Clongowes Wood, Co. Kildare

Nowhere to Go

I am young,
In the midst of my teenage years,
And confined to the limits of my suburban town,
Everything seems stagnant,
With nowhere to go with what seems like nothing to do,
Boredom and frustration sets in.

Rob Savage

Teenage Life

Why don’t parents understand that school is such a task,
Where kids are forced to put on a smiling mask
And always say things like don’t worry Ill be fine,
When we’re told that we’re a waste of money and that we’ll never shine.
Calm down bro chill out it was just a joke they say,
School’s a war zone and a slaughterhouse for kids who are different, fat or gay.
You get offered drugs, alcohol and get called a pussy when you say no,
You get called terrible names and you’re a bitch if you let the cracks show.
How can we be expected to succeed and strive,
When at school we struggle to stay sane we struggle to survive.
We’re led to believe we’ll be a jobless man or a sad housewife,
But then expected to try in our teenage adolescence: the hardest time of our life.


Life is Tough

Life is tough – that’s what they say,
But they don’t know what it’s like every day,
To wake up in the morning and go to school,
Just so people can test you and prove you’re a fool.
You did put in effort, you did your part,
They just don’t understand you’re not that smart.


The Future

School is such a ridiculous place
You get the world on your back for the future you face
A number decides what you do in a couple of years ,
Sometimes makes want to just break down in tears.
“Become a doctor or a lawyer or even an engineer”
Honestly I do not have a clue for the day that is here
So if you could just me alone and let me be
Let the future just happen and I’ll be happy.

Dylan Nolan

Star Spangled Martyr

When They drop the bomb,
You fear for your mom,
Trying to run
From the sound of a shooting gun,
al-Baghdadi, I’m coming for your daddy,
Why you Killing people,
Stay away from our cathedral,
Hows this even legal,
Clinton giving money,
That’s not funny,
Not clever honey,
Bad out Hilary,
That’s a source of witchery,
The system is corrupt,
America ready to erupt,
Isis you need to shut the hell up.

Tom Coghlan

Moyross Clongowes

I come from Limerick,
Though people call it stab city,
But Limerick is its own special kind of pretty,
There’s an honesty about it
There’s a burning local pride
It turns like the River Shannon
A fire that burns inside.

Because I go to a good school,
Though I come from Moyross
People think I’m above my station
People think that I’m posh,
When I tell where I’m from,
They think I’m just trying to be hard,
Trying to play that Limerick City
Rubber Bandit’s card.

Nathan Behan Lyons


Congratulations Donald J. Trump, hat’s off to you
You played your cards and played them right,
You should be proud, you won the fight

You bit the bullet, just like superman Would
So funny lots of folks never thought you could

They placed your name in print, trying to throw you down
When all was said and done, They were looking like a clown

Now for the main attraction, let’s cut the cake,
So you can show the world you have what it takes.

Conor Minogue

Them vs Me

They give me no space to even breathe
They convincing my family
I earned a reputation and now that defines me.

Now I say nothing
They extinguish my personality
So that I can be like the guy beside me
Awarded for being boring
To even try to live like that is choring.

They have their favourites
Who are all so passive but they still savour it
I was taught to be different
To stick out from the crowd
But every time i do they throw me to the ground.

Gavin Dowling

A Home for Boys

At 12 years old I was sent away
To a boarding school so far from home
my friends and family all gone astray
Now I feel alone.
4 years on and I still hate it as much as day one
Things have changed
Friendships lost
Friendships gained
But still one thing will never change,
Home is where I belong.

David Gannon


A rumour, the single most hurtful thing to ever be created
Why does it always feel like we’re hated
You’re Fat, Ginger, Gay why point out these things?
These things are the things that define us.
Ginger? Gay?
Why do people feel the need to tell me things?
Just turn your head to the side and look at me differently?

Your two-faced just wait until it comes down to the white pearly gate
What will you tell him?
I didn’t know it was hurting him
Don’t lie to yourself just take care of yourself.

But you were only slagging weren’t you?



