Coláiste Pobail Osrai, Kilkenny

Why Should I Care?

Why do I care,
Why do you care,
Dare to hope.
I’m not different,
Not from them, not from anyone.
To be noticed,
But only as a stand alone black lotus.

These amphibious lungs are suffocating,
Under the false pretentious conditioning.
With the social normalities,
Comes a warped sense of judgement.
There’s no justice, no sense,
In bitter formalities.

So what of my problems?
Delirious or depressed,
And yet somehow I know,
Every morning, struggling to get dressed.
What to wear, is it OK?
The harsh whispered rumours,
What else will they say?
Freak, outcast, to0 weak to fight.

But my fight’s not with you,
Hushed taunting, its sour bite,
Down the halls, always behind my back.
But to me, your muttering won’t matter.

Not when I’m alone,
Not when a silent room lets silent self-loathing attack.
Thoughts rage, like ravenous beasts behind closed eyes,
But I won’t submit, be defeated in this war against lies,
Because it’s a fighting spirit that will keep me alive.

Abigail Campden


The idea of it is to make the grey city colourful
It’s a street art and it belongs to the culture
The government doesn’t put any effort in bringing in legal walls
Graffiti is seen all over the place – trains walls or malls
Vandalism is what most people would call graffiti
Berlin, for example, is big loud fast and dirty
It’s hard to imagine Berlin without graffiti.



Say that you don’t want me dead
You just want me happy
Yet you still refuse to accept me
You like informing me how
Good I’ve got it cause I’ve still
Got a family and I’ve still got a home
But I still have depression and
I still feel alone
I still have to deal with this body
And mind, still finding it hard to
See light on the other side



I’m not who most people think I am
They think I’m shy I probably am
But there are a few sides to me
I’m strategic and determined
At plenty of things video games
For example are really my thing
I argue a lot you’d know if you could
Earn my trust but I doubt it because
I’d have to make sure if you’re a real friend
But cross me or my friends and
You will regret day you have met me
Because my sharp tongue and cunning
Have not been bested yet.

Leo Callery

Standing Tall

They look down on me and laugh even though I’m tall.
They said you can’t do it,
They said you’re not able.
They said you WILL fall.
But I am still standing the last one of them all.
I said I can do it
I said I won’t fall.
Now standing here
I look up to them
to say a word of thanks
for bringing me here today.
Because I didn’t fall.

Aimee-Rose Bowe


The wind blew wild in the cold dark night
But high in a tree a bird took flight
He spread his wings and hopped from the tree
Feeling at last that he could be free
He swooped and soared over the lake
Soon before the sun would awake
He then made his way back to nest
To have a long and well deserved rest.

Conor Brangan

A True Life Story

Drugs of addiction
Cause self-contradiction
And self-contradiction causes death

Cardiac arrest and a bruised chest
This isn’t the way of life

At the age of 18
This girl is still a queen
And sometimes I dream this isn’t true

As I look in the sky
And say my goodbye
To the queen who will never be forgotten.

Katie Mason


Every day is the same old thing
Listening to the same old names
Making fun of my second name
Your ugly, annoying and very lame
But they never know what’s happening in my life
But then there are people who say nice things
Don’t listen to them there just jealous
they say very sweet names
You’re pretty, sweet and are very neat
But there’s always going to be those people in the world
Every day is the same old thing
Listening to the same old names
Making fun of my second name
Your ugly,annoying and very lame
But they never know what’s happening in my life
But then there are people who say nice things
Don’t listen to them there just jealous
They say very sweet names
Your pretty, sweet and are very neat
But there’s always going to be those people in the world.


My Own Poem

Why does she pick on me?
I see her point at me and laugh
She calls me ugly and horrible names
What did I do to deserve this?
Did I do anything wrong?
Words can hurt me and make me feel sad
When I haven’t done anything bad
Let’s make a change
And stop bullying.


Pretty White Pills

It used to be meth they took all day
Had to have it without any delay

Now the drug companies introduced us a line of pretty white pills
Stronger than morphine it will cause you not to care or feel

They had to have their phones or they might miss out on a deal
They don’t even care about the wreck they caused because they got behind the wheel

Now the people who really need it could live their final days in pain
Because of a spoiled generation that has obviously gone insane.

Sami Corcoran


All he wanted was to be accepted
But no one knew who he really was
He was a builder a thinker
Hard on himself yet smart
But in a world like today’s it’s hard to be you
With the pressures of society
The people who will laugh at you for trying
The people who are mean to you for achievement
So all he cud do is be someone else someone he isn’t
He made big mistakes was mean to people to be ‘cool ‘
But it didn’t work he took hours of therapy reconciling
Because he hated his life
So he harmed himself which is a common thing now
But he the cuts the bruises they pain was taking over his life
And all he could do is hold it all in so the anxiety spread
It got bigger and bigger until his life was far too scared
To swim in case you would see some skin
But there was a bright side it was finding the right people
To be around the people who accepted him.

