming mirrors
Growing up means pressure and loneliness
But growing up isn’t all that bad
Though it’s a painful metamorphosis
Growing up means having your voice heard
Growing up means independence
It means late night chats
And friendships that last a lifetime
To my sister, age 7
Good luck.

Emilia Lizak


This society you knew
That you know
This society that tells you
To be yourself, but be just like the others
This society that tells you
Feel free, but free doesn’t mean free to you
This society that says
Live every second but don’t waste time of another’s.

How can’t this be confining
Society keeps saying the same thing
The society you knew was shining
The society you knew could sing.


War of Words

Everyone is looking at you
You try to talk
But you’re too scared
To every other day it’s like terror
Teachers asking questions all time
You try so hard
But it seems like no one cares
No one wants to help you
Kids laughing because you don’t know the answer
You’re not good at spelling
Or reading it’s just like every other day
The same old story
Well I got a story for you
I know I’m good and I know will do better
Everyone is judging
When you have tattoos or piercing
Well in this world of war and pain
You only have one
Life so live it now.

Kaitlin Gough

The Gates

Outside the gates it’s a war zone
Separate gangs going their different ways
The popular, the in-betweens,
Those walking on their own
Dodging the legs
Surely meant to trip them
The school yard
Is like no man’s land
A safe haven in a way
Walking on the cracked pavement
Head down trying not to be noticed
Looking at the gum stuck to the concrete,
The steel pole that reads ‘drug spot’
Written in black permanent marker.
You survive to the shop
Grab your lunch, pay and get out
Get out of there before you’re seen
You zig zag back up the broken road dodging the crack
That opens up into a chasm before you
Dodging the legs that trip you up
The words that rip you to shreds
You reach the school gates just
As the bell rings hollow,
Rushing to your class
To shelter from the storm.

Aimee O Brien & Molly Dunne


She was always sitting there in her corner
When we walked in on a Sunday
Always greeting us with a big smile ,
Always love when all the grandkids were around making noise
I always knew her as kind and gentle and sweetest person ever ,
But things changed she got sick …
Family always being called into the hospital
We never knew it was near the end,
Now I all I remember is
Everyone gathered around that hospital bed
Saying their goodbyes
All the goodbyes
They never got to say.

Sophie Power

Demon Within

She is after you
The faceless one
Her eyes stick to you like glue
She watches while you sleep
You better be scared
The lights flicker and flash
She is the demon
Beneath your skin
Sure as hell evil
The demon within
So do not turn off the lights
This could be a long deathly
Cold hard night.



It was a word not meant to enter our house, from benign to tumour, to cell growth, cancer walked through the front door and into you, without invitation.

People began to find out slowly, but the questions out came quickly, ‘How’s mam?’, ’How are ye doing?’ ‘Is it bad?’ and we became a charity

From chemotherapy to surgery to hair loss, to scans to physiotherapy to radiotherapy to reconstruction you take it on your shoulders as a nurse a mother a teacher a wife you carry it every day on your way back out the door.

We would carry it for you
If we could.

Lucie White

A Box Full of Dreams

You wake up in poverty every day, lack of food, lack of cash,
But you smile anyway,
Sometimes its hard, but you have to stay strong
Because there is someone out there, who loves you somewhere, some way,
I know I can’t see you but you’re in my mind,
As I wrap up my shoe box, the shoe box of mine,
In this box I put my love, a gift for you when Christmas comes,
So when you open this box, I hope you smile, and like the gifts laying inside,
I know you don’t know me ,
But I’m hoping for the best in the new year.

Aoife Kennedy & Sontae Jackson


February is a great month,
With lots of joy, happiness and fun.
Athemyst is our birthstone,
And February is Valentine’s Day’s home.
There are 365 days in a year,
And ours only come once.
On those days its full of cheer and so are we,
Because all our friends and family are filling us with glee!!!

Ciara & Vanessa


I was not scared when I met you
I tried to befriend you
You picked me out and you dragged me down
It was not fair
I tried not to let you
Missing days, sick days
You made my life hell
It did me good when I left you.


A Dark Place

He’s dark and all alone
He thinks what he’s doing is right
But his gut keeps making him sick
When you’re all alone
Don’t feel that way
Talk to someone that’s the way.
Don’t be suicidal you’re killing someone’s idol
Fill your mind with light
Cause bullies aren’t right.