One of the only things I didn’t learn from teachers
A person is smart, an individual and not to proud
Individuals are lost in a crowd
People are cruel, idiotic like creatures.
Names, personalities swallowed by the lynch
One body hunting for a flinch
Join or be left behind
Hiding away, colour-blind
Justice will come to sow and reap
Be you a wolf
Or be you sheep.

Christian Corrigan

Right Through Me

You see right through me
I hate it that you could
Yet you can’t read
My lips or mind
And you tell me
It will be alright
When you can clearly see
I will never be.


Hold it In

I know I have a temper
It burns inside with embers
However it doesn’t just stay
I eventually let it spray
I lash out
I scream and shout
No one tries to help me
When I go all beastly
I can’t help it
Not even a little bit
But in everyone else’s mind
I’m just some weird one-of-a-kind

Ryan McMahon


Reading and writing there is nothing worse
Having to read out in front of the class with dyslexia is a curse
Everybody staring and thinking not him what a pain
I always trying to learn but it was all in vain
When the teachers treat you like you are thick
Trying to learn some simple reading trick
When the letters start jumping and I can’t read nothing
Just feel like running
I have had enough
Having dyslexia is pretty rough .



They give out to you when you don’t wake up in the morning,
But they wouldn’t either if they did what we do,
They make you live your life like you’re in mourning,
They won’t listen if you tell them its true,
In fact they’d punish you,
And forget to follow through,
But they’d still blame you,
But they’d hate it if you did it back too.

Fred Sargaison


There, on my holidays in a sunny nation,
Important issues always the topic.
Whether it is nutrition,overpopulation,
talking Bernie Sanders
And how he was the answer.
All happening, while I’m sat here,
Drinking my Coke Zero,
Wanting to go in the pool or
Talk about the new movie featuring De Niro.
Days and days spent arguing on Brexit,
One day from going home I’m so frustrated
My dad and my brothers look at me surprised,
And at that moment they thought
Why I just said that, and not long after, they had realised.

Ross Doogan


I am a nice guy
I have hopes that will reach the sky
I am nervous but I don’t know the reason why
Why because my school is so sly

They build us up just to knock us down
With their expectations that are way too high
And at the end of my time it’s over
I get to leave this god forsaken hell hole.

Luke Keogh

The World’s Problems

We tryna get money so we can be livin’ like Trump
You can’t slap that cuz you fall into a slump
With a technique as cold as ISIS
And mikes as my control devices
And panic attack and manic depression
Blastin’ any assassin, askin’ no questions
It’s all about the desert oil
Regardless of the flag upon its soil.

I’m immune to pain now I’m loving it
I’m encouraged to fake the pain and
Everything else I consider is punishment

We’ve had our hearts break from the misunderstandings
I’m dizzy from pressure on me all the time
It causes me to hold out my pleasure.

Sean Brogan


Why do they have to leave
When we arrive,
Why do we get to live
When they die,
There is no way that is fair
But anyway we can’t really help.

Alfonso Norzagaray Aguilar

Donny Trump

Donny Trump is like Hitler II,
The Mexicans are his little Jews.
His hair looks like a roadkill dog,
His voice sounds like a husky frog.
His hands are small but they’re not all,
And his face looks like a basketball.
He wants to keep the towel-heads out,
But he will end the world no doubt.

Alex Barnes

Dundalk Grammar Junior cup

It all started off on a cold October’s morning
No expectations just a bit of craic
A few months on and were playing tier one schools
In what is the so called prestigious ‘Junior Cup’
We were told we shouldn’t be here and that we were only filling the numbers
But us ‘number fillers’ were living the dream
We were making headlines and we didn’t care
Win or lose we done ourselves proud
So just because we are not part of the elite
Doesn’t mean we are less entitled.

Flyn Kiernan

Under-16 Final

The game of football is bitter sweet,
Losing a final makes you feel incomplete,
From Under-14 to minor,
To the Junior B,
When you hear that final whistle,
And you’ve lost by three,
You fall to your knees,
With your head to the ground,
You would rather be drowned,
Then see that army of black and white,
That ruined your night,
Lift the crown.

Tadhg Dooley