Coláiste Mhuire, Askeaton, Co. Limerick


School, family and society push that there’s no room to express.
They say an academic future is for the best.
But something inside me just wants to go to Mars
Where I can paint art, dance and sing about the stars.
A place where I can be free
Where only people with imagination can see.
I want to create a place where young people who want to
Burst free can start their own race.
With my friends by my side, I want to show this generation
That your creativity isn’t something you should hide.

Aislinn Hartney

Grey Area

The world is not black and white,
It is a grey area.
Sexuality, skin colour, politics and morality.
It’s okay to be gay but transgender isn’t defined and therefore should it stay?
Or is it too grey?
You think if I support gay rights and equality I must be gay myself,
I’m against animal testing – do I look like an alpaca to you?
I want peace but I endorse war because I believe in the freedom of the people.
Does this make me hypocritical or are slavery and oppression okay with you?
Society is not black and white, it is a canvas waiting to be painted.

C. Holland


She struggles to break free,
Like a fallen angel entangles in the thorns of her expectations.
Ensnared by those who wish to tear her down as she rises
Those who think they know her voice but have barely heard her whisper.
She feels trapped, battered and bruised but she remains whole.
She builds herself up to fly
Fights the thorns towards the arms
That reach out to grasp her.
She will be free.
She knows it.



Between the alleys and the shop doors,
The woman lies on her cardboard box.
She drops her head when people pass.
The clocks tick as the days go bye.
Collecting money in an old beer glass.
A big dark cloud hovering over her sky.
Now, Christmas is coming and families gather.
But she is left alone in the awful weather.
Sitting alone, cold and tired,
She awaits on her families coming.
Days pass and there still no sign.

Aoife Neville

What is Locked Inside

You hear them banging on the door,
You’re not answering your phone,
You’re locked in the bathroom with the pills on the floor,
The tap is dripping like your blood on the floor,
You think this is the answer but you’re not alone,
Don’t be afraid to use the right key,
Before you lock the door to your opportunity.



For the majority of second and third year
I felt pressured to fit in
Pressured to look good
And pressured to be popular
I developed an eating disorder
My parents feared for my health
I fainted and broke down many times
I felt the pressure to be popular
And sometimes I still do
I felt the pressure to do well in tests
And I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough
I thought I was letting my parents down
But now I’m in TY and I feel less pressured
And I’m much happier now.



You are told you should be perfect,
You are told there is a way to act,
You are told how to live your life,
You are told about the pact.

Everybody’s different,
And that’s what makes it fun,
If everybody was the same,
Life would sure be dull.

Of course there are things I would change in this world,
I do not like everything,
We were hurled into this world against our will,
And before we are gone we will be left with the bill.


How Did it Begin?

The two most confusing things I (and I imagine everyone else except for religious fanatics) is time and how everything began. Well, a mixture of both really. How did time begin? How did the universe come around? I know the Big Bang or God and his seven days or whatever conspiracies other people have but if it was the big band, where did the big bang come from? Gases. Where did the gases come from? Organisms. Where did the organisms come from? They were just around. But how did they come to be? Who knows. If it was God, then where did he come from? Don’t say he was just there because he has to come from somewhere I won’t believe that he hung around for millions of years then said: “Hey why don’t I make this planet, then put little humans and animals and disease and plants and make the humans bow down to me because I created them even though I created so much suffering for them”. I don’t understand how time began. Did it begin when the universe began? When did the universe begin? How did it begin?


Nowhere to Go

Nowhere to go
Alone on the streets,
People passing don’t even greet
They look and stare from her head to her feet.
With a coffee cup between her legs,
She never thought she would have to beg.

Rebecca Neville


Our country pretends they’re miles ahead
Although years ago they would’ve said
Two men getting married is wrong
And so many people waited too long
For the day
Where you can be gay
And it would be okay
To be that way
And nobody would discriminate
But that was okay cos the government allowed it
That’s why I wrote a fucking poem about it
So if you don’t get your say that hate will linger
So stand up and give all those pricks a middle finger

Robbie O’Donnell


Gay. It’s not an insult, it’s not a choice.
We all have different feelings
And each a different voice.
Rushing to be normal, we all want to be the same.
But love is something individual,
there isn’t just one name.