Sophie Burke & Charlotte Davis


Feelings are complicated, some common, some rare.
Some are big and loud, others you wouldn’t notice if they were there.
Hatred is loud and loosens your tongue.
Love is forgiving and makes you feel young.
But feelings can swap and love can hurt too, hatred can unlock the other feelings in you.
Jealousy can be fear of loosing someone you care about, or unleash spite that can make you lash out.
But I think loneliness is the worst feeling of all, the feeling of having no one to catch you when you fall, no one there to dry your tears and to protect you from your fears.
But loneliness lies when help is around it tells you to be wary of the hand being held out, it darkens the rainbows and paints grey on blue skies.
Hope is our hero who comes to our aid, when they arrive the grey starts to fade, hope paints in colour and shows the progress you’ve made.
Feelings are complicated and common and rare but they taught me to live and I’m happy they’re there.

Lauren Keane

Clown Town

From freaky towns to freaky clowns,
Prancing around from town to town.
Graffiti everywhere it’s all around,
When will you stop Just stop right now,
It’s not that hard I’ll write a card.
Please just stop and calm it down,
I have a good feeling
that you have the full meaning,
Just give up you freaky clowns.

Leona Lanigan


She believed she could so she did.
She believed she could dance and sing.
She kept trying and trying,
but all she needed was a little faith, and so she did.
People said she couldn’t but, she really believed she could,
but one ,one person believed she could.
She danced like she never won, and performed like she never lost.
She sang like a Grammy award winner.
Believe in yourself even if no one else does.
So she believed, she believed she could.

Sarah Doheny, Emma Dunne, Jane Quigley & Eve Gibbs


Sometimes at night I see a star
Untouched by the cruelty of war
And to the darkness in the world
Locked inside of this human swirl.

It looks so innocent from afar
My pretty, little, twinkling star
It’s witness to our best and worst
Never knowing we are cursed.

Lucia Fuchs


When in school I go to class
To do my work and have a blast
My business teacher of them all
Makes me laugh and has a ball
At the lunch are I eat and chat
With all my friends and have a laugh
Last but not least when it comes to home
I do my homework and go on my phone.

Molly Fitzpatrick

Dolphins in Love

There once were two dolphins in the ocean swimming along the coast,
Until all of a sudden of a wave washed them in together,
They started squeaking together trying to communicate,
They were in love…it was Love at first sight,
From then onwards the two were inseparable,
People thought they were cute together,
The two were trained to do stunts for dolphin shows,
Which became very popular,
With many people going to see the famous two.

Catherine Lyons

Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Make America great again
Christ you’re giving me chest pain
Oh shit here comes the migraine,
Someone pass me the cocaine
Donald trump
America. The newest toxic waste dump
Bring back Obama instead of this bloody llama.
Sure enough, he looks like a cheese puff
American models up the duff, soon enough
It will rough for poor old Mexico
Whoah, pass me a longbow and let me finish him off once and for all
Before he builds this wall.

Charlotte and Molly

I’m Tired

I’m tired of people telling me what to do.
My hair, my clothes, my jewellery;
Constantly being told to be yourself while having to follow a set of rules,
Wanting to express myself but being scared of what society will say,
What society will do.
They hand you a pen and say “Have imagination”,
All while holding a knife to your throat.
The constant battle in my head,
The voices saying, “You’re not good enough”,
“Try harder”, “Do better”.
…….” Why should I?”

Kierna Dawson

Behind the Mask

Might hide behind your face
But I know your race
You act mean and strong
But really you know your wrong
Controlling “friends”, giving orders
Kissing boys, spreading rumours
Too blind to see it’ll get you nowhere
so grow up and show you care.

Hanna Murphy

But It’s OK

It’s hard to complete every day,
It’s hard to smile when your not OK,
It’s hard to keep up with the trends of today,
But it’s OK,
I know it’s hard ‘cos you care,
what people think and it’s not fair,
nobodies perfect and everyone cares
But do you dare?

Aoife Kennedy and Sontae Jackson

Leave Them Alone

Sticks and stones may break your bones
but words should never hurt you
please stop n’ put down the phones
cuz if only you knew what they’re going through
Just leave them alone,
Because it can’t hurt more than
breaking an arm bone
you think you the man
but you’re really a scam.

Chloe Glennon


In my house I see them all
Those little kids all on the wall
They scream and scream like little mice
With laughter and joy rolling dice
While I`m upstairs in my room
Doing my homework and obeying the rules
Afterwards I got outside
To kick a ball around and smile

Molly Fitzpatrick


To have a smile
that’s in keeping with
your unique style
Be happy, but when you have to
Don’t worry about
The effects of curry
Or the human slurry
It’s just a bodily smell
But there is something
Special about you
I can tell
Listen to me…
time to go
It’s the bell.

Michelle Utzt

Being Teenage

I avoid getting annoyed,
to avoid feeling like I’m speaking Samoyed,
to keep control,
and not feel I’m falling into a black hole,
being happy,
Is being snappy and scrappy,
Being tired is required,
Being teenage is a key stage.

Claire Ryan