Áine Doyle

Wind Howling

Wind howling
Snow glistening
Teachers growling
Students not listening

Teachers writing,
Students fighting
Teachers saying get to the point
But really is there much point?

Cathal Nolan

Gone Too Soon

You were gone too soon
Taken from us just after June
I still can’t cope
Every day I walk on the tightrope

I wish I could get past this
But all I seem to do is reminisce
I will now look to life ahead
But always keep you in my head.

Sean Wall

Soldiers for Sale

Sunday evening rain
There’s blood on the news again
All the stomachs are tied
He didn’t sleep last night

Monday morning pain
There’s soldiers for sale again
Where will it end
With an empty bed.

Finn Cusack


Dye your hair blue and watch Submarine,
Tell them you listen to the Arctic Monkeys,
That you collect vinyl and tiny succulents,
Wear your branded jeans and care about the world.
Tweet about how f**ked up society is,
And drink to your new friends
Who make you so different from everyone else
But still not that different at all.


People Call You Names

People call you names
People give you the blame
All you want to do is die
You think to yourself, I’ll just have to lie
“These bruises are just birthmarks that you never saw before,
all I can see is dark, you’ve never been there before”
Because your respected and I’m left behind at the corridor
I’m just a mistake about to be scraped away by a rake,
like a leaf that doesn’t belong,
but know I’m famous because
You’re Stephen Murray and you just read my song!

Joshua Raymond Power

Presidential Candidates

People say these are the two most hated presidential candidates in history
How can this make sense?
You have Hillary who messed up with some emails
But Trump, don’t get me started on Trump
Trump is a maniac, psychopath, UN-qualified idiot.
Now I sometimes wonder
If that recording had never been leaked
How far ahead would he be in the polls
It all comes down to choice
Which is worse
The self-proclaimed most qualified candidate ever
Or the most unqualified candidate ever,
Now you choose…


Wind Whistling

Wind whistling,
Snow glistening,
We try not to,
But we’re all listening.

Loud screams,
Bad dreams,
It’s very far,
But close it seems.

Sad day,
Lost our way,
All we can do,
Is simply pray.

Need to find peace,
Work together like geese,
But greatest of all,
The hate needs to cease.


Global Warming

Global warming is something we have to be aware of
Because if it continues we’ll have to be scared of
It will kill our species without a doubt
So we will have to scream and shout
We’ll have to get global warming out
So we have to be sure
We’ll make everything count.


Why Can’t I Fly?

Why can’t I fly?
I wonder why
I know I’m just a guy
Who wants to touch the sky
Wants to touch the sun
Wants to be the one
I wonder why
I can’t fly.


The Great War

Everyone thought that the war was great
But all it did was decide people’s fate
They sat in trenches and waited to run
They hoped to come back for the next sun
And when they woke in the morning
Someone was always mourning
The Germans could kill
But they paid the bill
War is crime
But they all waited for what was to come in the near time.

Alex Campion


The boy sat on the ground in the dark alley
Beside the the brown bin behind the deli
A tear rolled down his cheek
He remembered the insults, the names
He was bruised inside and out
It wouldn’t be any better at home
So he might as well stay here
He watched the other kids going home
And he wished he could be one of them.


When I Am Sad

When I am sad
Or feeling really down
I drink lots of coke
And call my sister a clown

But with that my sister
Punches me in the knee
So hard that I will have to
Go to A and E

After A and E
I will apologise
And telling her I love her
Which is a bunch of lies.

But I still love her
She is sometimes nice to me
She is really fun
And gives me some money.



You walk into school and the teachers ask why you’re late
You just shrug it off before they make you stay and wait
You head into class and before they can ask
You head to your desk and take out your work
Trying to ignore the grins and smirks
After class you go to the yard
Only to try and withstand the bombard
There is a saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me’
Whoever wrote that saying was the not the victim
They were the one who was trying to excuse their actions.



I have always wanted to be an athlete
To run the tracks and to feel alive
To sprint the 100 metres
I have been held back
But not no more
I will run the track
I will force my way through
And in the end will conquer.



I once had a dog named Trixie
She always acted quite frisky
When we found out
It was without doubt
That she had become a pixie

I then soon found
A hole in the ground
The hole in the ground was empty
And that then gave me an aim to.

Francis Henry

Vote Trump

He will make our country great.
Pull us out of this embarrassing state.
He will stand up to Russia and China
And will make our country awesome
From Texas to North Carolina
He will fight North Korea
Destroy communism, destroy the idea
ISIS will run and flee,
He will turn their stronghold into debris
He will defeat crooked Hilary’s lying campaign
And make America great again.

Aodhán Murphy