Why is some love encouraged and some frowned upon,
We are taught some love is different, that some love is wrong.
If all love is equal, we should all belong.


Strive for Perfection

How can you be OK with the words that you say,
Knowing the pain and hurt that you cause everyday.
Popularity is an illusion, a delusion of sorts,
So I’ve come to the conclusion, we should cut this short.
Why do we put on a mask and say that we’re happy
Is it just to avoid the name of being tacky?
In a world that only cares about perfection,
why don’t we show some affection?
The idea of this perfection, it messes with your head,
Can this be the reason so many people wish to be dead?



Do you ever feel alone?
Surrounded by family
Staring at an empty phone
Feeling so much pressure
No way to control it
At the hands of your oppressor
You feel the darkness
Does anyone else feel like this too?
Am I the one that is heartless
No idea how this happened
I’m the one who has caused this
So why do I feel I have been abandoned?



In today’s society,
There’s no such thing as privacy ,
Your life story is on Facebook,
For everyone to take a look.
In today’s society,
There’s no such thing as individuality.

Susanne Foley


Who do they think they are?
Shaming girls for being sluts but then expecting us to give them everything.
They want an ideal realistic girl but shame us for being confident in our natural look.
They build us up only to destroy us in the making,and we let them.
But its not all on the boys , us girls contribute to this society’s rundown teens,
our expectations are unrealistic and we too shame boys for not having ‘billboard wash abs’
why does no one in this society question what’s beneath the surface?
Where has our generation gone wrong?
Who thought us to be like this and why ?



Death is something that knocks on everyone’s door
It happens to someone who you especially love and adore
The more you grieve the more confused you become,
Why did it happen and why are you so numb?
Your head is completely all over the place
Everyone is telling you it’s going to be OK
That’s not how you feel, not what you want to hear.



You could say I’m directionless,
I could tell you now that I don’t know what ill become
Some say left
Some say right
But I can only go straight on right?
Of course I’ll have plenty bends, bumps and ramps on my way
May turn back but screw it I tried
But surely the insurance of my brain will carry me
So into 6th gear I go as I race against life
Even if it may seem I’m in reverse.

Mairead Barrett


Why is Christmas such a big thing now?
Since last January you’ve been milking the cow,
Hoping the money you plan to get
Will get you through Christmas without debt.

You’ve been saving and slaving for the perfect day,
But deep down you know you can’t cope this way,
The money, the gifts, the pressure’s too much,
When all you really want is a sweet loving touch.

It’s gone so commercial and controversial,
With every infomercial saying “SPEND”
But the increasing stress
Makes you want it to end.

Mark Kelly


What is it to be perfect?
The answer is unknown.
In the society we live in why is there so much pressure to be the definition of “perfect”, when in reality there is no such thing.
We spend our lives trying not to mess up. not let people down.
To always follow the rules, and follow the rules.
We talk about individuality and how its important to be different but when someone is, its almost a sin.
In the world today people get judged for individuality.
For having different interests, being friends with certain people, having a certain hair colour or the Clothes someone wears. our society is a sad one but the saddest thing of all is the people who contribute to it?

Agnes Fitzsimons


Can you tell me who’s greedier?
Big corporations, your friends
or the media you expect.
The media shows the perfect object
Well let me tell you they are incorrect
By filling you with lies and garbage
They make you create a certain image
This image is not believable or achievable
This may make you feel crappy,
Well be happy.

Slaney Mulcair


Drinking water’s healthy,
It’s a great thing to do,
but the thing with drinking water
is it makes you use the loo.

And sometimes you may find yourself
in a bit of a twist,
when you can’t find the loo
and you really need to piss!!!

Paul Meehan


Chelsea under Conte
No-one said we Kante
Scoring goals for fun
From Costa making his run
Hazard down the winger
Shooting to put it in
Luiz at the back
Nothing can get past
Chelsea under Conte
I believe we Kante.



Why Hate Trump?
He’s simply a bump
In the road
I know that he showed
How America can grow
But he’s simply just a dick.


Sausage Rolls

The sausage is so juicy,
The pastry is so puff,
I like the sausage rolls,
They are the freakin’ stuff,
People like it saucy,
People like it plain,
but me I eat it so fast,
it goes straight to my brain.